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I just found out that "goosy", "goosier" and "goosiest" are actually words. Seemed apropos of my day, somehow…
“@samj: RT @reillyusa Because @samj rocks. <- team effort on both sides but thanks!” < sweet
RT @NCSlondon: Docker will make cloud apps portable - next year | < Hmm. More complicated than that, but a start.
RT @sandhillstrat: “@ElReg: Earth gets NUKED by ASTEROIDS twice per YEAR and nobody realised...until now:” Whoa!
RT @ryankoop: Did #AWS just destroy the #AWSMarketplace with their release of AWS Marketplace Seller Guide? See section 6.3 http://awsmp-loadforms.s3.amaz...
RT @Benioff: Congratulations @JoeLacobGS and @warriors on a great new home at Mission Bay!
“@jeffsussna: @reillyusa please tell me you've seen The Magic Christian” < He *is* The Magic Christian…
RT @petecheslock: I would be much less "meh" on DevOps titles if we used it on both Devs and Ops. Instead of Devs, Ops, and Devops which makes my head hurt.
RT @lynxbat: One of these days I will type 'Exception' the first time instead of 'Exeception"... < Then that would be an...oh, never mind.
RT @jasonpnoel: “@bostonmarathon: For the first time since 1983 an American man has won the Boston Marathon! Congratulations Meb Keflezighi!” < NICE!
RT @BiIIMurray: It’s interesting how the ads on Youtube never have trouble buffering.
“@bmichelson: A Swarm of Ant-Sized Robots, at Your Service” < Interesting
“@hackidcon: Thank you to the HacKid family of kids, parents, volunteers, speakers and sponsors. It was an incredible weekend #HacKid” <Yes!
“@zrotech: Sold out Hackid conference a big success #siliconANGLE” < It most certainly was.
RT @adrianco: RT @hackidcon: Thank you to the HacKid family of kids, parents, volunteers, speakers and sponsors. #HacKid < biggest thanks to @Beaker
I'm confident that there were at least as many girls as boys in my two Scratch programming sessions at #hackidcon. #awesomeness
Happy E...xcuse to eat candy! 😉
First day of @hackidcon was awesome. Looking forward to teaching Scratch again tomorrow a.m.
“@Beaker: Can you smell what the Hoff is cookin'?! #HacKid Here we go kids...see you at 10am” < See you in an hour or so.
OK. Breakfast, then head down to San Jose for #hackidcon. Stop by programming in Scratch session at 10:30 to say “Hi”.
RT @igorcelikovic: You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.
RT @swardley: @cloudtoad : large % of today's IT spend will head to cloud exponentially (punctuated equilibrium) but don't confuse that with no IT.
“@jeffsussna: #FF @cloudpundit for #cloudwisdom” < Seconded
RT @swardley: Good read -> The internet of things and humans by @timoreilly - < +1
RT @jerrychen: The more OpenStack tries to compete with VMware, the less it competes with Amazon. Focus on the future, not the past.
RT @mccv: Turning in my badge and my weapon
RT @moonpolysoft: Every job should have the equivalent of a cop’s shield and gun. Preferably so you can throw them at your boss when you get canned/suspended.
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