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Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

I teach journalism at NYU, write the blog PressThink, direct NewAssignment.Net, and try to grok new media. I don't do lifecasting but mindcasting on Twitter.
Let's run an experiment on Facebook, rather than the other way around. They shift to opt in. Let's see what happens.
My cheat sheet — the key points —for today's announcement by @pierre. First Look Media shifts direction:
"I get irked when elites get credit for publicly taking 'bold' positions that other folks came to much sooner."
Dunno of a news site on the net more aware of its mission and ready to carry it out (come what may) than @techdirt.
My cheat sheet — the key points —for today's announcement by @pierre. First Look Media shifts direction some.
A "journalistic situation," def. When a group of people who share a common interest depend on YOU for their news.
Just published at my site, PressThink. First Look Media shifts direction some. My interpretation of today's news.
If you missed it, @pierre described some changes in direction as First Look Media goes through the start-up bends.
ESPN's Stephen Smith apologized on air for comments re: domestic violence. For the real story:
On update on First Look Media from @Pierre describes some shifts in direction.
There have been so many, but by common agreement David Gregory and @meetthepress reached a new low with this segment.
...@duncanjwatts That is a very misleading statement, almost like tricking readers of the Guardian. I know those links. Written about them.
I think it's a fit resting place: A niche channel. Like kick boxing.
Disclosure re: my last tweet. Carr's column linked to my post, The People Formerly Known as the Audience. Factor that in with my thumbs up.
Journalists bear witness. So does everyone else. It all goes real time. Unedited. @carr2n near the peak of his form.
...@evanmcmurry So now judge you're giving him zero on something he's supposed to be extra good at. [stern voice] What's the politics of...?
....@evanmcmurry Let's grant @davidgregory's wish. Savviness = godliness in political roundtabling. How savvy on the politics of pot was it?
The ravages of BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson by @ErikWemple. Covers all the bases.
Unable to improve the Washington conversation, out of ideas, @meetthepress now does taped pieces indistinguishable from the rest of TV news.
Very cool. Ira Glass of @ThisAmerLife on the tools and tech he uses to do what he does. via @macloo
...@ethanz Q. I've been asking myself lately. How does 'hope that the situation may one day change' affect our interest in news from afar?
Twitter is not a strategy. This is an actual book. Well, who said it was? Did anyone believe them? via @shirleybrady
This week @davewiner asked why @Circa has no RSS feed. Circa's CEO, Matt Galligan, replied:
A member of the Kinja commenting community at Gawker explains how the community works and what it holds high.
Where the membrane between the news system and the political system thins down to almost nothing. Wyden may release—
RT @rollcall: Wyden Ponders Release of CIA Torture Report Without White House Consent via @nielslesniewski
What's up with these explainer sites? Just a fad? No, says @kdoctor They reorganize news work. News work needed that.
Correx: @Pando says certain kind of political coverage repelled users so they refocused where politics meets tech. + Lots on @Pierre coming!
Right down the middle isn't a political space you can occupy. I thought you knew this. It's a fiction born of your "both sides" pressthink.
Former Washington Post military reporter Thomas Ricks. "Why Am I Moving Left? I used to be right down the middle."
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