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RT @om: Time for Silicon Valley donators to @BarackObama to withhold their donations and demand a clear defense of net neutrality
RT @trisml: Very interesting “@hjarche "Rich people don't create jobs" & neither do large companies”
It’s called minimum wage, not mandatory wage. Use the same discretion as with speed limits ;)
RT @ShakespDaughter: Inspired by @gapingvoid & @hjarche: "To change culture, you have to change behavior, starting with small steps"
RT @davidakin: Cuz u keep asking: If Trudeau smoking dope in his backyard is news, so are ambulances picking up drunk teens at the PM’s house, no?
RT @aitd1: Limited space available in @hjarche and @ebase pre and post conference workshops. Book now #AITD2014
Check out Jane's new store! by @C4LPT
Canada: trademark reforms that no one seems to have requested put into budget bill Tories are stranger than fiction
Snow in the forecast. I guess we could use just a bit more :0
RT @JAMyerson: Everything you need to know about Nazi capitalists... in one graph! (JK, there's 3.) via @CoreyRobin
RT @NielsPflaeging: The hardcover "Deluxe Edition" of the #OrganizeForCompexity book is now available on Amazon!
Happy: a song of resilience and resolve under incredible hardship
#PKMastery in 40 Days, starts 26 May sign up by 30 April for 50% discount
RT @timkastelle: Awesome! @gapingvoid interviews @hjarche, who gets it right: How to affect corporate culture in a meaningful way
RT @seriouspony: I'm fighting back this time because the tech press -- my community -- has made him a hero, TC gives him a Crunchie, he's all over the news.
RT @LOMBARDI_GLORIA: Everyone is a leader in an organization based on human Talent via @hjarche #leadership #work
Systems of Engagement? Sounds Orwellian @SmarterPlanet @VMaryAbraham @AnaDataGirl
"Rich people don't create jobs" & neither do large companies
US Army recognizes Humanists
RT @gapingvoid: Every time Twitter upgrades it reminds me of this cartoon:
RT @angietarasoff: Worth the time and cost! RT @hjarche Sign up for #PKMastery in 40 days online workshop by 30 April & save 50%
The hazards of Spring cycling in New Brunswick
Sign up for #PKMastery in 40 days online workshop by 30 April & save 50%
Managing Talent is not the same as managing Labour
In a world of networks and interconnectivity, nobody can empower us; we do that ourselves. by @JohnQShift
research on university student knowledge-sharing does not equate to the workplace #IvoryTower
organizational socialization by @nancyrubin
The State of Community Management 2014 by @theCR
RT @APQC: Really loved this graphic from @hjarche on how 'Working in the network era is a constant dance' #km
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