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RT @burritojustice: I think those are robot appetizers RT @HalfPics: Cross section of a number of different cables.
It's crazy how thoroughly frequent tweeters can dominate your tweetstream.
Much clearer: "Where We're Going With LXD"
RT @johnmyers: When is #CA2014 "personal note" from losing candidate not a "personal note" from the candidate? When it has a byline.
RT @spotrh: Looking for a lead writer and community leader on an open source curriculum effort at Red Hat. Is this you? Email me:
RT @ovirt: A Cinematic Peek at oVirt 3.5
Check out the ManageIQ Design Summit | -- Oct 7-8 -- Mahwah, NJ @manageiq
RT @gluster: New blog post: GlusterFS 3.5.2 has been released!
RT @redhatopen: Headed to LinuxCon+CloudOpen Chicago, Aug. 20-22. Bring your comic book hero costume (cape optional)
Any talk of "containers = OSes don't matter" completely baffles me. WTF do people think containers are made from?
Anyone using Diaspora?
RT @mairin: next up in 5 min at @fedora #flock is @abompard hyperkitty talk ! watch vid live:
Testing out the CentOS 6-to-7 upgrade tool:
RT @arstechnica: Fantasy footballers and coaches rejoice—NFL players to wear RFID tags by @dmkravets
RT @sqlitebrowser: Looking for people with the time/inclination to translate SQLite Database Browser to further languages. Is that you? :D (pls retweet)
Getting Started with Kubernetes / Docker on Fedora...
Following @MagicRecs means always having some unread DMs
RT @redhatopen: When Metrics Go Wrong @nearyd on how your results depend on what you measure. #floss #community
RT @edbott: Wow. Freshman Congressman assumes Indian-American U.S officials testifying before committee are from the Indian govt
Dude, where's my PaaS memory? Tuning Java's footprint in OpenShift (Part 1) via @RHELdevelop
RT @RikerGoogling: can starfleet read my search history even in incognito mode?
Wondering if Batman will ever enter the public domain. #BatmanDay
Docker security with SELinux (text version of docker security video I tweeted recently)
RT @TheOnion: Marvel Reimagines Green Goblin As Left-Handed
RT @AlexPavlovic: They don't mess around at AT&T Park. Giants flag is already at top of NL West flagpole in right field.
RT @redhatopen: Check out the sharp new @gluster site: <-- Lookin' good, #gluster!
Docker and Security by Daniel Walsh from Red Hat:
Docker and Security by Daniel Walsh from Red Hat:
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