Joe Beda
What the heck is 'brown sauce'?
It's brown sauce - tastes like um. Brown. I don't like it that much. The branded version is HP Sauce, which is loved my everyone in the UK apart from me it seems. - Rich
I can't help but think it is made of pureed ups delivery guys. Thanks for clearing it up! - Joe Beda from iPhone
POO - Rochelle
It's the same as steak sauce I think, usually put inside bacon butties here in the UK :) - Charley M
I don't think I want to know... - Jeff P. Henderson
I think I saw an episode of 'Dirty Jobs' that involved brown sauce. ;-) - Herb Hernandez
For that matter, what is salad cream? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Brown sauce is the only possible condiment for bacon. Get real US people!! - David Semeria
It's made out of feces. - Dave Winer
I've heard about this Brown Sauce for years. Now it's time to try some - I've just ordered some from Amazon: They even have Salad Cream and I guess I'll have to try that too. - Drew
I did not think FreindFeeders would be so closed minded. Brown sauce is the blue collar term for a version of what Canadians call Steak Sauce. Usually it's a blend of molasses, vinegar, dates, sugar and spices. In the UK "HP" is the favoured brand. Personally I find it unpleasant as it's dominated by a vinegar-y taste. It's competitor , Daddies, is far smoother. - Liam Hemmings
Oh yeah and salad cream....well as long as I can remember that's been a market dominated by Heinz...a US company. I love it. Poor man's mayo, sweet, sour and creamy. - Liam Hemmings
Brown Sauce is great for eggs too. I love a fried egg sandwich smothered in brown sauce. - Matthew Neale
Ok. So salad cream sounds almost like Miracle Whip. Over here in the U.S., they usually either refer to it as Miracle Whip, or sometimes just "salad dressing" (not sure what, as that certainly gets confusing). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE Man! Amazon shipped the sauce fast. OK, so after the first taste I have to say that it tastes like A1, but slightly less flavorful and more tart. It's pretty good! - Drew