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Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman

Media professional, speaker, and university professor (new media, writing, publishing)
“When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money.” —Oscar Wilde
Writers Are Opening Up About Money—And That’s a Good Thing:
Why I left my mighty agency and New York publishers (for now): - an amazing story by @ClaireCookwrite
10,000 subscribers account for 70% of this author's book sales: | @pjrvs
This essay by @berkun on how to pitch an idea also applies to book proposals:
Digital Book Day has been extended thru Tuesday (7/15) to accommodate everyone trying to visit the site:
Thinking about publishing your first ebook? I'm teaching a 101 class that explains platforms, principles & trends:
3 Takeaways for Writers from the 2014 World Domination Summit: [my latest post] #wds2014
RT @bethrevis: All writers should participate in this AMA with @victoriastrauss co-founder of Writers Beware, going on now!
I’m teaching an 8-wk course on writing nonfiction book proposals. Just 3 slots left for full critique registration:
The reasons something are successful are often out of the hands of the creator. -@berkun #WDS2014
"You can do everything right and still fail." -@berkun #WDS2014
Survivorship bias: how we think there's some magical story/secret behind winners. Luck is at play in creative ventures. -@berkun #WDS2014
(Re: previous) As someone who has quit 3 jobs since 2010, @berkun is so right. Reactions say more about that person than your situation.
When you talk about quitting your job, you will get very divided reactions. -@berkun #WDS2014
RT @debbieweil: So fun to meet the amazing @JaneFriedman at #WDS2014 - on the Portland Spirit Cruise.
"All of the important stuff happens outside your comfort zone." -@MichaelHyatt #wds2014
*Afraid* of getting fired? "If you [think] you're going to get fired, cause it." -@MichaelHyatt - Don't drift into it. #WDS2014
"If you don't take care of yourself, you're of no use to anyone else." -@MichaelHyatt - prioritize yourself - #WDS2014
"The myth of our culture is that you can do it all." -@MichaelHyatt - You can do anything but not everything. #wds14
Kudos to @MichaelHyatt for addressing taboo topic of death, forcing people at #wds14 to acknowledge that they . will . die. Maybe soon.
Just discovered after hearing @JadahSellner speak at #wds2014. Top-notch content design & presentation.
RT @vickijohnson: Downloaded the Scratch Magazine app, and two seconds later I'm learning about writing and money and grant-of-rights clauses. @scratch_mag
Just landed in Portland for #wds2014. First stop is Books & Beer with @JeffGoins and @timgrahl.
RT @criticalmargins: What does the future hold for publishing? We don't know. But let's sort out the myths:
Since 1500s, authors' earnings or "biz models" have evolved & transformed, w/authors bucking traditions/expectations to earn a living. (2/2)
We expect newspapers, mags, book publishers & journalists to innovate & find new biz models as industry changes. What about authors? (1/2)
"When I started, the challenge was 'find me something to read.' In 2014 the challenge is 'there’s so much to read.'"
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