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.@mscurah Actually, conversation was much more important than curation
"I'm going to keep on doing 'unrelated' work until someone explicitly tells me not to" by @angietarasoff #PKM14
Importance of metaphor: cathedral for the long-term & cycling peloton for agility Agile cathedrals @IndaloGenesis? ;)
RT @ChemaCepeda: The Knowledge sharing paradox
RT @melissapierce: Parts aren't made for the old working windmills on the farm anymore. Wondering how many we can 3D print.
I trust Elections Canada & Statistics Canada. I wonder why the Conservative government mistrusts them? Projection?
"reactionary policies breed stupidity, corruption, and trouble"
A message from all resource extraction industries
They should move the UN headquarters to Iceland
UK's HRMC to sell 'anonymised' taxpayers' data but there is no such thing
I am the New @Flickr. I am an Ass. (yes, you are) by @cogdog
RT @jon_lemmon: @aral if there's one thing I've learned building @Loomio it's that we can't rely on the institutions. Gotta rely on the people instead!
Will your job be automated or outsourced? Check these data points:
RT @jonhusband: "Hierarchies prescribe and dictate; networks enable, sense, and generate" .. #CAWW @chagww
RT @adrianshort: Every time someone talks about "anonymised" data, point them to this paper on reidentification by Paul Ohm: #privacy
I'm flying @aircanada to Sydney AU next month. I wonder how much farther I could go with the #ACGoFar contest?
RT @trib: US perspective, but still very relevant in the current Australian climate re freedom of speech. xkcd does it again -
RT @nahumg: It’s the End of the World as We Know It . . . and He Feels Fine
we call on Parliament to reject Bill C-23
Talent, emerging from the ashes of Labour, can no longer rely on the job as society’s main wealth-sharing mechanism
Rumsfeld: the real House of Cards - "Power for it's own sake, devoid of goals, principles, ideas."
Errol Morris on Rumsfeld: "I think there are times I don't think he's even aware he's lying" HT @ericgarland
RT @bizkoot_: This shall drive much of employee learning. "@DavidGurteen: Is Personal Knowledge Mgmt becoming popular?" @hjarche
RT @kjeannette: Catching up on #PKM14 - a few thoughts about narrating work/sharing in the present cc: @sjudd
RT @Lynn_Habel: 21 things you have to explain to out-of-towners about Montreal @Thrillist
It's not what we measure or why. The question is, for whom do we measure? We need to keep labour in its place, n'est-ce pas? #lrnchat
why the "teaching a man to fish" parable is a lie
I got a US Presidential dollar in my change today, instead of a Canadian loonie, cool!
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