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While Apple enjoys having billions in the bank, some iPhone developers are having a hard time getting paid | Hardware 2.0 | -
"While it seems that Apple is having no problems whatsoever selling iPhone apps in the App Store, and taking money for them, the Cupertino giant is slow in passing on the developer’s share of the take." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Bbbbaaaahhhhhssssttttaaaaarrrrrddddddsssss. - Robert Scoble
Apple is saving to buy twitter :D - Mihai Secasiu
I wonder if he checked to make sure his app wasn't listed as free. ;) - Joshua Schnell
It always depends on the agreement between the parts. But the programmers' testimonials gives us a hint on how the things were done.. :P - arnaldostream
Jay Rosen
I understood about 40% of this, but wow, what a story. ReadWriteWeb: How the OAuth Security Battle Was Won, Open Web Style
Not sure if this helps make it more clear, but my way to explain it would be XSS meets man in the middle.TC needs to make an apology post to Twitter. - Bret Piatt
That's a great overview of the story, and it makes me really proud of these open communities. Great work all around. The point about there needing to be more folks like Chris Messina and Eran Hammer-Lahav is a great one; people and companies need to grok how valuable they are. - Ken Kennedy
Right on, Ken. - Jay Rosen
Last complaint for today: Companys: AVOID RackSpace. Huge ripoff. Five Nines? Lucky to get 3. Data? They just lost ours.
I'm sorry about Rackspace losing your data. I am getting the big guns to work on your account. That's inexcusable. - Robert Scoble
In the future if anything ever goes wrong like this again I'm at +1-425-205-1921 and I have the ears of everyone at Rackspace and will work to get your account fixed if you haven't gotten it fixed yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: living proof the Zappos effect is contagious. - Victor Panlilio
Rackspace have been a real disappointment to me for a long time. Just because Robert says he's going to get the big guns involved is a BIG JOKE. - Amanda
Amanda: it's not a big joke. I spent two days with the chairman and another day yesterday. When we fail you we've messed up totally. What services are you using? - Robert Scoble
Just managed hosting. Frankly who cares whether you met the Chairman, I would be more interested to hear you spent a week in their call center but that would not allow you to drop a big "I'm important" name. - Amanda
Amanda: I have tons of contacts in the call center. Is this something I can fix? I'm on the phone with someone there right now. - Robert Scoble
Amanda: by the way, in June I'll be working in the call center. That's a great idea! - Robert Scoble
Amanda: if you go back and read my first two posts here I never mentioned the chairman. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert for your efforts. - Amanda
For what it's worth, I've said it before and will say it again. I have managed hosting with Rackspace and they are the BEST. Not by just a little, but by a lot. - Mike
We aren't perfect but we do care and not just about the "loud" voices, I'm trying to learn FriendFeed so I can be available to customers. E-mail me at bret dot piatt at rackspace dot com or call my mobile 210-867-9338. - Bret Piatt
Robert Scoble
Oracle Agrees to Acquire Sun Microsystems - -
Wow, interesting. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
this means what? - Christopher Harris
So MySQL goes to Oracle and Oracle just got more interesting in cloud computing and datacenter wars. But not sure what it means, I need sleep to contemplate it all. - Robert Scoble
@robert yea if you're in the US you're up laaate - Christopher Harris
Yup, up late. - Robert Scoble
So Dave Winer tweeted this url (zdnet blog) and there's not a single mention of MySQL in it... and in this NYTimes article there's only one mention at the end... Where's reporter asking Ellison what MySQL's future is with Oracle? - Chris Heath
You know mysql has not been changed after the acqusition of Sun. But we are not sure what will be on the future. - AlpB. from fftogo
Quite bizarre... but I guess it makes sense. Oracle has gobbled up so many companies to round out it's software verticals and diagonals. Buying Sun adds a hardware layer beneath their offerings pitting them head-to-head against DB2 on AIX (as if it's ever been a real threat). Should be fascinating to watch this evolution... - Ankush Narula
Then, there is just two big company about databases; MS and Oracle. - Arda Çetin
And a little PostgreSQL :) - Arda Çetin
And IBM, DB2 - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Frankly, I'm surprised this didn't happen years ago. - Craig Eddy
Oracle has previously acquired other database products that it has kept alive -- the in-memory database TimesTen and the embeddable Berkeley DB. I believe both are doing well under Oracle's reign. I'm sure that Ellison and company will tweak MySQL with an upgrade path to the Oracle Database. - Anthony K. Valley ©
But will there be any change in the way MySQL is acquired? Will Oracle try to impose an Oracle support contract structure? I confess that I completely missed the MySQL aspect of this myself initially, but that part will make this Oracle's most challenging acquisition. - John E. Bredehoft
and sybase - Robert O'Callaghan
If Sun doesn't have MySQL. You think Oracle still buy Sun at this time? - Arda Çetin
Arda, there's a benefit from Oracle having its own hardware division. It's always looking for ways to increase its stack, and since it's now in the OS business, why not hardware also? Not sure of Java's true worth to Oracle, other than bragging rights. - John E. Bredehoft
Dave Winer
Touchdown FAIL -
Touchdown FAIL
that was amazing. and it did autoplay in FF! how hot is that. i hope the coach benched that guy! - Charles Hudson
Oh dumb people... - Mike Nayyar
that is awesome, reminds me of the banking industry - Bryan Thatcher
The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things. The tops are made of rubber, the bottoms are ... oh shit! - Mattb4rd
What a wanker. - Andrew Trinh
I think the death penalty is legal in cases like this. - Dave Winer
Zee your website is throwing HTTP 500 errors doesn't look good. :( - rob
yeah, sucks eh Rob....bloody site5...should be up in a few more minutes...(hopefully) - Zee.
+10 dave =D - Ken Morley
huh, that's nifty that you have the comments fed from here into your blog post. :) which plugin is it? - rob
yeah, it's awesome - not sure if i'm meant to be talking about it just yet though. They haven't released it but i'm testing it out - Zee.
pillock! - Rob Sellen :o)
please share when you can Zee, I'm very interested. - rob from twhirl
<hand smacking forehead> - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
LOL!!!! - Luca Filigheddu
Hilarious ! - Nir Ben Yona
ROTFL - Eric Cantona
lololol - Chris Farrugia
lol - Alp
@Peter - so true. - Nir Ben Yona
missed it by that much... - Gary Fredrick
oops.... - ybs
ahahahahahaha - disconnesso
Cool :-) - Zee Waqar
wuajajajajajaj great! - Francisco Kemeny
looks like an Eagles receiver... - Anthony Farrior
What a muppet! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
BCK is right: he didn't learn. FAIL. - Bill Sodeman
XD - Jay
hahahah :) - Metin Kahraman
Anthony - yeah - and he did it again on Monday Night Football this season - learned nothing from this earlier balls-up .... - Patrick Jordan
One of the top 10 animated GIFs of all time - Roger Benningfield
somene did a self-pwnage! - imabonehead
a) Was he trying to break his longest touchdown dive record? b) Was it something that worked during training sessions? c) Is he excessively stupid? d) All of the above - Nenad Nikolic
这个绝对有意思 - 佛徒
None other than Philly's own DeSean Jackson. Best part? He didn't even learn from this, as Patrick said. It's all about ME. - Sean O
just found the video - what a pillock - Zee.
231! terrific, let's ffholic this, that must be #1. ;p - Zu from AOD
#4 for those interested, great post Zee, the animated gif gave a feeling on that first FF beta day that was inexplicable, modern times type of feeling, that things were changing for the service in interaction gathering. 8} - Zu from AOD
missed it by that much lol - Steve Ram
Can hear Homer now.... Doh! - Michael Karagines
Scott Watermasysk
Looking at my twitter profile, many of yesterday's tweets are missing. Common on twitter, you only do one thing, please do it well.
Robert Scoble
New FriendFeed: Simpler, Faster, Better (Maybe Too Fast) -
It rather zips along a bit too quikcly doesn't it? - Tadhg Kelly
It really needs a polling option to set the speed up updates. You can pause the updates, but I didn't see a setting to slow it down. - Tom Mancino
I like this new FriendFeed "live" concept, but would like to be able to choose a collapsed list view with an activity indicator flashing when updates occur. - Evan Leeson
it's not that fast for me...I don't know why people are complaining about it! :) - Ahmed
It's ok, I am new and do not know what I am doing yet.. I do not expect to read every post, just like on twitter where I cannot read every tweet.. - David Gross
Robert Scoble
My Web 2.0 Expo Keynote: until Best Buy adds people to its website our jobs are not done -
I think any company can prosper by conversing with thier customer base. In this new economic realm you have to build relationships and build trust with customers who want/need your product. It surprises me that Best Buy doesn't give customers direct access to talk with someone. - Jason
Jason: there's a little tiny link all the way at the bottom of the home page. But there's no personality there. If I were BestBuy I'd be featuring their employees and their passion for consumer electronics. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I think companies got away from being personable when the huge growth took place and looked at customers as just dollar signs and not someone to maintain a life-long relationship. To you thoughts I think companies can only benefit from showing their human side. - Jason
Good analysis Robert on Zappos & the whole customer experience they focus on (not Tools). Bill Taylor, Fast Company founder, told a story at WorldBlu Live 2008 about a Zappos employee that took a call from the wife of a customer to cancel an order because her husband just passed away (Link is here 4/5 way down and how the employee used the company credit card to buy flowers for the funeral w/o asking a manager. Amazing story because of the bond Zappos created. - Lyn Graft
Lyn: exactly. What Zappos is doing systemically is really great. They don't have a social media "position." They have 400 enabled humans on the Internet who'll give you fanatic support. - Robert Scoble
Robert, Zappo's is the NEW model.. totally humanized. That's the true value prop. this is a typical e.g of business case of Corporate screech vs Social Media .. yep Social media is trumping Corporate Screech !! - Peter Dawson
As a customer it's best to be getting support from a real person in an adequate manner indeed, rather then being sent through multiple stations. Personally I'd rather have the possibility to chat instantly, as opposed to having to send an email with a certain response time in days. I'm looking forward to your take on how to add the customers to a website. - Sanne Buurma
I @replied the FF link to Keith Burtis, the BestBuy Remix Twitter person,, I'd bet he'd be really interested to learn hear more about this as I think he totally gets it. Even how he recently came on to BestBuy is an example of them at least exploring how they can do better. - Lyn Graft
Robert, it's interesting you bring this up. Best Buy awhile back launched a private online forum by invitation only, the name already escapes me (I could drum it up if needed). I think it was their way to build brand ambassadors online since it as only open to a few, supposedly knowledgeable customers who could share reviews and communicate with other like minded people. I received a message recently saying it was closing. Nothing that I'm aware of ever trickled down to the consumer level. - Rick Bucich
If the post simply said, "“social media expert” that I run the other way as quickly as I can" it would have been the best post ever on the subject. It remains very good, but that statement is all you need to know. - B.J. Mendelson
This is all starting to veer way too close to Dunder Mifflin Infinity 2.0 territory... "It's all about creating a one stop consumer experience. You're chatting with your friends, you're talking about the latest music, about the election; all of it is happening in our virtual paper store." - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Scoble
Does Palm Pre have a chance against iPhone? IMO: No, but it might not matter -
agree totally, Apple seemed a little behind the developers at first but are now providing them with so much. The one thing that steered me from the iphone to start was the missing mms etc, but the experience of using the phone more than makes up for it. Now with 3.0 filling a lot of gaps, and potential of new device... they've got one hell of a phone/pda/entertainment device. - Matt Randles
If Palm has made one mistake with the Pre rollout, it's failing to realize how fickle and FUDdy the tech press can be. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson after the beating they took over Foleo, only to see an entire market segment (netbooks) emerge around that form factor/use case within a year or so. The only thing that's changed since CES is Apple announced cut-and-paste and some other incremental updates yet the Pre buzz is already waning. - Ken Sheppardson
I don't want to change from Verizon to AT&T so the Palm Pre is interesting ot me. I know there are others like me - Marion Vermazen
I agree that Palm won't knock off Apple from their throne. But will easily beat out many of the also rans who have squandered their positions. Palm gained massive market share in the PDA and early smart phone space because they understood useability. I think this fundamental understanding is showing through in the Pre (at least from what we can see in the videos). In addition, Palm was... more... - Joe Brinkman
Agreed with @Joe, Palm has still nostalgic developers that can't wait to have another Palm in the palm of their hand. A decent one, the Pre, probably. Moreover the application development model will be SO easy that almost immediately, Pre could benefit of most of the must-have social/web/communication apps... - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Palm doesn't stand a chance against Apple in this - the iPhone is ridiculously sticky- i.e. there's a huge switching cost, and of course there is all the media - including games. Everyone seemed to forget that Apple didn't just close their R&D facilities. I think Android is really Palm's biggest problem - because 'everyone else' is going to end up using it, and so there'll be a bunch of free with contract Android phones before too long. Where is Palm's opportunity in this? - Robin Barooah
By the way, you don't have to knock the iPhone off it's "throne" to have a chance against it. Garter says in 4Q08 iPhone's 10.7% smartphone market share is fourth behind Symbian (47.1%), RIM (19.5%), and Windows Mobile (12.4%). If Palm can flip, say, 1 in 7 Symbian, Rim and Win users and not a single iPhone user, they still knock iPhone out of fourth. - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe I'm mistaken, but isn't the Pre exclusive to Sprint? Second point, they're abandoning their base of developers. I personally know someone with a rather large Palm application that could take a very long time to rewrite and migrate. It's too bad they don't have a way to port/recompile existing apps for the new device. - Rob Fahrni
@Ken - Does just running symbian count as being a smartphone somehow? I had a Nokia N70 before my iPhone, which ran Symbian, was very featureful and had PIM apps etc, so would probably count in these kinds of figures, but the reality was that trying to use those features via a phone keypad simply didn't compare and as a phone it was worse than my old 2110. How many actually usable smartphones are running Symbian and WinMo - vs traditional handsets that happen to be powered by these OSs? - Robin Barooah
A lot of doctors use the Palm Treo because there are good medical apps for it, so as those wear out it will be interesting to see if they go for the Palm Pre or the iPhone. I still miss the old Palm V as a PDA though, that was a great gadget. - Sally Church
Another way of looking at it is - I use my iPhone all the time, and yet I only make about one phone call every other day - I don't even have the phone app on the dock anymore. I think that's the world these devices have to compete in. - Robin Barooah
@Robin - I'd say that it's a smartphone, by virtue of running Symbian OS, or at least in the sense that it's pretty open as far as mobile phones go (or at least it's the "most open" phone I've had, in terms of being able to install 3rd party applications and Multimedia Framework plug-ins, and to an extent replace some native ones (Opera comes to mind), not to mention being able to move almost all data freely to and from it) although I'm biased (not that I want other platforms to fail, of course)... - Tyson Key
I'd say that the Pre still has a good chance in the market, assuming that Palm manage to advertise it right for the not-as-tech savvy folks, as Apple have done with the iPhone. Still, they should keep the power-users in mind, too. - Tyson Key
Several things weigh against Pre, not the least of which is that you can't buy one. Palm is taking a drubbing in its sales while all the focus is on an intangible. The quality appears to be there but again mass production and this climate could present issues. Finally, this is G3 vs. G1 so it has to be more buggy and less tested. Pre would have to seduce me to make me lose my iPhonaphillia. - Phil Boiarski
Robert, you are very brave (IMO foolish) to predict Android will run a long second to iPhone. The Apple app market is saturated and devs are sick of it. Real smart phone users will gravitate to Android and when some handsets finally come on to the market it will make Apple's 20 million phone sales look relatively puny. - Bob Sonin
I hope Palm has long term plans. If they put all their marbles on the Pre and it fails, they're done. - Rodfather
I think Google is building their foundation right now. I expect very big things from them in the future both on Android and other Social platforms they're building. Never underestimate Google. - Jesse Stay
Don't forget the huge demographic of frustrated Windows Mobile users who aren't waiting for WM6.5/WM7 to come out. Combine that with legacy users who still wax nostalgic about their old Palm/Handspring PDAs (see above, myself included) and I see big things for Palm IF they can get the Pre out before the next iPhone. - Jericho
The smartphone market has to be at least 4 x the PC market - a computer in every pocket, and a computer that is also a fashion accessory. There must be room for more than a couple of players. Palm need to focus on stabilizing the company and delivering the best experience they can with the Pre. - Shauns
Robin: I was just using Gartner's definition of smartphone and market share numbers. I think IDC doesn't include Symbian, but the other numbers and proportions still hold. iPhone is at best third behind Blackberry and Windows Mobile. IMHO the Pre has the potential to plop down in the middle of the market and while it may win over an iPhone user or two I think it's more likely to appeal to the RIM/WinMo user...or the folks who have held off from jumping into the smartphone market. - Ken Sheppardson
I agree that its going to be daunting for Palm to woo people to move to Sprint. But having seen the development model (video on youtube) It seems like Palm really has got it right! Html+CSS to create your apps! Though its at risk of alienating its current developer base, aquiring new developer base is pretty trivial! - Dilip Krishnan
Good to see Palm becoming relevant once again. - LinkingIndiana
Robert Scoble
Whoa: I am now following a TON more people on friendfeed due to its Twitter friends import tool. More here:
I went from following about 6,000 people to following 13,151. - Robert Scoble
I put all the new ones into a list called "Twitter" so that they wouldn't pollute my home feed. - Robert Scoble
That folder is moving ridiculously fast. - Robert Scoble
Oh no! Now those of us you followed before are only half as special. - Bruce Lewis
lol nice... I'm following.. uh... 51. and I put my Twitter import into a list called, well, "Twitter Import" lol... - Lou
Definitely helpful - Eric
Bruce: don't worry. You should see the "best of" of this twitter list. Let's just say that it isn't as good as my other list which you are on. - Robert Scoble
I feel like a shareholder whose stock has been diluted:-) - Francine Hardaway
well, you are still not following me! - Niv
Francine - he just commented that we have preferred stock. :-) - Bruce Lewis
lol @ Francine... seriously, huh? I finally get on FF, have very few people distracting Scoble here (relatively), and now poof! gone. lol... - Lou
I still like my original "Aggregate" feed I have before I followed all following me and imported from Twitter. Those are on their own lists. The best of the day on that list is very good. - Louis Gray
Great, I was already on information overload. You are not helping! hehe - James Schipper
Lou, that's not all that's distracting Scoble. I made a list the other day but it's incomplete - first big paragraph on - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, hehe nice post there. And yeah, The Scobleizer's got a crap-ton on his plate. Always has. Personally, I have NO CLUE how you stay online as much as you do, Robert. lol.. - Lou
Bruce: OK, you got me! :-) - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed import from Twitter is a nice feature for sure ... but making FriendFeed 'useful' with all these new people is challenging. I think the key is being really good at filtering and using the FriendFeed tool to show you want you want to see from all the ppl you are following. - frank barry
I didn't follow any of the people I could have imported. None of them were active on the site. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I think if FF adds an 'invite' feature to your twitter friends who are not already on FF, it will be even more - Vishy
13218! Great Success! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
I have some actual historical usage data of Twitter and FriendFeed courtesy of FriendFeed's API - - Brandon Watson
I just want to comment to say I acknowledge the "here's why" and "more here" comments on 95% of Robert's FF messages. That is all. - Tamar Weinberg
FriendFeed gets it! I asked them last November to add the Twitter import function, they responded with a polite email saying it was a great idea and they would look into it. That could have easily been their standard request reply, but they actually did it. Kudos to them. - Gail Guy
Love the FriendFeed - Twitter thing. Lot so good stuff using FF. - John Flynn
Robert Scoble
20 things about friendfeed
hor d'oeuvres? where? - Michael VanDervort
I'm watching your video right now - sofarsoShawn
Robert, I am unable to watch your video (never been) in with GNU/Linux and Flash 10. Although I have no problems in any other video platform. - Ricardo Galli
It is the first service to bring all our content into one place - paul mooney
Watching your video. Definitely learning a lot. Much to take in. - Marty McPadden
This is a great tuturial Robert, I am learning about all kinds of features I never knew about. Too bad Friendfeed doesn't have a video/visual tutorial like this for all the newcomers (albeit more concise for them). - Brian
Yes - and screencasted, not video of screen. - Hal
Have they ever come up with a good way to sync my twitter follows as imaginary friends without having to add each individually? - Hal
Was it just blurry for me or is it blurry for everyone? I think I could have learned way more from it if I could see what you were was doing. Looked like you were doing some cool stuff. - MarkCarras
awesome job Robert - watching it right now. It's great you're not over the top in describing it's usefulness...rather a sensible overview of it's benefits. - Zee.
That's great info, Robert. Thank you. Lots of stuff I didn't know. - Drew
Thank you for taking the time to put this together. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Love it Robert, thanks, I learned a lot. - Ginger Kenney
Great vid. Really showed off some awesome capabilities. - Joe Brinkman
Chris: my computer is messed up. :-) - Robert Scoble
I love FF and have been using it for a few months (though not exclusively), but I still picked up a few powerful tips that I didn't know or understand before. Thanks, Robert! - Helen Hoefele
Robert did you make this video for Arrington? I hope so, that way he'll start participating more...same goes for Guy Kawasaki too. :) - Susan Beebe
Nah, just trying to explain the features. - Robert Scoble
This friendfeed thing confuses me to no end. Maybe I'm just dense, but I've never been able to figure out how to organize things here so that the cool stuff perks to the top, then there's keeping track of things I like or whatever. I hope your vid is damn good cuz it's downloading now over a dialup line. yup, they still haven't fixed my highspeed yet. :-) Edited to put a smiley after that last statement, hehe. - Eddy Cole
It's a really good introduction to both basic and advanced FriendFeed use. Perhaps more interestingly, helps explain how Robert manages his massive inbound data flow. - Michael Krigsman
Ross the Friendfeed intern did some tutorials a while back, but FF sure failed to keep up with creating new ones as the feature set (and interface) evolved. Ross's videos here: - Mitch
I think that if I knew that I could see all of my twitter activity from within friendfeed, then I would use it in leui of a twitter client - but I don't feel like taking the time to add imaginary friends. - Hal
What we really need is a "Friendfeed Tour" room which is added by default to ever single new account. It could be moderated by the FF crew and include links to a whole bunch of goodies for new friendfeeders. - Mitch
Next installment: 20 ways to being a bigger FriendFeed monster than Robert Scoble? =) - deepikaur
Comprehensive. Needs a screencast treatment instead of pointing vid cam at the screen. - Tom Landini
This should go on the ff homepage - Michael Fidler
2009 is the year I start really drinking the FF Koolaid. I started a week early, technically, but then the good resolutions are the ones worth getting ahead of right away. This video was helpful for understanding how to make the most of the service, Robert. I'll be sharing it with others, especially if I slip into the social media rabbit hole that this service can be for many users. As always, thank you for sharing your experience. - Alex Howard
I find that friendfeed has a lot of passive users. Their activity comes from the aggregation of other media, not from any attention on friendfeed itself. Robert is very active on FF and so gets a lot of immediate conversation going, but many have it set on auto-pilot. I find this is less the case with twitter. Perhaps it will change. - Marcel LeBrun
Robert, I love the down to earth presentation on this. Very approachable method of video, and informative. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I've been waiting for this video. Good stuff. - Andrew
Thanks for this - its great to have a practical 'how to' guide. - Graham Hills
Nice! Didn't really get Friendfeed until now. It would be phenomenal if I could manage and write to everyone of my aggregations via friendfeed. Hate to have 3+ Backends for my Blogs etc - Sebastian
Robert, I've been using FriendFeed for a while now. Thanks! This was superb. - Pilgrim Five
"Hide" feature!? I have no "Hide" link under my entries - how did you get one of those?! I want one! I have "Comment", "Like" and "More". - Isha (Marysia)
Thanks for posting. I never knew that Friendfeed could be so useful. I didn't even know there was a like feature till you pointed it out. I just thought it was another one of those lifestreaming aggregators. - Thao Ly
Marysia: "Hide" is only available on entries if you are in the home screen. So click on "Home" and now you should see Hide. - Robert Scoble
"Hide" is available in any list at the top level. For instance, if I create a list called "Tech Bloggers" and add six people to it, "Hide" is visible if I click the Tech Bloggers list on the left side. If I open the reveal triangle and click on one individual's ID, then "Hide" is not available. - Will King
Thankfully this was a tutorial. I still expect Robert to use a computer nearly as fast as Commander Data. - Kevykev
Great video Robert. Really enjoyed checking out all the features on FriendFeed. You seem to have it set up really well. I wondered why you didn't use a screencast recording program so we could watch what you were doing on your screen a bit more easily. I don't want that to sound like a criticism though because I really appreciate the effort you went to, recording the vid. - Paul Richards
I'm bumping this post, because this video is so good. Just sent it to a friend who just signed up to help explain the experience along with the FFundercats Episode 25 podcast. These are great resources. - Eric - Final Countdown
Dave Winer
So much re-tweeting going on and talking about re-tweeting -- what Twitter really needs is the equiv of "like" in FriendFeed.
I never thought I would see Dave Winer promoting a feature of FriendFeed for Twitter. That is fantastic. - Rob Diana
Follow the logic when they added @ following the users... they'll just add a button that puts RT at the front of your update. - Ben Hedrington
Robert Scoble
@FutureGlue No, Twitter does suck for conversations. Needs threading in the worst way. Friendfeed is dramatically ahead there.
FriendFeed needs threading too :) But yeah, point is valid. FF wins - Bwana ☠
Yeah its hard to make sense of all the noise on twitter at times. - The Dude Dean
FF can do Twitter (click real-time) and FF becomes Twitter. But Twitter can't do FF. - Gregg H.
Twitter needs to take a page out of the Tweetree book. Although even there, you don't get a whole conversation in a thread. It does simplify reading @replies though - Jaemi Kehoe
agreed. - Thomas Hawk
Robert Scoble
RT @john_oshea: Controlled experiment: you have almost 50K followers, no idea who I am, are you even going to notice this? If so, how??
Why would anyone want to notice. Content? Interest? Personality? Brand? Interaction? Next . . . - Chris Loft
Robert Scoble
Are trade shows dead? My answer might surprise you -
The smart ones are poised for another Big Bang expansion due to prospects for ubiquitous telepresence and social cognition. - michael silverton
Robert Scoble
Palm is a lot nicer than iPhone. I want one. The web and social networking features are killer. #ces09
perhaps that's why Bono invested £100m in Palm smartphones ... ? - Jim Sparrow
More details? Do Tell :-) - Stephen Smyth
buy palm stock now! - Elijah Nicolas
Tech Specs? It looks neat (due to te live stream), but Windows was a no-go! I hope it's Linux-based. - masa media - Martin
@Scobleizer Do you like whatever Palm you saw at #ces09 more than the n95? Either way, there's one major drawback: PalmOS. Nova or not, I haven't seen anything ever from Palm to make me want to even try to get excited. - Matt Albiniak
Betamax=Palm. Will they have the library of Apps to make it sell? - Andrew Leyden
For a long time, Palm's weakest spot has been their support. It sucks. Until they improve their customer relations philosophy and stop outsourcing support, I doubt anything is going to change for Palm. - andrei_c
wow i need to look into this. that's saying a lot. - rab from twhirl
How well will it work with my Mac? That's why I own an iPhone :-) Lock-in - Jesse Stay
I don´t get it. Sure it´s not just because it´s new and shiny ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Palm is dead, man. Dig him, dig him. - Robert W. Anderson from twhirl
@ Robert A.: he's not dead yet. He's getting better. He thjinks he'll go for a walk. - John Craft
if it doesn't have multitouch - its completely useless. People underestimate just what a killer feature this is. Also does it have an app store? Remember the Apple app store adds "killer" social networking features - Anthony Feint
Anthony: It has multitouch, as shown in the Engadget hands-on video. - Ken Sheppardson
I love these Day 1 predictions. They are almost always wrong :) - Bwana ☠
So .. when does pricing come out for this baby? - Tyler (Chacha)
The thing that's killing me here is Engadget says "The keyboard is Centro-esque, with shallow presses and cramped spacing." which is consistent with the photos. I'm a 755p owner and lifelong Palm users, but the Centro-sized keyboard is just utterly useless to me. Sigh. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert is a serial new concept/product fawner. Give him a few days to catch his breathe, read what others say, then I am sure he will have an altered opinion. - Brian Sullivan
you got to be kidding me - mal
Can't wait to see one of these in the real world. The flexibility and openness of the Palm OS puts Apple to shame. Was considering the iTouch to replace my trusty TX, but I'll wait to see if this flies. - Chuck
Completely agree. Can't wait to see it in the wild. Competition ftw - Dean Clark
We have to give Robert a couple of weeks before his true opinion comes out. He gets excited a little too quickly - but that's him. Everything new is the best there ever was ;). - The Fat Oracle
FatOracle: sorry, this one is the real deal. I played with it more this afternoon. I do love new stuff, but this one is worth looking at. - Robert Scoble
not sure about "lot nicer than" iPhone, but at first glance, it looks a lot nicer than the G1 or Storm. wasn't expecting much from Palm, but they have pulled a rabbit from the hat here. - Karim
Karim: if you saw the iPhone next to the Palm Pre, I think you'd agree that the Palm beats it overall except in applications. - Robert Scoble
Robert - I've been reading first hand accounts all over the web, and the general consensus seems the same: everyone was blown away. It's too bad it doesn't translate via images and video for those who haven't physically seen it. I can't wait to see it with my own two eyes. Thank you so much for checking back in to update us! - Mona Nomura
Robert: Thanks for the stream(s). Most appreciated. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Mona: I'm uploading more video. Nokia and Microsoft are the losers here. - Robert Scoble
I keep hearing the new palm is better, I deal in facts, how, why is it better? - James Ostheimer
@matthew devries I think initially Palm Pre will only be on Sprint. - Rajiv Doshi
OH! You probably missed it, but the FastCompany chat was hilarious! If it's logged and you have time, skim through it. I think it'll make you laugh haha But quickly: Palm. thugs. taking one for the team. LOL - Mona Nomura
+1 Matthew - Chris Charabaruk
The Pre might be different, but Palm has historically rolled out devices on multiple carriers within 6mo or so after the initial rollout. For example, most recently the Centro was launched on Sprint in Oct 2007, then rolled out on AT&T in Feb 08 and Verizon in June 2008. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, let's hope that's the extent of which history will repeat itself. I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of Palm - Bwana ☠
Wow the new handset is really impressive. Not sure about their OS roadmap, will developers follow? *always had a Palm before switching to iPhone* - Paul Papadimitriou from Nambu
"The Palm Pre will gather all of your information from your Exchange account, your Gmail account and your Facebook account and display them in a single, unduplicated format." - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana--what was your bad Palm experience? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Unstable UX on Tungsten W and Treo 600 platforms. - Bwana ☠
Watched robert's movie, still don't get it, looks like the iphone with a keyboard, I have gotten pretty darn good with the iphone keyboard, not sure that tiny thing will help. The scroll not on the screen is kinda cool, but really not such a big deal to me. What else is so great? - James Ostheimer
Bwana: I've lived with a Pilot 1000, Pilot Pro, III, V, VII, m500, 650, and 755p, so I feel your pain RE instability (i.e. random lockups and resets). Good news is this really doesn't sound like just an incremental PalmOS upgrade, so it might be a fresh start/set of expectations. - Ken Sheppardson
James - it's not the formfactor, it's the software and usability. Did you see how the OS multi tasks? - Mona Nomura
While this may not be the fabled "iPhone Killer"---Judging from the info. @ this looks like it will keep Palm in the game. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I just hope they didn't lay off too many of the minds who came up with the OS. Recall they had another round of layoffs in November (but who didn't). Granted, they did say it was primarily sales & marketing in the announcement, I'm still extremely skeptical. - Bwana ☠
Bwana - they just got funding. BRB w/ the link. Back - Mona Nomura
Looking forward to seeing if the browser on the Pre is more stable than the iPhone's. - Loren Heiny
Loren - since the whole OS is based on the browser I hope so! - invariant
Boggles the mind, the iPhone got *reamed* for only supporting Web apps. Palm does it and they're embraced. Am I missing something? - Bwana ☠
Bwana: Everyone hates a winner? :p - Chris Charabaruk
Progression, Bwana. Progression. :) - Mona Nomura
Bwana: revolutionary products change our expectations. - Robert Scoble
+1 Bwana - I was wondering the same thing earlier today. - rønin
I'm not convinced :) I'll have to wait until I can use one myself. - Bwana ☠
Bwana, the difference is that the Palm does not require you to be net connected to use the app. They just use "web technologies" for their API. I still think it's the biggest flaw in the system. They'll never get the games ecosystem that iPhone has without native apps, that's for sure. - invariant
So the multi-tasking is multiple browser windows/tabs? Are you kidding? - Bwana ☠
i go by new york's subway. noone has a palm any longer for months ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Bwana: Yes, and no. Justin: Some incredible things have been done in Javascript so I won't count it out completely, but you're seeing great games on iPhone because companies and individuals can leverage the wealth of game code and experienced engineers using C/C++. - invariant
Palm Pre, better or not... It's more a question of giving iPhone some substantial competition in the social/mobile space. - Brad Kligerman
Will you stand in line 24 hours to get it? - Oudi Antebi
The iPhone was presented with an emphasis on not allowing general multitasking (like WinMo) because of battery life issue. Apple design decision (it *is* a unix derived os after all), not Palm innovation. Besides, what I see from comments here it may not be native app multitasking? Then it looks like the "multitasking allowing part of the API" is just like the first iPhone SDK which was also just based on web technologies. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Thomas, the key difference you're missing is that applications on the first generation iPhone could only run inside the browser, and were entirely server-based. Basically, the first iPhone "API" was nothing of the sort - it was simply a set of guidelines for developing optimal web apps. - Ian Betteridge
I love all these iPhone fans who simply cannot believe anyone might make a phone which is better than theirs. Particularly those who don't understand that using Javascript and HTML as the core of your developer environment does not mean you're "just building web apps which run in a browser." - Ian Betteridge
Perhaps we should wait until these are available for sale, maybe use one for a while, then form an opinion? - Sam from twhirl
Oh Sam, that would be far too rational ;) - Ian Betteridge
Ian: Oh well, aside from your belittling comment to me, I think the only later publicized iphone feature (not publ b/c of user/media push for native sdk?) which allow web apps to start up in only the webkit engine (own process without safari gui) and the later possibility to add web apps to home screen just like other apps, is a very similar idea. Whether it was an SDK or a mobile webkit feature is debateable of course, but later native sdk added local containers too. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
If this is Roberts reactions, apple execs must be having kittens. - Roberto Bonini
@Ian you are not Of The Body. Landru Jobs will deal with you ;) - John Craft
A blog post is coming for me that is to the effect of: "Palm, why did you go and announce the Pre right after I bought the iPhone? Why, Santa Claus, Why?" I am a longstanding Palm fan. - Martha
yea i want it too. but IMO iPhone still got the look - snydez
Technologywise palm doesn't have much new, but implementation is everything, so it will be interesting to see full-on-reviews. They *may* have something interesting for me at least, since I wish Apple had followed the "webOS" idea through too. Maybe with a Ruby, or at least Javascript, compatible API on board as well. (Which is available from third-party container generators, only not from Apple themselves). The "gemstone" keyboard on the other hand, I don't know. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
It seems wonderful, shiny and new. But signs are that it'll be more expensive than iPhone, perhaps significantly so, and tied to a horrible network I will never, ever, ever, ever use. - Fred Ochsenhirt
I badly want a N97 :D - PaperDoll
I wouldn't say it's nicer, but the UI definitely has some innovation, and attention to detail... the rounded corners and gesturing are nicely done - probably the first communications device since the iPhone 3G to garner any unique praise - Nathan Chase
What'd they put in the Palm koolaid to make Scoble say that?! iPhone not as cool now? heresy! - Susan Beebe
It sounds great, the Pre has got some awesome press already. Palm OS has been falling way behind when it comes to their products, but this looks like it may catapult them back into the running against RIM and Apple. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Hmm, I can't decide, although the N97 looks great tech-wise. I'll look forward to seeing both hit the shores of the UK soon, though. - Tyson Key
palm stock up 39% - mal
Like I said last night, I think Palm jumped into this game way too late. And I say this despite being a Palm loyalist since 1999. I still have a Treo, but my next phone will likely NOT be Palm. - Tamar Weinberg
Robert Scoble
Why does every great product have skeptics and haters?
that's just kinda how it works....nothing is universally loved or hated... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Because not everyone can afford to get everything. As a result we need to find which device we prefer. - Richard A.
I am thinking of Bwana. - Robert Scoble
I guess because the greatness of the product is a result of somehow creating such biased passion in users either hate or love but not neutral. - Rida Al Barazi
Because "great" is subjective? - Mario Menti
why do some people like certain food and others hate it? It's all down to their own preferences. - alphaxion
The world would be very boring if we all thought the same way! - Tom Raftery
LOL - Bwana ☠
isn't it the same for great men? :) - Markingegno - Donato
Well, the answer is that every great product has its skeptics and haters. It's up to the creators to figure out what they want to do with those voices. Respond to the minutia? Label complaints as bug fixes or feature requests? Embrace the beta status or work for the early adopters? - Dave Ferrick
because people have varies tastes & some just hate objects because they think it will an 'it' crowd object - sort of goes back to high school mentality - SHTW
Skepticism is a virtue. - Rob H.
Strong opinions mean they must have done something right. It makes supporters happy and supporters of competition feel threatened. - Jemm
I'm honored :) - Bwana ☠
because people like to 'express their individuality' by going against the grain - Christopher Harris
I think its because each one of us have different interests, for example the Palm Pre, I don't like its roundness..others might not like the OS, you might find a product great, but others might not like some features about it,and I think that skeptics are people who actually care the most about that certain product because they are afraid that its going to fail somehow, so they lower their expectations.. - Ahmed
Spencer: it is very healthy obviously. - Robert Scoble
My answer: If its your passion, improve it. If not, leave it. - Dave Ferrick
I think it's absolutely normal to be skeptical of something that you've not seen. I think I'm with Bwana on this one, I've not seen or used the device and it's not even on the market yet. - Paul Grav
Look at my background Robert. QA/QC. the glass is half empty and cracking :) - Bwana ☠
there is opposition in all things. - Trish Haley
Paul: the iPhone had the same kind of skeptics. - Robert Scoble
Because it's not available and I don't have it in my hands so I'll QQ - Rodfather
Because said skeptics and haters lack the skills necessary to develop it themselves and make it perfect on their own. They also fail to consider the alternative once they start expecting a new product to solve problems they didn't know they had in the first place. - Melissa Davis
I was one of those iPhone skeptics. Wait and see was the mantra then - Bwana ☠
Bwana -- wrong then and wrong now. :-) - Robert Scoble
What was I wrong about? - Bwana ☠
Patience is a virtue. I reserve judgement and people respect that - Bwana ☠
I will repeat - a fair amount of it is down to personal preference.. why do some people love curry and others not? Personal preference. It doesn't mean a good product is no longer good because some like it and some hate it. - alphaxion
I haven't even passed judgement yet and I'm a hater because I say it's too early to declare a winner? - Bwana ☠
Could it be that the skepticism comes from a lack of trust. Even when something is seemingly "great" in tech, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop due to having so many bad consumer experiences. - Brad Coy
@Robert. And those iPhone skeptics had every right to be skeptical prior to its release. I'd like to see the thing released, and hear feedback from people using it day-to-day. The OS could be buggy as hell, we don't know yet. Then even if it is the greatest phone that the world has ever seen, that doesn't mean that it's going to sell. - Paul Grav
Better skeptics and haters than simply ignored ... - Clarence Chiang
I remained a skeptic of the iPhone untill release. I reserve judgment until I can get my hands on one. Until then I apply Tufte's principles of "Information Density" - Scott Thomas
This question reminds me of Seth Godin piece: "Now that you've got digital thermometer, everyone suddenly catch a fever". My point is there's no such thing such as skeptics and haters. Somehow, I don't feel confident in writing this comment. But I have a strong feeling that it has something to do about what I cite. Err .. - Toni @ NavinoT
Because the creator of every great product has a spouse to keep them grounded :) - Photar
LOL Jacob :) - Mo Kargas
Seth Godin in tribes: To have a tribe, there have to be exclusion. If everyone agrees then there is no tribe. So some hate and skeptics are in fact a very good thing. - Juan Pablo
Skeptics are a good thing: haters are not. I won't be convinced about the Pre, for example, until I have one in my hand - so I'm a skeptic. But unlike several of the iPhone owners commenting here, I'm not a hater: I don't reflexively attack anything that's not my chosen platform. - Ian Betteridge
Why does every brand new product have instant fanboys calling it great before they've got a change to really use the product. - Nick Shue
@Nick because it's not always necessary to use something to judge its impact. It was clear when Jobs announced the iPhone that it would completely change the mobile phone/device space - six months before we could touch one. The pre's improvements in organizing information (contacts, calendars) are obvious. - John Craft
I think we have been trained to see everything as a contest - as soon as anything comes out it is either the "x killer" "the new Y" and you get articles "a vs b". So people will immediately see any new great product as a threat to their favorite. - Iphigenie
Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person might think it's great, but another might not. - Shevonne
ona mans gold another mans crap ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder." - so true! - Meryn Stol
So they can improve it and make even better :) - Sasha Kovaliov
The same reason that you do Robert. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Because some people think chocolate ice cream is the best, and everyone else is TOTALLY WRONG. - stretta from twhirl
Because only then is it truly a great products. The better the product the more admirers do exist that would have loved to create it themselves - naturally some of those then in their own insecurity try to bash those products - Manuel
Because we're human and each individual has their own definition of a "great product". For example, I happen to think Sirloin Steak is a great product, but I'm sure there are tons of grass-munching hippies who'd disagree. - Will Higgins™
I find it quite telling that a few of us are pointing out that it is personal preference while a lot of others are pointing to envy. - alphaxion
And its the downfall of USA in a sense... it triggers GREED! - Rob Sellen :o)
the proof is that most of the nicest people you ever meet are the poorest. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Ah, yes Ryo, keeping up with the Jones', conspicuous consumption, the American dream. - Will Higgins™
a good example of this can be seen in what HDD manufacturer you would recommend. Personally I've had nothing but good experiences with seagate and samsung, unmitigated disasters with fujitsu (especially because we had almost all of our IBM PC's at work fitted with them during their 4.6mil defect run, click of death happened often) as a result I recommend the first two and suggest avoiding fujitsu. Others will swear by fujitsu instead of at them. There are more factors at work than pure envy. - alphaxion
Petronius said it BCE: "De gustibus non est disputandum." Don't argue about taste!" - Phil Boiarski
Ryo, I understand what you're saying. When I was young, I was totally peeved that my dad didn't buy me the cool shoes/clothes so I could be cool at school, but now that I'm older and (arguably) a bit wiser, I can understand the reasoning behind it. It might even be WHY I can have perspective on people's envy/conspicuousness. - Will Higgins™
Every shitty product has skeptics and haters as well. - Brian Sullivan
Why even ask this question robert? You knew the answer lol.... or is it that not everyone likes what you like? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Without them, no great products would ever come out. - xero
Early and late adopters, same as good and evil, just different points of view. Some need a reason to overcome self-imposed barriers. - Eli Robillard
Until they sell one, it's not a product. It's just an idea. The Pre may turn out to be the next great smart phone. Or not. Until people start buying and using it, it's a little Pre-mature (I crack myself up) to be calling it a "great product." - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
tall poppy syndrome - Maurice Walshe
Great ideas and prototypes do not always make great products. - JosephLew1s
Never underestimate the power of envy. - Tom Guarriello
Joseph - bingo - Apple excels at execution, which is why they aren't know for the Cuil syndrome (over hype under deliver). Palm's entire future depends on their ability to match the hype they've created IN THE REAL WORLD with the pre. I'm pulling for them, but the more Scoble (and others) hype it the more downside risk there is. - Brian Roy
For some people any/all change is bad. Progressive or not. - No Name from twhirl
Perception. Some folks get it; others do not. No 1 size fits all. Unfortunately, some skeptics and haters hate the COMPANY so much they automatically hate / criticize anything produced by said company as a result. - Susan Beebe
Greatness demands a reaction. Reactions can't always be positive or they wouldn't be genuine. - Todd Hoff
I'd also say you can't aim for "great" without making some tough choices, and as soon as you make those some people will hate your choices - Iphigenie
We need the Bwana's. Keeps us honest. - Mike Doeff
Haters and skeptics are two pretty much completely different things: I totally understand Bwana et al being skeptical. I am myself a bit. That's based on past experiences and the expectation that things don't change easily. "Haters" on the other hand... the folks who just dismiss things out of hand... seem to do so either because they're either uneducated or fans of a competitive product and don't want the competition. - Ken Sheppardson
I STRONGLY believe in a healthy dose of skepticism. Moreover, skepticism to me equals, weigh the pros and cons and what will this product REALISTICALLY do for me, in practical terms. Dreaming and blowing money on things I don't need because of what they supposedly promise is foolish. - David Moore
great products are religions. Refers to Clash of Civilization by Samuel Huttington :p - Pico Seno
Because we've been burned far too many times in the past. For every great product there are hundreds that suck. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Because every great (or seemingly great) product has Hype and Expectation run-up. - Brian Roy
No product is perfect. - Morton Fox
SO TO RECAP: taste, envy, execution, buyer's remorse, audience/pipeline(concept/prototype/mass produced product) standpoint and past performance is no indicator of future success. Oh, and about the Scobleizer vs Bwana cage match: easy on the smiley emoticons - I'm losing the kayfabe ;) - Micah
My marriage taught me the sad reality of bait and switch. :-) - Rod Bauer from twhirl
In fact, the greater the stature of the skeptic, the greater the product. Skeptics and haters is a media term anyway - customers that love it are ALL that matter. - Ben Watson from twhirl
because marketers always ask for your opinion - Lisa Schwartz
Robert Scoble
New Palm phone has best social networking features #ces09
More on this later but this is very nice for connecting Facebook and other data from your friends. - Robert Scoble from email
Will it put them back in the game? - Simon Wicks
It's going to be an awesome device and perhaps the iPhone killer! RIM has nothing on this device! - Elijah Nicolas
What browser does it use? Anyone say yet? - Ralph Whitbeck
Palm would need to start a track record of great devices with a stellar OS in order to get back in the game. - Aaron Eaton
iPhone user here. This looks super cool. Keep in mind it is a demo. As Microsoft has proved in the past. There are demos and then the real world. I hope Palm lives up to the demo. I wonder when it will ship. I hope it ships before the next iPhone or it may not matter. - gfurry
Charo: I think this gets them back in the game. - Robert Scoble
I think this gets them in the game and leaps them in front of Apple. - Ralph Whitbeck
Interesting that we have a different impression not being at the live event. I can't wait to see high quality video of it to make better judgment. - TheSleepyGeek
Flash for the browser? - Ralph Whitbeck
This looks cool. Not sure it would get me to give up my iPhone but seems like the first truly worthy competitor. And that's a good thing for the market. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
suddenly interested in Palm again - SolidSmack from twhirl
Actually this might kill Steve off for good, j/k. - Ralph Whitbeck
Looks OK, but people aren't going to choose this over an iPhone. - Spencer
I don't know - watching this on Engadget and it looks pretty cool (diehard iPhoner) - James Hull
Wait - Sprint - wah wahhh - never mind lol - James Hull
I hope they have a GSM version of this - Ryan
MEH. - stretta from twhirl
And then three words kill the entire demo. "Exclusive Launch Partner" - gfurry
LOL @gfurry - it's only for a few months. - John Craft
More words to dampen enthusiasm. Available first half or 2009 - gfurry
John: "A few months" exclusivity? I *seriously* doubt it. - Ken Sheppardson
Did we hear pricepoint? - Ken Sheppardson
What about an App store? That is the way to go. I remember my treo days it was pretty ugly as far as third party apps go. - gfurry
@Ken, Palm has usually limited its exclusives to 3-6 months before rolling out to other carriers, especially when Sprint is the exclusive. - John Craft
John: Aha. So six months is "a few". Gotcha. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Needs a FriendFeed integration feature to really make it... ;) - Tyson Key
As a mostly happy iPhone user, I hope Palm can get back in the game. The phone's OS seems to step it up, but the phone itself seems a bit thick. ANd I didn't catch a price from Sprint. Also, by the time this comes out, the iPhone OS may also get an upgrade. Interesting times. Good luck to all. - Kawika Holbrook
It looks like a seriously good device. My question is, will there be a new iPhone in the middle of this year, and if so, what would it take for it to make this irrelevant? It seems like incremental software improvements would do that - a better launcher in particular. A cpu speed bump, larger storage, thinner device, and the long-promised notification service, and not a lot else would seem to be needed. Also being CDMA this is likely to be US only for a while. - Robin Barooah
@greg - I stand corrected. I wonder what the global GSM vs CDMA figures are. - Robin Barooah
GSM users >> CDMA users worldwide. Why isn't it UMTS? I have a bad feeling about this. - Victor Ganata
C'mon, folks - the radio is the easiest part of the equation. if it is popular, drop in an HSPA chip. - John Craft
Greg: Seriously? 3.5 bil of the world's 6.7 bil people have a GSM phone? Call me skeptical. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: Not an unbiased source I know but the GSMA website claims 3 billion. Here in Europe it's the standard, 3G uptake is very slow. - Russ
To me this looks like it's better positioned to take Blackberry customers than Apple ones - emphasis on the home/vs work calendars and contacts etc plus keyboard. It could be a straight enhancement for a Blackberry user, where as an iPhone user would have to trade one set of benefits for another. - Robin Barooah
Paul Buchheit
Overnight success takes a long time -
Thanks Paul... great post. - Brian Roy
Most overnight successes take an Alaskan winter. - Akiva
Great post, Paul. One of the running themes of a lot of the posts yesterday seemed to come from "well, it's been a year: FriendFeed should be in a much different place," but great things take time to do. - Mark Trapp
Scott Berkun wrote a really fine book entitled "the myths of innovaiton" ( He points out that perhaps the greatest myth of innovation is that the innovation arrives in it's entirety in a single moment in time. Essentially that the innovation was a single flash of insight and execution. The reality is it comes piecemeal over time. - Brian Roy
Nice Paul, there are a whole boatload of startup / project myths I wish we could bust. The "overnight success" is one of the worst. - mikepk
Brain, exactly, and the myth there is the "one idea" that precipitates success drives me crazy too. I wrote a post (and reposted it a few months ago) about this one. - mikepk
Amen!! Peeps tend to see "web celebs," for example, once they're up there ... but no one sees the *years* of hard work prior! I like to say I'm an overnight success 10 years in the making!! :) - Mari Smith
Another interesting effect is that the VC cycle is predicated on hyper growth and 2 to 5 year return on investment. That helps push some ideas to failure even though, if given a more natural growth curve, they might have succeeded. - mikepk
+1 Mikepk - VC funding creates a hyper-focus on geometric growth instead of creating a sustainable company... Those two are NOT the same thing. - Brian Roy
Hyper-growth is dangerous because it forces a lot of short term moves, such as hiring the wrong people because you need them _now_. I suspect that better companies come out of busts than booms because they are able to grow at a reasonable pace. - Paul Buchheit
Epitome of why I love, trust, and believe in FriendFeed. Classy, Paul and thank you for sharing with the community. - Mona Nomura
Tell me about it. I got the arrows in my back to prove it. :-) - Dave Winer
Nice summary, Paul. As I mentioned in a comment on the post, it's clear you understand we care, and that we didn't intend to open the door for those clamoring for you to fail - but it was a natural result. - Louis Gray
"Once we launched, the response was surprisingly positive, except from the people who hated it for a variety of reasons. " - Clare Dibble
@Paul - "Yes, technically you're doing my work for me, but it's mutually beneficial because we'll do our best to create a product that you like". Was this supposed to be an indirect response to Dave W asking you to pay him consulting for his ideas? - kartik vaithyanathan
Paul Buchheit +1 - Duncan Riley
So true. People think that from registering a domain to becoming a millonaire takes 1 idea and a couple of months. It took our company 10-years to do something "successful". - Martin Añazco
Been around this block a few times myself Paul. There is a pheneomenon out there around second ventures after the first was a winner. Let's have a talk about this over a beer after the outcome of FF is known. And also, I wouldn't necessarily count on the experience of selling a "product" inside a juggernaut like Google as being the same thing as making something work in the blogosphere or where ever it is FF is supposed to be planted. - Dave Winer
One more thing -- you're a very good writer -- but there's something else that isn't in your post. The odds against all startups are overwhelmingly against them. Ask Ev about Odeo someday. Your post is remarkably like the things he was writing about that product. And like the stuff I was saying after my company's IPO and was starting my second company. Unfortunately this was before blogs, so you'll have to take my word for it. I didn't really consider the possibility of failure. And of course we did fail. - Dave Winer
at least 24 hrs... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Great post Paul. Too many companies (see Webvan and slew of others) thought rapid growth was enough. But good businesses grow slowly, even on the Internet. - AJ Kohn
Nice post and great perspective. Nice position to be able to compare your own gmail experience to your FF experience. - Vernonkell
Here's Joel Spolsky talking about the same thing: - Piaw Na
The comments on your blog are awesome, e.g. "Gmail would be a lot better if it allowed registration of usernames < 6 characters wide." Proposed reply, "Oh, you can, but every single one has already been taken" - j1m
I commented in the post, but I saw a comment in FriendFeed that noted how another well-known service had a well-executed marketing introduction, followed by rapid growth, followed by severe technical failures. Not to imply that one growth model is always right and another one is always wrong (plus, that company solved its technical issues). - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
Paul, keep up the good fight to properly manage FF for optimal growth, scalability and integration of features. Rushed products typically fail. However, a healthy burn rate is good too. Release timely updates in response to user demand. There are some important UIX features that should be released soon as users are clamoring for ease of use features and FF could risk losing more users if these basic UI features are not implemented within a reasonable amount of time. Good Luck! :) - Susan Beebe
I commented over at the post. Really nice entry, with great perspective. - Martha
Paul: I've read this post three times and it's a work of art. Thank you and thank you for creating a service that has addicted me for almost a year now. - Robert Scoble
Not to one up Scoble, but it's the service itself that is the work of art. - Jim #teamFFrank
i appreciate this blended perspective. today i am dealing with the often elusive "balancing" objective, i.e., what is an acceptable pace towards those "goals posts", while honoring the organic nature of the quest! - Gregg
+2 Paul - Varun Mahajan
Paul, FriendFeed just rocks... It's already great today... - Aad 't Hart
Nice stuff.... some great comments etc.. thanks to mona for pointing me to it. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Paul's piece got reprinted at All Things D. Nice exposure: - Louis Gray
Paul, I think FriendFeed is the best thing that I saw in 2008 on the web. It is still rough and needs to figure out how to best reel in the casual user, but there is so much promise in this service. The core of it is so powerful really and you guys are months if not years ahead of anyone else working in this area right now. Good luck to you and your team! - Thomas Hawk
+1 Thomas! Couldn't agree more... keep up great work FF team!! :) - Susan Beebe
Robert Scoble
I'm seeing a TON of new people on both twitter and friendfeed. Welcome and let us know if we can help!
Great. - Roberto Bonini has a video about friendfeed that I did that shows you around. You might find it helpful. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for getting me more involved in both! - mrkeroppi
You helped already with the video you posted up on ( - I was a member before and I had tied in all my RSS and various social network feeds, but I didn't really use Friendfeed. Just felt like a knock-off to Google Reader if I'm honest. Now, I know it's a tool not to mess around with. Extremely powerful, easily one of the best ways to get news for myself outside of Google Reader and I will be certain to explore it further once my exams are done. - Gaurav Patel
Thanks - I would have probably waited on joining FF if not for your video. The idea of cross-SM concatenation is brilliant, even if it's not quite there yet - FF is my SM portal of choice right now. - Jim Mitchem
Hello :) that's a good video, I actually started coming here more often after seeing it - Sebastian
you can help by paying attention to the massacre in gaza - people on twitter are, but there is hardly any discussion here - why is that? - ernie yacub
was just watching it; gave me some new ideas on how to use FF - Donald Townsend
ernie: I don't comment on it for several reasons. For one it's such a hot botton issue that I know that engaging on that issue will cost me 80 hours and I just don't have the 80 hours to give. Plus, no matter what side I'm on, there will be people on the other side and I still have bruises from the Obama election that are still healing. Finally, it's not something I can do much about. I'd rather focus my energy on things that I can control and have some influence in. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is a great place to give your opinion without too much risk that you'll get dragged into a long conversation. Friendfeed is a much better place to have a long conversation, which changes the dynamic of what you will find useful to discuss here. - Robert Scoble
ditto for me as well Robert. first introduced to FF by ed dale, but finally took the leap after your encouragement. am grateful most days! - Gregg
One more thing: friendfeed is an aggregator, so if you care about Gaza and Israel, I would open a room here on that topic, and start posting tons of stuff to it. If you are blogging about it, I'd make sure your blogs are being aggregated here. Those topics will find people who will engage. It's just that I'm resisting because this is CES week and I don't have the time. - Robert Scoble
If any of you new starters are interested in video games, could do with the extra life :) - alphaxion
Rutger: if you realize your mistake in time you can just "undo" right there. But, hidden items are at the bottom of the page in a link. Just visit there and click hide again and it will unhide. - Robert Scoble
@Robert I'm liking your comments here... A room for each side probably will do more... - Pico Seno
Matthew: I'm gaining more than 100 per day here (more than 1,100 since Arrington's intervention with me) and more than 200 a day over on Twitter. These things are gaining steam. - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's interesting. More new followers in twitter than FF. Have you noticed any changes in that trend? - Tapio Kulmala
Matthew: people have this believe that the one who dies with the most followers wins. It's just a game at this point to collect more followers. - Robert Scoble
Robert, do you sleep? Seriously :) - Bwana ☠
not much last night. - Robert Scoble
I'm here because I saw your zillion posts on it. I like it! - Dave Gambrill
Robert: Really? Disappointing really - I'd rather have less than 10 interesting and informative people following me than 5,000 drooling idiots. I see enough of the later crowd on a daily and face-to-face basis to cover the "moron" category of my life. - Renee Hendricks
poor Robert :) Get some Zzzzzzzzzzzs! - Susan Beebe
Bullo: that's what I figure it is. But Twitter is growing remarkably quickly now. People are figuring it out and with Mr. Tweet and other directories, you are probably on one of those as an influencer to check out. - Robert Scoble
Great initiative, thank you Robert! What I'd like to know is how many people forward their tweets to their friendfeed account. - Zack Brandit
Zack: I'm following about 6,000 here and a good percentage do. I hope people use friendfeed to aggregate their lives together here totally. We can hide things on the reading side if it gets to be too much. - Robert Scoble
Question - if you're subscribed to someone on FF, is it relevant to also 'follow' them on Twitter? Seems a bit redundant. No? - Jim Mitchem
Matthew: I quickly stopped the "courtesy followback" - and I do the same, check their profile, look at their website, etc. If people are offended, so be it. I really don't want to spend time reading about how your last bowel movement was or how cute your cat is. - Renee Hendricks
Matthew: Oh the horror! - Renee Hendricks
robert, u don't have to comment, you can like/rt, which you do a lot with other posts as do many of your colleagues, but curiously not about gaza which is immediate and critically important, especially for the people in gaza - they need to know that not everyone in the western world believes the msm propaganda. - ernie yacub
ernie: as opposed to their propoganda, right? Got it. This is why I stay out of this fight. Who threw the first missles? It wasn't Israel. - Robert Scoble
Here is a PROs and CONs to using FriendFeed conversation: - B2B Specialist
Careful Robert. This is a battle you don't want, I don't think. (even though i agree) - Jim Mitchem
robert, you are wrong, which is why you need to engage in the conversation, or at least read some history - gaza is a prison camp with 1.5 million people cut off from the world, food, fuel, work, money, etc by israel - most are refugees who were driven from their homes by israelis. - ernie yacub
Seems we're quickly straying WAY away from the original topic - take it elsewhere ernie, sheesh - Renee Hendricks
well, he asked how to help us noobs - this one wants to pay attention to what's really needed from people like you who have the resources, tools, knowledge and experience to help prevent such atrocities - you were all excited about mumbai, why not gaza? - ernie yacub
Robert: I recently joined both friendfeed and twitter and with the help of my blackberry I'm becoming horribly addicted. I will admit that you were the first person I followed and I'm glad because I agree with your opinion that it's not about followers, but quality conversation. That said, I'm curious about how rooms work. You have any pointers? - Chris Brakebill
Going through your video now...very helpful! - Alison
its getting strange when my mom's 65-year old best friend starts following me on twitter. How many a social media accounts lie dead after 1-2 posts? - karyn
Parents, grandparents and friends of parents may actually become a problem for many young users of Twitter, as karyn indicates. Might see an increase in private update accounts. - Ian Holton from twhirl
I posted a Diary on DailyKos mentioning Twitter and FriendFeed and got comments like "what isTwitter" I gave them Sarah_Palins twitter username and tauted this new means of information exchange. Will be doing a follow up posting later. today. - bcultral
Thank you for subscribing to me, I never thought you would! - Web20Critic
Robert, is TON the measure of user body mass or the weight of their tweets/FF posts? Which leads to the next logical question: how much does a 140 character tweet weigh? The Guardian said 2 years ago that the entire internet weighs at most two ounces (60 grams)! - Micah
best think about friendfeed, still up now without the fourty minute delay that twitter is suffering from. - Richard A.
Jon Galloway
Thanks for the info on TweetDeck usage. Helpful in understanding where Witty should go.
Robert Scoble
JPG’s dead. Why your advertising-funded business is next… -
Advertising itself is in the midst of an awkward stage that has traditional shops scrambling. It's beautiful. - Jim Mitchem
I'm sad to hear JPG's done. It's the only magazine I really looked forward to anymore. - ChiliMac from twhirl
Robert, this was the most thoughtful article that I read about JPG's demise. I think you're right on. - Michael Hocter
Jeremiah Owyang
Blog Post: Why I stopped using Twitter
Scoble: In the comments I reference 'paying yourself first' - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah: yeah, saw that. Thing is I get mostly paid for my video and I almost always do one a day of those. - Robert Scoble
I'm not dissing you Robert, read my comment. If community and influence transcends beyond URLs then you're doing the right thing - Jeremiah Owyang
You might be interested to know that I am NOT "recalibrating my media plan." I don't have one. I'm here and on Twitter to talk, not to be "media." - Dominic Jones
Weaknesses well analyzed - Don Schuetze
+1 @Dominic...nothing wrong with just being part of the hoi polloi - .LAG liked that
I thought Twitter was basically just a place to redirect FF posts to no? - Thomas Hawk
@ Steve Rubel, that certainly makes sense. Most of our readers are not here, but for some good discourse with people who will challenge your thinking, I find FF very stimulating. - Dominic Jones
Oops, I think I just insulted my blog's readers. I meant to say coming here is refreshing and interesting because it's more diverse. My blog is about one thing, and it gets a little tedious. - Dominic Jones
A must read if you have been 'on twitter' too much lately. Funny thing is the coincidence that I also started to use FriendFeed (& check SocialMedian) a couple of days ago for the same reasons. My conclusion is to push messages to t. but to microblog in a personal way on and to follow and comment on FF. Twitter just doesn't taste good anymore. - Markus Merz
I'm still using Twitter a lot but have decided to take more time for FriendFeed as well in '09. I've had an account for several months and wasn't really doing much besides checking in every once in a while. But, now I'm using it a lot more and loving the experience. - Justin Levy
Robert Scoble is a good new twitter search engine from Microsoft's Dare Obasanjo.
The "hottieornottie" part threw me. Checking it out now. - Michael Dorausch
Hahaha, when selecting "Limit to people I follow" the default popup is "Scobleizer" - Michael Dorausch
Thanks for the shout out - Dare Obasanjo
Live Crunch Blog
@Scobleizer speaking of twitter see the new adobe air rocking Twitter Client
Looks like nice Thwirl clone. Won't replace TweetDeck for me. - Joe Brinkman
404 - Thomas Power
Paul Buchheit
Zune bug explained in detail -
"while (days > 365) { if (IsLeapYear(year)) { if (days > 366) { days -= 366; year += 1; } } else { days -= 365; year += 1; } }" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Oh, my...that's quite the issue there! You have to wonder how the bad PR will affect future Zune sales. - Kristin of Two Everything
Oops! It seems that Wang had a similar issue 25 years ago: - Gabe
Dare Obasanjo
My Holiday Project: A Twitter Search Engine Built on Windows Azure -
Jeff Atwood
case sensitivity: Still a Bad Idea(tm)
Dave Winer
The truly scary thing about giving your Twitter username/password to a service is they could change your password and that would be that.
Which would mean you could not log onto twitter until you applied for a new password using your (as yet undivulged) email address - Chris Loft
while in my previous twitter password post - - most didn't seem to be fearful of giving out their password - frankly I think any password should be guarded. - Allen Stern
Interesting to see how this post ends up on twitter - You can't call yourself Scoble there? - Chris Loft
Interesting - Dave Winer
We share your fear Fortunately, Alex Payne (Twitter API Lead) has confirmed that they are currently testing OAuth - Doug McCaughan
I'm not taking sides. I just thought it was interesting, too. - Chris Loft
I have no idea how many AIR and social network aps I have given over my Twitter Password. In fact, I just did it this morning to BlogIt on Facebook. The most exotic was to's online email site. I do it mostly because of curiosity as to how each program interacts. Perhaps also, I have not given my Twitter identity all that much value, even though I use it all of the time as a stress release when commenting on my BB. - Sgt Ret
Many social networks provide shared keys giving 3rd parties access to your account without having to share your credentials. - Bruce
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