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Graduation day. No more cardio rehab. A good day.
RT @jamesian: "We don't care what smart people think. There aren't that many," says @Dilbert_Daily boss. h/t @kaythaney
“@piewords: Anyone seen my data center laying around? RT @IamStan: #Cloud” < Sigh. Wally. Cloud guy is on Twitter…DM.
RT @DavidLinthicum: Who has the biggest cloud? By year’s end, the answer may surprise you. — Tech News and Analysis
“@peakscale: 15 years ago. "Swat the Y2K bug!"” < Typical Microsoft…users still using Swatter 2000. ;)
Check out the new Dell Cloud Marketplace blog:
“@GeneticSequence: @jamesurquhart Try Google Hangouts on Air. I love it!” < Yeah, hangouts growing in popularity with DCM team…
Skype is hanging almost hourly for me now on Mac OSX. Interested to see some signs of Microsoft in Skype, but not that…
RT @frankmugisha: Breaking news , I am officially legal . The constitutional court in Uganda has declared anti homosexuality law 2014 null and void
RT @mthiele10: Irony defined: A tree planted in an LA park for George Harrison was killed by beetles
RT @johannarothman: RT @richardnystrom: Seen at #agile2014 - management wisdom from Deming
“@jaredwray: What happens when Cloud Spectator Benchmarks @CenturyLinkCLD vs EC2? #performancematters” < Interesting
RT @ComplexExplorer: Systems and Complexity Sciences for Healthcare Conference, November 13-14, in Washington DC:
“@aneel: @jamesurquhart how about, would they protest?” < Openly protest would be a decent measure, yes.
RT @mjasay: Today's Dilbert (on acqui-hires and the culture clash between big companies and startups) is AWESOME:
RT @rjrogers87: So we are really proud of this: @virtustream's Federal Cloud receives its FedRAMP ATO from the US Dept. of Interior
RT @bmichelson: Gonna miss John Lester. Hope he gets another ring out west, wherever that is. < I'm going to equally miss Cespedes.
RT @mlbtraderumors: Athletics Acquire Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes; Cespedes Heading To Boston < W-Wha?
“@sascha_d: Also, words from the Microsoft store guys: “you don’t need mousepads anymore."” < Country music title?
RT @rjrogers87: “@jjungtweet: 3MWh advanced energy storage in OC --> grid stability. GEMS4 = Fourth gen Greensmith platform”< love it
“@annebilek: git is the worst boyfriend ever” < Fork him!
RT @CNET: Mars rover Opportunity just broke a 40-year-old record for miles roamed off-Earth #ICYMI
“@peeweeherman: Caption?!” < “ELMO SMASH PUNY HUMAN!!!”
Hey, @GreatDismal, I’ve never taken the time to thank you for the influence you had on my love of stories with an edge. Thanks. #neuromancer
RT @pkafka: Neurmancer turns 30 this summer. Good time to celebate how great @GreatDismal was/is.
If you study the cloud market, read this. @cloudpundit is one of two analysts that really sees the big picture, IMHO.
“For the present, most of our systems are designed to function in a universe that doesn’t really exist.” From
“@Apprenda: Good read via @jamesurquhart at @GigaOM: "The Enterprise Architect as Enterprise Ecologist"” < Thank you.
It turns out @TheEbizWizard was all over the failure of “architect” to describe business IT curation in 2011!
Monday AM repost: The enterprise architect as enterprise ecologist -
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