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If design has taught me one thing it’s how to look stupid, gracefully.
Jiminy, path selection in Photoshop CC is beyond terrible. #upgradetweets
5 minutes into Creative Cloud and I had to restart my computer. Nice.
Adobe Application Manager: “Initializing Initializer.” Copywriting!
heat index of 111° so mowing the lawn seemed like a good idea
Dear police, you don’t have to be jerks to do your job:
RT @ericaburnett: This is UNREAL! MT @msquinn: "@ryan tries to cancel his @comcast service (emphasis on *tries*)”
Just got a quote for how much my new fence is going to cost. 😱 #joysofhomeownership
RT @garrettdimon: Taglines you probably don't want to use:
⚡️Metallica Monday⚡️
A little Firefly humor in this wireframe I’m working on. RIP, Wash.
Mondays are tough. Here’s a video of a hedgehog having a birthday party to get you through the day:
It’s Saturday. It’s like a million degrees outside. My wife is away. It’s the perfect recipe for buying Goat Simulator.
Typical USPS Tracking scenario: Day 1-3: “We have no idea where your 2-day package is.” Day 4: “Out for delivery.”
(via Monica Lee’s Graphite Drawings | -
(via Monica Lee’s Graphite Drawings |
(via MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore) -
(via MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore)
Ten years later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still gives me feels. #feelsfriday
(via Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures - Outbreak Detail) -
(via Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures - Outbreak Detail)
It’s all fun and games until C A T S A T T A C K
Found ants carrying dirt from my yard ONTO my concrete back porch to build a mound. I choose to be terrified by nature’s ingenuity.
RT @counternotions: Maps right into the grid, right? (Designers, stop this nonsense before it starts killing innocent people.)
There is no “later” for your customers:
(via Moniker | Teddy’s Nacho Royale) -
(via Moniker | Teddy’s Nacho Royale)
Not sure you get to be called a martyr if you kill yourself.
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