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Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

I teach journalism at NYU, write the blog PressThink, direct NewAssignment.Net, and try to grok new media. I don't do lifecasting but mindcasting on Twitter.
... @stevebuttry improves upon my 'How to be literate in what's changing journalism' post, with additional resources.
My favorite thing Quartz (@qz) does is its "Things Team."
If you see news reporters — not pundits — asserting as a natural fact that "Republican must show they can govern," can you send me the link?
Why won't this headline (and the editorial idea behind it) die already? Just die and leave us alone. via @dangillmor
Users smarter than editors. "We just want you to ignore it. But you won't. So why pretend to ask us?" via @Romenesko
Campus newspaper covers the course I'm teaching in the spring for NYU undergrads: The Future of the New York Times.
When your 'totally used up cliché'-o-meter jumps to eleven on the first sentence, that is generally not a good sign.
Sentiment analysis of Facebook data would be confounded by an opaque algorithmic filter on the input side, right?
How caught up are you on the changes affecting journalism? Find out by reading my latest PressThink post.
I think it was mean and careless of NBC to give Luke Russert his unearned place in the news. That's not honoring Tim.
"Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple", as I believe the saying goes. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
And ever after this fan of nullification who carries a gun to protect herself from our government shall be known as Senator Ernst #personalityplusaninemillimeter - WarLord
A well known academic once told me it took him 10x as long to write an essay for @tnr as it did to finish a scholarly article. Happy 100th.
If journalism is a state, Stephen Glass did treason against it. @HannaRosin, his friend at the time, goes to see him.
He became what he beheld. RT @RobertBLevine The Internet has been saved! The Internet could break! Only hysterical overstatement is safe...
I guess Whisper is doing a very careful "internal review." Either that or they thought we'd forget. We don't forget.
Senator Ted Cruz showed some confusion in his understanding of net neutrality so The @Oatmeal stepped in to assist.
If your friendly neighborhood political reporter says Republicans must now "show they can govern..." show them this.
RT @brianstelter: Where the big cable company stocks are closing this afternoon... all down due to the president's statement
"If you have information about the Red Cross you would like to share, you can help us report this story..." Sing it.
RT @ryanchittum: @jayrosen_nyu @VentureBeat doesn't mention that Bloomberg TV loses money in the nine figures a year
Bloomberg has a sophisticated over-the-top online video strategy that appears to be working. Much bolder than cable.
Facebook knows that News Feed doesn't do what it says — provide the news most relevant to YOU — so it's scrambling.
How to be literate in what's changing journalism. That's my new post. Have a look!
"For most publishers, this is unambiguously bad news." @felixsalmon on Facebook's new in-app hosting plans.
Like I said, reporters have no business stating as some kind of fact that Republicans "must prove they can govern."
Wowzer. RT @jfdulac The N-word: An interactive WaPo project exploring a singular word
This is indeed a correction for the ages. Breitbart, you have outdone yourselves. via @joshtpm
How to be literate in what's changing journalism. My new post.
Don't get how reporters can assert like it's a fact that the Republican party "has to show it can govern." Says who?
RT @rafat: It isn’t pretty, perhaps not even fair, but it is the ultimate test for media startups, in my mind.
In case you missed it a while back, here's my Q & A with Chuck Todd about where the Sunday shows lost the plot.
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