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Eric Olson
Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 1 -
Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 1
Caught red-handed! - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks -
Local organic produce delivery in Chicago. - John Zeratsky
Taylor Hughes
Totally weird Thanksgiving Eve last night. Recovering.
Weird how? Did you do shotskies with Tom Morello? - John Zeratsky
Taylor Hughes
@jamesdavi Infinite given a bluetooth headset.
Rephrase as: What's your limit to being that guy (i.e. Bluetooth guy)? - John Zeratsky
Rick Klau
Get $25 Restaurant Gift Cards for $1.50 [Deals] -
HOLY CRAP. There's a French restaurant near us that we love. A $200 gift card is $16. Wow. - Rick Klau
Beware, the fine print is extensive at - John Zeratsky
Rick Klau
I have both a TiVo HD (with two cable cards) and a Comcast HD DVR. The TiVo is a feat of hardware and software engineering. Its interface is elegant, simple, and intuitive. Buttons do what they should. Comcast, on the other hand, is a bit different. One imagines that their engineering meetings started out with two questions: "Does it suck too much?" and "Or does it work just often enough so that people won't rip it out of the wall, run downstairs and throw it under their car so they can repeatedly run it over for the visceral thrill of destroying such an embarrassingly inferior piece of technology?" Even with such a low bar, it's hard for me to imagine how noone spoke up in those engineering meetings and pointed out that when you push the fast forward button, sometimes it rewinds. Sometimes when you push rewind, it skips to the end of the recording. Other times, status messages appear on screen, and only after you push a magic button (never the same) will that message go away. I don't... - Rick Klau
Whoa, take it easy. - John Zeratsky
Taylor Hughes
Hurried up, now waiting for the flight to London. Granada on Monday, Barcelona on Thursday. Exciting!
Have a great time! - John Zeratsky
Taylor Hughes
Oh man, I thought of such a good tweet this morning and then forgot it completely...
Worst tweet ever - John Zeratsky
Taylor Hughes
@jazer 6th Annual Thirsty Troll Brew Fest -- 35 craft brewers serving over 100 different beers, live music, etc. in Mt. Horeb tomorrow.
Sounds cool. Enjoy. - John Zeratsky
Nick Olejniczak
30" Cinema Displays are useful -
See, told you. - Nick Olejniczak
Absolutely! - John Zeratsky
matt shobe
How did you make it from Carol's 11 hours ago to Union Pier 8 hours ago? Amazing. - John Zeratsky
Matt Galligan
Dyson DC18 Slim All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner -
Dyson DC18 Slim All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner
they always have these on woot - Andrew Wise
I have a Dyson, they rock. - Tim Finucane
Get it! I've had an older model for over 4yrs...still works like a champ :) - Bryan Landers
If you're going to spend the money, get a Miehle canister instead. More versatile, quieter and it doesn't look quite so freaky :-) - John Zeratsky
The new is going through a monday redesign using lots of transparent pngs.
Looking good - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Apple to Offer iTunes Remote Control App for iPhone -
Cool! - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Sketching in Code: the Magic of Prototyping -
"Prototyping is the magic." I love that. - John Zeratsky
Paul Smith
A ceramic smoker/grill. I wish we could register for one of these ... - Paul Smith
Someone I know has one of these, but I can't remember who. It's awesome! - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
On 3 Days in August, City Will Try No-Car Zone -
Cool idea. - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Mac OS X 10.5.3 Address Book syncs with Google Contacts -
Excellent! - John Zeratsky
Rick Klau
The EVDO card that required a software install and reboot on a PC? Slide it into the Mac, then click "connect". 5 secs later, online. Wow.
John Zeratsky
Chicago repeals foie gras ban -
Many of the top restaurants didn't honor the ban anyway. - John Zeratsky
i wonder when my mission bike will be done
What is a mission bike? - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Apple and HBO Close to a Deal -
I hope this is true! - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Changing Speeds to Go the Distance - New York Times -
Really great tips for any runner looking to improve his or her speed. - John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
$8 Traffic Fee for Manhattan Gets Nowhere -
That's a bummer. - John Zeratsky
Steve Olechowski
hmm.. about 50% percent of my friend feed is always Fred Wilson now because of his many modes of publishing: blog, twitter, tumblr, discus - and it's all dupes. I like fred, i don't want to turn him off, but someone has to figure out how to stop the feedback loop.
Steve, try hiding some of Fred Wilson's content. For instance his discus. It's pretty granular on what you can hide/unhide. And yes, I also have Fred Wilsonitis on my friendfeed :) - Julio Alonso
Ah...Thanks, Julio, I never noticed you could do that, even with the big "Hide" link and all. - Steve Olechowski
Fred, I've hidden your Discus entries! - Steve Olechowski
dunno why i didn't notice this, either. just the thing i needed. - matt shobe
Cool - and if you click "more hide options" you can hide stuff from friends-of-friends. I wish that were the default - Steve Olechowski
Me too. I hate seeing items from people I don't know. - John Zeratsky
Nick Olejniczak
Hm. Why did my DVD drive open and shut when I updated my firmware? Scary.
That's just your computer's way of kicking the tires. "Yep, seems to work fine." - John Zeratsky
Justin Ward
Is it wrong that some of the hills in San Francisco actually scare me for how steep they are? Imagine a Google shuttle gone runaway. Yikes.
I think it's possible you may be too paranoid. If you want to worry, worry about earthquakes :-) - John Zeratsky
matt shobe
The Zen Hen over by FeedBurner's old office is now a 7 Eleven. That seems like multiplication by 1.
Wasn't there a merger/buyout recently? It's all the same anyway. - John Zeratsky
hilarious... - don loeb
John Zeratsky
WordPress 2.5 UI redesigned by Happy Cog -
How cool. - John Zeratsky
Justin Ward
The Raconteurs Announce New Album -
So excited. - John Zeratsky
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