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Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

I teach journalism at NYU, write the blog PressThink, direct NewAssignment.Net, and try to grok new media. I don't do lifecasting but mindcasting on Twitter.
Disguised as a break up letter to daily newspapers is this concise analysis of why they're being left behind.
Inside the game of getting David Gregory out of his chair as host of that dying (with him) franchise, Meet the Press
"A parade of high-profile media talent has entered Bloomberg’s news operation ...and effectively disappeared." Fixed.
BusinessWeek aside, whenever I check in with Bloomberg's pressthink it's always borrowed, never made. Just uses the categories lying around.
"A parade of high- profile media talent has entered Bloomberg’s news operation ...and effectively disappeared."
Israel considers banning Al Jazeera from Israel because (minister says) it's like the Nazis broadcasting from London
This is a smart move by @theinformation. Pick out the most insightful commenters and make it official. via @mathewi
Talent meets problem... a good thing! RT @mjenkins: My next adventure: Joining Storyful's Open Newsroom
...@jcstearns @jeffjarvis @JimMacMillan To me it's one of the purest categories of blogging. Name types and classify.
"I hesitated to post this since I think it can look unseemly when women get into a strong public disagreement..."
"We are keenly aware that Twitter is part of an industry that is marked by dramatic imbalances in diversity..."
The eight categories of journalism events by @jcstearns is exactly what it says. Super useful if you're planning one.
RT @mathewi: Ryan Chittum says Forbes' business model is "sharecropper journalism" and even Jeff Jarvis doesn't like it:
Edge Rank is illegitimate. Not a product of even threadbare consent. Therefore: unstable. Facebook is running a risk. Is the risk priced in?
Why do you hear so much from me on the demise of newspapers? Because there is still no replacement for work like this
The New York Times nails governor Andrew Cuomo almost every way you can nail him in this investigation. Major.
According to NY Post's @PageSix, David Gregory will be bounced from @meetthepress in a few months. via @mlcalderone
Never seen a TV segment or column on this subject succeed. Rula Jebreal and Chris Hayes on bias in Middle East news.
Normally journalists go to Yahoo and disappear. Might be worse if we heard from them again. Pogue: via @jeffjarvis
"Often, people became very upset when posts from family members and loved ones were hidden." NewsFeed, that is.
Local sports columnist @Dejan_Kovacevic (55k followers) quits Pittsburgh paper to go solo with a subscription model.
A new section of the WaPo is focused on "storytelling" but isn't that what the rest of the Post thought it was doing?
Established writers of color offer advice for those just starting out in this Buzzfeed feature. Illuminating.
RT @peterbakernyt: .@PressSec condemns anonymous sources. Just arriving in email: White House invitation to reporters for call with anonymous admin officials.
FYI: @firstlook's Litigation Fund "is designed to strengthen the ability of journalists to pursue legal fights..."
"Facebook no longer delivers on its core value proposition: to let me quickly and easily see status updates..." True.
NPR executives said my post about them downgrading their ombudsman was 'lousy' work and 'lazy.' Here is my reply:
Now with four updates! NPR downgrades and disables its ombudsman. Gets criticized. Lashes out. Changes it back.
institutional rigidity were to blame. Hot reaction on social media, internal criticism, @AymanM's refusal to play ball led to reversal. 2/2
My read on @brianstelter's report on @AymanM's removal from Gaza: Tradition of big-footing, discord among execs, bureaucratic cowardice— 1/2
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