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RT @lcooney: “@cote: Pivotal snags devops pioneer Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea) as senior director of technology” < congrats!
RT @ZOMGreg: @DellCloudMgr just got easier to use! Mixcoatl 0.3.4 is out. Release notes:
“@dturkenk: @jamesurquhart <Facehead>?” < Eek. Sounds more like the newest YCombinator class member.
<Deskpalm>…No, wait. That’s not right…
“@jeffsussna: Current status: using the phrase "yellow pages" and expecting to be understood.” < “<div style="color:#FFFF00”>”?
“@lusis: Last one. Office is officially empty” < Is that “100% Official”? ;)
“@lusis: God damn. I'm tempted to install the gold one again for a flashback” < OMG Delphi…
“@littleidea: private SaaS” < What is the attitude thrown by new recruits that is broken by a good drill sergeant?
Not getting to #OSCON may be the biggest mistake I make all week… :(
SFO bound.
“@lynxbat: Heavy breathing con calls are awkward” < “I’m sorry, Joe, I breathed over you…”
RT @samj: Do any of you know any AWS sysadmins in London? Asking for a friend (@vd). /cc @IanMmmm)
RT @pmonks: @mccrory Remote / children - it's all one and the same to @jamesurquhart. Damn straight. They make great cup holders, too... ;)
RT @mccrory: @jamesurquhart dude! You own a remote? ;-) < No, the hotel does... ;)
I did a short webinar with the ODCA this morning on app deployment automation and Dell Cloud Manager. Check it out:
RT @WePublicHealth: This soap dispensing door handle improved hand-washing rates and is a great example of behavioural design. #health
RT @coda: @kellabyte Ah for the days when we were young and N was small.
“@ashleymcnamara: I'm at @Rackspace Managed Hosting (Austin, TX)” < Say “Hi” to my brother…
RT @DellCloudMgr: Register for today's #ODCA Flash Seminar on App Deployment Automation w/ @jamesurquhart at 10am CT - #Dell #cloud
RT @DavidLinthicum: Amazon: Our new doc-sharing cloud service is enterprise-grade | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld
RT @datacenter: Bitcoin infrastructure may grow by $600M in second half of 2014: by @Tech_Journalism < fascinating
RT @UberGeekGirl: “The myth of the machine, that does exactly what we tell it, has come to an end” @markburgess_osl #DevOpsDays
“@pbump: Have you listened to the Comcast call yet? You should listen to it. Infuriation by proxy.” < Wow
Hey, @TweetiumWindows, I’m a heavy Twitter user that’d love to test your app… I’ll follow so you can DM.
“@jeffsussna: @jamesurquhart @aneel @lmacvittie put it in the basement with the mainframe” < Title of my next song.
RT @rwang0: @scottgu w @Microsoft #azure stats. Pretty impressive. them vs @amazon in a two dog fight for public cloud #wpc14
“@wattersjames: @jamesurquhart right, so ipso facto, the buzz grew from laptop early wins.” < Or network and dev friendly API… ;) #truce
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