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Sam Harrelson
Have I said I love being a teacher today? I love being a teacher. Especially a middle school science teacher. Seriously, go quit your job and become a middle school science teacher.
Honestly, I'd love to. Some day. - Scott Jangro
Sam Harrelson
Back to the Finger Future -
Back in the day you could, given somebody's email address, type finger and get some information about that person, whatever they wanted to share: perhaps their office location, phone number, URL, current activities, etc. The finger protocol, sadly, died. Fast-forward to Web 2.0. We're currently bickering about how we do interop between all these social web services, and even how we represent a person's identity. The two main identity identifer camps are email addresses and URLs. via In another year, we'll all be back to using this forgotten standard. VAX and gopher next up for resurrection? Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Sam Harrelson
Demi Moore
Ok trying out friendfeed....any suggestions?
try streamy!!! - Alejandra Benevento
I am trying it to. Hope you will follow me. - Charlotte Frum
Just a request; can you teach me once you've learned, I'm still learning Facebook! I'm good on, love ya DM - Justin Dee
Had the same idea at nearly the exact same time... Great minds... ;o) - bethany
I love facebook. Had trouble at first but love it now. The games are fun. - Charlotte Frum
Yeah! Vote and RT for @BodeSunValley for cutest puppy! :) thanks! - Lauren Zondag
Well, give it a good go, and you will love the way it all works, compared to twitter, other than that, it may seem a bit of a lot to deal with at first, but there is so many threads of help and advice here, it won't take long to get to grips with ;o) Welcome by the way... leave hubby outside tho lol.. friendfeed may crash! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Okay I'm here too! Seems cool, have you dicovered anything new and different? - Tracy Ferry
How are Demi? What are you working on? - Charlotte Frum
trying it too it beteer then twitter you can see the feeds instead of waiting great thank you mrs moore - antony march
It's like chat. Right? can anyone read it or only people following you,etc.? - Charlotte Frum
oh. i like this more! interaction! - Keilah Sanchez
me too, i just join this friendfeed right now! - charlene chua
Oh thanks Sam. That's great! Love it. Hope it catches on. - Charlotte Frum
demi, lets start a secret chain.... i'll say one of mine and you contine. i borrow cleaning gear from my apartment complex & replace before anyone sees :) - Keilah Sanchez
Start following people on here... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Holden.. yeah it is. ;o) hopefully more "ordinary" people join.. lol.. no offence to anyone here... :o) :P Just.. you know what I mean ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
hook up your twitter, facebook, blog sites, whatever. This is so much cleaner and neater. - Kimba Rudd
This is great Ashton gets me addicted to Twitter and now Demi gets me hooked on this LOL you guys are great <3 to you both - Jessica Williams
like it - antony march
yeah.. 100% right there Holden, and she gets to keep tweets together ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
This site is great ! I love this. This is going to catch on no troubles - Jessica Williams
Thanks Bill !! checking it out now :) - Jessica Williams
i don't get this? - Tina Haight
what don't you get Tina? - Rob Sellen :o)
i'm not sure- it doesn't tell me who is who - Tina Haight
Really this was around 2 years ago? - Jessica Williams
You are right Sam... it WILL be too... if it stays..IF faceache don't drop it that is ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
is demi seeing this right now? i don't get it. lol - Tina Haight
she can see this if she is watching it - Jessica Williams
so it's just like a chat room? - Tina Haight
tina.. what you mean? - Rob Sellen :o)
NO tina.. its like twitter but in REAL time... and threaded.. demi WILL see this.. then go.. WTF?? how did that happen.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
so essentially it is a chat room that mated with twitter? - Jessica Williams
Bill... I think it was PART of the plan.. why techcrunch broke it.. and why they sold to faceache.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Or she is watching this right now going WTF?? and laughing - Jessica Williams
This is great i love this lol - Jessica Williams
i just got here 16 min ago i have demi and ashton since that is how i got here through her twitter - Jessica Williams
jessica... Tina... sub to me.. oh.. just saw holden post.. and him ;o) then just ask if ya get lost. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Im working on it kk - Jessica Williams
how to sub.. hover over our names... use the pop up.. - Rob Sellen :o)
how do i find my friend list - Lynn
ok ok im subin im subin !! - Jessica Williams
now.. click do you ONLY have this post in your home tab?? if so.. you see it as it grows.. i opened this thread in new tab alone.. do that by clicking the TIME stamp under demis pic.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
never heard of this, but I am willing to try new things. - Nita
lynn.. do you sub to anyone yet? - Rob Sellen :o)
k rob thanks i got it woots i subbed !!! - Jessica Williams
yes several - Lynn
but there is no list like twitter - Lynn
Lynn... on the right hand side.. is your friends... - Rob Sellen :o)
demi?!?! lol - Tina Haight
thanks rob & Holden I'll try that - Lynn
Very cool. If you like PostSecret, you should check out - SecretRegrets
Demi started this great convo and walked away :( lol - Jessica Williams
I'm still new at this but it's growin on me, thanks for all the help - Lynn
piss off with the spam crap.... everyone.. you can BLOCK or hide idiots like secretregrets... ironic.. you will regret the spam.. lol.. NO_ONE will see it.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
hmmm - Sparkles
she could be reading and learning like the rest of us - Lynn
jessica... yeah.. but wit till she pops in.. she will go..WTF!!!!! how the hell.. hang on.. why are all these people chatting!!! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
didn't facebook purchase or absorb friendfeed?? - Mercedes(Chris)Ozcan
in real - Rob Sellen :o)
lol Rob - Jessica Williams
no kidding - Jessica Williams
mercedes.. yes, they did.. two nights ago - Rob Sellen :o)
how do you block or hide spam - Lynn
Jessica.. you can also send replies to the tweets to titter from here... - Rob Sellen :o)
Yup figured that out already thanks :) - Jessica Williams
lynn.. to block him.. CLICK his name.. block ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
That then HIDES all of his comments.. thats WHY this place is SPAM free.. and we would like to KEEP it that way.. so use the block with spammers... they will soon go back to...twitter lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
i'm waiting for her- this is my excitement for the night. hah - Tina Haight
done thanks again this is kinda confusing but fun - Lynn
EVERYONE who follows her who is on here.. should tweet << that to her ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
What's the difference between this and twitter?? - Annette Baldwin
real time - Jessica Williams
And yea i was really hoping to just say hello to her i hope she pops on soon - Jessica Williams
OOHHH thanks - Annette Baldwin
annete... apples and pips... lol apples being this place ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
sry holden didnt mean to step on ur toes :) - Jessica Williams
yep he gone - Lynn
Im on here now too! - Samantha Scheideler
anyone gonna TWEET that link to her??? - Rob Sellen :o)
welcome Samantha ! - Jessica Williams
Well, this should be interesting... - Michael McKean
Thanks jessica williams - Samantha Scheideler
:) ^5 to u holden - Jessica Williams - pls spread the word - Liza + = ?
are there any size limits to the characters typed? - Lynn
Just in time for the big moving sale! Enjoy like there is no tomorrow! - Martha
Rob, so when you post to twitter it auto posts to ff or vice versa - Mercedes(Chris)Ozcan
i have no idea jsut started. i lik this its like twitter but alsso like a chat room in a way. - Samantha Scheideler
lia.. don't treat this place like twitter... drew USES this place, and that word gets spread ;o) now I #blamedrewscancer for you doing that ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
good I hate getting cut off and I'm no good at the new shorthand - Lynn
yes merc.. - Rob Sellen :o)
GREAT - @drew is on here, but I am spreading the word as long as he is not on the thread. I #blamedrewscancer that he is missing this. - Liza + = ?
huh? - Tina Haight
rob s and holden !got it thanks - what else is there to know? - Mercedes(Chris)Ozcan
No i havent only Demi Moore. I literally just started this im learning how to use it still. - Samantha Scheideler
I don't believe it is Demi. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
don't believe what is demi? her twitter? - Tina Haight
this is Demi :) - Jessica Williams
lots merc... just have a look around.. you can create list of people here.. import stuff.. click your settings under your name on the top right.. have a PEEK ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
it is her.... i knowe for a fact - Samantha Scheideler
OK I believe! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
She brought us all here from Twitter - Jessica Williams
and then abandoned us. haha - Tina Haight
ha.. Robert is.. wrong.. (for once he would argue) ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I know :( but im sure she had a reason i imagine she is a busy woman - Jessica Williams
lol i know right. just like ashton jsut posted on twitter and i responded to somthing he aid and nothig yet - Samantha Scheideler
Uhm, where is the Friendfeed crew - wish they would chime in since they got the payday. - Liza + = ?
Holden... don't tell them that... its Alex... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I just had a great dinner in San Antonio - Robert Scoble from iPhone
liza... they are all users here... - Rob Sellen :o)
oops sorry for all the typos i have acrylics on - Samantha Scheideler
What you have then Robert? - Rob Sellen :o)
Demi, the major difference to me is tha FF is more engaging; if you play along. Meaning, don't post something and then not interact with other users. Go back to Twitter if you don't want to make an effort. - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed <<< post that to her on twitter - Rob Sellen :o)
Aww Chad that wasnt nice at all - Jessica Williams
Ya and if she is sitting back watching trying to figure out whens a good time to say something to us all that isnt going to make her want to talk - Jessica Williams
Chad - that is wrong - I got that SO many times - you guys never do it to girls - Liza + = ?
Welcome! - Stephan Miller
ignore ppl who say go back to Twitter - Liza + = ?
Chad.. please don't go down that road.. a few have done it..I have made mistakes here before.. they stick... look at the spammer earlier in this thread.. ;o) CLICK the timestamp under demi's name here and open this thread in its own tab ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
yayy, demi B-) ff is the place for all the action. - Gtp19
liza... lol.. you start using this place, and you won't want to go to twitter so much ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I am tired of ppl saying go back to Twitter - get over yourself or I will say go back to atari - Liza + = ?
yep spammers don't last round here - Lynn
Yes, try Streamy..... - Janet Fouts
thanks Holden - Lynn
and to do that use the link in the top bar on this page... email is direct too.. ;o) yeah you can post a DM from your email too.. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
what is streamy? - Tina Haight
LIZA.. can I have a go on your atari? :P - Rob Sellen :o)
sounds dirty, lol - Tina Haight
Rob - you can,but you have not been an ass to me. - Liza + = ?
Tina - dirty is fun. - Liza + = ?
Geeks will not tell you go to Twitter if you are dirty. - Liza + = ? << will as MANY of you tweet that to Demi.... :o) get her over here to see it n action... while you are all busy here - Rob Sellen :o)
lol Liza.. thanks... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
i don't know, rob, my husband and friends make fun of me when i tweet @ celebrities. hhaha - Tina Haight
LOOK at all this thread... how many comments... in less than 45 mins... - Rob Sellen :o)
Everyone makes fun of me, ignore it - Liza + = ?
Tina.. we just want to OPEN her eyes.... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Greetings new FriendFeed users. Welcome to the playground. - Robert Kenney
WTH, Demi might as well save friendfeed from closing.. bring back demi. - Gtp19
Hey Demi..I just signed up for FriendFeed the other night. Not sure what to think about it either... hmmm - Melisa
so.. who needs people subbing to them???? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Robert, I don't either. - Martha
so how do I tweet it to her from here? - Lynn
Its quite funny either way. True or not. - Matt G
go to your home page... post it in the comments.. with your @mrsaplusk too.. click the CC to twitter . post ;o) as long as you have added your twitter username here that is... - Rob Sellen :o)
Beginners can find help here: and feel free to ask anyone! - Robert Kenney
I don't know, just gonna feel it out..... - Brenda Erdman Velasquez
done but I had to do it from tweetdeck, I will keep workin on this though - Lynn
Think of it as the place where all of your online stuff goes. You see the stuff, say, that your friends on Twitter are liking on YouTube. You can then talk about it, favorite it, etc. just like you do on Facebook. It's a mashup of all of your Web activity in one place. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Lynn... you will like it here, you will notice whenever anything gets commented on, or liked, it jumps to the top of the page... - Rob Sellen :o)
The key to FriendFeed is following me. :) - Andrew
She'll never see this but I just have to comment knowing that I interacted with Demi Moore. ;) - Keith - @tsudo
It's amazing that with all of Demi's followers that she doesn't get more people over here. I'm noticing a trend: not many people engage on Tweets. - Robert Scoble
ahh that is why nothing is in the order it was posted in - Lynn
Be sure to add the bookmarklet to your browser. Makes posting to FriendFeed much easier. - Robert Kenney
It's nice to see so many new people joining up; welcome to everyone! I was going to suggest some of you check out the FriendFeed for Beginners group but I see someone else has already done that. Otherwise, the best suggestion I can offer you all is to do a search for some things that interests you and follow the people that posted them. - FFing Enigma
Subscribe to Holden. - Gus
Robert..I have noticed that on twitter they tend to struggle..... celebs would be in the element on here.. - Rob Sellen :o)
thanks for that Andrew I knew there was a right way to do this haha - Lynn
Well I apologize to those that took offense to my initial comment. That's just my take: show me some substance. Welcome Demi! - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed <<< IF more of you tweeted that to her with @herusername she may take notice... - Rob Sellen :o)
Nice to see her here. Yet in this service, celebrities need to participate on the conversation which is what makes this different than Twitter. - Manuel Mas
It would be deliciously ironic if the buyout that everyone was worried about was the making of FF! - Matt G
Try not to get all caught up in out techno-babble, but a lot of learning here. - professor daddyo
Everyone's new at some point. The more the better. - Robert Kenney
lol.. chad.. the point is.. she probably not come back since posting.. but she will do.. and THEN realise what she missed.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Holden: come now. She has 1.7 million followers. This place should be going absolutely crazy if they were very engaged. - Robert Scoble
Steve: that's what I meant to say! lol - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed
I like old people. - Michael McKean
oh demi- it would make my night if you said something on here to us. :) - Tina Haight
I agree.. but then, how many actually click her links... not many i bet. - Rob Sellen :o)
hmmm. can't wait here all night, demi! - Tina Haight
Scoble: engage, engage, engage. That to me is the point, which is very attractive about FF. Might I add connection? - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed
start adding all your other social accounts (if you have any), that's the real kick to friendfeed (at least for me), an all in one feed - Gubatron
welcome chad, we like that much better - Lynn
Well I was hoping she would talk with us. Oh well. - Ben Hanten
Robert Scoble: Most Tweets aren't very... engaging! :) - Steve Lynch from twhirl
anyone watch big brother? - Tina Haight
nope hells kitchen - Lynn
NO.. not that shit bb.. not on here lol - Rob Sellen :o)
oh i love hells kitchen too - Tina Haight
leave big brother on twitter eh... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I saw that Rob :) - Mattb4rd
haha! but it's such a great show. and i am still excited about tonight's show. ;) - Tina Haight
welcome. where is ashton? :P - Oguz Serdar
we don't need bb crap here .. I get away from tv and twitter to escape it!!! - Rob Sellen :o)
Demi just posted to twitter I tried to tell her we were all waiting for her but... - Lynn
we don't need ashton either ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
getting a little testie arent we - Lynn
I think they come as a set - Lynn
lol - Lynn
no... I am just sayng.. both in one night would crash the place lol... if they started using it that is... - Rob Sellen :o)
Ashton was on the Dan Patrick Show today and was hilarious. Gained a bunch of new respect for him. - Ben Hanten
haha they do generate a bit of traffic - Lynn
I didn't like the way he did things at twitter at all... told him as much too.. - Rob Sellen :o)
i'm not gonna lie- i'm a pretty big deal too. - Tina Haight
ok i'm lying. - Tina Haight
ark at you tina... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
;) i DO have 88 followers on twitter. on my way to the million mark - Tina Haight
wow.. :o) doing good... follow that many on here tonight and see what the power of this place is like ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I never had heard of it before but I'm trying now. Is it fairly new? - Barry Winters from iPhone
lol - Lynn
barry.. no... not so much as ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
suggestions? Yeah start chatting back while you still just have 175 subscribers :D - BairdWilliamson
Welcome to all the new visitors. Barry, this is about 18 months old, but lots of new features were turned on recently. - Robert Scoble
alright- i am giving up hope on demi coming. have been staring at a computer screen all day and night for work. - Tina Haight
night everyone! - Tina Haight
night nice chatting - Lynn
What?! The Scobelizer is a doubter as well? Tack it on to the list... - iamkhayyam
Yeah, welcome to all... :o) any problems you only have to ask..ask ANYONE lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm not a doubter anymore! :-) - Robert Scoble
nice meeting you tina.. night. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Haha! There you go... she's Verified :) - iamkhayyam
What do you mean, Demi, "any suggestions?" What are you looking for? And why aren't you engaging, er, talking with us here? - Robert Scoble
lmao..... good one robert.. shame she missed it happen in real time lol :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
lol - Gtp19
Hi Demi.You're a little late to the party. We are all worried they are going to shut us out of this nice little cozy club called Friendfeed and lead us back to the shark-infested waters of Facebook. We are still makin' hay while the sun shines. :-) - Karma Martell
Well, if she's turned off real-time she might not even be seeing the comments yet, Robert. Or perhaps she made the post and left for dinner (west coast and all) and will check back later. - FFing Enigma! welcome to FF. did you beat Ashton here? - .LAG liked that
This is just too cool. - Sherrie Belken << RT that in reply to her... see if she gets to see it at least ONE bloody time lol... - Rob Sellen :o)
It seems she doesn't care the comments. - Oguz Serdar
perhaps just not aware they are here ... - Tom Horn
Engaging?! Seriously Scoble? Haha... that's a funny one. One msg on FriendFeed and then she's off for some Kabbalah teachings. - iamkhayyam
probably Demi doesn like to be part of comments, rather she likes to make the headlines, i mean the posts, lol :D - Gtp19
+1 Robert - Robert Kenney
ok gettin mean now gotta go - Lynn
LoL Hi Demi... Welcome to the FF Mob! Now go and spread some hate </extremesarcasm> - tehKenny
Lynn: see ya, sorry about the meanness. But it would be nice to see Demi actually chat for a few minutes so she could get a sense of the power of friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Demi: I see you're here. And welcome to all the new people on FriendFeed. I'd like to see you (and Ashton) take part in the conversations here. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
aggreed but bein mean isn't gonna make it happen - Lynn
Maybe she is too awestruck at the magnificence of friendfeed to type. I am imagining her sitting there frozen with her mouth hanging open watching all of this going on. - April Russo (FForever!)
yes, we would love to have Demi here.. long live friendfeed... i mean until its shut down!! - Gtp19
Well, you're about to get a billion responses of course, but you should hook up feeds from other sites you use too, not just Twitter. Maybe a YouTube channel too? Or Flickr? - Ciaoenrico
while wondering why twitter just..sits there lol - Rob Sellen :o)
April: That makes sense - Matt G
Welcome indeed. You should add more of your feeds to your FF account - Vinko
sub to some of the others here in this thread.. you all get to learn this place together then... - Rob Sellen :o)
@April That could be it. FF in Helvetica mode is hypnotic ... - Tom Horn
Thanks for that @iconic88 :) Always a good reminder... #love is all there is :) - iamkhayyam
Welcome to FF! - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
lol @ Tom - Gtp19
Thank you iconic88 - Sherrie Belken
FF in any mode is hypnotic. I haven't been able to pull myself away for many months. - April Russo (FForever!)
Hmm .. no , I think we are done. This is probably the last one ... - Tom Horn
Now everyone isl just staring waiting for Demi to comment :p - Gary Gannon
nah...plenty more will come later when everyone else sees it in best of day. - April Russo (FForever!)
and if she happens to engage it'll explode - Gary Gannon
yeah, its jus warming up... plenty more to come. - Gtp19 << could tweet her that link.. its this THREAD .. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Demi this is my first time trying this after you. What is the difference between this and twitter? How did u find this?....Kim Goedde - Kim Goedde
Kim, Demi hasn't been back on the thread to respond yet. I can't speak for her, but for me the biggest difference between FF and Twitter is the organization. If you send out a tweet you have to watch for @replies in response to that tweet, and they're kind of easy to miss. On FF when you make a post, all the replies to it are lined up underneath and it's much easier to follow (and take part) in the conversation. - FFing Enigma
That's the whole deal Tina - Sherrie Belken
Well, that's a big part of it Sherrie. The inclusion of media is another big selling point (for me, at least). Here people can include images, files, audio, or video on their posts and I can see/hear it here. On Twitter there's always a clickthrough, an extra tab or window, etc... Perhaps I'm lazy, but I like being able to interact with it all in one spot =) - FFing Enigma
Demi-are you getting paid to promote these sites? I have posted comments now and again and have never got 1 response from you......Kim Goedde - Kim Goedde
Yes, I see posts that include the pics from my twitter account. Very cool. - Sherrie Belken
PJ WRONG.. whatever Scoble says is the right thing for HIM to do... and it may work for you, or not.. just use the place and find you own rhythm here. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Kim... why does THAT bother you.... do you think you could repsond to all those 1.7 million odd? THAT is why we are trying to say to her here... you should see this thread.. but she hasn't yet been back it seems... NO-ONE owes you a reply.. we learn that the hard way ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
250+ subscribers and counting. I'm holding off for now, even if all the rest of the geeks are subscribing. Not following her on Twitter. Demi, you'd better give me a good reason to subscribe. *switches to wait & see mode* - Dennis Jernberg
Robert:Same thing here as on Twitter. Only a "handful" of "followers/subscribers" engage. - Dana Fosburgh
My one suggestion to you, since FriendFeed will probably be a high traffic place for you - check out Robert Scoble (scobleizer) and see how he handles high volume. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
i like this so far.. - wendy smith
A good suggestion - Sherrie Belken
Learn from the master. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
'Crickets' - Robert Kenney
sheesh... her subs are crap... subbing mainly to people who never use the place??? - Rob Sellen :o)
That was just imported - Sherrie Belken
Yeah. When you join FF, it imports your Twitter follows. That's why I have over 120 subscriptions when I have only 75 subscribers: people on Twitter join, and I subscribe to them automagically. - Dennis Jernberg
was also useless lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Hey Demi, welcome to Friend Feed. Hope all is well with you and those you love. Think about adding Robert Scoble to your Friend Feed list. He is the leading expert on all things Friend Feed, and usually is the first to give us heads up when something new is coming down the pike. Take care of you! =) - SashaKane
If you use Firefox, download Yoono --a Firefox add-on that allows you to see Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed in Firefox, and gives a central place where all can be updated simultaneously. - Danny Groveman
thats what I wanted - Sherrie Belken
Can be overwhelmed by Scobles feed at times..not ideal for a new user.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Hi. Welcome to FriendFeed. - Steven Perez
DYDMoore than steve perez. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Welcome to FriendFeed, Demi! I will definitely be sure to subscribe to you here! - Thomas Ward
+1 Sean ...that's really FF in a nuthsell! - .LAG liked that
never take it too seriously, always keep a sense of humor with FriendFeed - sofarsoShawn
started using friendfeed recently. i love the imaginary friends feature - Patricio Rocha
*waves Link FF with Tumblr ...I love pictures in my feeds. PEACE! - Rich Weaver
Hi!! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Hello Demi ❤ Glad to see you here! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I honestly only use FF to compile all my sites, almost never for discussions - Allison Warnock
what a strange turn of events considering the situation at hand..a bit late. but better late than never i guess. Welcome to all the new users. - Carlos Ayala
Glad to see you are here Demi, It's a pleasure. - Sherrie Belken
Suggestions... Well, stop being cool about it and write something!.. - Memet
just play around D and you'll figure it out - Thomas Power
She still not been back then?? - Rob Sellen :o)
ok, i'm trying it too. just hope she doesn't try jumping off a bridge or i'm screwed - Laurel howard
I' m new and trying this too. I see your comments from Twitter on this thing too, are they linked?-confused : ( - Rose
Glad to have you both join us, Laurel and Rose =) Rose, Demi is importing her Twitter stream into FriendFeed, that's why you see her Twitter items here. When you comment on one of her Twitter items here, there's a checkbox that will allow you to send that comment to her on Twitter as an @reply. - FFing Enigma
its like when kawasaki popped in for a single conversation last month. must be hard to deal whe you get so many replies - Robert Higgins
demi! we love you. just showed my daughters your 1986 classic movie about last night. they fell in love with you as i did! - JNez
Has Scoble ever had 385 comments here? What's the record? ;O - Rob Schieber
Nope: Open at your peril. - Steven Perez from IM
Yes, Scoble has had 385 comments on FF. His post just this week re: FF geeks got over 1200. - FFing Enigma
Start by subbing to the peeps who comment on this thread. - Thom Kennon
Scoble has a thread from this week re FF addicts that i think has 1500 comments and counting. - Thom Kennon
yeah @Robert Higgins, Kawasaki kindasorta just disappeared pretty quickly didn't he?... - Thom Kennon
a few said he would tho... no surprise to see them ignoring the threads... daft really, why bother even starting one.... - Rob Sellen :o)
Like, share, follow and be merry. Welcome. - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
FF can be fun, emotional, crazy, and always entertaining. Just speak up when you see something interesting. Like Twitter, but more rounded. And don't mind the doom and gloom chatter that wanders around... some folks just don't handle change well. :D Welcome... - Bette Cooper
I've had lots of threads more than 385. Here's a list: -- this is why the search here rocks. Click on "Advanced Search" and you can find answers to all these kinds of questions. - Robert Scoble
Why can't you like a comment on FF? I hereby like that comment. - Amy℠
we say +1 amy ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
i dont get this - Lin Hill
bye - Lin Hill
i dont know how to do this - Lin Hill
oh right.. maybe i should try again 2morrow when i havent had a drink, cause i dont get that at all - Lin Hill
ok thanks, i will try that - Lin Hill
Lin, what exactly would you like to do on FriendFeed? Are you just wanting to aggregate your items from around the internet, have conversations with other people, etc? There are lots of different ways to use FriendFeed depending on what you'd like to get out of it =) - FFing Enigma
Interesting to see what this thread has become, especially since Demi Moore has not checked back into FriendFeed since posting this. - Justin Korn
ummm not sure what i want, think maybe i should leave quietly by back door - Lin Hill
just follow people and comment now and then, thats all - Lin Hill
Nah, leaving's not necessary Lin. Especially if you've had a drink: Friday nights on FriendFeed can be fun! If you'd like to see what FriendFeed looks like to be, check That page is what FriendFeed looks like to me because of the people I follow (which is a lot, so you might want to pause it). I use FF to have fun and find good conversations. Other people use it for research, or business, or just to aggregate their material online. - FFing Enigma
well, this is the most i`ve been tweeted to since i started, i dont feel invisible anymore! - Lin Hill
Don't just import your Twitter like that ditz, Kim Kardashion. But do import what you feel and read and participate in posts. The key thing is participation on here from teaching something to learning something. - Outsanity
whos kim k - Lin Hill
Taking a look at your profile, I see that you're only following 12 people and not really commenting/liking all that much. That's probably why you're not getting a lot of interaction. Find some people that are interesting and interact with them on their posts. Once you start having conversations with people on their material, they get interested in what you have to say and are more likely to follow you back. - FFing Enigma
i didnt realise i even had 12, where did you find that out? - Lin Hill
Has Demi checked back with us yet?? It will never be too late. - Amani
it sounds good, i will keep at it 'practise makes perfect' and all that - Lin Hill
That's exactly it, Lin =) Let us know if you have any other questions: it can be kind of confusing when you first get going... - FFing Enigma
half the people i`m subscribed too i didnt even choose!! whats that about?? - Lin Hill
Never drink and FriendFeed at the same time - Outsanity
i didnt subscribe to red nose day!! - Lin Hill
not all of them, just a few - Lin Hill
Did you sign up to FriendFeed with your Twitter credentials, Lin? If so, it will subscribe you to the people you follow on Twitter that are on Friendfeed. It's not a big deal, really: all you do is hover over their name and click 'unsubscribe' if you don't want them. - FFing Enigma
ok, thanks everyone, i`ll subscribe to all of you instead - Lin Hill
FriendFeed Rocks ;) No need for anything else! Happy to have you on board! - Neya from fftogo
This one post may beat the longest post by Robert Scoble - Outsanity
You kidding. The record is well beyond 1,500 comments.... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
7k if I recall. wait! why am I commenting on this? .p - Franc, a rememberer
Haha. Funny Franc. Thats what I thought when I wrote my comment ... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
I doubt she'll participate in this post now - Mac Sharp
Welcome! - Contz
friendfeed is now part of facebook :) - Il gareth in Brasile
up - Batchiara
Warner Crocker
Oh no. Everyone took Robert Scoble's advice and unfollowed everybody else and now there is no Twitter!
Social network implosion. - George Frink
Daily LOL :) - Berci Mesko, MD
Those spammers could take scoble's advice... - k00pa from iPod
Ha ha! Tha'ts very funny, wish I had thought of that! - Technogran
Very good - Leigh Marriner
Leo Laporte
Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me. That's the last thing I need in my stream. #azea
what if its a tweet for a sponsor? #gotomeeting #mahalo :) - William Kapes
Yeah - I don't get this. Does this mean I should stop listening to TWiT because it has sponsorships? If I disclose my relationship and truly mean what I say I don't see how it's any different. - Jesse Stay
Screw you Laporte, screw you! Had to be done for humor's sake. - John Utech
Aggred - Seth Hoogeboom
The difference is that Twitter users don't need to be sponsored to continue tweeting. When Leo takes on sponsors, it helps him continue to operate. With Twitter sponsorships, the tweet is less genuine because the only content involved is the paid-for message. - Eric Geller
Chris Pirillo is a founding member of that big sponsored tweet thing, but I wouldn't expect any less from the little shit. - Mark
Eric, maintaining a large Twitter audience takes time and effort - is that not worth anything? Community is definitely worth money, and isn't exactly cheap. - Jesse Stay
This is true, but the fact of the matter is that you DO NOT need sponsorships to tweet. You may want them, but they are not physically necessary. - Eric Geller
Leo, on the other hand, needs sponsor money just to pay his staff, never mind the loads of operational costs such as equipment and bandwidth. - Eric Geller
Eric, I don't need a sponsorship to blog, or to podcast either. It doesn't mean I can't. I just don't need it. It uses the same types of technology as a Tweet. - Jesse Stay, my blog, has no sponsorships - Jesse Stay
If you guys think Leo could do his podcasts without sponsors, I'd like to hear why. - Eric Geller
Holden, I know people that would - Jesse Stay
lets face it, in this world, we need to convince people to buy crap they probably don't need. wether that's a silly goto meeting thing or a sponsored twitter post. - Mark
Blogs and Twitter accounts, however, require much less in the way of money. - Eric Geller
Mark: GoToMeeting is actually targeted at Leo's podcast listeners. It's not silly at all. - Eric Geller
well its all silly really, that's advertising for you. you convince people to buy things they didn't know they needed or wanted. - Mark
Mark: The difference is that Leo isn't pushy about it. He tells you the virtues of the product from hands-on experience, but he doesn't go out of his way to tell you that you NEED it. - Eric Geller
At least not in the telemarketer, TV infomercial way. - Eric Geller
Holden, I'm considering it. As I am Tweets - it's the same types of technology, and involves similar time and effort to build community for, in both cases. Different strategies for each, but both are content distributors, and community builders. If I'm trying to build a community, it takes money to spend time nurturing that community full time. - Jesse Stay
Totally agree Leo. Yuck. Feh! It's social spam of the worst kind. Pirillo et al are ruining it for everybody doing authentic advocate activation. - Thom Kennon
And btw, you better bet Twitter plays a role in helping Leo's podcasts. It's just a matter of which medium are you going to use to monetize those podcasts? - Jesse Stay
I never said Twitter didn't help promote Leo's podcasts. I said that a podcast network costs significantly more money to run than a Twitter account. - Eric Geller
would be nice if twit had more sponsors though, he is selling the same 2 or 3 products to a market which is not growing and has heard all the spiel before on each product - Mark
Eric, and you have to monetize it somehow - what if he decided to use Twitter to monetize that podcast network in the end? I don't see how that's any different than what he's currently doing. - Jesse Stay
Holden: If you need someone to pay you to build a group of friends and supporters on Twitter, something is wrong. Do what you can naturally. Getting paid to have people follow you is too artificial for what Twitter really is. - Eric Geller
A tweet from @shoemoney to his 60,000+ followers will set you back $324.60 - Mark
Holden: The difference is that Leo buys actual equipment, pays employees, and pays for monumental amounts of bandwidth. I doubt you do any of that for your Twitter account. - Eric Geller
if any ad company pays $324 for that crap they want shooting - Mark
Fuck you all if you try and compare this to what Leo does. Leo is a saint compaired to this: - Mark
Holden. Sponsorship is important for some podcasts as bandwidth is about 98% of our running costs. Therefore, more popular you get, the more it costs you. We have affiliate sponsors on our show but have yet to cover the cost of money spent on delivering that show. - Johnny from iPhone
Pirillo will write a phoney blog entry for your product if you pay him $1000 - Mark
Pirillo is scum. - Thom Kennon
the comments on the blog mark are...lame... lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Mark, are you serious?!?! How is what Pirillo is doing any different than what Leo is doing? So I can do it in a podcast but not in a blog post? Seems like you have a bone to pick. - Jesse Stay
yeah he is spamming threads with that link.. and saying he is scum.. look at a few threads.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Damn Jesse, now I am a hypocrite :( - Mark
Well, I just think its a bit wrong is all, all this sponsored tweeting and stuff - Mark
Jesse: Pirillo writes stuff for hire, pretending to be an unbiased advocate and then pushes that out into the stream hoping to fool people re its authenticity. Get it? - Thom Kennon
Well I said Leo was a saint, it's Pirillo who would fall into the instant unfollow from me criteria set by Leo - Mark
but why are you giving prillo so many backlinks by spamming threads here?? - Rob Sellen :o)
whats a backlink? you mean like promotion ? - Mark
If you found out that Chen or any of the guys on Gizmodo or BGR were actually being paid by the brands of products they reviewed would you still take their advice? - Thom Kennon
Am not following him, it's Leo who said "Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me". - Mark
Thom, you were fooled by that? Of course Pirillo gets paid for what he does. How else would he be able to sit in front of a computer all day long. I don't think anyone is fooled by that, nor is he trying to fool anyone. - Jesse Stay
mark.. maybe you should stop and THINK before you do stuff... you are slamming him.. yet helping him with backlinks... LOL you know... he may get MORE 1000 buck cheques because if you... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I guess im just jealous of the fact that I have to work for a living, and go out and do a job and he gets paid $1000 to write a phoney blog post in his wordpress editor :) - Mark
Mark... whos fault is you have to "go out" and work for a living? no ones but yours... - Rob Sellen :o)
In fact you can watch Pirillo during the day working out the deals with sponsors. He's always been all about the sponsor. If you followed him you'd know that. - Jesse Stay
Danny M - But you claim to "blog for others" so that's pretty much the same model as Pirillo's, right? - Thom Kennon
well I am a nurse, there are lots of people who do need to go out and do real jobs to keep the world ticking by. I just hate the fact some people make a fortune devising plans to give clients more hits on google and I bust my ass. Jealousy, I know. - Mark
Mark.. what is to STOP you creating your own REAL asset online in order to do something similar? - Rob Sellen :o)
well if everyone did that the world would fall apart or something :D - Mark
NO mark.. there is an eternal september...remember ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Today I cleaned a wound a boy had from a dog bite and I was on my knees with blood on my hands and I just thought when reading this thread that I wish I could sit in front of 3 30" monitors and talk about tech on youtube and get paid big $$$. Sigh. :D - Mark
I would happily take a thousand bucks to write a post on your stuff.... not that you would get millions of hits..and as for "ethics"... it PUTS bread in my cupboard.. but you would ALSO have to let me use whatever it is..and give an HONEST opinion... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
well DO that then Mark.. instead of moaning OTHERS success, look at where you CAN write about some "shit" passionately... and DO it... - Rob Sellen :o)
naa I do think it's wrong, I guess Leo does too, the whole pay me to post thing - Mark
and to be fair Danny you cannot comment objectivley, you are on his payroll? - Mark
that's YOUR opinion mark.. you got no place calling him scum and slamming him... also think about what I said.. you are indirectly helping him ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
you have a vested interest then, whereas I am just a bitter old git hehe - Mark
Jesse, of course WE all get it. I'm talking about the targeted audience of innocents that those paid for posts are meant to target. It is deceptive advertising, and those who practice it are bringing the FTC and other agencies in to land on ALL OF US ... it's uncool, that a handful of opportunistic knuckleheads will end up polluting and hampering the channel for the rest of us. I'm a... more... - Thom Kennon
Mark.. can I ask you something.. don't you think you have a more "honourable" and "rewarding" job than prillo? money is NOT everything mark... How many post do you think prillo writes at that price? not as many as you think i bet... - Rob Sellen :o)
Thom, I don't think Izea is trying to target any of those. Izea makes it evident on their site they have a firm policy on FULL disclosure. They have always been reputable. - Jesse Stay
you are a darling, dear Rob x - Mark
techcrunch not a fan of Izea? - Mark
No.. I am not... but I DO know that in reality, you are probably changing more lives than you realise... - Rob Sellen :o)
right about now someone posts a url to the article in question :D - Mark
Then again Techcrunch don't need Izea... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I think TechCrunch has a bias against Izea. Of course they're going to be against them. - Jesse Stay
TechCrunch has many bias'es I am sure :) - Mark
so mark... do you think there are many people who would like to be a nurse? If so.. why are you not sharing your experiences on a blog or something? Helping others? - Rob Sellen :o)
Well Rob, the pay is average, the conditions are often unpleasant, and the patients frequently drunk (on the night shifts which I work anyways). They are also violent! - Mark
But I do live in Britain and work in the middle of a very poor area. - Mark
No excuse ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Amen. - Robert Scoble
So mark. you have a unique perspective... use it ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Do you think we really care Leo? - Craig Shipp
If their life revolves around Leo Laporte they need to get a life! - Craig Shipp
Craig..ironic you comment on leo's post ;o) Ironic but.. Do you think Leo cares that you DON'T care? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Jesse, you gotta be kidding me! Izea? It's their biggest competitor for "sponsored" social - aka social spam. Here's a solution: At the top and bottom of every paid for post, comment, etc. all these guy need to do is display a big old fat disclaimer: "This post was paid for by the brand/product mentioned". And this disclaimer must travel with that content wherever it wends it way thru... more... - Thom Kennon
I doubt he reads all this crap. He just stirs things up to keep his twit army happy so he can make money off sponsors that he doesn't want others to have. Talk about ironic. I watch many of Leo's shows and enjoy them but sometimes he thinks he's some kind of God. Trying to shut down twitvid - what a joke! - Craig Shipp
Night night all x x - Mark from iPhone
Thom, Izea does require that of all sponsored Tweets if I read them right. Full disclosure is required. - Jesse Stay
Wow! Shame on you Leo LaPorte. That's very hypocritical of you. >< - David C. Cooper
I have the same sentiments when it comes to being spammed via Twitter. And the same reaction. Instant unfollow. - Chris Marquardt
If anyone knows how to get an auto spam off of your tweet account please let me know. I signed up for this thinking it was a good thing. Then I wanted to quit cause they spam through my account. How do I get it to stop? I changed my password already. "300 new twitter followers in a day - TOTALLY FREE - NO SALE -" all spammers must die! - Nathan Gibbs
Nathan, easiest solution: Don't follow the spammer in the first place. If you need the automation, on SocialToo we provide some tools to help you keep from following the spammers. I'm improving those even further as we speak. - Jesse Stay
I don't care what they say. It ISN'T a "value add"!!!! - Ronald S from iPhone
I suspect that you've had sponsored tweets in your stream for a while now and don't know it Leo. - Scott Jangro
i agree with you Leo I have had enough:) - Rob Cairns
What's the difference between a sponsored tweet and talking about your own products? - Jason Nunnelley
You all make some interesting points. Maybe a sponsored tweet is no different than an advertisement in a podcast, but it sure feels different. I'll have to think about this some more. (By the way that "thank the sponsor in your Twitter feed" is a Jason Calacanis thing. I never ask folks to do that.) - Leo Laporte
Leo, I'm definitely interested in your thoughts. I don't fully understand the difference. And not disclosing the relationship is pretty much a form of payola and could almost be deemed illegal, so I'm definitely not for that. With disclosure though, I'm not sure the difference from a podcast or blog sponsorship. - Jesse Stay
gah - sorry for the dupes! - Jesse Stay
When it comes to blogs I don't think ads should appear in the blog stream, but they're fine in a sidebar. I guess it has to do with expectations. There ALWAYS needs to be a clear delineation between editorial and advertising and ads should not appear in places where editorial is expected. (Interstitial advertising in TV in radio seems to be the exception here and I think it's, again, an expectation thing. Of course in TV, radio, and podcasts there's nowhere else to put the ads.) - Leo Laporte
agreed. just started a blog and put that into consideration! - Dakota O'Neill
It comes down to intent. Is it the intent of the ad to pose as content? Then it's an attempt to trick users and not ok. Ads that appear in a content stream are often intended to fool people into thinking they're content not advertising. - Leo Laporte
Interesting way to put it, Leo. I think Twitter has the same problem though - nowhere to put the ads but in the stream. - Jesse Stay
Although you could argue even with a podcast, ads could be put on the site that the podcast resides. Most blog posts aren't read on the site they are published on, similar to a podcast. - Jesse Stay
Twitter can monetize twitter without confusion - not sure if Twitter users can. - Leo Laporte
Not really Jesse - podcasts are designed to be consumed elsewhere. The ad has to go with the show. - Leo Laporte
I agree though - disclosure is key. I don't see any problem though with a person disclosing their relationship with, say, Pedigree dog chow, and then Tweeting about "their sponsor", pedigree dog chow - Jesse Stay
Leo, I design my blog posts to be consumed via RSS - what's different from that? - Jesse Stay
Then I presume you include the ads in your RSS? If not, you're not going to be able to monetize the blog. However, if your ads are indistinguishable from your posts you're trying to trick your readers and they'll bolt eventually. I have no problem with obvious ads in RSS. I hate "pay per post" blogs and avoid them like the plague they are. Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content. - Leo Laporte
BTW Leo, I say all this in full respect for you - I've been following TWiT since your first show, and Screen Savers long before that. I'm a big fan! - Jesse Stay
Thanks Jesse. I'm not offended. This is an important conversation, and you've made me rethink my original tweet. Or at least, consider it more fully. AND this is something old media types like me can bring to the table. You youngsters need to understand how to monetize without compromising your content. Something we've spent a lot of time thinking about. - Leo Laporte
Leo, understood on the Pay per Post model. I may agree with you there - that is definitely different than including ads at the top and/or bottom of the RSS post. The monetization thing is something I'm definitely still trying to figure out. Content should not be compromised. - Jesse Stay
The form factor makes it all-too-easy to make snap judgments - that's why I like the edit function - heretic_twit
Twitter, however, may still be more comparable to the podcast/radio/tv model though. It's more of a "live stream" than a blog post. - Jesse Stay
Scoble calls it the "world-wide talk show" - Jesse Stay
Well we'll see how people feel when/if these ads become widespread. I predict that people who do it regularly will see their followers plummet. There's not enough value in most twitter streams to put up with ads. Furthermore, the reason advertisers want these (and pay per posts) is that they are stealth ads, in other words, they fool people. If there's the potential to confuse people about whether it's an ad, it's a problem. - Leo Laporte
I say sponsor FriendFeed over twitter - heretic_twit
Leo, I agree - I think if done right, it could be accepted amongst only certain Twitterers. There's no way it will work amongst the general population though. Chris Pirillo, for instance, I think could get away with it. - Jesse Stay
"This tweet brought to you by Carl's Jr" </Idiocracy> - Neal Krummell
Hear, hear! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
And a bulk sponsored @ tweet get an instant block from me as well. (After I confirm the account hasn't been compromised by a Bot of course.) - Paul Greeve
Leo, you say, "Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content," but your show's ads sound like content. They are conversational and personalized. But they are also clearly delineated as ads and your views/listeners can easily distinguish them as sponsorship messages and separate from your show content. Now with sponsored tweets how is this different if they are clearly marked as ads/sponsored? - Scott Magoon
I am not eager to see this on twitter, but I don't see it as the end of civilization either. It's really easy to make a follow/unfollow decision so why don't we just allow for a "marketplace" solution where everyone votes with their actions and sponsored tweets live or die based on the results. - Scott Magoon
what is a sponsored tweet Leo? - howardrs
Joe Magennis
After spending the day immersed in great Friendfeed conversations, it becomes really apparent how much junk is in my twitter stream.
amen, joe. same exact feeling here. - Sam Harrelson from IM
Sam Harrelson
Twitter being down makes me realize how much better FriendFeed is as a platform.
Ah schadenfruede, my old friend. We meet again. - Dave Slusher
haha... yep. - Sam Harrelson from IM
alright, Jangro and Joe... if we move over here full time, all the cool kids in our circle will follow us. Let's do it. - Sam Harrelson from IM
Twitter - suck == FriendFeed - Dave Slusher
I already have. But you're the only one who listens to me here. - Scott Jangro
My tipping point in favor of FF wasn't this Twitter outage, but the BuddyFeed app on the iPhone. Great little piece of software. - Sam Harrelson
I'm there .. What Iphone app do you like. Is BuddyFeed the way to go? - Joe Magennis
Cleaning up my following list here now so I can make the move. Yep, on BuddyFeed. - Sam Harrelson
Ha ,, beat me with the recommendation. On the desktop I have the Friendfeed notifier running all the time. Love it. - Joe Magennis
I've got FF running through GMail's IM integration. Makes me pine for the good old days before Twitter sold out :) Now if FF would just enable its search/Track feature within the IM client, I'd be a happy man. - Sam Harrelson from IM
I haven't actively used FF in ages. Took a while to load, guessing their servers are getting hit due to Twitter and Facebook going down. I went to CNN to see if there was a Social Media virus, but got the word on Mashable that it's unknown. - Mike Buechele
Whatever it is, it's fun (for us... not the poor developers). This will certainly raise some questions about mission critical social sites, etc. - Sam Harrelson
Raises major questions ... I am seeing some sarcasm, ho hums, derogatory comments aimed at Twitter (especially non-users) .. But this is a much bigger situation than just not being able to stay connected to a follower base. Without a doubt we are heading towards ubiquitous live web connectivity and reliance on these services for news, communication .. hell, even critical medical... more... - Joe Magennis
Good points... so is the answer open-source federated micro-messaging clients (many little Twitters/laconi.cas)? Having everything go through one company doesn't seem like the right answer. - Sam Harrelson
And of course, along with those federated clients we'd have to make twitter a protocol akin to IMAP or POP :) - Sam Harrelson
yup .. it's why I was so interested in the early developments of (& why I miss the Gilmor Gang talking about this stuff). - Joe Magennis from BuddyFeed
no doubt. hey, we should do a podcast :) - Sam Harrelson
daddy daycare going on ... I'll ping you in a bit. - Joe Magennis from BuddyFeed
Sam Harrelson
Jesus, is Posterous down too?!?! Great, boom goes my blog.
OMG. unplug! unplug! The cylons have released a virus! - Scott Jangro
dude, the social media rapture happened and FriendFeed got Left Behind! - Sam Harrelson from IM
Sam Harrelson
This got me to thinking about whether I would be able to quit the iphone. Arrington's talk about porting my number to google voice and severing reliability on specific providers is very appealing. I don't see how it would eliminate long-term contracts though. - Scott Jangro
I'm with Arrington, Jangro. Between dropped calls and the whole GVoice thing, I'm ready to blow the ATT popcorn stand. - Sam Harrelson from IM
I don't have a problem with dropped calls, so I don't share that anger. Nor am I a GVoice customer yet, so I don't have the visceral response to that either. But... - Scott Jangro
When he said this, "I can use any phone I like, or a bunch of phones, and just choose the one that makes sense at any time. I never have to be tied to a carrier and their restrictive contracts again." that strikes a chord with me as I'd actually LOVE to mess around with a few different phones. But that still requires that these phones actually RING, and that means a contract with a service provider for each one. - Scott Jangro
Why does the iPhone warrant so much drama on both ends of the lifecycle? People don't just use this phone, they have to have this Sid Vicious/Nancy Spungen or Ike/Tina relationship with it. - Dave Slusher
Sam Harrelson
Why Hasn't Someone Made a FriendFeed Client for GMail like TwitterGadget? -
Why Hasn't Someone Made a FriendFeed Client for GMail like 	TwitterGadget?
I love TwitterGadget as a fully functioning Twitter client within GMail. Back in the "good old" days of Twitter, we had IM integration so these sorts of tools weren't needed if GMail was a major part of your workflow. However, Twitter took that functionality (and Track) away from users in May '08, so we've been scrambling around to find the most efficient apps ever since. While I think Seesmic Web has a great deal of potential, I'm still a fan of TwitterGadget plus TwitterSpy (which allows for semi-Track functionality based on the API... which is much slower than the original Track implementation). So, I've got a contstant flow of tracked items (my alma mater, favorite sports, business terms, ideas I'm interested in pursuing, my name, etc) on my GMail IM. I've also got FriendFeed set up to deliver the same type of information flow through its fabulous IM integration (and email alerts as you can see in the label above). But why hasn't someone developed a GMail gadget for FriendFeed... - Sam Harrelson
david gallant
David hopes that I can successfully phase twitter out and jump back onboard to facebook.
no need to phase out twitter, but definitely jump back into Facebook. - Scott Jangro
Dave Winer
Concerned there hasn't been more tech press coverage of the podcast patent.
if patents are so important, why wasn't one applied for? - Steve Gillmor
How would this impact the current podcasting world? Would they sue every podcast publisher out there? - Fajar Nurdiansyah
Dave I am as well, it has been nagging at me all day long. If someone had tried to pull this crap in 2005-6 then all hell would have broken loose. Now everyone is cowering in the corner. - Todd Cochrane
no one is cowering, they are just not interested in the story. podcasting is a little bit passée now to them - Mark
Appears that way to me. - Todd Cochrane
I mean the big boys, certainly one of the biggest is TechCrunch. They don't exactly cower on stories :p They just are not that bothered about it, to come up with one of Those Biting And Controversial Headlines They Write. - Mark
Having said that, I think some of the quality journals might have something to say in their Tech section today - Mark
From what I have read, it appears to be a patent on a platform for delivering podcasting in such a way that the advertising in it could be updated independently to the content. You may deliver a show with an ad, but a year later, that ad may be obsolete or incorrect. The press release appears to focus on the technology of inserting that new advertising material into the shows. So,... more... - Johnny
Sam Harrelson
FriendFeed Catchup in GMail -
FriendFeed Catchup in GMail
I absolutely love FriendFeed's GMail IM integration. It's how I consume most of my FriendFeed content as well as lots from my favorite folks on Twitter that I have piped into FF via the Imaginary Friends (now Rooms) feature. So, if I miss a few hours and want to catch up on what is going on in the Valley or from the folks I follow (and left GMail open on my Macbook), I can just open up the "Chat with FF" message waiting on me in my GMail FriendFeed label and scan. Plus, I can go back and search topics or people I'm interested in after a few days. Not completely practical for everyone, but I love the feature (and greatly miss the good old days when Twitter had the same IM integration with Track). Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Sam Harrelson
Repeating this here... Seems like a lot of action to get through GTalk. Do you do this for your "Home" friend list on FF, or Favorites? or do you have a special friend list set up? - Scott Jangro
Yeah, I've got to figure out the best way to keep the dupes out between Posterous and Twitter... You can choose which lists you like to have turned on for IM (or the desktop notification client, etc). So, I have my "Favorites" and "Closest" lists turned on, but not all friends. In all, it's about 50 or so folks so it's a very manageable stream throughout the day over on the right side of my screen (have the chat window popped out and beside my main Firefox browser window). - Sam Harrelson from IM
So your posteous post kicked off a tweet, which FF picked up quickly. Several minutes later it pulled in the posterous post. FF should be able to filter those dupes or better yet group them somehow so my comment on your tweet is shown with the same post from posterous. I bet there has been dozens of hours of discussion over that issue at FF. - Scott Jangro from iPhone
Interesting that it got the tweet from Posterous before the actual Posterous post. Maybe Twitter is finally cleaning up their Firehose deal with FF. Normally there is a duping feature, but it gets tricky with the comments. I should prob just turn off Posterous -> FF and let it go through Twitter first (or do Posterous -> FF -> Twitter if things get bogged down on Twitter's end). - Sam Harrelson from IM
Darren Crawford
After searching and searching for an ideal way to integrate GTD and EVERNOTE, I think I may have settled on this:
Nice Darren! Hope that all works out for you. I love the way that EN is flexible enough to let people do GTD in the way that suits them best (my method is a bit different from yours... I don't like using notebooks so use saved searches instead). Thanks for sharing! - Lindsay
I also love this tip and will make use of it myself: "I love the ability to email stuff to my Evernote account. However, the unique email address that is assigned is too hard to remember. So I created another GMAIL account that looks like: and then created a filter to forward emails from my personal and work email addresses to the unique evernote address. It is... more... - Lindsay
Thanks Lindsay... I need to play with Saved Searches some more and may end up modifying the setup a bit. I don't like that when I think of a keyword to search and I am in one discrete folder that it doesn't search the others. That adds additional clicks which I am not happy about. - Darren Crawford
If you forget about notebooks and just use tags then you can avoid that problem. Saved searches can be set up to search all notebooks (when you don't specify a notebook in the search) so nothing gets hidden. I basically use notebooks for sharing and as an easy way to group things by topic for sharing but I do my organizing with tags. - Lindsay from Android
this is a great comment on the email address thing that was posted as a comment by KAREN COOKE: with gmail you can send things to and it will go to the inbox. You can then use filtering to send that email onto evernote or wherever based on which tag you use. That saves signing up for a new address. - Darren Crawford
Interesting, Darren. But, for me, EN is the place for reference and project support material. Trying to use it for GTD is way too much like hard work. I use Tracks, which was configured specifically for GTD, and which is easy, open source and free. Different strokes, I suppose. - David Hayes
@David - Agreed, GTD is something you have to make work for you. Even David Allen says that it's a methodology you customize to your personal preferences, not that you should follow his advice to the letter and have to use things like notebooks and physical tickler files. Personally I like having everything in one place, so EN works for me like Darren. But I have used other things like a customized TiddlyWiki and a customized WordPress blog and a few other things before. Whatever floats your boat! - Lindsay
thanks for sharing - just a side note on the additional GMail address: you could also send it to <yourname> and filter msgs sent to: that address... - schilke
Chris Brogan
Leo Laporte
Very moving wedding moment (via TheKheinz) -
Very moving wedding moment (via TheKheinz)
Their sense of fun seems so genuine; I could help but smile when the bride made her entrance. - Antonio Yon
One of the best weddings I have ever seen. Lol. Awesome. - Michel
Loved this! Have a feeling its going to go viral too haha. - Mike
Do they have the rights for the song? I hope, so it can get viral and not be deleted by some lawyer with no sense of humour or by the automatic copyright infringement detection system enforced by Youtube on automatic demand by record companies. - Charbax
White people are funny :D - Joel Lovato
if I ever get married this is how I would want my wedding. awesome - MercyFlush
That was incredible. Talk about celebrating one of the best days of two peoples lives. Thats the way to do it. - Jim Bednarz
As awesome as this looks, I really hope my fiancée doesn't make an entrance like that when we get married next month. - Tony Ruscoe
test - Digit-tec
Nice : - Fidel_henderson
Jeremiah Owyang
Techcrunch has intimate knowledge of Twitter's plans: Important to watch not only what they blog -but what they DONT blog about
So what are they NOT blogging about? :-) - Jesse Stay
specifics on monetization. - Jeremiah Owyang
It's interesting that TechCrunch will now essentially get the scoop on anything Twitter from here forward for a long time considering the information they have. - Jesse Stay
jesse - i agree - maybe it was one of the reasons tc didn't want the documents to get out past them. i mentioned before that if i ran a large blog or news site i might want those docs just to keep a level playing field. - Allen Stern
Allen, yeah, it gives TC huge leverage, and in some ways, bias, towards such coverage. Twitter's job now is to do everything the opposite of those docs. ;-) - Jesse Stay
They might be able to correlate actions to some of the notes on those docs, but the stories don't write themselves :) I doubt twitter would do the *opposite* of the docs just to spite TC - they have a business to run - Chris Saad
Better question: What will Mashable and RWW do to differentiate? - Jeremiah Owyang
Marshall never has any trouble differentiating. Marshall does broad analysis while TC does breaking news and short term commentary - Chris Saad
Chris, I was mostly joking about Twitter doing the opposite. I agree though - it's not as easy as it seems, just gives them an advantage. - Jesse Stay
No matter how many new features Zoho adds to its products, I will never use it because its the ugliest of all web office suites. Agree or disagree?
Picture 22.png
Sooooooo disagree. Google Docs? Butt-ass ugly. Zoho, much more functional and it looks like an ap! Love Zoho! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
GE chose Zoho. Draw your own conclusions. Prefer MSO on this end, but that's just me - LANjackal
Totally disagree. It's clean looking to me. And way better at integration that Google Docs. I can do so much more with Zoho. Best part? If you have a problem, it's usually fixed within a day. I'm *still* waiting for someone from Google to respond to an issue from 2 years ago. - Anika
No that would be unfair since no one has gotten their hands on it yet. In any case, MS says the UI should be the same as Office's desktop apps. If that's the case, it's got my vote for sure - LANjackal from IM
... if they can pull it off while keeping the app responsive and snappy, that is - LANjackal from IM
wow, i completely disagree with you guys regarding microsoft office online...I feel like Microsoft have still not got the desktop version right, we're going to be years off anything half decent for the web app versions. - Zee.
i just think its still full of bugs, hard to get what you actually want done done...if you check out Apple's iwork, that's much closer to a decent word processing app - Zee.
I used to love Zoho, but then it started acting up a little -- some mysterious bugs, some revisions disappearing, some trouble accessing data -- and I gave up on it. This was probably a year and a half ago. Sounds like maybe those problems are fixed. - Nathan Rein
Online Office Survey: - Mark Layton
Sorry wrong link. Try it again. - Mark Layton
i have no problem with google docs - Chris Heath
Yeah, same @Chris, but i agree its not the prettiest of apps - Zee.
Zee: You definitely don't have to like MS Office, use what you want. But I'm curious as to exactly what "bugs" you're referring to. There are many criticisms of MS Office, but "buggy" isn't usually one of them. Could you elaborate? - LANjackal from IM
I vote for Office Web - don't write off almost 20 years of UI learnings too quickly. - Daniel Lizio-Katzen
LAN sure, but am on my iPhone at the moment. Will respond properly when back on my comp - Zee. from iPhone
can someone name an ATTRACTIVE online office suite?I use Google Docs just by default. I admit Office 2010 intirigues but I don't expect much from MS. - Leo Laporte from BuddyFeed
I give GDocs props for its simple interface, at least - LANjackal from IM
Adobe AIR? *retches, vomits* - LANjackal from IM
Oh I know, I exorcised Gears from my PC earlier this year - LANjackal from IM
+1 - LANjackal from IM
I prefer ThinkFree to either ZoHo or GoogleDocs. Better roundtrip w/MSFT, smarter featureset. - Merredith Branscombe
I think Google Docs is the most straightforward, and integrates with my Google Apps. They need CRM and project management components, though. Zoho has a decent CRM but email integration has been promised but not delivered for a long, long time. Although much maligned, I still gravitate back to Entourage's project center for linking email, calendar events, tasks, files, etc. Will Office or Google add online CRM and project management first? - Steve Wright
I like Zoho--it's good and fast for certain specific tasks. Makes it incredibly easy to deploy a simple db online quickly, for instance. I'm a fan. - Kathy Fitch
I think the children's builiding blocks image is . . .. childish. Google Apps . . . stark. - Jim Adams
Zoho is a real mixture of styles around a central theme, gproducts tend to do the same thing but its a lesser impact theme - definitely a google style to the apps and products. Zoho seems to try to achieve more style and miss, google is minimal but i suppose they can if part of the brand is the simplicity - whitespace as a brand guideline - pjeedai
Damn! You hit the hammer right on the spot. Zoho is like a big rip-off of Google products. Although, I do have to say that it has been technically implemented well. - Rohit
Zee - I happen to disagree. BUT, that's just me. That said, I'd love to hear your thoughts about how do you think it'd look better. Rodrigo / Zoho - Rodrigo Vaca
Disagree!!! and disagree more. GDocs is amateur as far as UI is concerned; Zoho might not be "IT" but is it waaay better and have nice and more features than any other web-tools with this level of elegance - Ashish Tiwari
If Zoho is the ugliest, what web office suite looks better? Definitely not Google Docs. - Dusty Edenfield
@Dusty, i definitely think Google Docs looks better...but yeah, above all is - Zee.
Ok. Forgot about Buzzword. They've got it as far as design. How about features though? Last I checked they were behind Zoho. - Dusty Edenfield
I prefer Zoho to all other office suites. - Ivan Pavlov
Strongly Agree. ..though I've only used the 'Notes' feature. - Franc, a rememberer
disagree. I uses google docs because it's well connected with gmail. but I don't think Zoho is ugly. - Orli Yakuel
I am used to using Google Docs, so I find that Zoho does not feel right to me. I almost think it is too cluttered. If I wanted all that I would just use Word (which I do regularly). Offisync really helps for a combo Word/gDocs user. - Sean Brady
I totally agree. - Vince DeGeorge
@Steve Wright, We just announced the Zoho CRM-Mail integration - Arvind / Zoho - Arvind
Holden: I was merely referring to the design aspect. If you compare a few of Zoho's offerings on one side and Google Docs and Microsoft Office on the other, I think you might get the picture then. You are right that Zoho has done a lot with Google Gears than Google itself has, and that is something I already commended them for earlier, but my point is that there isn't much innovation from the UI part to enhance user experience, which is where Zoho lacks. - Rohit
Totally disagree, Zoho is by far better than its competitors, Not only its brilliant interface, but also its various applications are amazing. - Tardid
Everybody Knows: You can't be all things to all people. You can't do all things at once. You can't do all things equally well. You can't do all things better than everyone else. "You" applies to Zoho as well. Continue rocking "You".... - Francis.K.Ruben
this is what you see when you login at "You are logged into Zoho. You can select the service you need from the list below, or visit to start." what i understood/expected after looking at is a page like iGoogle or netvibes kinda page but the link redirected me to business, which is nothing but viewing whole app in an iframe and... more... - naveen
I really didn't like the page it looks really amateur and i haven't seen a site where block heading center aligned and in a serif font, smaller than contents. Looks like some school kid designed the site. Blue ball like bullet points really SUCKS!!! Twitter and Facebook logos are as big as company logo and untitled press/customer testimonial column. Different fonts and very early 90's look - naveen
LMAO @Naveen. Those products most certainly do not do the same thing as evidenced by their names. Planner is entirely different that Projects. That's like saying Notepad is the same as PowerPoint. - Anika
disagree, Zoho is much better than Google Docs, just doesn't have the PR/name recognition of Google! - Brian from BuddyFeed
@LAMO what i'm trying to say is if they integrate all those Almost same but different apps as one it will be a killer and can give options to user to turn-on/off few features. - naveen
I heard that some developer designed not a designer though they have a lead designer who don't have any clue whats going on.... - naveen
update: lead designer + manager (who ever reviewed the design) = amateur - naveen
The Great Star Wars LEGO Build-Off -
The Great Star Wars LEGO Build-Off
Me Verse Rachael... So what do you guys do on a Saturday night? - Johnny
John, that is EPIC =) If we don't have other plans, we usually go grab a bite to eat and find a movie that looks intriguing on our cable's on-demand service. - FFing Enigma
I asked her towards the end if this is the nerdiest thing we have ever done... She said, and I quote, "I don't know, we've been together 14 years. I'm sure you would've made me do something equally nerdy in that time" - Johnny
That. Was. EPIC. - Steven Perez
How long did that really take? That was awesome! - Josh Haley
1 hour, 4 minutes... - Johnny
I am stepping away to clean out my old lego THIS INSTANT! - Josh Haley
Go hard, sir - Johnny
Bump cause my wife is teh awesome - Johnny
ha ha i beat you biatch - Rachael Worthington
Excellent. The only thing missing was a wall clock. For the rematch dump them into the same pile. - Scott Jangro
thats awesome - (jeff)isageek
Sam Harrelson
Paul Stamatiou
no wonder my mac is actin' a fool! i have 1.9MB left of disk space. stupid SSD. #earlyadopterfail
Jim Kukral
We all lost Twitter as we know it when the celebrities found it. Twitter peaked. What's next?
I am sick of people asking what is next. Louis Gray has been using what is next for 18 months now. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: "...I'm on the look for what's next. Discus and Atlassian...” 'member? - MikeAmundsen
Let's move to :) - Morton Fox
I'm still unclear as to how someone else, whom you do not have to follow, using a service means that the service is lost to you. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Lemme check my Crystal Ball for what's up next...I see a building with the numbers 4 & 3...interesting... - sofarsoShawn
I think the next big thing will people saying that twitter has peaked. - Andy Roth
I totally don't get this. Is there some requirement that you follow the celebs? Do you need to even give attention to the celebs? how does this take anything away from anyone else? The magic of Twitter, FF and other one-to-many services is that you have absolute control over what you do, and do not see and who you send your messages to. - Karoli
I am still getting value out of it, agree that it's become overrun, but also wonder what's next. - Andrew Smith
Because the massive traffic will kill the Twitter servers. - Morton Fox
FriendFeed is next! - Adi Rabinovich
Why does there have to be next. Just ignore all those you are not interested in and nothing will change. - CJPhoto
at FriendFeed the future is NOW! - BEX
Andy Beard
Jim Kukral
Thesis is a powerful theme, but takes learning to understand how to move stuff around. Or I'm just used to manually doing it for years.
is it better than Revolution or the Woo Themes backend? - Sam Harrelson
Robert Scoble
Scobleizer: @oftenright I would never subscribe to a noisy Twitterer like me on SMS. Never, never, never.
Quote of the day - Charlie Anzman
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