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Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

I teach journalism at NYU, write the blog PressThink, direct NewAssignment.Net, and try to grok new media. I don't do lifecasting but mindcasting on Twitter.
Some people are good at golf. Others at making tomato sauce. Or money. Dave Winer is good at being independent. See:
I've been working my way through Breaking Bad. For the first time. (Late.) Couple of days ago I got to, "I am the one who knocks." Awesome.
Check out this massive investigation of corruption indicators that places a reporter in every state. via @dangillmor
Buzzfeed's @cwarzel thinks we're being alarmist about a filtered Twitter. I don't. But if he's right, cool with me.
Why Do Newspapers Keep Publishing Op-Eds by John McCain? My answer: Long ago he got put in the 'bipartisan-ish' bin.
Well, @dickc can say that "a filtered feed is coming" is an absurd synthesis but what is the company saying that points away from that?
RT @dickc: .@mathewi @om he never said a "filtered feed is coming whether you like it or not". Goodness, what an absurd synthesis of what was said.
"...'Leaving it there' amounts to malpractice, even though it still feels like normal practice and the safer choice."
When quoting both sides and leaving it there is the riskier call. I just posted this at my site, PressThink.
By Clay Shirky. Last call: the end of the printed newspaper
Yes. They're coming back to me now. Some lines in a short story. "Who's in charge here?" "In charge? The situation is in charge." #Ferguson
"Good editors are valuable. They are also rare. If we simply kept the good ones and dismissed the bad ones..."
RT @SchumacherMatos: @jayrosen_nyu First NPR non-response to @democracynow was separate matter. I focused on story itself and talking with reporter.
My take: David Gregory's "fatal lack of awareness" made it impossible for him to succeed as host of Meet the Press.
"When we talk about solutions journalism or constructive journalism, it should not focus on 'positive news.'"
Stonewall the outsiders, then cave when your ombudsman comes calling. @NPR refuses to admit an obvious error.
RT @NickBovePxP: My Twitter feed is blowing up about #Ferguson. My Facebook wall is filled with nothing but #ALSIceBucketChallenges. What an odd dynamic.
Best piece of writing I have yet read about Ferguson.
Earlier today I was on CNN's Reliable Sources discussing the decline of the Sunday shows and David Gregory's problems
He should stick to what political consultants say about who's up and who's down.
By me, just now. @NPR refuses to admit an obvious error when criticized for it.
"Au revoir, Silicon Valley," says tech reporter who's moving to France. Some good observations on his bizarre beat.
Here's the clip of my appearance on @CNNReliable today. Topic was David Gregory and the failure of the Sunday shows.
Meet the Press does a farewell highlight reel for David Gregory Missing: "why shouldn't you be charged with a crime?"
The full 42-minute report by @vicenews on the Islamic State is now up. Disturbing but necessary. Highly informative.
The segment on @CNNReliable will air momentarily. @franksesno, @brianstelter and I talk about David Gregory and decline of the Sunday shows.
I'll be on CNN's Reliable Sources at 11 am ET talking about David Gregory and the Sunday shows with @brianstelter and @franksesno. Tune in!
When @Storify says it is auto-saving your draft, sends ten notices to that effect, and then... doesn't. And you lose three hours of work.
I asked the ombudsman to look at @NPR's stonewall-ish refusal to admit to an obvious error: I guess he declined.
NPR would not admit to a super obvious mistake in responding to Democracy Now but did admit such to @SchumacherMatos.
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