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Crying out for an E-Assist conversion. Rear Bafang motor, Lyen controller, bottle battery. -
That's another tributary of the Lee or Lea checked off. Today's little jaunt was Ware -> Potters Bar... -
When racism was finally exposed as being detrimental to society, it was blamed on foreigners -
Re: Saving Lives With the Ambucycle -
"And then there's the best motorcycle charity ever. Riders for Health." - Julian Bond
Re: Technical Analysis: 90-Degree V-Four Engine Has Honda done what Ducati couldn’t in MotoGP? -
"Meanwhile Aprilia also have a V4. And Espagaro has been faster than the Ducatis occasionally. Aprilia's approach is to give up perfect balance for a more compact engine with a 65 deg angle between cylinder banks. Then there's the old Suzukis, also V4, also not 90 deg." - Julian Bond
Re: The BMW-Powered Recumbent Motorcycle -
"I run a website and mailing lists for all kinds of recumbent motorcycles. Feet Forwards or recumbent M/C are hardly a new idea. And Ecomobile and Monotracer have been building them based on that power train for some time. You may also remember that an electric Monotracer won one of the X-Prize categories a couple of years ago. This particular device is quite interesting, but also somewhat flawed as these things tend to be. Good luck to them." - Julian Bond
Re: The iPod’s decline accelerates as Q3 sales drop a record 32% year-over-year -
"Thing is, there's a small but persistent market for people who want an iPod or similar with a truly massive capacity and a high quality audio output stage. Which is why even remade Classics with a 240Gb disk go for a premium on eBay. If Apple don't want to address that market, who will? Alternatively if we are supposed to store it in the cloud, where's the truly massive storage? Google Play's 20k track limit is too small. And there's plenty of times when streaming over the air isn't an option." - Julian Bond
Re: Ideas for rebooting RSS - http://reboot.reallysimplesynd...
"Note that Google is pushing <link rel=author, rel=publisher and rel=me via a local about page and then/or your google about page for this. And that you may not like the idea of everything having to go via a google profile about page. I'm really not sure how much indirection there should be here. eg RSS->About page->Profiles or maybe RSS->FOAF->Profiles. Loading up RSS with a long list of social media profile URIs feels wrong. I think there ought to be at least one layer of indirection. A link to a single about page containing the long list." - Julian Bond
Re: The iPod’s decline accelerates as Q3 sales drop a record 32% year-over-year -
"I guess that means I'm never going to get my 1TB iPod Classic. Sigh." - Julian Bond
Re: Electric bicycles to be a $11 billion industry by 2020 -
"Low powered electric bicycles that are legally a bicycle? Or high powered electric motorcycles that are legally a motorcycle? ISTM that several of the issues discussed here and the problems with US states and cities banning electric bicycles is because the distinction is not clear. You may not agree with Europe's approach of 250W/25KPH limits to be treated as a bicycle but it does at least provide a clear framework for basically unregulated, unlicensed vehicles with some electric assist. It looks like a bicycle, behaves like a bicycle so it is a bicycle and can be used anywhere a bicycle can be used. If you want a 5Kw/50kph vehicle you can but it's a moped/motorcycle not a bicycle and requires a license, helmet, insurance and so on and can only be used on the road or private land. And not on bicycle paths." - Julian Bond
Re: RSS get-together, nominations please -
"Someone from And from Yahoo Pipes, because both are major users of feeds for plumbing. And someone from one of the services that consumes huge quantities of feeds for their insights into the problems of feed collection, spidering, parsing and storage. And please keep plugging away at the issues around subscribing to lists of feeds curated by other people and hence internet accessible OPML." - Julian Bond
Re: Music streaming site launches premium memberships and a stripped-down mini player -
"Still US only, then." - Julian Bond
Re: Feedly supports OPML, but not really -
"There's a reverse request here for people who write feed readers. Allow the user to specify a URL when uploading an OPML file as well as uploading it from a local file." - Julian Bond
If you liked that, then you will love this. Nothing need ever change. -
Akkord – Navigate -
Does the Windows Google Music Manager update automatically? -
Re: Feedly supports OPML, but not really -
"Yes, but, ;) I don't want to download a copy to my local hard drive. I want to subscribe to the OPML subscription list in my web based feed reader (that understands how to subscribe to the list). If I can't do that, I'd rather just have the source displayed in the browser and then choose file-save to save it to the hard drive *if* I want a local copy. Why assume I want a local copy of the file because I clicked on a link? Unless of course the link said "Download OPML here". And I guess that's what I'm trying to get at. Why is "download it" the default behaviour for OPML links when it's unlikely I've got anything on my local machine that can do anything with it? Capiche?" - Julian Bond
Re: Feedly supports OPML, but not really -
"Just a thought. *If* we had feed readers that could subscribe to OPML, *then* clicking on an OPML link and having the browser try to download an OPML file wouldn't be the right thing to do. Offering a download would be wrong for an RSS link so why is it right for OPML?" - Julian Bond
Re: Low-cost hi-fi: the amazing world of cheapo mini-amps -
"One Lepai amp. One M/C battery (12v-10Ahr) found in the garage. Two 8" PA speakers with Piezo horn tweeters on offer from Maplins (I forget, £39.99 ?). One iPod Classic 160 = about 8-12hrs of party time in the woods. The only downside is that there's not much headroom. Over drive it and it goes suddenly into clipping distortion. The key is the PA speaker sensitivity so instead of 8", try and find some eBay 12" or 15". The next step up is 24v or 36v T-Class amps, look hard enough and you'll find the bargains for not much more money. The current Lepai's have some protection built in. It was easy with the early ones to kill them with a speaker short or reversed battery." - Julian Bond
Re: As July 1 approaches -
"For me, Firefox (windows, 21.0) is not too bad. I don't think I've got an extension doing this, but I see a styled html version of the feed with a box at the top offering subscription options. And options that can be added to if you don't use the obvious readers. If I hit CTRL-U (view source) just like I would on any web page, then I can see the XML. In Chrome I get more or less the same thing but only because I installed Google's RSS Subscription Extension ( I agree that this should be loaded by default as only enthusiasts will know about it or search for it. And then there is a link on the page to view source. Showing a page with a styled html representation of the feed with subscribe dialog controls and a way of viewing source seems like a reasonable approach to me. I just wish Chrome would do this by default rather than requiring an extension." - Julian Bond
Re: Turkish cops shoot a protester's drone out of the sky -
"Life plays out near future SciFi. Walter Jon Williams - Deep State, Ian McDonald - The Dervish House." - Julian Bond
My Glastonbury tickets are finally in my hot sweaty hand, which means it's real! I guess I'd better get... -
Re: US charges NSA whistleblower Snowden with espionage, asks Hong Kong to detain him -
"Surely, Hagbard Celine's  "Leif Ericson". Gold'n'Appel Enterprises should be able to  spirit him away from the Illuminati." - Julian Bond
Only 7 sleeps to go till Glastonbury. -
One of the stories we were being told during and after the Tottenham riots was that Blackberry BBM was...
One of the stories we were being told during and after the Tottenham riots was that Blackberry BBM was... -
Re: Less porn for you: UK ISPs will enact auto-filtering of adult content by the end of 2013 -
"Won't anyone think of... rule #34?" - Julian Bond
Re: Snowden leak: How UK spies attacked delegations to the 2009 G20 -
"One of the stories we were being told during and after the Tottenham riots was that Blackberry BBM was secure and controlling the riots was harder because this was the comms tool of choice for the gangs. How does that square with this story? GCHQ can intercept BBM, but the Police can't?" - Julian Bond
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