James Ferguson
Why does it cost $1 to change my address online, but it's free to do it by filling out a form at the post office?
Gubment Logic and Your Tax Dollars At Work - Jeremy Brooks
I think it has something to do with advertising. The form comes in a packet with a bunch of coupons and special offers that are relevant to someone that just moved. You don't get that packet if you do it online. - James Ferguson
There's also the minimum transaction fee, like when you go to the DMV and they have to charge you a dollar to surrender your plates because their system won't record the transaction otherwise. - Mark Trapp
Just tried the phone number too. There's a $1 fee there too. - James Ferguson
It costs more than a dollar for them in credit card merchant fees to even do the transaction. Silly people. - Mark Trapp
james - the fee is to verify who you are - this is what they told me at the post office - the postal man said they don't make anything on the buck. - Allen Stern