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Re: As many as 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram, Nigerian officials say -
"Western education is a sin. Abducting and mutilating girls is not . . . ?" - Jamie Ellis
Re: Lindsay Lohan's mom pleads guilty to drunken driving, speeding -
"So?" - Jamie Ellis
Re: 7 workout habits you should drop now -
"So is smoking for 50 years and not getting lung cancer ;)" - Jamie Ellis
Re: 7 workout habits you should drop now -
"Who the hell else do you know that runs 65 miles a week? I'm not talking about one in a million. I'm talking about your average joe." - Jamie Ellis
Re: Is marijuana as safe as -- or safer than -- alcohol? -
"The article forgot the mention the huge discrepancy between pot smokers who smoke 3-4 joints a day and cigarette smokers who smoke 3-4 packs a day. Who's really getting more tar in their lungs?" - Jamie Ellis
Re: 7 workout habits you should drop now -
"Hee hee. It might always be "coming in." But more importantly is the cholesterol levels in your body. Skinny people can have bad cholesterol and fat build up in the wrong places, and be just as susceptible to high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack as visibly overweight people if they eat like crap. Even if you do work out." - Jamie Ellis
Re: 7 workout habits you should drop now -
"Eating right is more than half the battle. If you eat crap, it doesn't matter how much you work out. You're efforts aren't going to show, and you're likely not going to be very healthy." - Jamie Ellis
Re: Paul Walker: Hollywood left stunned by death -
"You were the only one I had a cheesy crush on when I was in high school. Rest in peace, Paul Walker. And I pray your family finds that light at the end of the tunnel." - Jamie Ellis
Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
Cheryl Cole – Call My Name [Radio Edit]
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
Bob Sinclar – Rock This Party
Avril Lavigne – Heres To Never Growing UP
Anna Bergendahl – This Is My Life
The Wanted – Walks Like Rihanna
Selena Gomez & the Scene – Naturally
Adele – Set Fire to the Rain
7c182e07-5852-475a-9794-303bf21a1976 -
6670b42d-a7b3-4c56-b595-d68b0923bc51 -
Co.CC it seems gone offline a few days ago. Alternative been considered and it hoped returns!
samsung – Over the horizon
A 6 month update? @easywifi
samsung – Over the horizon
I just left a comment in "WIN! Samsung Galaxy tablet every day this week"
Flame entrance - wow. Both flames lighting ifs emotion. Youth and welcome home (Paralympics)
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