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agar hindustani batwaare ke waqt bhi refrendum hota toh kya hota?
"Perhaps the first instance of aerial bombing in the subcontinent took place in Punjab in April 1919,..."
RT @aniketalam: Erasing the ‘Ugly’ from ‘City Beautiful’ @daljitami Navpreet Kaur #slumdemolitions #Chandigarh @E_P_W Web Exclusives
'The accident that befell Sir Donald Friell McLeod' By a Punjab artist, c.1885. via @BL_VisualArts
RT @bintbattuta: Archive of Indian Music (digitised gramophone recordings)
वे डरते हैं कि, एक दिन, निहत्थे और ग़रीब लोग, उनसे डरना बंद कर देंगे ! - गोरख पाण्डे
RT @theFirstHandle: Bedil (Abdul-Qādir Bīdel); born in Patna; was pioneer in Persian poetry and Sufism in India. Ghalib was influenced by his unique style.
RT @theFirstHandle: तर्ज़े बेदिल में रेख्ता लिखना, असद-उल्ला खां क़यामत है. -असद-उल्ला खां 'ग़ालिब' *तर्ज़े बेदिल= style of Bedil (Persian poet) रेख्ता= Urdu
In a hospital in Ludhiana, Doctor is wearing a t shirt with hitler's photo and swastika symbol, with a tagline 'Psychic Killer'. Irony!
RT @AmmarRashidT: The story of slum demolition in the planned city of Chandigarh mirrors the same process in Islamabad. via @E_P_W
RT @anumayhem: @svaradarajan (:). still can't figure if it is dumbness, or brazenness
RT @svaradarajan: The curious case of the alphabetically accused (by @anumayhem) tells us the police can be as dumb as they are unjust
"When Palestinians are dependent on the political intervention of others—we are left looking to them, to the powerless, for hope? "
"How, I kept wondering, do Palestinians avoid sinking into despair? " - Geoff Dyer on 5 Broken Cameras
RT @salmaan_H: Priyamvada Gopal: India's forgotten solidarity with #Palestine
"Bela Tarr's average shot length is 178.3 secs, second longest is Tarkovesky with 40 secs" via @varungrover
‘The government now acts as the militia of the corporations. If not archived, an entire cultural galaxy would be lost to us’ - P Sainath
a 'people's archive of rural India'
RT @MirzaWaheed: "To robbery, slaughter, plunder, they give the lying name of empire; they make a desert and call it peace." Calgacus
"The likelihood that the events of the Komagata Maru helped sow the seeds of discontent among Indian..."
"je tooN mashooq meri ni ban sakdi, addhi mashooq hi ban-ja ni" - Chetan Bhagat di aun vaale reel 'addhi mashooq' da title geet
What happens when a book hoarder visits a shopping mall? He can locate the lone book-shop among hundred others
"@mihirssharma: You can't make this stuff up. I believe the Hindu Right has finally found an intellectual leader."
Quintessential Punjabi pop for the day: ' je tooN saade na frrendshipp karni taaN chidi shikka khed mundiaN '
The greatest crimes in the world are committed by those who OBEY the rules.
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