Jason Goldberg
These days, if a news site makes me register or login before reading the article i just pass on it and move on.
or google cache - FullSite
Awesome. I'll read it for you then. - Merredith Branscombe
Ditto. Why put up barriers for others to see your cool content? Let them get a taste of it and maybe they'll subscribe after they realize they can't live without you. - Irene Koehler
Of course - Brendhan Givens
amen; you want my eyeballs they are there if no registration - wowfreeze.blogspot.com
Same goes for blogs that make you register before commenting - uhh, no thanks, I'll go where there's a real community. - Danny Brown
It's normally that - or a reverse-Turing test, and those are painful. - Tim Tyler
I avoid it but If I really need to read it than the above mentioned methods work fine. - Ashish