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Leo Laporte
"Introducing fit-PC2 CompuLab introduces fit-PC2 – the smallest, most power-efficient Intel Atom PC to date. fit-PC2 architecture is what sets it apart from other nettop PCs - fit-PC2 is designed around the Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz and the ultra low power Intel US15W system controller hub, rather than the Atom N270 and 945G used in other nettop-PCs, thereby reducing power consumption by more than two thirds. US15W incorporates hardware video acceleration. This allows fit-PC2 to run Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux at just 6W and to play full HD 1080p H.264 video using less than 7W." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
some limitations of the fit2pc: no n wifi, only 1gb ram & is soldered, reader is not sdhc, no wol, hdmi still needs sep audio line. if it could remedy those, then it would be more awesome than i originally thought it was. still cool idea. (edited to add: forums say hdmi does not support hdcp. boy, lots of surprises in what it *can't* do. almost a parody of an 'efficient' device.) - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Got error when clicked the link. Actually I thought I could show the screenshot, but ff can not add images to comments. - ThinkEzy
Where and when can we buy this ?? - @LarsenTweet
Very nice - Amit Morson
as sweet as a purring kitten - Willem (@wim66) ☠
I hope it is a cheap as a laptop or even cheaper!! ;) that would be a great deal!! - Paul from twhirl
And here I was waiting for netbooks to get better performance and instead we see the same low performance spreading from the mobile world, where it made sense, to our desks. Crud. It's nice that it's got low power requirements, but that seems to be it. - Henrik
When do they start building the computer into the keyboard? - Brian Sieker
I need a small, very low power consumption system with two ethernet ports to replace a home server. The fit-PC2 is so tantalizingly close; I'd have to add a USB ethernet dongle, and those are teh suck. - DGentry
"Want" is a serious understatement. I could do some evil, evil things with that! - ax0n
Very sexy! I can imagine having three or four of these with SSDs around my house. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
For the right (low) price, even with it's flaws it could be a great little media server. And here I was wishing upon an eee-box-star. - thepete
sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq: Thanks for those helpful pieces of info. Please consider using punctuation and capitalization in the future. I know it's not cool, but it serves a purpose (e.g. it helps knowledge transfer, the supposed reason for commenting in the first place) :P. - coldbrew
I want this as well. - Doug Slater
Ooh, I like this! I want! Me! Pick me! - Daan Berg from twhirl
I doubt that 1080p H.264. is watchable. Need some proof. It would be a key factor for me. - Dmitriy B
I want one of these. - Robert Gregory Browne
The newer boards use a dual-core Atom and NVidia 9400M chipset. Even has CUDA support. I believe it could decode 1080p. - Rodfather
Looks great. I want also. I'll wait for Windows 7. - Scott Kraatz
Smaller than a MacMini. I'll wait for Windows 7 too. - Randy Caldwell
I'd love to attach this to the back of a monitor and hang it on a wall - Camden
Brian Sieker: Asus already started stuffing the whole pc inside a (nice looking) keyboard, take a look at the Eee Keyboard - Rui Pires
I wonder how well this will run Boxee.. Is it the perfect boxee box? - raf
I'm always skeptical about the 1080P claims for nettops. - Ryan Whitwam
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