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RT @beaupurr: "Jetstar flight FB2012 had well and truly been hijacked." A post by me, for you. #DTDigital
Click frenzy trending worldwide already, for all the wrong reasons...
Hmmm... not a great start for Click Frenzy. Site not loading for me.
Love dumb ways to die. Still hate Metro trains...
Has a feeling @ath has been enjoying owning a power cord for a day with me out of the office
My first article in a hell of a long time...
Yelp Melbourne party next Monday
Couldn't possibly agree any more with this article -
I'm not sure it's cool to laugh at this, but... NRA proposes ban on movies
Oh c'mon... as if the SMH could get worse!
Is this really creative, or just Pinterest spam...?
Eek. Microsoft Surface freezes during live demo -
Don't you hate it when the data doesn't say what you want it to...!
IE7 users to be slugged additional tax - Pure linkbait from Kogan, but good linkbait -
So grateful for Internet banking. The last 2 times I've visited CommBank the staff prefer to try to sell me new stuff than doing what I ask
I just used @simplymeasured to compare Facebook Fan Pages in Excel.
Love this work for Getty Images -
Love this work for Getty Images -
Yowee. Looks like the Burke's Backyard site has been hacked and hijacked!
Oh man. Is this the most self serving rally since Kony?
A mainstream media journalist that actually responds to audience comments. Need more like @rohan_connolly
Life is a little bit sweeter when your football team is awesome!
Oh yeah! This is exactly what every woman wants for Mother's Day -
Start your day with a laugh by reading this -
People - the only strategy that matters
oh we totally need this at DT to skip all the hipster tunes
Yup... we specialise in dildos - mUmBRELLA
Boom. From paid search click to $280 purchase. I just made some online marketers day.
So the AFL is trying to censor the AFL Memes Facebook page. Is anyone surprised? Wouldn't kill you to have a sense of humour AFL...
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