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Jan Friman

Jan Friman

Entrepreneur, project manager, management consultant, creative director, photographer living in Chiang mai Thailand. Starting up Inforganic - Join the Dialogue!
Amazon Embraces HTML5 for New Ebooks -
This is a game changer! - Jan Friman
Why the iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB of RAM [Guts] -
It's Official! For Better Or Worse, Skype Is Now Part of Microsoft -
Rebtel will be a great alternative! - Jan Friman
RT @steverubel: Number of Circles you’re in on Google+ showing up in Google search
RT @FastCompany: Shared value is not just a series of empty words or a catchy phrase. When pursued the right way, everyone wins.
Posterous Reborn: Spaces Challenge Google Plus and Facebook -
Disqus Rolling Out Plug-n-Play Commenter Rankings -
Leak: Google Nexus Prime to hit GSM, Sprint's WiMAX too -
Artists hack Sony Ericsson's Xperia phones to see the unseen universe, use fire as a flash -
Know Your Rights: Photographers | American Civil Liberties Union
This is Great! | Getting serious about your org chart
Mac app Focus lets you add effects to photos you never could with a camera
RT @jeffbullas: 10 Facts Reveal The Importance of Ranking High In Google
Yup! | 10 Rules For Entrepreneurs To Live By
Skype Now Using "@SkypeSupport" on Twitter -
Now we're talkin' :) - Jan Friman
Social Marketing is all about Who Cares, right?
Skype Launches an App Store A new professional network that is a delight to use
Beautiful photos of star trails in the Australian night sky
With new Skype adaptors, Grandma can now Skype you from her landline
Google to launch Google Street View in Thailand [Update: Malaysia too]
What Stress Actually Does to You and What You Can Do About It [Stress] -
Note to self: Understand the real causes of stress. Never ever put yourself in unnecessary stressful situations if you can avoid it. Keep a positive mind at all times! - Jan Friman
Google Voice Gets Full Honeycomb Support [Blip] -
Hope they get it right! - Jan Friman
10 New Words Every Business Owner Should Know | Blog | Daily Dose |
This is what i call Product Placement :) | MacBook Air Used By Tribe in the Amazon Rainforest
Work hours? | Do we need defined hours of work any more?
Now we're talking ;) | Former Apple HTML5 Chief Builds His Own Apps Platform
Great post about redesigning a template | Beauty vs. Function: On Redesigning
Photo: This is why ;) is launching soon and I'm one of the first in line! Join me. #launch via @proliphiq
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