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RT @PatchworkP: Yep, you read that RT correctly. We're giving away £500 towards your honeymoon! Read this to find out how to enter:
RT @RochfordDC: Pilot scheme to be launched Gt Wakering Sprts Centre frm Aug 9. Rather than travel to a recycling centre, dispose waste there Sats 9am-noon.
RT @missrachilli: Got lots of enquiries but nothing solid yet. I have the next two weeks free for any design work or websites! :) -
RT @m4tt: A $13 fitness and sleep tracker? If it works with my Nexus 5, I’m definitely getting one.
maybe this would do for my boating aspirations :-)
netsuite bought venda. interesting ecommerce news
need an extra 2 days in the week. 1 to try out new web dev techniques and 1 to learn to sail....
guitar fans, now iPlayer is alive again - &
if you like tea and real ale, give some Meghalaya tea a go. floral and malty.
RT @robertjbennett: "if you act confidently enough, bro, people just assume you're supposed to be there"
RT @CassInTheAttic: Oh no! It's FLYING ANT DAY ! Stay indoors! Save yourself!
RT @oswald808: A letter every school should write and every teenager should read. Amazing.
RT @chunkymark: UK to announce £1bn of military spending today inc. on drone projects - money found through austerity measures - BBC:
Web dev mobile device test labs should be based in rural suffolk - I have abandoned 80% of web visits the last 4 days
RT @Glinner: Today's the day to contact your MP and show them we're paying attention. Don't let them sneak this through
RT @Anth0nyRussell: Tonight's super moon taken with my telescope and @NokiaUS Lumia 920 #WP8 @dvlup @msdev @Microsoft @nasa
Heavier than the pale but nice #beerbods #caravan / cc @evilgordon
RT @aexmo: There's no fold, but we've created patterns that lead to "false bottoms" h/t @MarkSkinner_ for name. This solves that
RT @caitlinmoran: In one year, 10,600 sick and disabled people died within SIX WEEKS of ATOS finding them fit for work:
2 sides to every coin.
"The emergency legislation will oblige telecom firms to retain data for 12 months. The European law it replaces was 24 months."
Tether, pull @mikebeach commit from Bitbucket, build, publish to iis. On a train!
RT @HogarthCareers: Urgently need an Umbraco developer (v7) to start tomorrow on a 2 week contract. Get in contact if you are available #umbraco #developer
RT @karlgoldstraw: Still need a London based #Wordpress dev. Please get in touch or RT.
RT @ollygourley: So I found out if you keep saying "sing me a song" to Siri, 'If I only had a brain' from The Wizard of Oz comes out.
Spotted quite a few ux quick wins on my council website already //@RochfordDC
RT @davewalker: House in Roxwell with BBQ & bunting playing 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. They gave me a choc ice. #tdf
Why do we have a party system in UK gov? why is it "an essential element in the working of the constitution." ??
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