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RT @MiguelDelaney: I'm surprised that they don't pick the first team for the second semi next, just to prevent you knowing it and dragging it out more.
RT @flashboy: Well played, Tatler. Well played.
RT @redprnews: Big thanks to @cookinglesson for all the fun last night. We came, we saw, we cooked. Some were better than others...
Great fun at @cookinglesson tonight with the @redprnews crew...
RT @_PaulHayward: In Arsenal's 6-0 defeat at Chelsea there was the sense of an ending. Not a sacking, but more of a dead end being reached. Same today.
RT @Gingers4Limpar: Ramsey's already our best player today.
RT @b0ringtweets: When I'm counting my stairs, I'm never quite sure whether to include the top step in my results. Technically it's the landing.
RT @thomasknorpp: Faster than Giroud: Tectonic plates Buildings Snails Drying paint Grass Evolution
RT @gunnerblog: Goal came from Sagna being completely isolated on the right. If I can see it, why can't the manager?
Martinez is a properly good manager
*pours another*
RT @damianburns: I honestly believe that Wenger will walk away at the end of this season. Just can't see him signing on again despite what's been said.
RT @pkelso: Enjoying the sub-plots of this at least as much as the match
RT @digitalmaverick: An interesting comparison between what the same newspaper says in print and online
Arsenal look entirely, utterly bereft of ideas. Podolski taking them on single-handed. The manager needs to sort this out
RT @gunnerpunner: I've seen buildings move faster than Giroud.
This game's got goals in it...
Get in! 1st and 4th!
Folk for supper tonight. Doing this for pudding - this time without the help of @markpinsent
RT @montelutz: Cool opportunity. Activision is hiring a digital publicist for Destiny the game, working with Youtubers & influencers
hey @davidlawr hope you're well. this remind you of anything?
First no coat day of the year. Much happiness #nocoat
Have we done the teen cool thing?
.@joshrose Great article. My body hates breakfast and yet so often I feel shamed into eating it. Diet aside, hope all's well sir?
RT @simonrpugh: .@mcleodjon discusses the challenging issue of pubic trust in the police for @WS_London blog
Mother's Day cheese board
He just got off (as it were)
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