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Paul Buchheit
If you uncheck "Accept third-party cookies", Firefox will no longer send any cookies to iframes (even if set outside of an iframe), which breaks the FriendFeed Facebook app. Has Firefox always been like this?
Picture 5.png
These "privacy" features end up hurting privacy, because then web sites switch to signed urls and such, which are much worse (they leak out in referrer headers). - Paul Buchheit
Yup, this was exactly my problem. I accidentally unchecked it while messing around with cookies while programming...occupational hazard... - Emmett Shear
This breaks Feedly as well. I've always unchecked third-party cookies because I was under the impression that's where most click-trackers and ad-servers lived. Am I wrong? - Akiva
Yes, for exactly the same reasons. You are not wrong. - Sam Pullara
Isn't this the default policy in IE7, unless you enable p3p for the sites? - Michael Herf
I'm not pretty sure I agree with @paul - there are enough examples of manipulations by 3rd party cookies, from ads tuning and down to other nasty tricks. You may dislike it but it is there to protect us. And it is there for years. - непростые коротышки
It's irritating enough that I have to allow cookies on sites I want to share through the bookmarklet. Luckily, I use CS Lite. - Akiva
Please see this bugzilla entry for a quick overview: - Reading the entire bug is a good idea. This is also a relevant bug if you're interested: - Christopher Blizzard
These sorts of gimmicks are to privacy what a paper mache motorcycle helmet is to safety. They interfere with legitimate functionality while giving a false sense of security. - Paul Buchheit
you should accept authentication using facebook params, and set a cookie if you can. you have the user info right there - no need for a cookie - Ivan Kirigin
For the record, I was part of the IE team when we implemented the IE third party cookie P3P support. It was a feature completely designed by a set of State Attorneys General. They specified everything down to the UI in the IE control panel. It was a disaster. - Joe Beda
Ivan, those facebook params leak through referrer headers, meaning that other people can steal your login. Joe, the P3P thing is kind of dumb, but at least I can set the right headers to make the problem go away. That's an amusing back-story though. - Paul Buchheit
from bug report above "b) the ability to make decisions based on p3p policies was removed for firefox 3, because p3p isn't an effective way to establish trust with a site. it's a one-way system; anyone can say they're the good guy" - непростые коротышки
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for gcutil addinstance no longer returns IP address of instance -
A future release will add this back by default. We removed columns to make it fit on a more typical terminal but perhaps went too far. In the meantime, you can run: gcutil listinstances --columns=name,zone,external-ip,status Sorry for the inconvenience! - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Authenticating Google Pull Task Queue with NodeJS client -
The best way to do this is to take advantage of Service Accounts in GCE. This is a synthetic user account that is usable by anyone in the GCE project. Getting all of the auth lined up can be a little tricky. Here is an example on how to do this in python. The general outline of what you need to do: Start the GCE instance with the task queue OAuth scope. Add the GCE service account to the task queue ACL in queue.yaml. Acquire an access token. It looks like you can use the computeclient.js credential object to automate the HTTP call to http://metadata/compute... Use this token in any API calls to the task queue API. I'm not a Node expert, but searching around I saw found an example of how to connect to the Datastore API from Node using service accounts from GCE. It should be straightforward to adapt this to the task queue API. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Invalid Metadata Requests on Google Compute Engine -
The images provided by default on GCE will automatically configure themselves based on data returned by the metadata server. This particular request is to find IPs that are forwarded to this instance as part of Load Balancing. Basically, the script at /usr/share/google/google_daemon/ will continually wait for new IP addresses to be forwarded to this instance. Once it notices a new incoming IP (as indicated by the metadata server) it will configure the instances network stack to respond to that IP. The question in my mind is: why are you seeing these? Are you doing something interesting to capture the requests sent to that address? These should be completely transparent to any application. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for GCE zone us-central1-a gone forever? -
Sorry this surprised you! This zone was temporarily removed as part of the maintenance as we testing some processes. It should reappear shortly. Joe Beda (GCE Lead Engineer) - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Google Compute Engine Python API and web API do not return images or kernels -
The google (and public) provided images and kernels are stored in a different project. The idea is that these aren't yours, per se, but instead are published by google (or debian or centos). You can list kernels with gcutil listkernels --project=google. The equivalent with code is to replace MYPROJECT with google. For images, you can use centos-cloud for CentOS images and debian-cloud for debian images. gcutil automatically integrates from common projects for ease of use. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Comment by Joe Beda on Read permission error when adding disk Image to the Images Collection -
If you launch the VM with the appropriate service account scopes (--service_account_scopes=compute-rw,storage-full) this should work. - Joe Beda
Amit Patel
When I was young, I had time and energy but money limited me. In middle age, I had money and energy but time limited me. Now that I'm old, I have money and time but energy limits me.
Take heart, when you are really old you'll have no money and no energy. The cycle will be complete :-) - Todd Hoff
"Youth is wasted on the young" - Brian Fitzpatrick
Now GET OFF MY LAWN! - Brian Fitzpatrick
"'Cause dreams they seem to cost money / But money costs some dreams" - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Tools for setting up and running a grid job on Google Compute Engine? -
Starcluster is really cool. Unfortunately, there is no support for GCE and I'm familiar with any similar systems at this point. I'd love to see that happen though so that if you get something working, please share! - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Google Compute Engine, mySQL Workbench -
It isn't clear where your X Display server is running. What you need to do is somehow get the X client (mySQL Workbench) talking to your X server (the display server running on your workstation/laptop). A common way to do this is to tunnel that connection over SSH. If I make the (big) assumption that you are running on a mac and launching using gcutil from there, you probably want to do something like this: First, on your mac, download and start up XQuartz. If you are running Linux locally you can skip this. If you are on Windows I don't have any recent experience or advice there. Next, create and configure your virtual machine. Make sure that xauth ends up being installed. If it isn't, you won't be able to forward the X connection over SSH. You'll see an error in the next step. You may have to restart the shell on your host machine at this point. You then want to SSH into your GCE instance with something like: gcutil ssh --ssh-arg=-Y <my-instance> Now things should be set up so that... - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Setting external ip on VM instead of internal -
Currently there is no way to map an external IP address to a GCE instance directly. All communication is NATed to the internal address. You can, however, access the external address programmatically via the metadata server: http://metadata/compute... I've never set up cPanel so I can't give you any guidance there. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for What determines how fast an instance can be started/stopped on GCE? -
By and large copying the image currently dominates start up time for GCE. Things you can do to minimize this: Use a pre-created persistent disk to boot from. In this case, there is no image propagation time. Use one of our stock images (that are pretty small) or, if you create a custom image, don't add more bits than you need. Typically, the instance type and attached disks won't affect time dramatically. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Getting started with gcutil and Compute Engine: Error: The resource 'projects/<project-id>' was not found -
Often you'll see this error when there is an authentication/authorization failure. Make sure you ensure that the user account gcutil is authorized as matches a user account listed in the teams section of the (Cloud Console)[]. You can find that under the gear icon in the upper right corner. To confirm which account is being used by gcutil, run the following command: $ gcutil auth --confirm_email --just_check_auth INFO: Authorization succeeded for user If you find that you are authorized under the wrong account (multiple personas in chrome, for example) you can reauthorize gcutil with: $ gcutil auth Make sure that you follow this link in the right browser tab/context. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for Rebooting an instance that is locked up -
We don't support explicit reboots from the outside/API yet. This is something that we know we need to support but I don't have a date or schedule for it yet. If you are using persistent disk to store your data (which you probably should for anything important) you can terminate and restart the instance. - Joe Beda
Google looks to unify chat services under 'Babble' | Internet & Media - CNET News -
Google looks to unify chat services under 'Babble' | Internet & Media - CNET News
"Google's messaging platforms might all be rolled into one new platform, according to a recent report. The search giant is planning to combine its many messaging platforms, including Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, and Messenger, into one service it'll call Babble, is reporting, citing "multiple sources" who claim to have knowledge of its plans. The move is designed to make it easier for Google's users to communicate and also reduce the sheer number of places the search giant needs to work to keep communication going." - Me from Bookmarklet
:( - Amit Patel
Why is this a ':(' ? - Joe Beda
Benjamin Golub
Thank you DreamHost for storing my password in plaintext :(
You're paying extra for that, you know. - Akiva
There should be a registry of companies that do dumb stuff with passwords. We can then query it with a chrome extension and display some sort of icon if you are on their site. I'm at a loss as to the correct icon for "dumbass site". - Joe Beda
Piaw Na
Apple Lowers The Price Of The Retina MacBook Pro - Business Insider -
I've been very unimpressed by the Mac book s at work. I have no idea why people buy such expensive crap for work. - Piaw Na
Of course you're unimpressed. - Brian Johns
Are you ever impressed? ;-) - Amit Patel
Yes. I'm still impressed by the Thinkpad X201. Very impressed. I'm impressed by the Nexus 7. - Piaw Na
Out of curiosity, what is it that you don't like about the Mac Books? Just that the hardware doesn't justify the price or is there something in particular you don't like? - Ross Miller
Full screen mode in multi-monitor set up is annoying and badly done. The machine has no dock. It's extremely painful to upgrade hard drives or memory (the number of screws on the bottom of the machine is ridiculous). It's heavy compared to the equivalent thinkpad, and they're extremely expensive. Oh, and reinstalling the OS is unimaginably painful --- my Macbook has already corrupted... more... - Piaw Na
What is this "upgrade" you speak of?! - Amit Patel
Increasing RAM or switching to an SSD. Or even just repairing/replacing a broken HDD. - Piaw Na
Blasphemy! Do not blaspheme! Thou must buy a new machine! - Amit Patel
I work at a startup. I'm solving this partially by buying chromebooks for people who don't need a full laptop. - Piaw Na
I've not tried the Chromebooks yet. Can you increase RAM or switch hard drives or reinstall an OS from the DVD drive? - Amit Patel
No, but everyone else who doesn't need to build iOS software is getting Thinkpads. And increasing RAM and switching hard drives is incredibly easy on those, and they're also at least 40% cheaper for a faster machine. - Piaw Na
Amit -- you should really try out one of the $250 Chromebooks. They are really sweet for the money. I'm not sure I could live with it day and night, but it is amazing how far they've come. - Joe Beda
Chromebooks look so appealing but I can't see myself using it. The Mac Air meets most of my computing needs: emacs, terminal, browser, irc. And I often use it with no network. I also don't find that I use the iPad much, because the combination of smartphone and Mac Air fills most of those needs… - Amit Patel
Amit Patel
WOAH. I saw a flamingo!! In San Francisco Bay!!!
Yes, I will post pics :) - Amit Patel
Escaped from the zoo? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Quite possibly. I saw one report from 2003 that two (likely escaped) flamingos were found in the North Bay, and one from 2010 that one flamingo was seen at Elkhorn Slough. - Amit Patel
Global warming? - Joe Beda from iPhone
Well, if we're going to have Floridians release their wildlife here, better flamingos than alligators and Burmese pythons. - Spidra Webster
We could have a python hunting contest … - Amit Patel
Amit Patel
(Survey) Which of these roads do you find more aesthetically pleasing? (Ignore the circles and dashed lines)
I like the background on both. :) - SAM
the second one. - kendrak
bezier curve looks better but I prefer to take the shorter road cause I won't be looking at it from the top when I am driving in it - ابوتایغر الزندیقی
Second. - Not Me
Second. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Second - Larry Hosken
Obviously the circular arc. The Bezier is too pointy. - Joe Beda
Second - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I'm guessing they are really the same? - Todd Hoff
Second (...and I, I /didn't/ take the road less traveled by) - Micah
Gotta go with the circular arc, both aesthetically and because you just know somebody is going to drive off the road at the 'pinch point' of the first curve. (In other words, constant radius or increasing radius curves are safer than decreasing radius curves.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Thanks everyone! - Amit Patel
Second. - Victor Ganata
Brian Johns
My 30" monitor gives off quite a bit of heat, and I feel it on my face. This must be how steelworkers feel.
You could make a mask out of tin foil. #HelpfulHints - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
My great grandfather was a steel mill worker, Pittsburgh. He wore long johns in the summer, loved retirement in California. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
This is what makes a great cat bed! ;-) - Amit Patel
I had heard at one time that early computer graphics pioneers had a high rate of brain cancer due the unshielded nature of early computer displays. I can't find any evidence online right now though. So, there's that. - Joe Beda
Triggertrap brings its auto shutter release powers to Android with new application -- Engadget -
Triggertrap brings its auto shutter release powers to Android with new application -- Engadget
"With Google's mobile OS claiming a whopping 68 percent of the world's total smartphone marketshare, it's almost a requirement for companies to expand outside of that other well-known platform. Naturally, the Kickstarter-funded Triggertrap has taken note of this and is now announcing that its automatic shutter release creation will be available on Android starting today. Unlike on iOS, however, the Triggertrap Mobile application won't have a free version on Google Play (or Amazon's app store), so users will have to shell out $5 for the app in order to get started -- of course, that's on top of the $30 for the must-have dongle and matching cable. Triggertrap's expected to be showing off the new Android app at Photokina next week, and you know we'll be sure to bring you a demo to help you decide if it's indeed worth pulling the trigger." - Me from Bookmarklet
Also kickstarter funded: I have one in the package at home that I haven't had time to play with yet. - Joe Beda
Amit Patel
I want to go hiking in southern Oregon but I may postpone my trip until the fire situation calms down.
Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 12 Aug, 9.36.20.png
We just drove through there yesterday and it didn't look too bad. I really didn't notice any fires. - Joe Beda
Kevin Fox
Google's death benefits are amazing. People don't talk much about death, but Google goes way beyond life insurance.
Google's death benefits are amazing. People don't talk much about death, but Google goes way beyond life insurance.
I've hesitated to tell my wife this when the announced this a little while ago. I'm afraid she'll decide she doesn't need me anymore :) - Joe Beda
Joe Beda
Answer by Joe Beda for can you get a cluster of Google Compute Engine instances that are *physically* local? -
There is no support in GCE right now for specifying rack locality. However, we built the system to work well in the face of large numbers of instances talking to each other in a fully connected way, as long as they are in the same zone. This is one of the things that allowed MapR to approach the record for a hadoop terasort. You can see that in action in the video for the Criag Mcluckie's talk from IO: The best way to see is to test out your application and see how it works. - Joe Beda
Tudor Bosman
Press Release – FAA Approves New Child Safety Device -
"The agency encourages but does not mandate the use of child safety devices on airplanes because of the increased safety risk to families who, if forced to purchase an extra airline ticket, might choose to drive. The risk to families is significantly greater on the roads than in airplanes, according to FAA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics." - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
Interesting risk calculation above. - Tudor Bosman
We had one of these several years ago for the kids right after they were approved. There was quite a bit of confusion from the flight attendants. The big bonus is that it is super compact and the child sits further back in the seat vs a regular car seat. The end result is that the kid can't kick the seat in front of him/her. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Tudor Bosman
Throwaway time! What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? : AskReddit -
"I basically killed my father. or at least intentionally allowed him to die. He was an abusive father all my life, and when I was 19, he had a heart attack. I calmly took the phone away from him before he could dial 911, put the recliner he was sitting in up so he would be laying back and his weight would make it harder to breathe, took one last look right at him, then left the room. About an hour or so later I found him sitting there staring forward with foam in his mouth, not breathing. I should clarify that I had been working at a hospital for at least 4 years at that point (volunteer work) and I was first aid certified. I knew exactly what was happening, and what I was doing." - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
Many other gems in that thread. - Tudor Bosman
NSFW, some NSFL. - Tudor Bosman
I spent way too long reading this post this morning. It was fascinating. My life is so boring. - Joe Beda
wow - Clark Kent
Piaw Na
Why I left Google - JW on Tech - Site Home - MSDN Blogs -
In such an environment you don’t have to be part of some executive’s inner circle to succeed. You don’t have to get lucky and land on a sexy project to have a great career. Anyone with ideas or the skills to contribute could get involved. I had any number of opportunities to leave Google during this period, but it was hard to imagine a better place to work. But that was then, as the saying goes, and this is now. - Piaw Na
My experience doesn't mirror James'. Clearly Google isn't the same company it was when I joined 7.5 years ago. In some ways it is actually better. If I am going to work at a big company, Google is the best I've seen. Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to go back to Microsoft. At some point I'll leave Google... but to Microsoft? Of course, the 'you couldn't pay me enough' might be just... more... - Joe Beda
Joe, what does a level 70 mean ? - Space Cowboy
They're cleansed of all operating thetans? - Andrew C (✔)
Ah -- the mysterious Microsoft level system. Back in the old days, they had levels that were pretty chunky and are similar in some ways to Google. Things started at 9 for engineers out of school and everyone was expected to make it to 12. Moving past 12 was hard and those were considered super senior engineers. Lots of times doing that really, practically required moving into management. Note that management at Microsoft at that time might be one guy managing a single other guy. Pretty lame. - Joe Beda
Starting in 2000 (Comp 2000) Microsoft did 2 things. They set the target comp to be higher (75th percentile vs. median for the industry? Don't remember the numbers) and they also expanded the levels. They doubled all of the levels and assigned everyone a new level. New engineers out of school were 59. Level 12 actually got split into three levels -- 63, 64 and 65. - Joe Beda
As Microsoft stagnated, there were much fewer people calling in rich and the pressure on career growth increased. There was a certain amount of grade inflation and a need to provide a reward structure comparable to the old days when the stock was doubling every 18 months. They ended up introducing the 'partner program'. This started at level 68 and the comp is pretty crazy. Also... more... - Joe Beda
Now, my understanding is that the partner program is actually limited to something like 700 people. This means that competition to that level is pretty fierce and those guys have to prove themselves. Also, in recent years, they've been working on creating more of a career path for ICs. They aren't there yet but clearly things are improving. - Joe Beda
As for level 70 -- that is the next strata above partner. It is VP level. Comp is really pretty crazy then. I've never been there so I don't have a lot of first hand experience. I think for ICs the title is Distinguished Engineer. - Joe Beda
What's an "IC"? - Andrew C (✔)
IC = Individual Contributor. Meaning an engineer that is concentrating on technology and not management. In my mind it is a good sign if a company has room for high level ICs. This is one of the things that attracted me to Google. - Joe Beda
If I was into testing as much as JW sounds like he is, MS isn't necessarily a bad choice. They have some pretty awesome test technology, e.g. Joe, is Dave Cutler still the only senior distinguished engineer? - Private Sanjeev
Yeah -- test is a Big Deal at Microsoft. As for Cutler being a the only senior DE -- I have no clue. It looks like he is a Technical Fellow: Here is the DE list: Dave's bio is out of date so this whole thing may be old. - Joe Beda
It's amazing how not minting new millionaires regularly causes a re-jiggling of corporate culture and ladders. :-) - Piaw Na
What are you talking about Piaw, Google still mints new millionaires regularly :) - Private Sanjeev
Yes they do. But in a very weird political way that's opaque. :-) - Piaw Na
It's completely transparent -- just get a Facebook offer :) - Private Sanjeev
The thing with Microsoft and partners is that it is a steady state thing. These people have target comp every year going forward. I get the feeling that Google is doing a bunch of one time grants and such. It is more scatter shot than Microsoft. I can see pluses and minuses to both. The scattershot model seems random and bad for morale but keeps people on their toes to deliver. The steady target comp model encourages complacency. - Joe Beda
No, the new Google secret packages are a steady grant every year. It's a fairly large grant. Of course, getting one requires quite a bit of political skill either on your part or on the part of your manager. - Piaw Na
Heh -- I've only seen/heard about the one time grants. Some of them have been pretty eye popping though. I must not be cool enough :) - Joe Beda
Why do you think I had to start charging for my negotiation services? - Piaw Na
I'm pretty sure I'm doing okay. ;) - Joe Beda
I'm sure you are. I'm always surprised by the disparity of pay amongst otherwise similar engineers playing similar roles in big companies. The spread is quite incredible, indicating that ability to play the political game is more important than just about anything else when it comes to pay. - Piaw Na
An interesting thing that I've seen is that the game tends to be different at different companies. For instance, there are plenty of examples of high level managers and engineers at Microsoft that played that game well that flamed out when put in a new environment like Google. It takes time to learn the new game and some otherwise smart people just can't do it. - Joe Beda
That's a phenomena well understood and documented in the book, Chasing Stars: Highly recommended reading if you really want to understand the background behind contextual performance. - Piaw Na
Dave Cutler -- Second-hand info: in '07 I was given to understand that he has always wanted the top title, alone. As the organization grew and he had to share it, they created a new one for him, one notch more impressive. Of course, as his bio states, he is "generally considered one of the top programmers worldwide". - Ace
Amit Patel
Looks like it might be a Circumhorizontal arc -- - Joe Beda
Interesting! However I think it's something else. Wikipedia says the sun has to be at least 58° high and from I'm guessing the sun was somewhere around 30° high on that day. - Amit Patel
Might be a “sun dog”: - Amit Patel
I thought sun dog myself. But the Wikipedia article for sun dogs show them as huge arcs. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Google image search mostly brings up huge arcs but there are a few that look similar to mine. Of course I don't know if those people identified it correctly either ;) - Amit Patel
Piaw Na
Microsoft Turns Good Engineers Into Bad Managers, Says Ex-Employee (MSFT) -
All big companies are this way. - Piaw Na
I've been saying this for years. It is really the main reason I left. You need to manage to get ahead. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Ken Sheppardson
New Year's blog redesign complete. Dumped WordPress for Jekyll in the process. Now if only I'd actually start writing...
Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 11.06.58 PM.png
I'm in the process of doing the same thing with Jekyll/Octopress. I have all the pieces in place; I've just been too lazy to do the CSS, etc. - Akiva
The weird thing is I had a WordPress theme I'd hacked together over the past few years with a blue bar across the top that had become a little too close to Facebook's look. So over the last few weeks I've been working on this, then swapped it out earlier today. A few hours later I get a flood in GReader of posts from Bret Taylor...the sort of thing that happens when you change blogging platforms. I don't think I've visited his site in over a year, but I go there today and see this -- - Ken Sheppardson
That looks interestingly familiar. - Akiva
The existence of Disqus got me thinking I can use something like Jekyll for my blog. I'm already building the rest of my site with templates. - Amit Patel
Yeah, Disqus is slick. I'd waffled back and forth between WordPress native comments and Disqus, so moving everything over to Jekyll was trivial. Now the question is really whether to bother with comments at all. Disqus is enabled now, but it just looks kinda janky, I'm not sure I want to spend a bunch of time cleaning up the CSS, and there's something appealing about the commentless Daring Fireball approach... - Ken Sheppardson
When I visit a blog that doesn't want comments, it feels like the author doesn't want me there... - Amit Patel
Well, that's almost the case for me, but not in a negative way... I'd sorta rather have any follow-up conversations on FriendFeed, Google+, or even Twitter than squirreled away under the blog post. I'd certainly like people to see what I wrote, but after that I've got no particular interest in trying to drive page views or anything. - Ken Sheppardson
Amit, interesting; I've never thought if it like that before. When I relaunch The Misanthropic Geek, I'll definitely allow comments but I don't and will never allow comments on my other one. - Akiva
I think both styles of discussion work. Using Twitter/Google+/FriendFeed feels like people at other people's houses talking about something you made. Separate smaller, more intimate conversations. Using comments on the blog feels like inviting all those people to my house to talk to each other. A big conversation among strangers. - Amit Patel
I recently built a site for publishing some panos using Hyde. It is jekyll written in python. I used bootstrap and less along with it. Check it out: No rss or comments yet. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Every few years I change what I use. This conversation is making me want to change again :-) . The last major change was to XSLT (!): + = I'm pretty happy with it but I need to hook it up to emacs so that as soon as I save the input, it regenerates the output. For my blog I'd need to add categories and RSS… - Amit Patel
Emacs? GTFO. - Akiva
I once did C++ code gen with XSLT. I regretted it. True story. - Joe Beda
Just saw this today: "Just over a month ago, I switched comments off for this blog. I wanted to post a very brief follow-up on that decision. In a nutshell, it was definitely the right move. For the first few days I did miss the validation of getting a flurry of comments on each new article, but I quickly realised that I was enjoying the peace and quiet. The other benefits are manifest: ..." - - Ken Sheppardson
I have been pretty much anti-comments since the beginning myself. I don't write to start a dialogue. I write because I want to write. When I have had comments on a site of mine, it's been pretty much like Matt described. The better conversations I had here on FriendFeed or through some private channel. I'm now re-evaluating my previous statement about allowing comments if I ever relaunch my geek site. - Akiva
Looks very nice, well done. I agree, I don't necessarily want discussion on my posts. Most of the time, it's just getting my thoughts out there, not really looking for input. - Nathan Snyder
Thanks, Nathan. The anti-comment faction's pretty vocal, by the way, and can be persuasive... "Let’s be totally honest here: anyone worthwhile leaving a comment should do so on their own blog. Very few read blog comments anyway. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Commenting is a facade. It makes you think you have a voice. You don’t. Get your own blog and write how you really feel on your own site." -- - Ken Sheppardson
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