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RT @Geek_Manager: South West people: I know some great folks looking for freelancers for a Bristol project. Anyone looking? Keen to recommend folk to them
RT @benwood: This is insane! Text your LG fridge and it sends you a photo of the fridge contents! #ConnectedHome #InternetOfThings
If you're recruiting a front end dev, what do you mean? html and css guru or decent js programmer ? do we need 2 different titles here....
I suppose at least back to school has eradicated icebucketchallenge #Facebook
RT @sjenkinson: Commencing kettle usability study.
I really envy people starting their own company.
I really don't envy people starting their own company.
RT @timruffles: Does anyone know a freelance ops person with Ansible experience?
RT @salihughes: If you're also upset that the world is turning to shit, remind yourself it's going to fine by reading this.
RT @ShoothillRod: @smfrogers Have you seen Over 2400 @EnvAgency river level gauges and each is on Twitter
RT @UKDataArchive: Please RT: We're looking for a Communications & Impact Manager. Great job @Uni_of_Essex
RT @andrewareoff: Wanting the best of service. Not willing to pay for the best of service.
web development tools and process needs more critical thinking. discuss... ;-)
RT @wutheringbytes: Super excited to have co-inventor of the ARM processor, Sophie Wilson, giving the closing keynote!
Fantastic lecture on the biology behind depression -
seeing a working mobile phone made out of an arduino yesterday really got me thinking // @aral @mattbrailsford
I seem to be learning C and http rather than more high level languages and their running a 520 line http server (written in c)
RT @JarJarGeek: “A very confident #Scratcher showing ‘junior’ the ropes - just excellent !! You Go Girl @soslug @SouthendRPiJams”
a useful IoT project - - via @hughbarnard
ooh, arduino - timer + temp sensor to make a coffee brewing system.
excellent day at @SouthendRPiJams - inspiring tech stuff plus some great chats around systems theory, ethics, geo-politics, data ownership
do @intercom have that space sewn up? any others anywhere near as good?
RT @intercom: Intercom + @SlackHQ together at last. Get Slack alerts for new activity in your team’s inbox
RT @tiny_m: Friend looking for Drupal freelancers. Anyone available?
RT @GlenMatlock: Thanks for the full house and great reception Southend - we had a blast!
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