@iBolivian Guinness. Cheers!
RT @KuRvEziLLa: Good morning everyone! Let’s have an AMAZING Saturday ok? :)
@AmberJacket it's good. 👍
I'm on a 24/7 happy hour and you're all invited.
@eltaino1979 also the price is better than going to the HD dealership lot.
@eltaino1979 a 10. Honestly the instructors were friendly, helpful, and riders themselves so they knew what they were teaching.
I remember playing Tiger Woods golf on this thing every chance I had. #n-gage #gamer #nokia https://twitter.com/jamesde...
@BrnzBarbie yep, that's me. Lol :)
RT @JAYLENGETSJIGGY: Everybody a NBA analyst tonight
@BOOMSTICK_ I miss playing this game.
@BdyDrpdKotaEC Sucks man, I'm sure you'll be creative other ways though
@BdyDrpdKotaEC what's the newest truck project you working on?
RT @JFM: The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it.
Best car driver of all time? http://www.threecentsapp.com/questio...
Excited to see what 5 weeks on #bikerlive can do. #bikerlivebaginc is my style though.
@MeredythTV @CaneVodka cheers! Lol
@jpetersen Nooice!
Lol. I like #IggyAzalea. This person doesn't. https://twitter.com/jamesde...
I don't plan for "just in case".
RT @AdamUrbanski: Get clear about what's important to you so you can figure out how to achieve it.
@dictatrix my neighbors leave their trash out all the time and I think they do it to chum the squirrels onto our floor.
RT @Jus2xtreme: This is how they beat us... https://twitter.com/Jus2xtr...
@NOCyoga ain't that the truth
@theblendergirl @KeVitaDrinks @WholeFoods something with Mango! That's what I'm aiming for.
@Silver_Rook is that a mega theater? The ones next to me are half that size.
@CarinMB nature's Bikram.
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