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Jane O'Neill

Jane O'Neill

I'm 52 ! trying to keep up - Studying Zoology and have two dogs, Henry and George, a rat and guinea pig (Basil and Tom) + fish !!!
I am really enjoying all my CHOSEN modules this, my 2nd year - I am so glad I persevered last year with modules I found really hard and not particularly of my main interest. They all are related tho and relevant XXX So don't get downhearted - just keep going, it all seems so much, but if I can do it !!!! ANYONE CAN !!!
Well done ------ Meeeee toooooo Lizzie - Yeah !!!!!!! Wine in the garden time !!!!!
Hated the Genes Exam today - too much in the time allocated - not so much hard but time consuming !!!!
Oh noes, do you think you did enough to pass? - laura miller
Hopefully - just don't find it interesting - at the end of the day not what I want to do !!!! Do you have an exam tomorrow ??? good luck XX - Jane O'Neill
yeah, i think it was quite a lot for an hour's exam..if i continued writing at the rate i started the genes exam, i think i will only be able to get through just about half of it and then waste the rest of i kinda feel obliged to do well on this exam coz i had to do it for the next 2 years (hopefully).. :-s - Jasper Estranero
Sure you will do great Jasper - I didn't spend as much time on Genes as the other two as we have touched on it before, whereas Phys and Microb I've never done at all !. Thought it would be a mistake !!! Just not enough practice but hope I may scrape through XX - Jane O'Neill
#BS1006 In the sample question (excitable tissue) 1.2 are the correct words : activation and inactivation ?
I am getting confused between the meanings of inactivation and deactivation and when they apply. - Jane O'Neill
This is what I thought it was :) - Lyndsey Wright
#BS1009 - question 7 on the practice questions. name three other types of genetic elements etc .. Am I correct in saying Plasmids, Bacteriophages,Transposable elements (insertion sequences and/or transposons) is the answer ???
It's 20 to 12 and you are revising! They are the 3 I would mention so I hope that's right. - Roisin Thomas
Sounds good. Can you think of any others? - Dr Alan Cann
that's my answer as well... - Andria Pelava
Thank you - yep was still revising, Steve's working away ! Not sure about other Dr Cann? Unless virus DNA can be included ? - Viroids, Virusoids and Prions (although protein)? - Jane O'Neill
Nah, I can't think of any others either. Just wanted to give your grey matter a workout ;-) - Dr Alan Cann
Seeing that question and answer on here probably means I won't forget it. I'm making up questions and answers for myself for revision. I could send you one a day if you think that would help Jane? - Roisin Thomas
Brill - yes please - trying not to flounder with revision ! just think I have got to keep on practising ! - Jane O'Neill
Yeah I would normally practice by doing all the past papers but since there aren't any I'm a bit panicky. Right, Question of the day. Name 5 ways the organisms can infect humans. 1- Aerosol transmission (coughs and sneezes). 2- Faecal-oral route (yuk) 3- Vector borne (mosquitos etc) 4- Bodily contact. (Epstein Barr) 5- Mother to child transmission (Hiv) - Roisin Thomas
Todays question. What are the 3 common kinds of infection from viruses? 1- Productive: A virus particle lands on a permissive cell which supports all of the needs for virus replication. New viruses form. 2- Abortive: Cell has no receptor or does not support replication. No new viruses form. 3- Restringent/restrictive: Transiently permissive. Only a few viruses formed before production... more... - Roisin Thomas
I've sent you todays question by direct message. x - Roisin Thomas
Very handy roisin, I've written these down! - laura miller
What is a genetic element then? Because i went through the questions without notes first and thought that it just meant organelles with genes in? I put nucleoid, mitochondrial DNA and RNA. What is a genetic element?! - Elizabeth Sherwin
Hi Lizzie I put Bacteriophages, Plasmids and Transposable Elements. Couldn't think of anything else, and Dr Cann put this was correct on Friendfeed. It's not always helpful without the answers, I'm never confident in what I think unless it's agreed with by others !! Hope this helps. XX - Jane O'Neill from email
#BS1006 I am starting the practise questions !!! As we don't have answers and I want to check I am barking up the right tree - would anyone let me know if they agree with me 1.1 INFLUX and PERMEABILITY ... 1.1 In resting conditions, the INFLUX for passive sodium ion entry into cells is greater than that for potassium ion efflux, but the plasma...
I haven't got mine in front of me but I think I put 'driving force' for passive sodium ion entry... - Roisin Thomas
Ah ha - thank you XX - Jane O'Neill
Hi Jane, where did you get the practice questions for this module? Are they on Blackboard, and if so, where are they? Thanks - Sarah Bowell
I'm guessing they are the ones we got given in the tutorial Sarah :) - Laura
OK, I don't think we were given any in our tutorial. Thanks very much for your help though:-) - Sarah Bowell
Hi sarah - they were the ones given to us in the tutorial - if you weren't given any maybe you could ask the convenor (Dr Grubb) to email you a copy XX - Jane O'Neill from email
Thanks Jane, I'll do that. - Sarah Bowell
#BS1006 - another helpful question time session - I do agree that these one to one sessions are really helpful - would be nice to have more of them during the terms and not just before exams. I understand that lecture time is hectic for lecturers - but this is on a selfish note for all students X
Ah, first day back went well - handing in Physiology Question book - library book - Module choices (after seeing my personal tutor) - Environmental and Evolutionary Biology lecture. Really enjoyed it and finding natural selection and the Hardy Weinberg topic quite fascinating !!!!
Quite amazing ... Bacteria As Art -- Biophysicists Grow Pretty Bacteria In Petri Dishes To Find Antibiotics -
The new T. rex: A leech with an affinity for noses -
DNA transferred between two fertilized eggs: Breakthrough offers hope of preventing mitochondrial diseases -
BBC4 now a programme which is covering Darwin - Genetics and loads of other stuff we've just covered - wow and it is all making sense - wouldn't have done before the course ! It's called 'What Darwin didn't know" - maybe will be repeated through Sky ???
Oh .. yes - even the good old fruit fly - and the experiments we did ! - Jane O'Neill
It was excellent, I've linked to it to encourage more people to watch it. - Dr Alan Cann
Quite pleased with microbiology essay - 68%. Not the tops, but was happy if got 50-60% as never touched on microbiology at all before. XX
Well done. :) - Roisin Thomas
Cant believe how long microbiology revision is taking me !!! gonna run out of time for the others. Think I must be going into too much detail !!!!!!
Have you had a look at the example questions on blackboard? That might help with how much detail to go into. - Roisin Thomas
Good advice. - Dr Alan Cann
I have been looking for it where is it on bb? also do any of the other modules have example questions. i think i am doin exactly what Jane is doin.. - Harriet Giramahoro
#BS1009 sample questions in the Assessment menu on Bb. - Dr Alan Cann
A bit of fun and break from revision .... X - Jane O'Neill from Bookmarklet
What does CBH mean in the context of 'complicated CBH assembly. Relating to bacterial cell wall structure. Last slide on Dr Heaphy lec 2. Know it's going to be an obvious one, just can't think !!!!! oooops
well - still can't think - even tho I've just seen my grandchildren, son and daughter in law for an hour and had a couple of bottles of pils with them....... would normally help !!!!! maybe one more needed as previously to that solely concentrating on microbiology X - Jane O'Neill
i have no idea unfortuanetely, but he said that it is beyond our scope, so i don't think it's important to know... - Andria Pelava
new one on me, but google suggests cellobiohydrolase - Dr Chris Willmott
I agree with Andria. If it was important I'd have written about it in my notes but I didn't so I would just concentrate on the rest of the slide and the slides before it. - Roisin Thomas
I'm pretty sure it was just shorthand for CarBoHydrate, fairly unconventional but makes sense given the context of the polysaccharide component of the cell walls. - Matthew Butler
Aha, I've been trying to figure that out. Yes, CarBoHydrates makes sense :-) - Dr Alan Cann
Does anyone know ... Are the amino acids found in Gram-Pos and Gram-Neg in any set order. I can see from Lec 1/2 diagram the compositition but the order seems to be random. XX
I don't have my notes to hand but I think the order is flipped upside down for the opposite side. Eg. L-Ala, D-glut, L-Lys, D-Ala, becomes D-Ala, L-Lysine, D-Glut, L-Ala. Does that make sense? You just swap the Lysines for DAP on gram negative. - Roisin Thomas from Alert Thingy
Ahhh - thanks Roisin - see what you mean - the other layer/strand ! but in reverse order !!! - Jane O'Neill
Not sure whether to revise one module per week (x5) or one module per day for 5 weeks ... anyone - any ideas would be appreciated. I'd never done any physiology at all so will take time to absorb names and terminology. If I do one module per week, I will need a day set aside to re-revise completed modules as the weeks go on. Hmmmmm dilemmas X
It's your choice, but I suspect most people will get more done if they have some variety rather than trying to do one thing for a long period. - Dr Alan Cann
I think maybe you're right ... my only worry is that as most of the module content is new to me, I need a good bite at the cherry for the info to stick - my old brain and all that - so maybe a compromise is needed ...! - Jane O'Neill
The exam timetable is up if yu've not seen it - they are nice and spread out - 18th May to 1st June, maybe do them sort of in the order they appear? - Laura
Yes you are probably right. I've just written the exam sequence down, and they are in the order of the technically hardest topics being first. So think that is the way to go X - Jane O'Neill
Where can we find the timetable? - Lyndsey Wright
Thank youu =D. - Jaspreet Seehra
I find it a lot more helpful to revise one thing a day for a longer period of time. You can always assemble a cheat sheet for each module to use to refresh your knowledge just before the exams if that helps! - Alice Merrill
After picking up tips from fellow students, I am trying 'study/revision' differently. I now can see why the previous semester's exams were quite disasterous for me. I have just spent 3 hours going through lecture 1 of microbiology properly (not wasted time !), with another 13 to go. Didn't take anything like that time before ... you learn every...
You might like to have a quick look through our new revision and exam skills guide too - - Stuart Johnson
Many thanks X - Jane O'Neill
About to start my organised revision - Microbiology first me thinks. Decided to concentrate on one a week so it really sinks in. Don't think I shall get bored with one subject at a time but will review after this first week and if needed change for the following 4 weeks. X
I've been doing Microbiology so far just so I could refresh my memory but think I'll switch over to Genetics this afternoon. The sooner I wrestle with the really hard bits and understand them, the more time I can spend memorising everything else! - laura miller
Know what you mean - I just thought I would do them in the order of exams (for me anyway). The animally ones come last, not saying they're easy, just not so many names and technical things to remember !! - Jane O'Neill
Has just ordered the Illustrated Origin of the Species from Amazon for £14 .. good stuff X Have got one from the library, but love it and want my own !
I find this sort of ignorance sooo frustrating - good old superior compassionate! 'humans' again ! Aye-Aye Threatened by Superstition: LIFE Big Pic : Discovery News -
Yahoo ... passed my first module ....... #BS1011, thanks to friendfeed XXXXXX 'DETERMINED' that the other 5 will follow suit !!!!
Are the microbiology essays in the pigeon holes yet - mine wasn't when I looked before leaving yesterday dinner time ?
Mine went in late yesterday. - Roisin Thomas
I got mine yesterday. - Harkiran Sagoo
Thanks, I shall pop in and get mine ...... X - Jane O'Neill
May be a useful site for revision ?? -
@Jane only if you are planning to take GCSE or A levels! - Dr Chris Willmott
I know - but exam practise is good ... I certainly need it ! and much of this 1st year appears to be in the 'A' level syllabus according to my fellow students with a few added extras. So hopefully it may help - but thank you as it is good to be aware it's not to be relied on but used purely as practise and basic revision. - Jane O'Neill
Just a thought .... it would be quite a motivation to commit to look at friendfeed once a day, we could all help each other's questions, queries or problems .. and keep the train of thought on the right track XXX I certainly will be XXXX
Sounds like a good idea to me :) - Lyndsey Wright
I'm up for that. - Roisin Thomas
sounds like a good idea. :P - Roshni Pancholi
I think that's an excellent idea =D. xx - Jaspreet Seehra
A great idea! - Ashton Chugh
Good idea! :D - Harkiran Sagoo
Many thanks to everyone's posts that have helped ..... I will certainly be using friendfeed duirng the hols ... Hope everyone has a great Easter and I think I will actually quite enjoy the revision ... I've found the topics quite stimulating and interesting XXXXXX
hope u find it useful. have a great easter and happy revising!! - Roshni Pancholi
Seems to be getting a little quiet on here already!!!!
i am actually going to miss friendfeed but i'll still continue (i think) posting random stuff here... i think im gonna start a career in blogging! lol.. - Jasper Estranero
There's no reason to stop, although you may want to revise your subscriptions so that you are following the people who continue to use Friendfeed in order to make conversations easier. - Dr Alan Cann
I love the way that these articles no longer seem gobbldee gook thanks to our knowledge expansion ... New findings about how cells achieve eternal life -
Had to miss today's lecture as my poor old boxer dog, Henry, had another fit just as I was about to leave. Will !!!! be in tomorrow for the two last lectures tho, Henry permitting !
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