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RT @mairin: Help out a free and open source Linux distro by lending your web design / devel talents to our new websites project!
Check out my "Build Your Own Atomic Host" Howto: #docker #fedora #rpm-ostree
RT @openshift: Announcing Project Atomic: An Operating System Concept for Running Docker Containers
RT @alexismadrigal: I've got 99 problems and 98 of them are represented by tabs in my browser, and the last is the metaproblem of having 98 tabs open.
RT @LibyaLiberty: Soon, two social media coordinators will be required, and they'll have to turn two keys simultaneously, in order to post a company tweet.
RT @LOLKNBRCallers: Jon: "Bumgarner's third career home run and it was a GRAND SALAMI!" Krukow: "And how do you celebrate? You blow a snot rocket!"
RT @RDOcommunity: Today is your last chance to fill out the OpenStack user survey - - PLEASE participate.
RT @nmcl: Vert.x on OpenShift! #jboss #vertx
recursive snark
RT @GeorgeRRMartin_: My favorite operating system...
RT @rhatdan: Just Shipped 500 SELinux Coloring Books to @RedHatSummit. U get them at my talk. Might even learn as you color!!!
RT @MLBJesus: Angel is my favorite Pagan. #awkward
RT @MarieDomingo: Open source laptop helps developers gain the freedom of doing hardware experiments by @kaylenehong (via @TheNextWeb)
RT @redhatopen: Red Hat & #CentOS: The new community dynamic for open source Apr 15 @cctrieloff @kbsingh @CentOS at #rhsummit #redhat
Check out my "Up and Running with oVirt 3.4" howto, starring the new Hosted Engine feature:
RT @jonobacon: The next logical evolution in the cloud has happened with Closed Stack - - the summit sounds fun. :-)
I dreamed about quorum this weekend
RT @ovirt: Okay, getting slashdotted is still cool...
Introducing dgroc: Daily Git Rebuild on Copr #fedora
RT @EventsLF: Missing #lfcollab next week? You can view all the keynotes on 3/26 streamed live here:
RT @gfc62: I always thought @FlukeCorp a fine company but it seems their IP lawyers created a mess for @SparkFun #flukeisyellow
RT @quaid: CentOS Dojo Santa Clara - 31 March before MySQL Conf: On the eve of the Percona Live:  MySQL Conference and Expo (...
Fedora Present and Future: a 2014 Update (Part I, “Why?”) | Fedora Magazine
RT @mattdm: What's going on in #Fedora this week? More than 5 things, but let's start with that. #5tftw
RT @redhatopen: Managing 1,100 VMs with #oVirt is easy for open source vendor IT Novum via @ovirt
RT @redhatopen: OpenStack Cinder - Configure multiple backends
I'm stoked about the upcoming transition
Re: Why I’ll Leave Ubuntu Linux -
"That's interesting about the Cyanogenmod -- that bit is worth talking about, IMO, it makes the Ubuntu mobile project seem more attractive to me, since I already know and use CM." - Jason Brooks
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