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First day of @hackidcon was awesome. Looking forward to teaching Scratch again tomorrow a.m.
“@Beaker: Can you smell what the Hoff is cookin'?! #HacKid Here we go kids...see you at 10am” < See you in an hour or so.
OK. Breakfast, then head down to San Jose for #hackidcon. Stop by programming in Scratch session at 10:30 to say “Hi”.
RT @igorcelikovic: You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.
RT @swardley: @cloudtoad : large % of today's IT spend will head to cloud exponentially (punctuated equilibrium) but don't confuse that with no IT.
“@jeffsussna: #FF @cloudpundit for #cloudwisdom” < Seconded
RT @swardley: Good read -> The internet of things and humans by @timoreilly - < +1
RT @jerrychen: The more OpenStack tries to compete with VMware, the less it competes with Amazon. Focus on the future, not the past.
RT @mccv: Turning in my badge and my weapon
RT @moonpolysoft: Every job should have the equivalent of a cop’s shield and gun. Preferably so you can throw them at your boss when you get canned/suspended.
RT @bizcarson: So, our writers are pretty great. @gigastacey was listed as the No. 1 #IoT thought leader by onalytica:
“@dberlind: What?! Someone (@larrymagid) apparently has better things to do with his $1500 than buy Google Glass” <+1
Eventually, composable beats contextual…
RT @Archimedius: Boeing’s 737 Turns 8,000: The Best-Selling Plane Ever Isn’t Slowing via @BW
RT @Popehat: $1500 seems expensive for Google Glass, when I can usually make people want to punch me in the face just by using my words.
Blues song: "My Twitter client is broken, but I don't want to go native."
RT @lusis: @lozzd Just started Resurrection .... god....damn...too much feels < Love early part of the show. Wary about where its going.
RT @gigabarb: #AWS cordons off - keeps selling - oldie but goodie EC2 instances $amzn via @gigaom < not surprising
Song idea from Beyond the Skin and Skull
“@jeffsussna: RT @kevinbehr: @snowded @cyetain either of you read Olle Blomberg's paper "Do socio-technical systems cognize"? << link?” < +1
RT @brentsmi: Woohoo! Bernard Golden on Joining @ActiveState. "ActiveState combines two passions of mine". cc @bernardgolden
I agree it’s a worthy experiment, @rUv, but ultimately the questions @benkepes is asking are still legitimate. /cc @6fusion @CMEGroup
“@jeffsussna: @cloud_opinion @mthiele10 I am fundamentally made of charm” < That’s an interesting spin…
“@Beaker: ...and in another bit of good news @abnerg is starting his new gig @newrelic today! Congrats A!” < Sweet!
RT @The_Masters: Bubba Watson shoots 69 in the final round to win the Masters for the second time in three years.
“@wellbelove: Traffic sign makes people do the Monty Python Silly Walk” < Love it.
“@lynxbat: Pretty cool gif of periodic table:” < Took me a second…but LOL.
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