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This is getting ridiculous.
Not cool, 2AM anxiety nightmares. Not. Cool.
RT @yummygum: My god… → Really @Lightroom? That's the best icon you can come up with for your new app? /v @jadlimcaco
And the CSR’s solution for how I can see my account numbers? Follow a multi-click set of instructions TO PRINT A PDF. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
This is particularly bothersome because one of the first questions out of the CSR’s mouth is “What’s your account number?” #um #yeah
Explain to my why, when I’m logged into my online bank account, my account numbers are still partially masked (xxxxxx9999). HI ITS ME GUYS.
lol castiel drives a prius
This fourth wall episode of Supernatural is hysterical.
“I once accidentally downloaded a Lumineers song. I had to throw away my whole computer, just to be safe.”
Monument Valley is amazing, but doesn't feel long enough. Want more!
We get it, Guy Wearing Beats Headphones in the Grocery Store: you’re super stoked about music.
Tornado sirens going off, hanging out in the bathroom. Texas really knows how to throw a party.
Just added to my to do list: “Find out how to dispute property tax increase.” Ugh.
Only 364 more days to prepare your next terrible April Fool’s joke!
Imagine my surprise when I looked up in my closet and saw this. #funkysmell #critters #homeownership #ugh
Weird smell by the laundry room door for a couple days. Just realized something probably died in the attic. #homeownership #gross
This kid is going places:
OH: “Chubby client”
RT @mbxtr: Obama’s first act as President on Quora: spam everything with healthcare.
Using Instagram to post non-mobile photos. Thoughts?
RT @lukew: "The more tangible, real-world data you drink, the more you fill your gut with the right kind of instincts"
✊ Veruca Salt Reunite, Original Lineup Releasing First New Music in 14 Years
So Bioshock Infinite is like $8 on Steam right now. Looks cool.
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