Jason Calacanis
Looks like i'm at 25% of my Twitter follower base after a two weeks of FFing - http://flickr.com/photos...
kind of cool how quickly folks have switched from one service to the other. says something about competition and lockin.. like it doesn't exist any more. - Jason Calacanis from Bookmarklet
The iPhone interface the just released has made me want to be on FF more now. - Ralph Whitbeck
given that FriendFeed is a little more "work" than twitter, that kind of conversion rate is very impressive. - Robert Seidman
well, you can add me here Jason. i have not abandoned twitter. but FF does replace pownce & *some* facebook activity for sure. - Barbara K. Baker
Good stat - that's a question a lot of Twitter's power users have...how can I transfer my community over here? - Hutch Carpenter
Jason, who says they're all switching? I use both so don't count me as a switch. - Mike Doeff
Julian: He doesn't know, but I think we can probably guess that he's right. - Eric Florenzano
Julian, since his primary base of followers are on Twitter, I think it's fair to guess that the bulk of his FriendFeed followers were responding to his twitter broadcasts. While Jason should've probably said "following me on FriendFeed in ADDITION to following me on Twitter" (instead of switching) if he has 1/4th as many followers on here as there, it's still pretty impressive after 2 weeks. - Robert Seidman
ok, but on what grounds can you debunk the assumption that most of those followers came via Twitter? - Robert Seidman
There's no stopping you. It doesn't matter the medium! - Alex Hammer
Me either, just using both network while also trying to use Jaiku, which is a really good surprise - Jean-François Amadei from twhirl
only 10% in my case, and still only a fraction of my friends on Twitter are the same as the friends I have on Facebook - different crowds, different crowds. - Adam