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Has anyone heard of Bievo (http://mybievo.com/)? Its creator bills it as "a family calendar aggregator that would allow people and organizations to push or pull events into a single view of their life" (http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/2011...) so sounds very interesting. I asked him to compare it to Elmcity which he duly did (http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/2011...). Any thoughts here?
It's interesting! I think, though, that I need to write (yet another) essay on the yin and yang of push and pull. It's all the same really. Consider: "Let’s say my kids play on a number of teams across a number of sports, each organization can push events directly to my calendar. I don’t need to go find the iCal feed for each team, nor need to delete it once the season is over." The... more... - Jon Udell
Interesting point. I recently read "Pull" by David Siegel (great book by the way) and many times I found mysef questioning "Is that pull or is there some push going on?". Ultimately I decided it didn't matter which term was used - the concept and message was what shone through. - Jamie
Hi Jon, I've noticed that my blog RSS feed (http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/feed...) is still showing up on here. You really might want to change it to http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/tag... . Thanks, Jamie.
I thought I had, but it was set to http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/tag... (missing trailing /feed). Switched to tag/icalendar/feed now. - Jon Udell
good, thank you. Didn't want to annoy with oothers with my outpourings :) - Jamie
John LeBlanc
Good news folks! Popular commercial calendar creation software, Helios Calendar 1.7 is released. They've addressed ical validation issues thanks to Jon's feedback: http://www.refreshmy.com/forum...
Sweet! - Jon Udell
coolio!! - Jamie
Hi folks, I have noticed that my blog posts from http://jamiekt.wordpress.com are appearing in this room whereas I suspect http://jamiekt.wordpress.com/tag... would be more appropriate. I promise this was not intentional on my part - can someone (I assume Jon) correct this error? Thanks, Jamie
Yes, I noticed that I had the wrong feed and removed it a while back. Forgot to add in the right one, though, but I just now did. - Jon Udell
Thanks Jon - Jamie
John LeBlanc
Just discovered an interesting feed on foursquare: .ics! I usually think about iCalendar data in terms of future events, but why not log event history as ical? Has anyone been saving their elmcity history? it might be interesting to track how sources become more or less active over time.
I've often thought that iCalendar is perfectly suited to diary applications as well as calendars and its great to see that Foursquare agree. I'll be adding my Foursquare .ics feed to my calendar forthwith! Thanks John. - Jamie
I haven't been but this came up in discussion with Brattleboro's Chris Grotke. He and his partner run a hyperlocal site that's been active since 2003, and they're talking to the Library of Congress about archiving it. I guess the most appropriate archival format might be a per-day representation of a hub's events, in iCalendar or -- perhaps better for this purpose -- xCalendar. If/when the need arises I can save these on a per-hub and per-day basis. - Jon Udell
Jon Udell
Welcome to Sunbury-on-Thames, UK, and curator Jamie Thomson!
Thank you Jon, its nice to be part of this little community, I look forward to seeing it grow. - Jamie
Robert Scoble
How has Microsoft turned the corner? @ruchitgarg asked. Bing. Azure. Office 2010. I'd say Microsoft has gotten the Internet for the 2nd time
If Outlook 2010 is still using Word to render HTML email (which pretty much is useless), I would say Microsoft has missed the Internet again. - Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy: yeah, I'm not saying their strategy is perfect, but they are a lot closer than they used to be. - Robert Scoble
Yet I'm not using any of them - they've got to do more than just innovate. They need to educate and publicize. They have had superior home entertainment software for quite awhile, yet no one knows how to use it. - Jesse Stay
Of course, simplicity is also the key. - Jesse Stay
Microsoft has never got and will never get the internet. Bing is nothing more than Google Universal Search and Office 2010 is just 2 years late. Zoho and Google Apps are the most popular web based apps and people who use them will definitely think many times before switching to Office 2010 in internet. And can MS really afford to cannibalize its cash cow by offering full functionality... more... - Sidharth Dassani
I'm still waiting to find out what they're planning to do with Silverlight. where's the benefit over flash? Bing - so far, so good. They may be in some trouble with outlook, since gmail is gaining a LOT of steam - but is google docs going to replace ms office? Not a chance - excel is still MS's killer app. I haven't seen anything that can even remotely do all that excel can (not that it's perfect by any means). They need to just go to a yearly subscription model - say around $ 50 - david pavlicko
silverlight video streaming is definitely a step up from flash. Just look at the demo video. But flash is dominant - Kashif Khan
"Yet I'm not using any of them" - I agree. There's a TREMENDOUS understated value to simple usability. Google and Yahoo both had it in their earlier days. Of course no one is using Google OS now either. - J.D. Deutschendorf
Sidharth, have you seen the Excel web version demos? It's amazing, and totally outperforms gDocs and Zoho. - Kirill Petrovsky
Sidharth, please tell me you're not really that dumb. Missing it by 2 years? How many people use online ofice services today? Virtually no-one is the answer - they haven't missed anything. And do you honestly think Microsoft's aim is to get that miniscule amount of users to switch (as you suggest)? Of course not! C'mon, get out of your tech bubble into the real world. - Jamie
Microsoft is taking right step but if it were not for Zoho and Google we would not have seen this step from microsoft? - Ashish
If not for Microsoft, would you have seen Zoho and Google take the steps they did? :-) - Jordan Hofker
Seems like chicken and egg, Wondering which one is which? - Ashish
Well, one of the products may have been around longer than two of the companies, but I'll let you guess which is which! ;-) - Jordan Hofker
I was talking in context of web applications. - Ashish
Jamie , If people are not using online office why is Microsoft launching the service ? They should be really comfortable with the billions they are making in profit. They know they are losing market share (albeit small) and thats why they are launching online office. - Sidharth Dassani
Google docs - cheap, great for sharing and collaboration. Excel, still the winner for spreadsheets. Bing - who cares? Not that I would count microsoft out of course, still a big company with lots of smart people behind it. - Sam from twhirl
Robert Scoble
Is Office 2010 the largest JavaScript app in the world? - http://www.viddler.com/explore...
Is Office 2010 the largest JavaScript app in the world?
Are you sure it is a javascript app? Is it not using Silverlight? - sarvesh
Sarvesh: In the video they say that it's running using Ajax and Java without any silverlight or other plugin. - Roy Herrod
Roy is right. No Silverlight. All JavaScript. - Robert Scoble
Robert, let me tell you right now, the fact that all that runs in Javascript, is one of the finest pieces of modern engineering i've seen on the web - Mark
Shaun: Microsoft invented Ajax, so should know how to do it! - Robert Scoble
The sheer mount of coding required to take every office feature and correspond it to javascript and match functionality is just insane, i mean millions of work hours - Mark
it also allows them to get all the OS's and support for most top browsers is also great . - Kashif Khan
Which means it will work on the iPhone - Jesse Stay
Office on Linux :) - Kashif Khan
Microsoft deserves massive credit for getting all this to work cross-browser, it's absolutley stunning. - Mark
I still wonder why Paul Thurott dismissed all these office online rumours as "silly" up to a few days ago and yet he has the best technical coverage on the web of Office 10. - Mark
Maybe he was just playing the game - Mark
they were under embargo - Kashif Khan
Yeah but the easiest thing to do is just say nothing, not say the rumours are false and then the next day have lots of coverage on it. - Mark
Well I am all for it, them using javascript. But with such a huge web application running on IE7 or IE8 isn't going to be easy due to the slow javascript engine. So are we gonna see an update to the browser then? Probably IMO. - sarvesh
Maybe they want everyone to start using Chrome! - Californian
That's a really good point, all the browsers now love to quote javascript speeds. So Office will be faster on some browsers then - Mark
Maybe thats why they showed it in FF 3.5 on those Scoble videos! Probably sucks on IE! - Mark
That and I am guessing they don't want to show off their new browser. Man I so wish they have a faster IE. I have pretty big web app and even after all the optimization I could think off it still runs so bad that I don't support IE yet. - sarvesh
Mark: He demo'd Word in IE at one point (in one of the videos) but then Scoble encouraged him to swap back to FF by asking about it - So I don't think there's going to be a problem, you'd expect they would have tested it and tweaked it alot so it works as well in IE as other browsers - Roy Herrod
Robert, did you happen to ask them what is happening to http://workspace.office.live.com/ given that they keep mentioning Windows Live as the place where this stuff is going to be hosted? - Jamie
Jamie: I didn't ask that, sorry. - Robert Scoble
No worries Robert. My suspicion is its going to be mothballed. - Jamie
Jamie: I can't answer your question because I don't have contacts inside Microsoft, I'd guess that the new Office web apps become Office Live Workspace at some point or that OLW is rebranded to something different. - Robert Wawrzyniak
I know this was a surprise for me, I thought it would be silverlight. I bet they'll do an enhanced silverlight version eventually. - Ben Reierson
Has this been demoed running on Linux + FF3.5? That's always the true test as to whether they're using some sneaky tricks to run native apps in the browser... - Steve and 4 other people
It funny how he names Safari, Firefox and IE as their 'Top Tier' browsers. Opera and Chrome aren't even an afterthought. - Arawak
Sucks, <3 Chrome, but we have such a small market share it might be financially irresponsible to code for it :( :( - Mark
Doesn't this just make the surface area for javascript attacks and exploits much much larger? Scripting is already the source for a huge number of problems. Now we're gonna *really* hafta run the browser in a sandbox. And if we catch a nasty in the online version of the document/spreadsheet and save it, will the nasty transfer to the local client/machine when we get back to the office? - Mark Zip
Robert Scoble
Why did Google announce Chrome OS this week? Well, of course, Microsoft has a big announcement coming on Monday (I'm embargoed).
It'll be interesting to discuss both announcements too, and what they mean for each other. - Robert Scoble
I hope to see something good come out of this. Are they saying free or paid for the Chrome OS? - Anthony Timberlake
*raises eyebrow* Interesting. I applaud more competition - Mo Kargas
I'm intrigued! - Daynah
Diego, no, it's one of Microsoft's primary businesses. Did you know Microsoft has 14 billion dollar businesses? - Robert Scoble
Related to Microsoft's Gazelle browser? http://news.cnet.com/8301-13... - Kiran Patchigolla
Microsoft isn't doing too bad lately. - Eric Florenzano
cool, im thinking its a special version of windows 7 for netbooks? - sean percival
Anthony: I'm sure it will be free. - Robert Scoble
BingOS? - imabonehead
imabonehead: no. :-) Microsoft isn't that disruptive. - Robert Scoble
And that means Google Is doing well once again, doesn't it? - Markingegno - Donato from Android
The Chrome OS will be for netbooks and such for now. And is Microsoft announcing the Free One Care? - Dylan Richardson
Bingo yes :) - Kiran Patchigolla
*chuckles at imabonehead* - Daynah
LOL BingOS! The startup sound will be Ballmer saying "BING!" like he did at AllThingsD conference. - Paul Salzman
Bing-OS was his name-o! - Daynah
Bingos <--- that was his name-o - Micah
*high fives Daynah* - Micah
An open source OS - how much stable will it be?? - Palak Mathur
Question is Robert, if you are not allowed to say, how on earth did Google find out? - Technogran
Micah, we're on the same google brain wave tonight. :) - Daynah
Ride the wave :D - Micah
Sandra: it might just be coincidence. Or maybe they have great spies. Depends on your view of the world, huh? - Robert Scoble
Microsoft is open-sourcing their code too??? Yeah, didn't think so. :) - Josh Fraser
Josh: part of the Microsoft announcement on Monday runs on Google Chrome (and Firefox for that matter). - Robert Scoble
Not all "open-sourcing" is created equal. - Micah
Maybe Microsoft is making it's secret announcement this week cause they knew Google was about to announce? - Alan W Silberberg
Thats real funny Josh .. Its like pulling teeth to get them to give a discount on anything. - Dylan Richardson
Alan: maybe! It all depends on how you look at the world, doesn't it? - Robert Scoble
Nice Cant Wait! - James Hunter
It just seems to coincidental. Like President of Iran making big speech during MJ's funeral! - Alan W Silberberg
Scoble the only MS announcement they could make that would blow me away is Windows 7 Early release. - Dylan Richardson
Dylan: Microsoft has a few other impressive things up its sleeve. - Robert Scoble
So the question is now that Google's making an OS, will Eric Schmidt resign from Apple's Board? - Paul Salzman
It's all just ones and zeros. ;) - Victor Panlilio
So, do we give Calacanis credit for calling a Google OS back in 2006? http://calacanis.com/2006... - Mike Doeff
Sanat: insightful. Paul: Google makes a smart phone OS, and he hasn't resigned, so why would he now? - Robert Scoble
Zune HD. Looks nice for the first time ever I'm thinking about it. - Dylan Richardson
Google is talking about it's goals at this point. Isn't Intel trying a netbook OS too that boots fast? It'll be interesting to see which OS features win out here with different implementations. Is instant on to the browser the key or will some other feature shine? Fun times ahead, though really need to see things in action. - Loren Heiny from iPhone
Dylan: sorry, that is dead on arrival. They should have combined Zune with a cell phone. - Robert Scoble
I got a screen photo here: http://ff.im/4WoVE, I don't have much comments yet due 2 that I am using it now, its not much of an announcement. - polou/indigo_bow
Robert, Zune with a phone hmmm??? I hope ur rite as u said ur embargoed! - polou/indigo_bow
Gazelle? - carrotmadman6
MS does not have the Balls to take on the iPhone. - Dylan Richardson
Wait for Monday. Nothing else to say. - Frédéric Sidler from iPhone
Robert, because they claim to excuse him from the part of the meetings related to iPhone...computer OS is arguably the biggest segment of Apple. I guess he can stick around for the hardware discussions. I know my argument is elementary, but maybe walking a line here? - Paul Salzman
What was the last big hit new MS product? - James Watters
But if they did that would be cool competition is always better for the consumer. - Dylan Richardson
James: Xbox? Dynamics? Bing? - Robert Scoble
Apple is not really what I will be looking at Android is the big boy here - polou/indigo_bow
MS Office on the browser would also explain why GMail and Google Apps are finally out of Beta today too. - Ron Schott
OH OH Project Natal is coming out!! lol j/k - Dylan Richardson
Robert: Thanks, wasn't hating, just looking for organic momentum from products. Bungie was def a godsend to 360. Bing proved Seth Godin wrong which I greatly enjoyed. - James Watters
@Robert Scoble: So I looked up Microsoft's last quater's financial report, Microsoft does indeed have a $14 billion business :) - Long Zheng
Bing is nice I have to say. Here is how I use it .. If I want to Buy or shop a price I use Bing. If I need info its Google. - Dylan Richardson
MS better fix the %$^#%@^ Gumblar hole first, it's apparently worse than Conficker -- http://rixstep.com/2... - Victor Panlilio
MS also has ~6+ B in R&D, is it efficient? - James Watters
Not new news, but it could be the launch of Silverlight 3.0? Offline mode and all the other nice bits, runs on Chrome and Firefox. - travispuk from iPhone
Oh, really? When I get something on embargo...I don't write about getting it under embargo. Come on, Robert. You're better than that. Or at least I hope you are. - Andrew Feinberg
I agree @travis, but google make it like a news - polou/indigo_bow
James: it doesn't matter, a company like Microsoft needs a product pipeline to remain relevant. Research lets Microsoft remain relevant and on Monday you'll see a bit of how it does that. - Robert Scoble
OK. Google Chrome OS. Netbook makers say Linux based Netbooks have high return rates. How will people react to a Netbook that only runs a browser? Linux has remained niche. - Dileepa Prabhakar
Andrew: sometimes you have to take a risk. This is one of those times. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I will look forward to it. We ALL win when great software comes to the market. Almost nothing better in the world. - James Watters
14 billion, maybe Office that runs on Silverlight, therefore in the browser properly. - travispuk from iPhone
Do you all think GoogleOS will just boot up right into the browser? Browser will be in firmware? - Paul Salzman
BTW, Robert, will Microsoft finally dump IE and develop a Webkit based browser? (Forget Gazelle. Yet another stupid Microsoft research project that will never successfully make it mainstream.) - Dileepa Prabhakar
Paul: no highly unlikely. - James Watters
Dileepa: I don't know the answer to that. But the demos on Monday (I have a bunch of video coming) were shown to me in Firefox. So maybe that's our answer right there. - Robert Scoble
James: so you think it will sit on top of Linux or something? Or just be a new flavor of Linux? - Paul Salzman
Linux flavor of Chrome, thus far not arrived yet - polou/indigo_bow
Paul: I'd look at Android as a precursor and say yes its going to use a google refined linux kernel, and I believe the post even says a windowing system. I'll check TC again to be sure brb. - James Watters
Paul: I bet there will be some customization of Linux underneath Google's Chrome OS. I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what they will do with it. - Robert Scoble
Google says the software architecture will basically be the current Chrome browser running inside “a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel.” (quoting TC) - James Watters
I can almost bet that its web based Microsoft Office with some nifty real-time collaboration features. - sameer
Sameer - I agree. Explains cross-browser compatability - Daniel Lazarides from iPhone
"a new windowing system" leaves the door open for a greater level of abstraction away from the kernel for sure. Probably still with some access to files, devices, etc on the local hardware though which a browser alone would be a clumsy solution too. - James Watters
If Microsoft's BIG announcements are Web based Office (already demo'ed and announced), Windows Azure RTW (nothing unexpected) or Windows 7 RTM (already announced to be announced!), there is nothing that's going to surprise people on Monday then. - Dileepa Prabhakar
I think Wave might be integrated into the OS. - Jayasimhan Masilamani
Dileepa: Windows7i -- the Cloud OS from MS - Paul Salzman
Jaya: Like as a built in extension to the windowing system? Like IE and explorer? - James Watters
@Alex Will they be able to match Open Source strategies as followed by Ubuntu,etc?? - Palak Mathur
just another rehashed disaster of windows in another marketing created packing - Zac Bowling
Dileepa - They haven't talked much about collaboration using Office web. There was one OneNote demo that showed some realtime synchronization. I'm thinking more Wave-like realtime features. - sameer
Zac: I'm going to believe Robert, but lets give him hell if this is marketing glossy! :) - James Watters
Paul Salzman: Windows 7i with WGA! -- works only when accessed through IE when running on a WGA validated copy of Windows. - Dileepa Prabhakar
Dileepa: that's it, we've called it! ;) - Paul Salzman
Robert you managed to convert a complete google night into a complete MS night :) - Kiran Patchigolla
James: it's been a while since I've felt compelled to do more than five videos at a Microsoft press conference. See ya on Monday. - Robert Scoble
sameer: That will be mimicking existing Google Docs feature. Google Wave is at a completely different level and I am not sure if Microsoft is up to doing something like that. - Dileepa Prabhakar
Till Monday it is, I'm thinking I'll even blog it. - James Watters
Wave might act as the collaboration platform on the OS. But that leads to another question. Will the OS be tied to Google accounts for login? - Jayasimhan Masilamani
Dileepa: Let's see, I think there's potential for implementation of realtime collaboration across the web based and desktop offerings of Office that could be of big mainstream impact. It's got to be something related to Office, Robert talks about the "$14 billion business" - The only other Microsoft business I know of that's that big is Windows. - sameer
sameer: I said that Microsoft has 14 billion dollar businesses. Plural, not singular, but I also said it was one of Microsoft's primary businesses. That narrows it down a bit, yes. - Robert Scoble
My guess is a MS hardware that will shake the netbook market!! - Krishnan Subramanian
So that's a Win7 RTM announcement, combined with Web Office. If Web Office will be free to use, the combination of W7 Starter with Web Office will be a huge notebook hit. - Kirill Petrovsky
If ChromeOS was meant to counter MS, then the logical MS announcement would be some kind of OS project, like maybe a combination of Microsoft Singularity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... ) combined with Silverlight for NetBooks or mobiles. - Ray Cromwell
Microsoft announces the cloud OS? I'm still not sure about a Google OS though. - Burcu Dogan
Web Office in Silverlight, together with a mobile version that means we get Silverlight on WinMo and maybe even IPhone would be a win for me - Ian Blackburn
I cannot wait...:-) but I DO have a clue... - Eric Denekamp
Lots of people suggesting Office-in-browser but if that were it why would Robert be under embargo given they've already announced it and demo'd it? I'm not saying it ISN'T Office-in-browser but if it is then something doesn't add up! - Jamie
Good point Jamie - the two primary business in MS are Office and Windows (in terms of revenue anyway), so perhaps this is more to do with a Windows OS in the cloud? How would that look? - Ian Blackburn
Initially, Google VS Live, Then Chrome Vs IE & Google Vs Bing, finally its Windows VS Chrome OS - Michael_techie
Ummm... are they announcing an online version of MS Office like Google Docs? - prolificdyslexic
that's why I do not subscribe to Scoble - too many comments on his articles, too much noise - в джазе только телочки
I don't see any noise in here. Interesting conversation! - Robert Scoble
The MS guy at Portland Cloud Camp said Azure was going to be released very, very <wink, wink> soon. #cloudcampPDX - Gary Walter (gwalter)
All google apps platform out of beta yesterday, now Chrome Os.. Is definitely the answer to Seven + Silverlight/OfficeOnLine Monday ;) - CantorJF from iPhone
@gwalter You’re maybe right. The front end would be MS Gazelle, and the back end would be Azure. - Bram Pitoyo
Office Web Apps release to public beta is well overdue - first promised for end of 2008. If this is embargoed then it must involve something new. ScottGu hinted that Silverlight 4 was already in development. SL3 is released this Friday. So maybe SL4 will be released,in beta with a beta of Office Web Apps showing some SL4 features (like more AIR like features).. - Joe Wood
It seems like "too late" and illogical for Microsoft to come-up with another vendor-lock-in type innovation and expect positive results. Microsoft is not run by daredevils nor wimps. The announcement Robert talking about might be about a web based productivity application suite, which is standards compliant and offers a familiar interface and workflow for people, thus easily adoptable and steal competitors' (G, Y!, Zoho, 37S, Adobe?, etc.) user base. - Berk D. Demir
The thing thats got me shitting my pants over all this is Games. I need Windows to play all the latest Direct X 10 and 11 games. Linux is hopeless in that regard. - Mark
Audience in here is mainly composed of technically inclined, early adopters. We feel comfortable with online apps and mainly ready to ditch (or already ditched) many offline applications in favor of our new toys. OTOH, that's a huge paradigm shift for the other majority of less technically inclined and incomparably bigger masses. Microsoft still have the power to lead masses, create... more... - Berk D. Demir
Interesting discussion! I vote for MS Office online ! - Krishnamoorthy
I commented in istartedsomething on Long Zheng theories with this list. so why not here after having read all of Scoble responses?: Safe Guesses (not crazy): 1.- Office Ensemble (Office Web Apps + Office Live Update) and a Office 2010 public CTP (the most likely one) 2.-Microsoft Online Services gets full release along with a full release of Windows Azure while one of the new Data... more... - Avatar X from FriendFoo
i crammed a lot of guesses that may not have to do with the announcement so maybe robert could say warm or hot to the whole list without having to specify. :P - Avatar X
I vaguely recollect listening to the GIllmor Gang in June/July 2008 where Robert said he'd just visited Microsoft Research and seen "an amazing new browser". If memory serves me correctly it was said in the context of mobile devices but who knows.....this may be another contender for Monday's announcement! - Jamie
Anything related to Midori ? http://technologizer.com/2008... - Krishnamoorthy
Microsoft has already made their counter-move to a Google OS. It's called Windows Azure. It'll serve apps to the Google OS with ease and MS will make money in the process. Yeah, I know today the money be nowhere near what the Windows OS makes, but while the Google OS is gaining traction as a desktop OS, Azure will be gaining traction as an app hosting platform for that very same Google OS and others. - Jeff Weber
More spam news will come in. Azure, Mirot ha ha ha - Michael_techie
just another social network (where the IE users might hang out) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Another huge innovation like renaming Bing? - Burcu Dogan
Google is initially going after netbooks via a new OpenSource OS. If Microsoft's Next Big Thing is Azure then they are betting that a locked-in cloud-based OS will trump Google's move. It's gonna be VEHLEY INTELESTING to see this play out. - J.D. Deutschendorf
launching online enabled MS Office, free and beta - в джазе только телочки
I really hope it's not anything Silverlight related, some one is on crack if they think the end game is everything running in a plugin in a browser. - Scott Kahler
Tease. Tease. :) - Charlie Anzman
Robert, they'd better have more than a few "14 billion dollar" businesses. Their market cap is 200 billion for heaven's sake. - Stephen Pickering
sorry, have to ask. did it make you cry? :) - dannysullivan
does this mean google=novell? - Eran Even-Kesef
Made the news onto electricpig your announcement! - Alan (Giraffes)
Dr. Schmidt HAS to resign from the Apple board... too many conflicts of interest (iPhone v Android, Chrome OS v OS X, Chrome v Safari). What could he possibly be adding that can't be obtained through someone else? - Gerald Buckley
pricing of Azure will definitily be one of the announcements; not the BIG one. Office online perhaps... - Jeroen De Miranda
Very interesting indeed. Chrome OS sounds like a great companion to Windows on a netbook+ device, for those times when you do need instant web/email. Looking forward to your videos! - Will Johnson
Since the event on monday is WPC I'm guessing that Steve Balmer will present MS view on future of the Enterprise and showing off some of what Ray Ozzie has been working on. Coming full circle with Azure (computing infrastructure), Mesh (powering collaboration), SilverLight (future of runtime enviroments on all platforms) and of course all of this software+services has to be powered by Windows Enterprise Servers on the back end. - Daniel Chow
Also the new Office is the first application to launch under the above stack. Scoble, did I get anywhere close to any of the embargoed announcements? :) - Daniel Chow
What do you think? How long will the Apple-Google Friendship last? http://friendfeed.com/applero... - Hans Kainz
They are going to announce the release of IE 9 - the even worse with net standards addition. - Bobby Griffith
Windows 7 Home/Business/Ultimate Netbook Edition. Each with different capabilities and things disabled for no reason other than to confuse users and make more money. - Scott Koon
heh - i know now what the announcement is and i am not embargoed - i should make a post :) - Allen Stern
Go for it, Allen! Inquiring minds want to know! - Rudy Amid
Well if you do know, you owe it to your readers to report the news, - Mark
Mark: sorry, I signed an embargo. That's the way these things go and I'm not willing to burn this relationship, sorry. You'll know on Monday. Matthew is exactly right. And even with Woodward and Burnstein, they played this game. You didn't know who Deep Throat was, even though that was news too. - Robert Scoble
what announcement? - kang
I didn't mean Robert should report it. I meant Allen Stern who commented he was not under an embargo. He knows it, he has no NDA, he should report it. - Mark
RT Allen Stern "heh - i know now what the announcement is and i am not embargoed - i should make a post :)" - Mark
I hope its not Gazelle. If it is I respect Robert for abiding by the embargo. It seems as though no one in tech abides by embargoes any more. If it is Gazelle, might as well discuss since it is all over the tech blogs already. - Keith James Designs
As they keep it under the blanket till now! It should be software only thingy! speculations about xbox, zune phone etc are free to leave! - Amir
It's not Gazelle. At least I don't think so, because I have no clue what Gazelle is. I'm off to find out. - Robert Scoble
Ahh, nope, what I was thinking of is not Gazelle. But now that I see the rumors I wonder if Microsoft has more than one major announcement on Monday? - Robert Scoble
My Guess: They enabled Live Mesh Web Desktop to run applications, So in future all applications are going to be hosted in Live Mesh - Amir
maybe i want use chrome all day,,just for internet surfing - qian
Hey Robert, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being an announcement that version 8.1 of IE includes a better spell-checker, and 10 being that Windows 8 is coming out in 2010 and is free, how many out of 10 is the announcement going to be in terms of having an impact? - Mark
btw I have had this single chrome window open for about a week, and because each tab has its own process I don't get memory leaks like with firefox. - Mark
Not sure to be honest - Mark
Mark: that's hard to judge. I'd say 6.9 based on how you framed it. - Robert Scoble
Is this something that will go over well on Wall Street? - Michael Fidler
Well, today Microsoft announced the promotion of Steven Sinofsky to president of the Windows Division. - imabonehead
Robert ur (face) a hit today in the news outlets: http://lifehacker.com/5310444... - polou/indigo_bow
I hope Google comes up with a great OS. I have tried any different Linux versions on my netbook but have never found the perfect one. Looks like they have connected the right partners as well so I am very excited. 9 0ut 10 for me. This could change everything - Asgeir
TechCrunch on Scoblelizer's drumroll: "Office In Cloud Comes Monday" http://bit.ly/18sKUe - JimmyJet
it will be a sigh of release for people come to fear those massive, massive office purchase/downloads. still a pain for when you travel and have no access online though... - Terry O'Fee
While Google's forays in the OS and office productivity arenas are great for consumer choice, are they playing w/ fire? Google's core revenue stream is search, which has a much lower switching cost than any of MS's multiple revenue streams: Client, Office, Server. It seems like the two are pitching for a protracted fight that could be costly to both. But in a battle of attrition, it seems to me that Google could lose $ faster than MS. - lingb
Windows ME Ultimate? - Michael Funk
Well, it's Monday, what is the announcement about? - Sue - Friendfeed is best
MS is making Office apps online. Ala google apps. Boring. - Rudy Amid
SSDS: Getting a list of authorities in C# - http://blogs.conchango.com/jamieth...
excellent example of using LINQ and SSDS cloud data - MikeAmundsen
cheers Mike!! - Jamie
Chatting with some folks at Conchango who are interested in using SSDS for soething they're currently building. I'll be running them through some demos later today. Sounds like a very interesting project though.
And possibly with a Mesh front-end on it. So I'm very interested in any material on how we can make Mesh and SSDS work together. Using Mesh to load content (via sync) into a SSDS backing store that then becomes publicly available at a RESTful URI would be killer. - Jamie
@jamie: does Mesh use Atom? pretty sure Astoria is in the future for SSDS. not sure when, tho. - MikeAmundsen
Yep, Mesh most certainly exposes all its data using ATOM. And when SSDS marries up with Astoria it will too. More importantly, when you can authenticate to SSDS using LiveID the integration should be pretty seamless. - Jamie
jamie: i predict SSDS will announce astoria integration at PDC in october - MikeAmundsen
I agree. I wouldn't be surprised to see LiveID auth materialise as well. - Jamie
yeah, LiveID would be a big one. - MikeAmundsen
Jamie Thomson's SSDS stuff - http://blogs.conchango.com/MainFee...
good to see your post here! - MikeAmundsen
Jamie: I added your blog feed to the default list. any new posts should auto-magically show up here. - MikeAmundsen
coolio. cheers Mike. Another link coming in a jiffy. - Jamie
Scratch that, no there isn't. Disappointed to learn that there's no RSS feed for Codeplex tags: http://codeplex.com/Project... :( - Jamie
yah, no RSS loveon the tag-level from CP, bummer. - MikeAmundsen
i manually added the results of the tagname search. that'll get us started. - MikeAmundsen
good start - Jamie
Dare Obasanjo
One of Yahoo's problems was that being a primary purchaser of Silicon Valley startups is not a strategy nor is it a business plan.
Dare, let's argue out your Yahoo startup point here, cause you're wrong: http://tinyurl.com/scobleizer - Robert Scoble
Dare is wrong because Yahoo didn't pay very much for the startups it bought. Flickr went for about $30 million. That's a rounding error on its books. And Yahoo got a LOT of value out of owning these small companies like Flickr, Del.icio.us, Upcoming. The problem with Yahoo is it lost its leadership in search. If it still had that leadership it would have no sin. - Robert Scoble
@scobleizer Yahoo! lost search because they employed a portal and online media company strategy under Semel. - Lou Paglia
@Dare the problem with Yahoo's acquisition strategy is that they did nothing more than integrate their login service and didn't integrate them into a larger strategy - Lou Paglia
Yahoo! has three broad categories of Internet businesses; search, content and social applications. My tweet was specifically about the third. Buying MyBlogLog, Flickr, Delicious, Upcoming, etc didn't really move the needle on their social application strategy. Flickr has been a massive success purchased at a bargain but it's success hasn't been leveraged by the rest of Yahoo! except as an excuse to shut down Yahoo! Photos. The rest of the acquisitions have been a waste of time. - Dare Obasanjo
Dare, I agree with Scoble that they were smart purchases (for the value of each entity) but I agree with you more based on how they leveraged them for synergy with their social media strategy - Lou Paglia
I do think there is value in building all web properties in-house and I once said so. Here: http://tinyurl.com/6zak39 - Jamie
delicious could have been massively important to search. they just bungled it. - Kevin Gamble
Jamie, I'm not sure where build vs. buy comes in. Some of the most successful products at Microsoft and Google came through acquisition. However given the amount of purchases Y! made during the height of it's startup buying binge it is somewhat sad that Flickr is the only real success story and they couldn't leverage it across all of Y! - Dare Obasanjo
Sure. But I do think there is value in rolling your own as opposed to attempting to munge 2 disparate things together. Its useful to have a common code base if nothing else. Granted there are of course times when aquisition is the best way forward. Ouch these fence posts hurt. - Jamie
Robert Scoble
I should have asked Microsoft if they were going after Technorati. Check this out: http://search.live.com/xrank... very inaccurate, tho.
Phew. Not in the top #305. I feel safer if Microsoft doesn't know who I am. :-) - Louis Gray
Yeah Dean Takahashi at #98. - MG Siegler
@Louis: I sincerely hope that you are joking (oh wait, there's a smiley there!) ;) - Yuvi
burning your cash is better value than buying Technorati imo - DC Crowley
Heheh, Louis, any list that has me zooming past Huffington is funny (for me) but not very accurate. Another way to look at it, any blogger list that doesn't have Louis on it isn't worth being on. - Robert Scoble
I guess I'm in the right place, then. - Roberto Bonini
Damn. You beat me to it :) Live Search xRank gets bloggers - http://jamiethomson.spaces.live.com/blog... - Jamie
Michael Arrington = #191. FAIL. :-) - Louis Gray
I think your twitter has overwhelmed it Robert, its gone offline. - Jamie
So TIME rates Arrington higher than Microsoft does? - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
I think this explains the supposed disparity: We count Live Search web searches for movie stars, musicians, and other famous people. Then, we compile our findings into an insightful ranking formula that tells you who the world is searching for most. (http://help.live.com/help...) In other words, they don't compile the chart in the same way that (e.g.) technorati do. - Jamie
Another thing subsequently hit me - Arrington has two brands, one being his name, the other being TechCrunch. If the blog had been called ArringtonCrunch, he would have scored much higher. He's not the only person facing this issue, since many bloggers are well known both by their own names/aliases (e.g. Corvida) and by separate brand names (e.g. SheGeeks). Ariana Huffington is one exception that comes to mind. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
Robert Scoble
Microsoft’s 320 million anti-Google weapons - http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r...
WOW! like for title =)) - Zahra HB
Is it creepy that Microsoft is going to drastically change the meaning of "attach photo to email"? This is an interesting feature, but only if it is opt in and very well explained, not generally a Microsoft strength... - felix
I'm one of the 320m but I dont really buy into windows live yet - something is not quite right.. whatever it is its not enough for me to use it more than rarely. I don't really like Google but I am using more and more of their services - that says something. - Riaz Kanani
Scott: very few people use Gmail when compared to Hotmail. I'll try to get accurate numbers, but Google isn't claiming anything close to 320 million active users. - Robert Scoble
nice new template! - یک پزشک
Don't you mean 320 active spammers? - TranceMist
Of course I forgot about my one exception - I'm still an active Messenger user.. it is huge in Europe.. everyone I know uses it here - weird how everyone I know in the states use AIM. - Riaz Kanani
Everyone here(India (and Everyone excludes Geeks)) uses Yahoo. Mail and IM. Yep - Yuvi
Good point from Snay above. Hotmail is poor compared to Gmail. MSN is hideous. IM/Messenger is a disaster. Microsoft Web apps are fundamentally 2nd rate. Everyone's a member, but a great many people use a different technology for minute-to-minute/day-to-day - john conroy
I think geeks uses Google Service every now and then.. Microsoft gets an edge because non-geeks (or semi-geeks whose profession is not Computers related..) have subscription with Microsoft Live services and they dont care for a similar new google service! may be because microsoft gives them what they want.. - Jigar Mehta from bTT
"IM/Messenger is a disaster" I don't understand this comment from John Conroy. Do you use Messenger regularly John? What is disasterous about it? It works and it works well. That's it. What on earth is wrong with it? I dont get that opinion. MSN/Hotmail...yeah, they have some way to go. But Messenger is fine. - Jamie
Making it appear in Messenger would be quality, I already have a Facebook tab in Messenger so it would be the natural progression! - Joe Dawson
@jamie: okay, disaster is too strong a word. I primarily dislike the big (huuuge) load screen/advertisement that you get when you log in. Also, the fact that it loads on boot as default, and unless you disable this adds to your boot time. As with most Microsoft products, I think it is needlessly big/resource consuming. But it does work fine when you're actually using it. I used to use it quite a bit, in fact - john conroy
Jamie: I have to agree.. though the Yahoo Messenger/Google Talk deal is making me consider checking out yahoo messenger again. Hopefully Microsoft will announce a deal with Google soon and save me the trouble. - Riaz Kanani
You can never count Microsoft out - 100% true. It may have been not having the best of times, it still has a HUGE pool of talent that it can bank upon and the number of users of these services completes the other end of the equation. @Yuvi Too general a statement; I don't use either; and I know large number of users on Messenger. @john adding to what @jamie already said; Wallop is another case in point. - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
I think people are missing the point about consumer behaviors: no matter how hard I try, I have failed to teach my mom how to upload photos to Flickr and then email the URL. However, she's perfectly comfortable with sending photos in an email. The same goes for IM'ing versus Twittering. Microsoft has a great opportunity to "bridge the gap" between these old habits and new ways of sharing and communicating, and making the transition painless. - Carter ♥ JS
@Carter Couldn't agree more. - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
Robert, I like your statement, "What did I take away from our visit to Microsoft? You can never count these guys out. They always have the potential to change the marketplace because of how many users still are engaged with their stuff." YEP! The sheer volume of 320 million users in Windows Live and Hotmail is staggering...wow! That's quite a base from which they could build a plethora of social network applications and tools. - Susan Beebe
Well said Carter. Consumer behavior is the "norm", not the way we tech savvy (read geeks) behave. As much as we do not want to admit it, we are the minority on the Internet. In the past, we referred to the majority as n00bs or other semi-derogatory words, but the truth is the vast majority do not have the desire or time and a company that recognizes and caters to them will always be around. - Joel Gray
MSFT are stiil all powerful simply becos they have corporates wrapped up - Sally Church from Alert Thingy
@john conroy Gotcha John. Just re-read my earlier comment. it came on a bit strong - sorry about that! - Jamie
OK, 320m hotmail users and 320m messenger users. I assume they're not all the same but I'm sure there's a huge overlap. So, given MSFT have 430m active Live IDs, what are all the other 50-100m doing? And I wonder how many more they'll get when Mesh hits the bigtime. Questions questions....!!! - Jamie
Remember one thing, hotmail or Live addedses are still used to log into all of microsofts online portals. This includes managing your emails from msft, product registration, Connect betas etc and so on. This could be turned into a hugly useful social network with all the information that msft associates with that login. But ive not actually signed into mail for a while so it makes me wonder about the total number of logins currently being used by all of msfts services. - Roberto Bonini
@Roberto, its 320m ACTIVE users i.e. people that have logged in in the past month. - Jamie
I get that. But how many email address total are registered in Microsofts database ( that is over and above the 320m that logged in, in the last week)? - Roberto Bonini
Yep,320m.But Impression that Microsoft become detached from Main Web Trend - Igor Poltavskiy
They already have what you are asking Zuck to create. They call it Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication. - Jamie
I heard this exact same argument all the time when I was working at Yahoo! - the secret weapon is the hundreds of millions of Yahoo! Mail users. It's no good just saying you have the users; you need to execute well as well. I have yet to see evidence of Microsoft executing effectively on the web. It's 2008 and they still don't even know how to design a decent URL! - Simon Willison
Microsoft has more than just users - it has a wide, smart and deep developer pool. The work on hosted exchange / sharepoint and the stuff with Mesh and silverlight lets us know they "get it". MS Turns slow - but it DOES turn. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
@Carter You're dead on. Consumers want to send photos using email. They're comfortable with it and get it. - Derek Del Conte
@Carter, did you try to teach her to open Picasa and click large Upload button? May work.. - Ihar Mahaniok
I've had a Hotmail account since the days before it was MS owned and hardly use it because it fills up with spam so quickly. I prefer Google's offering with the other services integrated so well without the ghastly flash ads. But that's just my personal opinion. Messenger I haven't used in donkey's years. - Sally Church
@Scobleizer: "What did I take away from our visit to Microsoft? **** You can never count these guys out. They always have the potential to change the marketplace because of how many users still are engaged with their stuff.**** " Me: So, if that's true, then why not give Yahoo the same benefit of the doubt? After all, they have actually made money as an Internet company, something which MSFT has yet to figure out how to do. I would agree that Jerry has to majorly deliver now, but Y! has as good a chance... - Alex Schleber
... to hit one out of the park as anyone else. E.g. turn Yahoo into a true social network with innovative features from the inside out... right now of course their social projects have been floundering, probably in part due to the Micro-hoo distraction. Hope that all of Y! mgmt just had the crap scared out of them and that they will be hungry once again. Rebuild that rotting empire (well, same could be said for MSFT). - Alex Schleber
Andy Britcliffe
had a great ads at work - looks like we could have some SL2 action on the horizon.
tease!! :) - Jamie
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