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RT @feministing: Badass teenage coders create new app to hold police accountable: #Ferguson
RT @ShaunKing: Dear @BarackObama. I love you but you are missing in action during one of the worst moments in modern America. You must go to Ferguson. Now.
“@lynxbat: I should have triggered the context switch back to work sooner. Going to be busy tomorrow.” < ditto
On the ground in Oakland at last. All in all it could have been worse. Can't wait to get home, though.
Problem fixed. We should be getting back on board soon.
RT @fred_carter: @jamesurquhart sounds like it wasn't so much a pile of stones keeping your there... < Not in Disney lingo...
My wife and I are discussing whether this is a sign. The Menehune trying to keep us on Oahu?
Busted lavatory has us back in Honolulu almost two hours after departure. Guess which lavatory I was sitting 10 feet from? #mixedblessing
Last full day before flying home tomorrow. Grateful to be able to do this, but ready to go home. #firstworldproblems
RT @benkepes: New on Forbes from me.... - What Are Amazon's Real Intentions With Local Register? Carnage Suggests ShopKeep
RT @oneunderscore__: "Why do black people always protest by destroying goods?"—White people who literally named a political party after throwing tea in the ocean
RT @jgehtland: Depression sucks. Remember, there is always someone to talk to. If you can't think of one, call 1-800-273-8255.
RT @TheRealSpaf: “@pdcawley: This wrong. You should never do this. It's wrong I tell you.”
“@rUv: What It's Like Raising Money As A Woman In SV:” < C’mon VCs. Do you really want this to be your brand?
RT @0xabad1dea: White folk open-carry because it’s their right. Black folk end up dead every time they do something odd because hey they might be armed
RT @Wh1t3Rabbit: Please tell me this is a joke? | "..ability to encrypt your passwords using SHA-512 hashing system.." What the HELL?
When Dyson Airblades go bad...
“@Beaker: RT @dakami: @r00tzasylum @Beaker @_defcon_ that's kind of amazing < Indeed it is. Way to go @google” < Wow. Love it.
Everything open at Aulani except beach. Even for Oahu, we've been lucky here.
Here comes the rain again...
Plan for the afternoon in HI: get in as much outdoor fun as possible.
Hey, @mthiele10, I'm thinking Friday is out... #iselle
Departure time to tropical...paradise? Fingers crossed.
OH: “Do you look good crazy in it?”
RT @mthiele10: SuperNAP 8 Earns Tier IV Gold Status for Operations < So proud to be part of this team. #datacenter #CIO
“@darbyluvs2code: Awesome example of XaaS :-) @openshift #pizza” < Except three at home and one requires a car…
“@bmkatz: @jeffsussna @krishnan @jamesurquhart hmmm IoC. I like that” < More like the EoC, “Eternity of Chores”.
RT @johnrrymer: MT @kenrudin: James Brady has died. President Reagan's press secretary who was shot in the head in the 1981 attempt on Reagan's life R.I.P.
First day of vacation. Achieved so far? Figuring out the auto-feed on my weed wacker is busted. Hey, it can only get better from here…
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