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Julian Bond
Re: Stay N Alive: Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely -
"RSS/Atom (and auto-discovery) is usually pretty trivial to code and considerably easier than building an API. As it's the lowest common denominator, shouldn't developers support that first and just get it out of the way and forget about it before getting onto the meat of the API? I really question if the feeds are stagnating. There are still a huge number of us using Google reader, My6Sense and such like to consume feeds. There are still lots of people using Friendfeed to aggregate feeds. When you say stagnating, don't you mean "not getting much press these days". The problem with JSON APIs for basic data access is that they're all different. That means that aggregators (like Google Reader, My6sense, friendfeed, etc etc) have to code up each one uniquely. You're pushing the development effort not just onto your own developers producing "richer" APIs, but also onto your consumer's developers trying to build platforms to use the data. RSS/Atom may only be just good enough, but it's also..." - Julian Bond