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What. // Google Maps Lands on the Moon & Mars:
RT @projekt202: Got a case of the Mondays? Cheer up with our favorite articles from last week! #projekt202BOTW #ux
There’s a lot of wisdom in this approach. // Want the Best User Experience? Make it Harder to Add Features
MacOS Get Info Design:
RT @ericaburnett: Ten years and over $2MM later, a new law was passed..."What I did after police killed my son":
Took me 15 minutes to get my first Google Hangout to work. ¯\_( o n b o a r d i n g )_/¯
Photoshop CC just looooves to randomly add decimals to my font sizes, e.g. 14px changes to 14.02. DRIVING ME CRAZY
RT @blinksale: We love hearing feedback from you guys. When you think of how we can make invoicing more pleasant for you, let us know!
Is there a name for the law where if you trip on stairs, there will always be someone there to witness your clumsiness? If not: Jared’s Law.
I loved the X-Files, but this is probably one of the worst episodes in television history:
TIL that it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. 😬
Luc Besson sure got his money’s worth out of his stock video subscription. #lucy
RT @dozba: This blog post I wrote after Sandy Hook is suddenly relevant again. I took a lot of static for this at the time.
TouchID for the office water cooler. #disruption #innovation #alsolessbuttonfiddling
On irrational fears:
Dear police: stop being horrible. #Ferguson
It’s only 11:15 but I’m going to eat my lunch anyway. Believe in your dreams, guys.
“It’s basically a recycling symbol for human misery”:
Boo hoo. “According to Billboard, the conflict in Gaza has cost millions of dollars in lost revenue from international musicians.”
I award Divergent all of the eyerolls.
Grocery store sushi for dinner. Don’t ever tell me I don’t take risks.
No ragrets.
RT @badbanana: Part of my creative process is to suck for 40+ years.
Drive: motivating horse and human -
Drive: motivating horse and human
It’s sad that my first thought was “Well, there goes even more of our privacy.” (Eventually.)
Good to see humanity tackling the tough problems:
Nnnnno, Japan. Nnnnno.
Police idiocy. Shocker.
Guardians of the Galaxy did not disappoint. So great.
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