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Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman

Media professional, speaker, and university professor (new media, writing, publishing)
Are there limits to literary citizenship? My latest post:
Excellent 3-minute talk on how to give a better presentation: | @dan_roam
Excellent 3-minute talk on how to give a better presentation: | @dan_roam
How much does the biz of writing belong in the classroom? Hear from @daycathy @apple_twig_Li @elizmccracken + more:
Ha, brilliant!
The newest issue of @scratch_mag is available, w/a kick-ass interview w/@cherylstrayed: by @manjulamartin
RT @willkbutler: why did it take me so long to subscribe; even if you're the poorest writer out @scratch_mag is worth your lunch money
Beware of unfair non-compete clauses in traditional book pub contracts: | @jamesscottbell
RT @sivavaid: Confronting the Myth of the 'Digital Native' via @chronicle
RT @manjulamartin: "We were poor by choice.That's different than being poor—actually poor." Tomorrow @CherylStrayed drops some science on y'all in @scratch_mag
Yes. "Most publishing companies cannot say what they are and what purpose they serve." | @om
There are kitten photos in the next issue of @scratch_mag. What other reason do you need to subscribe?
Don't aspire to be a bestseller or to make a living from writing. Aspire to write. -@hughhowey #PubSmartCon
If he were starting today @hughhowey says he wouldn't write 100k novel to begin, but 10k story/month. Build repertoire, train. #PubSmartCon
Amen. "We should be in a [publishing] industry of encouraging people and not discouraging them." @hughhowey #PubSmartCon
.hughhowey: "The place that I was is a place that anyone can get to" - re: 5k in sales, $150-200/month earnings #PubSmartCon
.@hughhowey says not to envy multi-book trad. deals. The more books in the contract the worse the deal for author earnings. #PubSmartCon
"All writers should work at a library or bookstore ... The best learning experience I ever had was in a bkstore." @hughhowey #PubSmartCon
"My best writing comes from long marathon sessions." -@hughhowey #PubSmartCon
In fall 2011: @hughhowey had 8 titles out, making $150-$200/month, had sold 5k books before Wool took off. #PubSmartCon
Great summary of my keynote at @PubSmartCon: | @Goodereader
“You’re going to make a big investment [in a publicist]” - ask lots of questions & be comfortable before hiring. -@BrandYou #PubSmartCon
If you see amazing press on an author similar to you, ask them who their publicist is (to find good one) @brandyou @McKinneyPR #PubSmartCon
A common budget for a publicist: $3000-$5000/month for minimum of 3 months. -@brandyou @McKinneyPR #PubSmartCon
If you pitch nat'l TV, they’ll ask for your tape. Use local TV to get that tape (& use YouTube to get local!) -@BrandYou #PubSmartCon
For book mktg, if you don’t have connex on nat'l level, start where you are: local/regional libraries, stores etc -@McKinneyPR #PubSmartCon
For nonfiction book marketing, it’s less about reviews & more about articles featuring your big ideas. -@brandyou #PubSmartCon
Better alternatives to newspaper reviews: online outlets of popular, mainstream publications + blogs -@McKinneyPR #PubSmartCon
“Book reviews at newspapers are near impossible.” -@McKinneyPR #PubSmartCon
RT @MikeShatzkin: ANY author might want to self-publish sometimes in today's world. Publishers should adjust to that reality.
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