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Dude, where's my PaaS memory? Tuning Java's footprint in OpenShift (Part 1) via @RHELdevelop
RT @RikerGoogling: can starfleet read my search history even in incognito mode?
Wondering if Batman will ever enter the public domain. #BatmanDay
Docker security with SELinux (text version of docker security video I tweeted recently)
RT @TheOnion: Marvel Reimagines Green Goblin As Left-Handed
RT @AlexPavlovic: They don't mess around at AT&T Park. Giants flag is already at top of NL West flagpole in right field.
RT @redhatopen: Check out the sharp new @gluster site: <-- Lookin' good, #gluster!
Docker and Security by Daniel Walsh from Red Hat:
Docker and Security by Daniel Walsh from Red Hat:
RT @CentOS: CentOS-7 x86_64 is now released :
RT @Oatmeal: I'm gonna open up a retail store
RT @russellbryant: Juno Preview for OpenStack Compute (Nova)
RT @ProjectAtomic: CentOS Atomic Host SIG Proposed #centos
RT @rickasaurus: IRS policy that targeted political groups also aimed at open source projects
RT @copiesofcopies: The Yorba Foundation on the IRS's rejection of its 501(c)(3) application: (via @doesitquack and @declanm)
nmcli hates my freedom
Dockercon Keynote: Brian Stevens (Red Hat): via @YouTube
Dockercon Keynote: Brian Stevens (Red Hat): via @YouTube
“Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem” by @xor
RT @lusis: the fact that somehow this came about both frightens and delights me
RT @omarsultan: Hello DevOps Days, live stream at
RT @SFGiantsFans: *Last Week* Timmy: "Hello? Kershaw: Haha Timmy! I threw a No-Hitter, too! Timmy: "Really?.... BRB. #SFGiants
RT @valleyhack: "Right into a butt back mount"
Handy guide for getting your feet wet w/ #TheForeman
Handy howto from @jzb: Using pass to Manage Your Passwords on Fedora
140 too short
RT @richardfontana: JBoss projects will no longer be using CLAs. With this change, Red Hat ends all use of Apache-style CLAs in Red Hat-maintained projects.
Irrationally excited when I see someone I know make a pro wrestling reference
RT @mccoveychron: Tim Lincecum is immortal, and possibly a vampire, so we should be nice to him.
RT @robynbergeron: Fedora, Red Hat, RHEL 7, & Open Source. (Or: How RHEL 7 is literally “Beefy.”)
Add some future tense to your kickstarter headlines, people
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