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The Mass Murdering Warlord Turned Christian Evangelist Who Was Known as General Butt Naked -
A fantastic 6 week summer holiday is coming to a close. 4,000 mile roadtrip across the US was def the highlight. Hiked in Utah, Colorado etc
This 'Flow-Motion' Hyperlapse of Barcelona Won't 'Blow Your Mind'... But It'll Get Close -
Train out of Silverton, Colorado -
Train out of Silverton, Colorado
Sleeping Giants || Mt Bromo Indonesia -
Sleeping Giants || Mt Bromo Indonesia
Summer colors. I sure missed this. #summer2014
Perhaps the least appealing food product I've seen all month. #summer2014
Tesla has released ALL its patents to the public: AMAZING! #technology
Six weeks of summer based on the lake. Not sure yet where our travels will take us.
NASA reveals the most colorful and detailed image of the Universe -
Research Reveals That Sunburns Are Far Worse for Your Body Than You Imagined - Mic -
The NSA Is Spying on Your Selfies for One Terrifying Reason - Mic -
The Average Heroin Addict Is Not Who You Think It Is - Mic -
With iOS 8, Apple Shows Android a Thing or Two -
Full weekend intensive Apple ADE camp w/ Jane Harris. Excellent conversations and a great way to kick off summer! #ade #apple #edtech
These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World | The Mind Unleashed -
Dutch Scientists Just Shattered Our Conception Of How Information Will Travel In The Future: #science #physics
RT @DrMayaAngelou: Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.
Author Maya Angelou dies aged 86
The future cometh. Microsoft Demos Skype Translation Tool Coming Later This Year -
Why is our body temp 98.6 (37) degrees? To keep fungus away! #science #Biology
The 11 Steps To take BEFORE You Delete a User From a Google Apps Domain #Google #edtech #coetail
These Kids Are Not Impressed by Ancient Apple Computers -
Watch how these intelligent birds have learned to open automatic doors -
NASA releases 3.2 Gigapixel Selfie of Earth #space #astronomy
Adobe Working on Adding Full Touch Compatibility To Photoshop CC -
An awesome list of free online resources, courses & software: #edtech
Four myths about Apple design debunked -
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