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James Kendrick
So how many folks will be live-blogging the iPhone 4 event today on iPads?
Will you? :) - Cheryl Jones
Nope, I'm not there. James Kendrick Editor- jkOnTheRun: a GigaOM site A GigaOM network site covering mobile technology - James Kendrick from email
James Kendrick
Evernote 3.5 Enters Public Beta — Looks and Works Better - http://jkontherun.com/2009...
I'm running it fine on Win7. The screen shot I posted is on Windows 7. That's bizarre. It had very specific install instructions in the event you were running the previous version. Did you follow that closely? - James Kendrick from email
James Kendrick
@sascha_p So would a 10-inch notebook selling for $400 or less with a CULV processor be a netbook?
Another good question: Would you buy a great 10" netbook for $699 or a cheap notebook for $699? This may show us how strong market is. - Loren Heiny from iPhone
The short (and utterly truthful) answer is- yes, if it came from Apple. (ducking) - James Kendrick
Sascha Pallenberg
All the 4 devices on my desktop and how i am using them.
from the left to the right: Viliv S5 to check my google mail account, my old Dell Inspiron 700M - still my stationary blogging device, Samsung NC10for checking Tweetdeck and on the far right the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028X for watching multimedia files. - Sascha Pallenberg
We always come back to the bigger screens for real work, don't we? :) - James Kendrick
James i can't agree more with you. When i am mobile, my netbooks are really perfect and i love to use them for blogging from a conference or showfloor. But on my desk back in my appartment, the good ole' Dell still is my favorite - Sascha Pallenberg
You know whats gonna happen if you still have that dell at IFA... Did you see the Ice-T video.. - jkkmobile
Haha, JKK will you kill it? I am just about to get a new fan so i can run it again at 1.6Ghz. Right now it's running fanless @600Mhz :) - So you will be in Berlin mate? - Sascha Pallenberg
Not 100% sure yet, but looking good.. - jkkmobile
Fantastic. Let me know asap and i will get an appartment for us! Nicole will join us, too and we can also meet Johannes in Berlin. - Sascha Pallenberg
James Kendrick
Short video tour of HP Mini 5101 netbook coming later today.
Look forward to seeing the video tour - Lora Heiny
It's almost ready, :) - James Kendrick from email
James Kendrick
why is there a mental attitude that says if using laptops indoors they must be plugged in, even at coffee shops? Mobile = untethered.
Most laptops are over one year old and battery life is abysmal? Just a thought. - Steve 'Chippy' Paine
Most batteries today will run at least several hours even after a year. From conversations with lots of mobile workers I believe it's simply fear. They stay plugged in just in case they find themselves away from a plug someday. That means they almost never use a laptop unplugged, something that amuses me to no end. :) - James Kendrick from email
Mostly fear probably. If your laptop lasts 2 hours and you spend an hour of it at the coffee shop, you have that worry of running out of juice since there's only a hour left before you need to plug in. - Rodfather
James Kendrick
Consumers Don’t Care About Smartphones - http://jkontherun.com/2009...
Really? Why did I have to wait in line to buy my iPhone? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Early adopter != consumer always Robert. - Pete D from iPhone
Funny consumers always copy early adopters. Always. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
The motivation behind my choice of the Jack was its being a smartphone. - Jack&Cleo
Average Consumers may not care about smart phones specifically but many want mobile devices. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I had no desire to own a smartphone before my company provided me with a Blackjack II when I started working there late last year. Now I can't live without it but prior to that I had a basic LG phone that I was very happy with. When I leave here and have to give the Blackjack back I don't know if I'll go back to a regular personal phone or get a smartphone. I think they're overkill for the average consumer. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
This isn't true in my case. I work at a high school and I have teachers and staff constantly asking me about phone features and plans. A large number of them really want the features of a smartphone but are just limited by the data plan costs. Maybe it's because they see me using these features as part of my job, I am their early adopter to model after in many ways. - Ryan Massie
Robert, Read the entire article. "Regular" consumers are buying cool phones, they don't care about the "smartphone-ness" of it. They aren't even aware of what smartphones can do, they are buying phones and then discovering (or sometimes not even then) what cool things they can do. Make no mistake how much of an early adopter you are, Robert. - James Kendrick from email
An example- my kid's friend came over recently. Saw my Palm Pre and pulled his own out. Said how much he loved the Pre. I asked him how he liked webOS and he responded (with a blank stare)- "what's that?" It's a phone, not a webOS smartphone. - James Kendrick
I agree. I think the smartphone without the complications a lot of folks associate with smartphones will end up being the killer app/device that really brings average consumers in droves. That and price point. iPhones are nice but they're sill a bit pricey. Plus the data plans are still cost prohibitive for a lot of folks (myself included). - DB, Lil LB's Dad
So what if they don't understand that it's a category of phone. What they do understand and want is that they can put apps on it and it gets internet. They want the things that make it a smartphone. - Ryan Massie
James: I've had this same argument 100 times in my career. I remember people saying the same things about PCs in 1977. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I get what you're saying, you're missing what I'm saying. People are buying the PHONE and then discovering what it can do. Not buying the smartphone just to get the features. It's about marketing and the way consumers work. Not you, not me or other folks familiar with the features, regular "street" people. - James Kendrick
All i can say is i do not think i could live without my iphone 3gs - Aaron Thorn
Seems like there's a cycle of breakdown between the developers, adopters, marketers & consumers. Even standard features get rebranded and commoditized to the point of confusion across all lines. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Just about all my friends aren't exactly tech savvy and don't care about smartphones. They care about the network more and most have Verizon. Their upgrade was the cheapest phone with a nice keyboard and a camera and are totally fine with that. - Rodfather
If anything the data plan scares most away. That's the point where they decide if browsing the web is worth it and in most cases it isn't. A phone that can text message easier than the previous phone is good enough. - Rodfather
Rodfather is absolutely right about data plan costs. Free WiFi everywhere (or a low cost NetZero type model) would really explode the smartphone, umpc and car markets (if they every became a reality). Lobbyists for the carriers will never let it happen though even though it would be one of the most innovative changes in the US in decades. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Steve 'Chippy' Paine
The recent crunchpad video was pulled. Clearly Arrington / inveators are getting serious. http://crunchpadfans.wordpress.com/2009...
The king of leak publishing pulls a video as it lacked "permission"? When will TC's coverage of mobile tech become a conflict of interest now that they compete? - James Kendrick
The entire thing smacks of being a charade. - Warner Crocker
I agree that they have a serious problem there - Steve 'Chippy' Paine
One should either be in the tech sales biz or tech news/opinion biz... not both. - Kevin C. Tofel
i tried tech sales while i was blogging once. it was impossible so i dumped it within weeks. - Steve 'Chippy' Paine
Just called my sister on Skype on the iPhone. Call quality was crisp and clear. Well done, Skype. Well done.
Got a video coming up of it. It rocks. - James Kendrick
Ryan Block
Just a reminder: @gdgt super casual mini get-together in NY: http://www.ryanblock.com/2009... You'll be home in time for BSG, hope we'll see you there!
Wish I was in NYC. Would love to be there- have fun you guys. - James Kendrick
Kevin C. Tofel
Back from 5k race in DE. Calf went due to cold, rainy weather. Muddled through in 23:45 on hilly course. 24th overall, 4th in 30-39 #kct-log
Way to hang in there, dude. Congrats. - James Kendrick
Congrats! Sorry to hear that the weather was crappy. - Cheryl Jones
Ryan Block
Looking forward to trying out Safari 4. Still doesn't remember tabs, but you can "Reopen Last Closed Window" from history, which is a start.
It's working well on the Mac. Haven't tried Windows yet. Damn fast. - James Kendrick
Steve 'Chippy' Paine
Carrypad/Origamiportal/UMPCPortal is 3 years old today. Problogging is tough but I feel proud today. Thanks to the millions of visitors.
3 years gone so fast! Has been great time with you! - jkkmobile
Congratulations!!! Great jog you guys have been doing! You have the reasons in the world to be proud! :) - Joao de Oliveira(BassoPT)
Congrats dude! Problogging is definitely tough. - James Kendrick
Joanna is working from home and trying to find her lost voice.
hope you feel better. - James Kendrick
Avi Kaplan
help me with imovie. I've finished my movie project, now what? where do I get the file to upload to youtube or wherever?
Share it - James Kendrick
FFing Enigma
I had breakfast at a place that had a PEANUT BUTTER BACON sandwich on the menu. for breakfast. No lie: pics are proof. And it was NOM.
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i feel pregnant just looking at that - Cee Bee
OH YES - Mona Nomura
Lindsey, I immediately thought of you and your bravery when I saw this. It's why I had to order it: for the good of the FF. - FFing Enigma
I live near a place called "peanut butter and co.", they make the most outrageous sandwiches i've ever seen--fluffernutter, bacon, peanut butter, and banana sandwich. sorry to one up you. here's the link: http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com/sandwic... - Melissa Janine
NOPE. - Rochelle
One up away Melissa!!! Fluffernutters and quite tasty, but I'd never seen one like this. After one bite, though, I determined it needed maple syrup. - FFing Enigma
NOPE. - Akiva
Yikes. - Steven Perez
pass I love both...but no way! - Susan Beebe
I promise, as foul as it sounds and looks: if you enjoy PB and you enjoy bacon, you'd be all about this sandwich. The 3 people I ate breakfast with agreed that it was surprisingly tasty. - FFing Enigma
bacon and peanut butter are good... but together? hmm - I had egg, cheese, and bacon on toast this morning - Nathan Chase
In the words of Ali G, "Respect". - Jonathon
FAIL for the bacon. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Wow I saw this and thought of Lindsey. I don't even know you, Lindsey, and you occupy my thoughts! MINX - Zach Landes
Anyone want to know what I had IN ADDITION to my PB & B sandwich? No pics, but also nommy... - FFing Enigma
Lindsey!!! You are TOTALLY my hero! - Mona Nomura
banana? i just ate peanut butter & banana sandwich. mmmm - Rodfather
My other breakfast order was a crab, avocado, and jack cheese omlette. Not nearly so daring, but tasty. - FFing Enigma
Next up: hot fudge burritos (igggh) - Anthony Citrano
The old Elvis breakfast sandwich. - James Kendrick
I thought that was a friend peanut butter and banana sandwich? Don't know, as I never followed Elvis all that much. - FFing Enigma
I would so tap that - Josh Haley
Peanut butter and banana on wholegrain is tasty and nutritious. I therefore think that either Elvis had his deepfried or it was, indeed, peanut and bacon butties he liked :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Fried was of course what I meant above. I shall leave the typo because " a friend peanut butter and banana sandwich" makes me laugh: who would have a friend on a sandwich? Don't answer that... - FFing Enigma
HA HA HA HA HA ew! - Josh Haley
*...not answering that....* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I've been exposing my fellow coworkers to the bacony goodness from FF and one of them brought up this concoction. Now I have a second reliable source. - Eric - Final Countdown
I have no words (because I cannot speak with that gooeying up my mouth) - Michael W. May
Michael: I washed mine down with coffee. Milk would have worked in a pinch. - FFing Enigma
I agree Walt! - FFing Enigma
whorf! gimme a mop, I just spewed. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
i'm just regurgitating this again because it's bloody disgusting... :) - Zee.
Bumping for Caroline to prove that this exists =) - FFing Enigma
*VOM* - Shey
OMG that sounds good. I have a new goal in life! - Sparky, lurking
Kevin C. Tofel
About to "clock out" and celebrate Christmas Eve service. Regardless of your location, background or beliefs, I wish you all peace & happiness.
Have a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes to you and your family.. - Brandon
Peace my friend - James Kendrick
Kevin C. Tofel
Giant smoke ring cloud in Royersford, PA
Only had my iPhone camera when this massive cloud ring appeared for a few minutes. Need to start taking the DSLR everywhere. Still wondering what could have caused this formation. - Kevin C. Tofel from email
AT&T. - Mona Nomura
Global smoking. - James Kendrick
Om Malik
Embargoes are for news. Blogging never was about news, instead it was about opinions and intelligent comments. What happened?
The line between the two has been blurred out. Technology "blogs" like Engadget and Gizmodo are perfect examples wanting to break the news 'first' - Bhavishya Kanjhan
The main attribute of all of the blogs I read regularly is the distinctive personality of their authors. - Bret Taylor
Was that before blogs started taking on ad dollars like the traditional media? - Shawn Farner
+1 Bret - the voice is what forms the elusive context to all this random data flow. - Micah
IMO there are new breeds -- Online "journals" like Arstechnica, Engadget, etc. that almost function like online "newspapers" in the traditional sense. Then there are "blogs" like Scoble or Andrew Sullivan which are distinctive authors whose opinions you are collecting as well as information. I apologize for the gratuitous use of quotes... The English language is ill suited for these types of distinctions =) - Mark Philpot
Tech embargoes many times are for promotions, not news. You often get information spoon fed (screenshots and other product promises & descriptions) which turns out to be advertisement, not fact, and basing an article on that instead of a real-live product review (which finds bugs, quirks etc. a press release would never list) can turn out to be misleading to readers. - Philipp Lenssen
The most valuable blogs are the sources, the platforms of people reporters go to (or should go to) for the facts and expertise that forms their reporting. - Dave Winer
Blogging *is* about news, in the first person. - Dave Winer
@brett - I agree. it is about people writing about stuff they cared about. @Dave Winer... you are right about it being news. but it wasn't news as how we knew it. it was different. it was about finding and sharing things. reporters who cared. not press releases. - Om Malik
Om I agree. - Dave Winer
Bhavishya Kanjhan... I agree. Anyway it has been good to get off the embargo bandwagon for me personally. nearly four months and well the only thing i can say - i am glad i take my time writing something. - Om Malik
Simple: they are not blogs, they are news sites. - eparody
bloggers when they want to do whatever they want, journalists when they want to be taken seriously. - Allen Stern
Blogging is about news - paul mooney
Allen, I've seen you make that comment a bunch of times. Let's see if I understand what you're saying. You think we're all hypocrites. Did I get it right? - Dave Winer
What happened was that blogging became part of the news when it became widespread. PR folks cannot ignore the bloggers because they make a difference. And that's a good thing for us bloggers. - James Kendrick
So there is a definition? Are we all now supposed to jump in a a box and say this is blogging and that is not. And the plain belly sneetches had none upon thars... - Stephan Miller from Posty
The whole piece wreaks of a slow news day and self-promotion. There's really very little new here (and, in classic TechCrunch fashion, it apparently worked?!) - Charlie Anzman
Matthew Miller
Spent almost all day in shareholder and board meeting (I am a newly elected member) along with 1.5 hours at Ipanema. Sleep on train soon
Congrats, dude. - James Kendrick
Matthew Miller
Drove right back into Seattle after 4 hours of sleep to go to my "real" job. Pulled hamstring is making it difficult to sit back in my chair
You're getting old, dude. - James Kendrick
Michael Gartenberg
packing for Seattle. Lots to take with me it seems
have a great trip! - James Kendrick
Kevin C. Tofel
So how exactly did Apple make the new glass trackpad "button" on the MacBook sound like the iPhone home button? It's not exactly the same but it's darn close. I'm sure the next firmware upgrade will fix it for sure.
It's an AAC digital sound file. :) - James Kendrick
Michael Gartenberg
@elliotschimel good morning to you
Good morning Michael. Happy Monday. - James Kendrick
Matthew Miller
Middle daughters team remains undefeated and unscored upon! Celebrated with an Excellent dinner at Bahama Breeze
Congrats! - James Kendrick
Matthew Miller
torrential rains in Houston caused it to take me over an hour and a half yo get to airport 20 miles away. dropped car, heading back to city
Welcome to my world. :) - James Kendrick
Judie Stanford
need to pack for tomorrow's trip to dearborn; test driving the all new 2009 ford f-150 on wednesday. :-)
You suck. :) - James Kendrick
ha! jealous? ;-) - Judie Stanford
Cheryl Jones
Happy Friday, Peoples. :)
Happy Friday to you too! - James Kendrick
Hi, James! :) Have a great weekend. - Cheryl Jones
Loren Heiny
Do you see a pattern to your creativity or does it appear in unpredictable spurts?
:) feeling creative - Lora Heiny
mine is going full time it seems but spurts into "the zone" in spurts. :) - James Kendrick
mathew ingram
Yammer: This thing is a prize winner? - http://www.mathewingram.com/work...
I was totally shocked. Lots of other things were more deserving - Robert Scoble
This blew me away, I figured swype had it for sure. It was interesting, but in the end it was a threaded twitter clone. I was mainly rooting for swype and adgregate markets. I think they were the most revolutionary. - pcnerd37
I really liked Swype and GoodGuide. I thought GoodGuide would take it. - David Ward
It sure wasn't predicted :) http://broadstuff.com/archive... - Broadstuff from Alert Thingy
commenters are unhappy about it too. Some say that the company behind Yammer is a TechCrunch sponsor? - James Kendrick
I don't know if they were a TechCrunch sponsor or not, but wouldn't be suprised to hear they paid off the judges somehow. I would not have even had them in a top 5 list. - pcnerd37
This surprised me also. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Twitter themselves could've done it. Just add special groups for domains. - Morton Fox
It reminds of an episode of Project Runway. What was the challenge? If the challenge was to create something avant-guard, which the show defines as something nobody has seen before, then a garment that looks like it came off the rack at Macys will not do. Or is the challenge to create something that will feel comfortable in a mall department store? Then a puffy glittery thing won't do. It seems this contest was of the department store variety but the early adopters want it to be avant-guard. - Todd Hoff
I summarized my thoughts in my first of many posts about the companies at the TechCrunch50 on my Global Geek News Blog: http://globalgeeknews.com/blog... I will say that all things considered, it was an amazing conference and I continue to thank Jason for inviting me. - pcnerd37
was surprised Swype didn't take it, lame whatevs - adolfo foronda
It seems that it is "Twitter, but works better" or "Twitter, with a different twist"... Unfortunate pick for winner. - Trae Ruge
This was a HORRIBLE pick to win this conference. How is this considered original? There are tons of other companies creating enterprise Twitter-like apps and there is only so much differentiation you can have between apps that do the exact same thing. Personally I thought Swype should have won. It's basically T9 2.0 and if v 1.0 is already shipping on like 3bil handsets how successful could this be since it is designed for multiple devices, not just cell phones. - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
You know, this has been around for years. At my last job, we just had our own IRC channel. Plain, simple, and free. - Wizetux
IM is also pretty widely used by developers. - Todd Hoff
Yes, and multi-user chats on Skype can do the job as well :) - Svetlana Gladkova
The kind of feedback I am hearing here and offline, makes me think Yammer is going to be successful. When someone says "but this is so similar...", "we already have...." about some service, it usually means they are getting a better advanced version of something they already like/use !! - Sumit Chachra
What is/was the selection process? - Brian Sullivan
definitely frustrating... - Luca Filigheddu
First thing i've said was: "a clone just won". - Nir Ben Yona
it's definitely not... one of the reasons why TC50 this year, according to my sources, sucked. Want a serious conference? Come to Mobilize, it rocks guys - Luca Filigheddu
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