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Idiosyncratic stream of information from the web, gathered on the road towards collective amusement and understanding.
RT @OUPAcademic: Surrounded by a world of knowledge, we feel less and less able to trust any of it. #epistemology
Why do we bite our nails? -
The concept of stress, sponsored by Big Tobacco -
Genome-wide analysis reveals genetic similarities among friends most similar in genes affecting sense of smell
Spike activity 11-07-2014 -
The Anxieties of Big Data What does the lived reality of big data feel like?
A thought lab in the sun -
Motherhood, apple pie and replication -
Memories of ‘hands on’ sex therapy -
Why Anesthesia Is One of the Greatest Medical Mysteries of Our Time the neural correlates of consciousness
New broadband speed record using copper existing phone networks can be used to deliver 1Gbps symmetrical access
RT @openculture: Dutch Book From 1692 Documents Every Color Under the Sun: A Pre-Pantone Guide to Colors
Sun sends more 'tsunami waves' to Voyager 1 The wave causes the plasma surrounding the spacecraft to sing.
RT @vaughanbell: New "blood test for Alzheimer’s" actually no better than coin toss via @CarolineFinucan
A cultural view of agony -
Did the Renaissance Invent Fashion? “self-fashioning” in Matthäus Schwarz’s 16th century book of portraits
Insight into how psychedelic drugs expand the mind. a window through which to study the doors of perception.
Serendipity: Expect The Unexpected What is the role of serendipity in the creative process?
Books so rare they were unknown to scholars among the treasures uncovered in a family library Liverpool bibliophiles
A Doctor's Religion, was one some would see as a paradox. Thomas Browne - Religio Medici
Work less, live more We are now rich in everything except time.
Fairy Tales: From Fact to Folklore Dawkins, Einstein and untrustworthy quotations. via @neurobonkers
Do we really hate thinking so much we’d electrocute ourselves rather than do it? -
The Calibration View of Moral Reflection
Gambling Monkeys Believe In 'Winning Streaks' origins of the hot hand cognitive bias
Poet and novelist Dermot Healy dies aged 66
“Mind reading,” or working out what others are thinking and feeling, is markedly similar to print reading
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