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Acompli for iOS review: Must-have app for BYOD via @ZDNet, @jkendrick
I've seen some report that iOS 8 is slowing down the iPad Air including Safari. I’m finding it all faster than iOS 7.
Apple Watch: Get ready for Gucci, Prada, and other designer brands via @ZDNet, @jkendrick
ICYMI -- Smartphones in the street: Use ear buds for business calls via @ZDNet, @jkendrick
I saw Ballmer stepped down from Microsoft's board. Everywhere.
Those thinking cheap Windows laptops will give Chromebooks a run in education are missing key element: turn-key.
Seems to me that both sides should vacate the streets for 24 hours and let things cool down in #Ferguson. They do cease fires in war.
Just put my bag and pocket contents on the security belt, removed belt for scan. At the post office.
Chromebooks: Long term threat to Intel
RT @ZDNetCharlie: I choked laughing. The perils of moving in with your parents at 40 | Pete Cashmore via @guardian
You never know what’s in store on a day that begins with a search for a notary.
RT @firetrucktx: Montrose lunch today 11-2pm @InversionMtrose 1953 Montrose Blvd Grilled Ahi Tuna with Savory Bread Pudding & Crawfish
RT @tomabrahams: Hackers target company that runs Tomball Regional Medical Center
RT @richardlai: Burned out, but there's always a teddy bear somewhere.
Young woman next to me at crosswalk this morning with box of Girl Scout cookies. Ashamed to admit that I briefly thought I could taker her.
RT @larainenewman: So sad this day has come. We've lost not only a dear sweet man, but someone who was essential to SNL. RIP Don Pardo.
RT @the_pc_doc: Find out which apps are destroying your iPhone or iPad battery life with Normal via @ZDNet, @the_pc_doc
Price aside, a big selling point for Chromebooks is that people trust Google. They always find what they need, search and maps, with them.
If you seize on one word and immediately spam me I'll just block you.
Spent 30 minutes trying to remember where I hid that last box of Girl Scout cookies. Then remembered I ate them. Always ahead of myself.
Set out to do some deep thinking this morning, but that made my head hurt. Now remembering the joy of playing baseball. So much better.
"Never kick a man when he's down". If you're going to kick a man, what better time than when he's defenseless?
Debating something in sound bites (ie Twitter) rarely makes either side look very knowledgable.
I just got followed on Twitter by a food truck. My work here is done.
ICYMI -- How to: Get the most out of touch gestures on the MacBook via @ZDNet, @jkendrick
Building a cool gadget won't make it big. You must build something people want.
Windows Phone: The final review via @ZDNet, @DavidGewirtz
Do real-life attorneys do their own investigations to prove clients’ innocence like the ones in novels do? Not sure I buy that.
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