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Idiosyncratic stream of information from the web, gathered on the road towards collective amusement and understanding.
RT @FrailestThing: "What algorithms want is what the people who write algorithms want." (Nick Carr)
Lewis Wolpert argues that there is actually hard science behind many of our stereotypical gender roles
"The world is immense, constructed on no plan or theory which the intellect of man can grasp.". Rutherford via James
RT @StanCarey: "Behind police brutality there is social brutality, economic brutality, and political brutality." Eldridge Cleaver, Soul On Ice (1968)
RT @PublicDomainRev: An aquatic bird inspects his foot. From an unusual selection of birds from 1754.
RT @ZwKrakowie: In the Brain, Memories Inextricably Tied to Place "A manmade virus that acts like a 'remote control' for neurons..."
RT @PublicDomainRev: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's "pictures of the floating world" (1882) - See the full set here:
RT @ettagirl: A chair with two legs and a light that switches itself off were designed to tackle sedentary lifestyle via @dezeen
“Don’t Try”: Charles Bukowski’s Concise Philosophy of Art and Life
From Robin Williams’s death to the Arab Spring, we have to resist urge to impose simple storylines on complex events
Kindle Unlimited: it's the end of losing yourself in a good book Amazon's leaked 'Netflix for books' plan
To save #elephants, all #ivory markets must close and all #ivory stockpiles must be destroyed
Wittgenstein,Tolstoy and the Folly of Logical Positivism how analytical philosophy got into a mess
RT @astroehlein: #Gaza: Hitting power plant, even if it had military use, would be unlawful disproportionate attack under laws of war
Hate crime & community dynamics A relatively new theory & practice of criminal justice is that of Restorative Justice
Irish Senator David Norris - Statement on the situation in Gaza
Dress the Israel Gaza situation up all you like, but the truth hurts the “blame game”.
♫ Tigers Jaw - Cool (Cover) by The Attic Diary ~ via @Jon_Struck
Ammonia – made up of three parts hydrogen and one part nitrogen (or NH3) – has had a momentous impact on society
Israel, Gaza, War & Data – The Art of Personalizing Propaganda social networks can reinforce existing beliefs
People have been wondering what stuff is made of since beginning of time. Antelopes, by contrast, haven’t Curiosity
The clearest essay on physics I have read: The beauty and clarity of Paul Dirac's prose
“Human subjects are moody, complicated and variable,” Witt wrote in Spider Webs and Drugs, the 1954 publication
Despite metamorphosis, moths hold on to memories from their days as a caterpillar
10 Scientific Images That Changed How We Looked at the World
Covering news & reporting events to large group of people is from historical perspective very new the Ethics of News
Moral Self-Knowledge by Looking at Others' Faces
Montaigne, Custom, and the Tricky Meaning of ‘Should’ a severe lash to the ordinary stupidity of his own judgment
RT @anibalmastobiza: Is One of the Most Popular Psychology Experiments Worthless?
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