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Jaspreet Seehra

Jaspreet Seehra

Hey, I'm Jaz. I'm a second year Medical Biochemist, give me a bell should you need anything :)
Cancer therapy: Taking aim sooner | The Economist -
'If personalised medicine is to achieve its full potential, it should be used earlier on in clinical trials' - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
I have a quick question about the format of the #BS2058 exam.....
Section A is the SA questions, how many marks is this bit worth, and generally how many questions are there? Section B and C, I'm assuming, are the essay questions, how many marks are these worth? Is it similar to the format of the #BS2014 exam? - Jaspreet Seehra
I believe there are 10 SAQs and the best 9 will be marked. And then 2 essay Qs. I presume it has the same weighting as 2014 (i.e. 40-30-30) but without past papers there's no real way of knowing! - Joshua Bower
Oh I know, I wish we had some sort of past paper, even if it's just the one!! Thank you :), I think Charlotte posted it in the group, so it's 50-25-25? - Jaspreet Seehra
Oh righty! I think that puts more pressure on having the SAQs weigh so much... Ahh! Good luck :) - Joshua Bower
I think it does :/, means you have to know EVERYTHING!! Good luck to you too :) all over soon! - Jaspreet Seehra
It's not that we are withholding past papers - this is the first time the exam has run. The Assessment details have been available for many weeks on the Blackboard site (in Course Documents) - I have moved them to the top of the items in that folder - Dr Chris Willmott
Good luck for your exams everyone. Remember to take breaks and time off does wonders!!
BBC iPlayer - Children's Craniofacial Surgery: A Fighting Chance -
A truly amazing programme to watch, alongside the new series of 'Inside the Human Body', it's a great thing to watch whilst taking a break from revision :). - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
Congratulations to the beautiful couple. It was a fairytale wedding, absolutely stunning :).
Deep Back and Spinal Cord Dissection Video | Anatomy Guy -
This is a GREAT website for #BS2014, he goes into a lot of depth about the spinal cord, a lot of it we don't need to know but it explains a lot, so everything else fits into place! Check out some of the videos! This is a great website for anybody who is interested in anatomy!! Enjoy!! - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
#MyDiary 30/03/11
Had a lovely morning watching everyones lovely #MB2050 videos, a lot of work went into them and they were all fantastic! It's been nice having a final week with no deadlines, so have been catching up on all the notes I hadn't added to, and have made a significant dent in my #MB2050 report, which is good as I don't want to be bogged down with that over easter. I've also started the #BS2058 practical write-up, just waiting for the model data to go up, as unfortunatly the practical itself went terribly, nevermind, it's still good practise. On a final note, I've FINALLY decided on my 3rd year project selections, after a lot of swapping and changing my mind, but I found emailing potential supervisors definitely helped! Hope everyone has a lovely last week, can't believe that the semester has flown by already!! - Jaspreet Seehra
Just to remind everyone, the square (including Starbucks!!) will be closed tomorrow. It is the grand unveiling of the new Percy Gee building.
Unveiling? Are you saying it's closed because they don't want us scruffy students to to make it look untidy? - Roisin Thomas
I have no idea! It's all I've been told, unfortunately Starbucks Baristas don't hold much ground in the SU. - Jaspreet Seehra
I thought it had already been unveiled? I think this is an excuse just to kick us out for the day! Here was me thinking a students union was supposed to be used by students...! - Lyndsey Wright
I think the SU cares more about business than students. Having something like 1923 that most of us can't afford to eat in and Starbucks (sorry Jaz) with coffee costing an arm and a leg is not what a students union building would provide if it were not run by self-serving sell-outs. Sorry for the rant. - Roisin Thomas
No don't worry, do agree!! I wouldn't go there so often without my staff discount that's for sure! Of course they do, it's a major money making part of the university to business is key for them, I very rarely see students in 1923 anyway, and the customers we get at Starbucks are often the same people, or (funnily enough) college students. - Jaspreet Seehra
From what I hear on the street, 1923 was initially targetting post-grad and staff for things like hosting lunch meetings etc. but it was poorly implemented for these purposes. It's a shame that they'd shut the entire union for a day, especially for a grand-opening where it would be good to show how students enjoy the building. - Xanthe Simpson-Gray
I'm lighting a candle for all of the people in Japan.
I have family in New Zealand too, it is very worrying, but remember one of the best things you can do is maintain hope. Have you spoken to them? In some obscure way, having the warnings there, means they can prepare for the worst, so if it does hit them, it won't be as hard, if that makes any kind of sense? - Jaspreet Seehra
Hope that the conditions in Japan get better. And that God may help those who have lost everything. May God give comfort to those who have lost their loved ones. - Nathan Gill
The Top Five Items Most Wanted by Thieves -
Just something to keep in mind. Campus Cops say keep a good eye out and make sure you know where your valuables are at all times :). - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
Last year, during my foundation course my friends friend has his laptop stolen, guy walked in proclaimed "Its ok I know the dude, he wants his laptop" and walked out with it... do watch your stuff and anyone who claims to be a "friend" - Adam
Don't forget to apply for your Student Finance for next year. The application for returning students is already up :).
As if I have time for this right now? :S - Lyndsey Wright
It really doesn't take long, the new system is really good, took me 10 minutes, if that :). - Jaspreet Seehra
What is it? - Sha Tim Wai
Do you mean what is student finance? - Jaspreet Seehra
Yes... - Sha Tim Wai
Thanks! I would have totally forgotten :) - Rebecca Suter
It's my pleasure :), earlier is always better, they don't have the best of reputations for getting things done in time. - Jaspreet Seehra
#MyDiary 14/02/11
It's been a very productive day today. Firstly, I found out that I've passed my January modules for year 2!! I'm quite happy about that little snippet of info, just have to calm myself to wait for my actual marks. The #BS2014 practical went very well today, it was nice to have some of the senior demonstrators helping, to help you understand why you are doing things and encouraging you to look at the physiology behind the practical rather than just doing the practical, and then attempting to understand it afterwards. We also had our first group session for our #MB2050 video presentations, the research is well underway and I think the group works very well together :). My plan for this evening is to finish off the #BS2058 tutorial questions and make some headway on the #BS2014 essay :). - Jaspreet Seehra
just the one exam left now :). Time for a celebratory nap, I think the lack of sleep for the past few days needs teaching a bit of a lesson!
Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief: Relaxation Exercises and Tips -
Could be a useful read for one of your breaks. Make sure you take the time to relax as well, I've personally felt so much better for it! - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
The email service is working again, hopefully blackboard will follow shortly, later on today.
But as a future note, this happens quite frequently during the exam period, so what I tend to do is download everything I need (powerpoint slides etc..) so if it does go down, you're not affected :). Just a thought. - Jaspreet Seehra
Yes that's a good idea Jaspreet, I may just do that when Blackboard is back on! - Michael Lam
However, blackboard is still not back on. I hope I don't get penalised for the #BS1010's nearly christmas as well :( - Michael Lam
Same, i think i have all the lecture notes i need, its just the #BS1010 assessment i have yet to do :( - Matthew Taylor
I've noticed a lot of people are in the same situation, and until it comes back up again, there's not much you can do, so try not to worry too much. It's better doing it and handing it in late, than not doing it at all :). - Jaspreet Seehra
Yea, i'll definitely be doing that :) - Emmanuelle
hope everyone did well on their #CH1070 exam! Just think, one less now, no more chemistry :).
Thank you! We still do have another one for chemistry though in January which is worth 3 times as much TT_TT - Zainab Chaudhary
has had a very intense week. I think today I'll relax a little on the working front.
Anyone taking #BS2053, other than what is written on the word document, do you think we'll be getting any more guidance on the presentations? - Jaspreet Seehra
I don't think so, I guess that is part of the assignment- to see what we include/exclude. - Lyndsey Wright
had an absolutly amazing day at 'The Patient Journey: From Trauma to Rehabilitation' day today.
It was so motivating and I learnt so so much about advances they are making and all the changes they are making in trauma rehabilitation. The best bit was meeting real patients at the end, and seeing their recovery and how far they'd come after being in very serious RTCs, one had brought his family with him and he had two little children, they seemed so happy and that is the whole reason I want to be a doctor, to see someone recover like that and have that happiness they never thought they'd get back, it's incredible. - Jaspreet Seehra
the end is in sight. #BS2057 tutorial questions done, both #BS2052 practicals been written up and handed in, two more practical reports to go, but I can relax a little now :).
Same here. It's been all work and no play recently. Feel like I could sleep for a week now the stress chemicals have gone! - Roisin Thomas
Yep take a break... - Alex Brzuszek
We know that most students find the step up from the first year to the second year bigger than they expected. The serious work starts in the third year :-) But the way to manage is to divide tasks into manageable chunks, plan rigorously (including breaks) and just keep plugging away. - Dr Alan Cann
Yes I find this year harder than the last which may be also something to do with the number of things I do outside the course, however I feel like I am much more organised this year which helps me a lot with coping with the current work load - Alex Brzuszek
Which #BS2057 tutorial questions are these?? I didn't think we had been given the next lot yet ? - Laura
@Laura, I meant the ones for yesterday, it just felt good crossing them off my to do list of things to hand in this week :). - Jaspreet Seehra
The workload this year is quite tough going, however I think I'm coping with it quite well as well as having a part-time job and voluntary work to do, but I think you need those things as well to have a break. I tend to plan everything, and the last thing I do before I go to sleep is write down what I have to do the following day, and at which times I am going to do them, it really helps :). - Jaspreet Seehra
Effects of Music on the Mind and Brain -
Music is known to have a positive effect on the brain, but is it a good idea to have it playing in the background as you work? I personally find it helps, I listen to soft piano music, which I find stimulates me to work, whether this is an actually effect of the music itself or my own association of the music to working can't be determined. This may be something we will be analysing in #BS3055, I know it's early but preparation is key! What kind of music do you listen to in the background, if any at all? - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
bought lots more stationary today, different coloured stationary, this makes me happy as I can colour code EVERYTHING now :).
has just had a wonderfully intellectual conversation with my mother.
I can physically feel my brain expanding. Maybe we should have some debates on FF, it'll be nice to get differing opinions, and it really teaches you to explain your logic behind your view. After doing it a couple of times, I've found I automatically do it in lecture notes, tutorial questions etc,, Generally explaining everything. Debating is such a wonderful thing, battle of the minds! - Jaspreet Seehra
I love a stimulating intellectual conversation :) It's great to get passionate and into a good debate! - Joshua Bower
enjoyed the #BS2052 practical today :).
The entire procedure was one that I had witnessed a phD student doing in the lab over the summer, so it was nice to do it myself. Without thinking, some of the pointers she had given me creeped into my head and I was doing them myself, it is highly useful seeing someone do it before you do, gives you faith! I am a fan of setting up DNA fragments in agarose gel, apparently my hands are as still as anything :). Also, I liked the fact we got little breaks in between, so I could think about what we had done, and what was left to do, made the practical seem more useful in my head. - Jaspreet Seehra
All that coffee hasn't given you the shakes yet then :-) - Dr Alan Cann
Surprisingly not, although I was running on caffeine today. This is how bad it is Dr Cann, it doesn't affect me anymore, so so bad! - Jaspreet Seehra
Rinderpest virus has been wiped out, scientists say:
This is wonderful news and the fact that it has happened a second time is very exciting. It opens up all sorts of new avenues to explore, and even more exciting than this is that some of the people doing this research in the future could be one of us :). - Jaspreet Seehra
is having a relaxing day today, has the new Kings of Leon in my possession and will spend a good few hours with it on repeat :).
What, no essays yet? - Dr Alan Cann
Well....we have a timed essay coming up in #BS2013 but I've started revising for that as much as I can without having done the lectures yet :). But nothing else yet....quite surprising really, I'm not complaining :). - Jaspreet Seehra
You may have just tempted fate saying we don't have much work... :( - Lyndsey Wright
Oh no, I really really hope I didn't just do that :/ - Jaspreet Seehra
I've enjoyed learning about the lac operon again in #BS2052
It's lovely how it all just makes such sense, almost as if you kick yourself for not already knowing it! Learning the effects of the mutants just comes so naturally, and everything is beginning to fit together. Today has been the kick I needed to get back into uni work again, better late than never!! - Jaspreet Seehra
Really good section in "Principles of Genetics" if you need any more background :) x - Lyndsey Wright
Am I going mad? Isn't #BS2025 Developmental Biology? - Joshua Bower
I feel massively geeky about the lac operon because I think I'm enjoying it almost too much! Only, Josh, you're right, Jas meant #BS2052 not 2025! - Alice Merrill
I was going to say, I didn't think I'd got my module codes mixed up :) - Joshua Bower
Oh I did, I'm so sorry! All these module codes, this is exactly what the lac operon is doing to me :p. - Jaspreet Seehra
You can edit your entry to correct the code. - Dr Alan Cann
Done, no-one knows anything, nothing happened! :) - Jaspreet Seehra
Had an extremely long day today!
I worked at Starbucks from 8 until now, so I think I will put my feet up for a little while and then get cracking on the genes ( #BS2052 ) tutorial questions for tuesday :). But before all of that, fooood is needed! - Jaspreet Seehra
I would say relax with a nice cup of tea but I bet you are sick of the sight of it!! How many hours a week are you working? - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
Surprisingly not, I am a rather BIG coffee fan, so I do have say I absolutely love my job :). This week I have worked around 25 hours, but that is imply because it was Freshers week and they needed the help. From now one though, I will be doing 8-12 hours (mostly on weekends) until the work load increases. - Jaspreet Seehra
Also, did you know, being a staff member you can get 25% off anything you buy :). Just a thought :). - Jaspreet Seehra
Swing straight back in to uni life « TheUniversityBlog -
I found this article quite good actually, even though this week has been quite relaxed, I've no doubt the work load will dramatically increase very quickly. I have gotten so used to being relaxed about things, no more, I need to focus now!!! - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
I got a planne from Rymans in the SU.. it definately helps you remember stuff you'd normally forget and helps you plan out time so you don't feel overwhelmed when the work does start flowing in - Priyanka Boylla
My Filofax is my life (yes I am aware how sad this is!) but without it I would be lost! - Lyndsey Wright
No it's not sad, it's actually so important to be nice and organised it makes life so much simpler - Priyanka Boylla
ME TOO! I couldn't survive without my filofax! You get so used to planning everything, I even pre-planned my summer haha! Being organised is one of the best things in the world, as far as I'm concerned, the best people do it ;). - Jaspreet Seehra
I had a Filofax but swapped it for iPod touch. Much lighter :-)) - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
I enjoyed the #BS2052 tutorial today, it was a nice refresher session after the long summer!
Lovely way to start the term off. I certainly like the way that Dr Harrison makes us think, gets the old cogs turning (hopefully!). - Jaspreet Seehra
What was it about? - Dr Alan Cann
We had a worksheet to prepare, mainly simple definitions and some diagrams (like a mammalian gene), it was a good way to refresh the memory, and a bit of a boost to start working again :). - Jaspreet Seehra
It was good. It made me realize how much I'd forgotten. I could have sworn I could easily answer those questions, but when I had to think about the details, to write them down, I found that there were gaps in my knowledge. You need to know that to avoid mistakes down the line. - Roisin Thomas
I need to go away and revise all of this again. It's amazing to think of how much we have learned since then! - Lyndsey Wright
Test tube baby pioneer wins medicine Nobel - health - 04 October 2010 - New Scientist -
This was such a breakthrough in it's time, the amount of people who have had healthy children using IVF since is phenomenal. It's nice to see that they have now been wasn't that long ago when 'test tube babies' were still a little on the controversial side. It just goes to show how quickly science advances, and that thought alone is thrilling :). - Jaspreet Seehra from Bookmarklet
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