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@nell_ - Well... perhaps a lot of frosting can save these cupcakes. What happened? Oven too hot or you overcooked?
@nell_ - Well... perhaps a lot of frosting can save these cupcakes. What happened? Oven too hot or you overcooked?
Well, it may be broken chocolate, but it's still...chocolate! - John Blossom
Rafe Needleman
I am trying to understand why I like Thinkpads so much, when the truth is that I have broken pretty much every one I have ever used.
They all break, eventually - even Dell Latitudes, though they are generally quite sturdy. Nice magnesium frame. I am now on an E6400 Latitude with a RAM drive, pretty sturdy so far. - John Blossom
Barry Graubart
For @howardlindzon my fave Wallstrip - $CRM - coffee's for closers
For @howardlindzon my fave Wallstrip - $CRM - coffee's for closers
"If you use the mobile Google Maps application on a phone that has GPS, you're sending Google real-time traffic information. "When you choose to enable Google Maps with My Location, your phone sends anonymous bits of data back to Google describing how fast you're moving. When we combine your speed with the speed of other phones on the road, across thousands of phones moving around a city at any given time, we can get a pretty good picture of live traffic conditions," explains Google." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
I had to comment on this. I have wonderful uses for such data. I hope they'd let us have some of the data we give them back. - Dustin Sallings
Hopefully the collected data would be made available through an API - Mike Chelen
@hlwilson3 your tweet was hilarious. Trust me, you'll be the first to hear if an aquisition happens.
With a very favorable term sheet, I hope! - John Blossom
RT @LA_MarketingGal: Had such a great time this morning, @bakespace Delicious oatmeal and great company! What could be better?... Me too!
Robin Good
Make your Twitter background links clickable! Woooh :-o Coolio - thanks to Mr Ed Hudson @edhudson gotta follow him
Woo-hoo! this is great! - John Blossom
If you're going to #twiistup, make sure you stop by our booth - you won't want to miss the 1,000 cupcakes from @CrumbsBakeShop
Dang, why did I have to go and lose all that weight...? - John Blossom
C.C. Chapman
About to inhale chocolate at #tedxboston with LeWhif
About to inhale chocolate at #tedxboston with LeWhif
Brad Williamson
Former Newsweek Reporter Launches ‘Hands-On’ Educational Site for Digital Novices -
Former Newsweek Reporter Launches ‘Hands-On’ Educational Site for Digital Novices
"While expanding your e-media operation should be a no-brainer, for many traditional publishers the process is more complicated than it might seem. That’s why Amy Webb, a former Newsweek and Wall Street Journal reporter, launched, a Web site that aims to educate novices and help technophobes embrace the digital evolution and create their own online services." - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
Barry Graubart
LOL RT @Rafe: RT @anildash: Hoping to convince CNN that grabbing Facebook usernames is called "Facesquatting" so they'll to say it on-air.
Atul Arora
MySpace Is In Far Worse Shape Than Its New Executives Thought (NWS) tip @techmeme
I never, never liked MySpace - was badly designed, not a very sociable place. Barely mentioned it in Content Nation. - John Blossom
mike "glemak" dunn
i'm not much of a twitter conversationalist however @twithive is pretty awesome & might convert me ;)
Aviary twithive-com Picture 1.png
How does this compare to PeopleBrowsr? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
it works well via ajax only - no air which is appreciated - mike "glemak" dunn
i've used tweetdeck & other air based apps - i'd rather just have a tab open that i can check in on once in awhile - can't afford to "live" in twitter or friendfeed which is what air apps assume you want to do ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
jennifer: it is similar to peoplebrowsr just focused on twitter only thus simpler - i use peoplebrowsr too and like it though it has tons of features and config options which i haven't optimized for my preferences yet... - mike "glemak" dunn
agreed - speedy compare to others i've tried - mike "glemak" dunn
TwitHive is now my primary Twitter agent. keeps my desktop clean, does most everything that it should quite well. Main bug: in Chrome, it gets confused about the length of your messages when you use the RT function. Good stuff overall. - John Blossom
Barry Graubart
RT @skydiver: WONDERFUL QUOTE!!! And one EVERYONE should memorize: "Never anger the dragon, for you are little and go well with ketchup."
Robert Scoble
The most customized book ever: -
The most customized book ever:
I just had breakfast with Rick Smolan who does the most beautiful photo books (he did the Day In The Life series). This is an incredible book because the whole thing is custom printed on HP's Indigo printers. What does that enable? Well your own pictures and name gets put into the book. It is very cool and makes a great gift for Obama fans. The photography is incredible too. Check it out at: - Robert Scoble
There are nine places in the book that are custom just to you. - Robert Scoble
A beautiful-looking product, just the tip of the iceberg for the capabilities of custom books. We're just at the dawn of new era in custom print. - John Blossom
9 places? Doesn't sound like much -- we created a 80 page book at for my parents 60th anniversary - every page was custom. - Brian Sullivan
my wife did a total custom project with Creative Memories Kewl stuff - Reed Stockman
Barely scratches the surface with what you can do with the indigo (and other digi printers??) my printer gave me a demo last time I as in the print shop. As John B says it's a new era, in time all books will be custom printed and probably JTI for delivery. On the flipside its great to see what people are doing with the old Letterpress's - Yant
Brian: yeah, but this is a book created by other people, not a one-off book. - Robert Scoble
That's to the point, Robert, mass personalization can make any produced book a personal book, with content, design or any combination thereof. Mass uniqueness = much better margins. - John Blossom
Robert -- I am not sure I understand the distinction "created by other people" - why is that significant? "not a one off book" -- it is a one off book is it not - there is only one of them? I could create a book that only changed in 9 places in the 80's -- I ordered a kid's book where my kid's name was included in the book a few places (I don't really remember but I am sure at least 9 or so places). I am trying to suss out why this is such a breakthrough. - Brian Sullivan
Brian: because your name and photos are used in the book itself. I've never seen a large print run book that's customized that way. - Robert Scoble
What does this book cost? Never mind - I see $34.95 on Amazon - Brian Sullivan
How many of you are scared/concerned about the long term consequences of your digital footprint? When you swear outrageously or tweet drunk, are you worried that one day it might come back to haunt you (potential employer sees it or whatever?) And also, how do you feel about businesses using your conversation as part of their business models?
...Friendfeed being the prime example... (I should point out that I'm on a panel about this very topic this week, so I may bring up your thoughts during it...won't mention you by name though! :) ) - Zee.
Presently looking for work and constantly having to carefully choose my wording as to not disparage old employers and screwing myself out of new Jobs. - Brent - Yes I am
I think about this all the time - certainly an issue amongst within IP law (among many other areas). I've had my stuff used in ways I never thought of... thank God I didn't say anything too outrageous! - Gunther Sonnenfeld
Ok, I admit to being slightly worried, in case I get involved in politics. But whatever, I'll have an open philosophy regardless. And if businesses facilitate conversation, they can use what goes across their wires. Glass houses and all... - Christopher Galtenberg
In many ways, its not new. Just because it's digital doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of what you say or how you behave. Granted, social networking makes things easier to find. - Mark Philpot
I do not hold with companies using my content in their work, be it in an article or an example on their site or brochures, unless they've contacted me and asked permission. As for my "digital footprint" concerns, I've been online for over 20 years. I stopped worrying about that long ago. - Anika
Good question. All my LANjackal profiles are disconnected from my professional identity (no links or mentions from one to the other) for that very reason - LANjackal
but Anika, when Friendfeed uses your review of a particular application in the Apps room - and (in time) places advertising in there. Is joining Friendfeed and commenting enough permission? (I should note, i haven't looked into Friendfeed terms & conditions yet...which probably reference this) - Zee.
I don't swear and I don't get drunk. It's that simple, Zee. :) Just behave yourselves. - Louis Gray
The only thing that concerns me about my online content is posting something I wouldn't want my kids to see, which will probably never happen. I couldn't care less about future employers. If they don't hire me because of something I said online or because I posted a shirtless pic on FF, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the job anyway. - Rahsheen
Louis is the smartest guy on FF!! :) wise advise for sure! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
swearing is fucking bad. - Tyler Gillies from email
Getting less scared about what I say online, don't mind to mention my name, but at the same time I'm being more careful too. It might be my age (& that I'm not as hyperactive as I used to be). ;-) - Ton Zijp
What about the literal footprint- the acids and chemicals that are used to make every new gadget, leeches into the soil, fills dumps in Vietnam that kids wade through... etc. - anna sauce
I'm just paranoid about the Internet to begin with, then add the whole digital footprint thingy ... - Brent - Yes I am
Ton, I see nothing wrong in being careful. - Brent - Yes I am
not so worried about myself... more worried about my children and figuring out how to teach them to be politic on-line when they don't want me looking over their shoulders. - Peggy Dolane
I'm old and don't care anymore - Robert Hafer
I know very little about my grandparents. My mother passed away several years ago and my father doesn't like to talk much. I would like nothing more than be able to search the archives of my relatives digital footprints to see how they lived, loved, and laughed. I hope to provide that to my grandchildren and I have no fear of them seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly because it will... more... - Mark Krynsky
wow mark that is very deep. thank you - Tyler Gillies from email
Me neither, Brent, but sometimes you just don't know what careful is. Tourists here in Amsterdam think they can ride a bike instantly & don't see any danger, untill they meet a tram that can't stop for them. In that way I'm talking about my behaviour of getting more careful. - Ton Zijp
There are a few things in the past that I regret posting, but once they go on the Net... Lately, I've been a little cautious in what I put up. - Arlan K.
Having seen some of the comments and pictures that get posted to my friends' Facebook and Twitter streams, I've become very wary of making drunken tweets and/or wall-posts. If you say or do something embarrassing while you're drunk, it soon gets forgotten; but what you post to a social network, tends to live on. - Andrew Terry
I've been hesitant to post anything about one of my former employers even though I very much want to talk about it. But the employer would be immediately recognized by every most everyone in the U.S. and I've worried that anything I would post about them would come back to haunt me. I don't think I would mind businesses using my conversations. Don't swear & rarely even drink anything so I don't have to worry about that! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I hear you Jannifer. Frustrating isn't it? - Brent - Yes I am
I agree that if you're being an arse online it gives the impression that you're an arse in real life too. That much is fine, but if a potential employer takes exception at things such as your views on a specific subject (provided they're not of the ignorant and bigoted type) then you're better off not working for them and they have done a favour to you by showing their true colours. A... more... - alphaxion
We're all different people in different circumstances and there's nothing wrong with that. For example, I don't talk to my kids the way I talk to my friends, the way I talk to my co-workers, etc. The problem with the Internet is that it doesn't allow us that parting of our roles, so to speak. So we must adopt a generic self and water down our different parts, or else live with the consequences of exposing private aspects of ourselves to public scrutiny. It's a shame, I think. - Dawn
Since I have already not been hired for a job because of my blog, I am pretty much so to the point where it is all water under the bridge. How a potential employer handles what I have to say is more important. If they wont hire me, odds are highly likely the job would have been a bad fit to begin with. My 2 cents, been there, seen it, still got the best job in the world. - Dan owns
"When you swear outrageously or tweet drunk" - what Nicholas James said. - John Craft
To an extent I'm concerned, using this gave me a good idea of what is out there of me on the net and gave me a little fright. But I think by and large we are in control of what goes online about us, so it's up to us to manage. - Yant
You're always in the global village on the Web. Make sure that you don't find yourself doing nutty things on the street. Your mileage may vary, of course. - John Blossom
Be sure to keep your personal safety in mind when Tweeting. You can give out too much information about your location for instance. See this revealing post: (Twitter user says vacation Tweets led to burglary) - Peggy Dolane
Seems like an appropriate posts for Jauder Ho/ Leather donut - Mrsth
I take Louis Gray's approach, always doing my best to say what I mean clearly so it is not misinterpreted to mean something worse. - James Rishabh Mishra
I began my life online with a pseudonym to help separate it from my real identity. The main purpose was to preserve an independent voice without my current employer being affected by my opinions. However, over recent months, I've decided to intertwine the identities. It comes down to authenticity with me. I don't swear or get drunk either so whether online or in person what you see is what you get. - Keith - @tsudo
Marshall Kirkpatrick
I've been paying pretty close attention to people who start following me lately. nice to find some interesting folks to follow back
Jeff Jarvis
NPR's been passing the hat for years, why not? Donations work for news sites such as also. - John Blossom
Steve Goldstein
RT @seth: Fuckit, if Osama can say Salam Alaikum in Cairo, I can say Shabat Shalom on Twitter.
Dave Winer
Re: Google's killer app (Scripting News) -
"#1 is straight from but #2 is what Google does. A little thing called a search engine. :-)" - Dave Winer
"#1 is straight from but #2 is what Google does. A little thing called a search engine. :-)" - Dave Winer
Dave Winer
Talk about humility. A Google search for "search engine" turns up Lycos and Alta Vista, but not Google. Update index?
C.C. Chapman
My new rule - ALWAYS answer the phone. You never know who might be calling.
Dave Winer
Time says Twitter will change our lives; I Tweeted that I puked.
It wasn't the most ridiculous thing that I had ever read, but it was kind of sad that they're just catching up with it. - John Blossom
Bill Burger
Fascinating research on Twitter use: 10% of users account for 90% of Tweets. Sustainable?
As long as 90 percent like what they hear, yes. As a broadcast channel it's a different sort of medium than Facebook or other more person-to-person services. The parallel with Wikipedia data is interesting, as it points out that some people like consuming social media more than creating it. Not everyone feels comfortable being a publisher. Remember the Pew study that I reference in... more... - John Blossom
Dave Winer
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded -
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded
OK, I admit it - Morpheus is the BEST. Fishburne somehow manages to deliver these lines that would otherwise be totally hokey and makes them ironic and powerful. A classic movie character. - John Blossom
Martin Bryant
All the 3rd Generation iPhone rumours in one handy image - The Next Web -
All the 3rd Generation iPhone rumours in one handy image - The Next Web
"With less than a week until Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, rumours about the third generation iPhone are kicking into overdrive. This image compiles them all into one handy graphic, with a colour code for just how likely each rumour is." - Martin Bryant from Bookmarklet
Wrong title, should read "All the 3rd Generation iPhone rumours in one handy UNREADABLE image" (graphical text is 6p in size, how are we-no-longer-adolescents supposed to read it at all?) - ianf ⌘
Ian, the thumbnail on FriendFeed is unreadable. The image when you click through should be be large enough! - Martin Bryant
Martin, "should" is in the 20/20 eye of your own self. I read and write it here at a minimum of 24p. - not because I am blind, but because I am normal for my middle age. I believe I could read the original if equipped with large enough magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes-style (if you understand what I mean). But why should I, since, obviously, you're not interested in communicating with others than you age group-alikes? - ianf ⌘
Ian, I'm truly sorry if you think I haven't taken your problem seriously. If you click through to The Green Room from the post you can click through to a much larger version. In fact, when I get home I'll even link the image on TNW to the original large one. I hope that helps. - Martin Bryant
Martin, I don't have a "problem." If you meant this <http://thegreenroomblog.files....> (which isn't obvious from weblog description that it houses a larger illustration), then why didn't you say so? But you're deluding yourself that its perhaps 9p text is much more readable by unaided eye than the previous sample. Yes, I... more... - ianf ⌘
Ian, sorry I said 'Problem' - I simply meant the 'problem' that you couldn't read the text clearly. I didn't link to the larger image as I (obviously wrongly) assumed the one I posted was large enough. I'll bear your point in mind in future. Web accessibility is something we should all take more seriously. Thanks for flagging up the issue.The image on my post is now clickable and links to the original full size image. - Martin Bryant
Thank you, Martin, for taking this seriously, and not treating criticism as "personal attack" or similar (which is far more prevalent online, alas). Most web workers (and readers) are young, and have neither experience, nor the need for larger type. But the fact that hardly any book or newspaper is printed at less than 11p size should speak for itself. - ianf ⌘
Brad Williamson A New Platform For Funding Ideas And Creative Endeavors - A New Platform For Funding Ideas And Creative Endeavors
"The concept is brilliantly simple: Creators — artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, bloggers, explorers — post a project that needs funding and set a donation period. Then people begin pledging money. The “pledge” is actually a commitment that you’ll donate the promised amount, but is collected only if a project reaches or exceeds its funding goal before time expires — even if a project is just $1 short when the time expires, no money is collected. In return, project creators can offer products and services — from a hot air balloon ride to free CD’s — to their backers, as well as exclusive project updates." - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
NOTE: If you like this article, make sure to join the "Media News And Analysis" group... - Brad Williamson
Go to and see how many people are really gathering a lotta dollars and cents for their projects. - Brad Williamson
Marshall Kirkpatrick
several people keep saying that Twitter is a B2C technology, not B2B I don't think that's accurate at all.
No way. Its consumer to consumer, B2B and B2C. The unique value to business in fact comes from the C2C interaction. That's where user intent is most accurate. - Sameer
it's an E2E technology. everyone to everyone/ - Michael Calore
Agreed, Marshall, there's a huge B2B component to Twitter - especially with all of the PR people on it. Broadcast is broadcast and influence is influence. It's a neutral pipe that could be used for consumer or enterprise. - John Blossom
Dave Winer
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