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Now there’s a great concept: Hay Day pays players with in-game rewards for watching the advertisements. Users choose to watch, or not.
If design has taught me one thing it’s how to look stupid, gracefully.
Jiminy, path selection in Photoshop CC is beyond terrible. #upgradetweets
5 minutes into Creative Cloud and I had to restart my computer. Nice.
Adobe Application Manager: “Initializing Initializer.” Copywriting!
heat index of 111° so mowing the lawn seemed like a good idea
Dear police, you don’t have to be jerks to do your job:
RT @ericaburnett: This is UNREAL! MT @msquinn: "@ryan tries to cancel his @comcast service (emphasis on *tries*)”
Just got a quote for how much my new fence is going to cost. 😱 #joysofhomeownership
RT @garrettdimon: Taglines you probably don't want to use:
⚡️Metallica Monday⚡️
A little Firefly humor in this wireframe I’m working on. RIP, Wash.
Mondays are tough. Here’s a video of a hedgehog having a birthday party to get you through the day:
It’s Saturday. It’s like a million degrees outside. My wife is away. It’s the perfect recipe for buying Goat Simulator.
Typical USPS Tracking scenario: Day 1-3: “We have no idea where your 2-day package is.” Day 4: “Out for delivery.”
(via Monica Lee’s Graphite Drawings | -
(via Monica Lee’s Graphite Drawings |
(via MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore) -
(via MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore)
Ten years later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still gives me feels. #feelsfriday
(via Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures - Outbreak Detail) -
(via Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures - Outbreak Detail)
It’s all fun and games until C A T S A T T A C K
Found ants carrying dirt from my yard ONTO my concrete back porch to build a mound. I choose to be terrified by nature’s ingenuity.
RT @counternotions: Maps right into the grid, right? (Designers, stop this nonsense before it starts killing innocent people.)
There is no “later” for your customers:
(via Moniker | Teddy’s Nacho Royale) -
(via Moniker | Teddy’s Nacho Royale)
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