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Dave Slusher
How come the Daily Show is the only "newslike" organization that points out the sheer hypocrisy and outright lies of public figures? This thing from last week pointing out the same people declaring Palin offlimits and then levying exactly the same criticisms against Hillary Clinton a few months ago.
This video is equally available to all these news organizations. Is only the Daily Show concerned with this? - Dave Slusher
At the risk of sounding too paranoid, they're one of a very few organizations that isn't owned by a corporation that owns interests outside of media/entertainment. http://la.indymedia.org/news... I also think because of the channel they're on and the way they started out, they can easily be dismissed as a comedy entertainment show. But they have absolutely evolved into a news source that I place much, much more trust with than any major network news. I'm glad they're flexing that muscle. - Paul Reynolds
What I wonder is if Stewart & Co moved to another channel and presented a less "goofy" show, would they be able to do what they do now? - Paul Reynolds
It had to be the best week ever for the show. Heidi and I love every episode. - Andre Pope
My favorite bit was Karl Rove pumping up Palin's experience as sufficient, cut to a video from 2 months ago saying Mark Warner was unqualified for VP because his experience was 3 years as governor of Virginia and being mayor of Richmond, a city of "only 200,000 people." - Dave Slusher
One of the things that continually baffles me is news media's lack of long term memory. - Garrick Van Buren
This is what infuriates me about the whole "professional media" vs bloggers debates. Incumbent media touts all these things they do that bloggers don't, except in practice they don't do them either. Like, you know, fact check these outrageous statements they treat as true. - Dave Slusher
As a political conservative, I have to agree that these video clips are damning and the inconsistencies inexcusable. Dave, when I saw the Daily Show clip of this, I asked almost the same question you did. - Gregory Pittman from twhirl
as long as we demand that media be first to break news, they will have short term memory and will never spend resources on going back and looking at older things. So tune to Lehrer hour for your news instead of CNN and tell a friend. - Gautam Guliani
Why does it take a joke news show to tell the truth? - Chris Nixon
Is there a link to the video? - Chris Nixon
Thanks Paul. FFS These guys love to flip flop on issues. - Chris Nixon
Gautam, I'm certainly not demanding it. In fact, I've refused to watch cable news channels for over 3 years now. I get my news from the local 11 PM news, the Daily Show and the internet. I took one of those current event quizzes recently and scored 98%, so I don't think I'm missing any important facts. - Dave Slusher
Dave, you should believe Jon Stewart when he tells you, repeatedly, that Daily Show is not a news show. It is comedy and satire. Get your news from a news source that considers itself a news source and meets your standards. The point isn't the missing facts but the context of and meaning behind the facts. Sorry, don't mean to sound preachy but I really care about this issue. There is clearly a need for in-depth news and anlaysis source but turning to Daily Show is not the answer, IMHO. - Gautam Guliani
So I'm supposed to do what, stop watching and enjoying the Daily Show? I personally don't feel my news consumption pattern is in need of changing and I don't plan on doing anything differently anytime soon. - Dave Slusher
Gautam, do you want insightful analysis or do you want it *packaged* as insightful analysis? At the moment, most of the stuff packaged that way isn't and The Daily Show *is*. Sure, you have to be able to tell when he's joking and what's satire, but everyone I've ever watched it with was able to tell. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of CNN/MSNBC/Fox on cable news. I sure as hell can't tell what's spin and what's news. - J Wynia
Also, it's not like we don't have a centuries-old tradition of some of the greatest insight into noteworthy events coming from satire in the form of political cartoons, satirical essays and thinly veiled theater. The simple reality is that The Daily Show *is* a source of some of the best insight out there. Sure, it's packaged as comedy and satire, but if MSNBC can package 45 minutes on Hillary's haircut as hard-hitting political analysis, why can't hard-hitting political analysis come from satire? - J Wynia
I watch both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every night and I have to say that in the hour-long block I watch them, I'm able to get more out of it than if I'd spent the same amount of time watching any other "news-like" program. They may be satire but it's very easy to tell what is joking and what isn't. - Sean Dunn
OK then! Didn't mean to get anyone ruffled up. My point remains that if we want the level of insight and analysis from news sources to get better we have to demand it instead of getting it from non-news sources like the Daily Show. - Gautam Guliani
What would be the form of that demand, and considering that viewers are not their real customers but the large advertisers are, why would the cable news channels care? - Dave Slusher
The more I think about this, the more I think the Daily Show should get a Pulitzer Prize for being the only program with significant visibility to attempt to plug the news media's giant memory hole. They are doing the role that should rightfully belong to the "real" news organizations, and that's what has me so angry. They are doing it by default, because journalists aren't. - Dave Slusher
Vote with your wallet and tell a friend (or three) to do the same. By this I mean don't spend money on products on news shows that don't meet your standards. You don't really need to reach out to the networks or advertisers, they're polling you (i.e. the viewers) constantly. In the meanwhile, learn to live as a minority (i.e people who don't want their news and entertainment mixed like the networks do now). Sorry if this isn't a good enough answer for you but this is what I do. - Gautam Guliani
Sorry if this isn't a good enough answer for you but this is what I do.I give my business to the most reputable news source I can find and I switch when I find a better one. This is the attention economy and when your news is for free, you're paying with a different resource, your attention. - Gautam Guliani
I've already told you I don't watch any cable news and haven't in 3 years. You want me to watch them so I know what products are advertised so I can not buy them? Ooooookay. What I'm getting at is that all your suggestions are idealistic and all, but nothing about them will make any news organization change how they do business. I think you are kidding yourself if you think what you do is effecting any bit of change in them. - Dave Slusher
They don't give Pulitzers for television. Someone would have to print out every thing Jon Stewart says on the daily show and get a bunch of people to buy those printouts before he'll get one for his current efforts (which are excellent). Given his rabid following, selling those printouts shouldn't be to hard, should it? - Gautam Guliani
you don't have to watch the news networks to know who advertises on them. - Gautam Guliani
OK, now I'm done with this as you have stopped making any sense. Have fun. - Dave Slusher
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