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"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." -- Mary Lou Cook
Robert Scoble
Windows 7: Mojave My Ass -
This blog post is really not worth reading, but Ed Bott's reply to it is: i personally cannot believe some of the anal-retentive whining -- ok it's stable, ok it's faster, but your complaint is that you can't make it look like Windows 2000? this reminds me of the They Might Be Giants song called "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair," in which various disasters befall a certain Mr. Horrible, but the only thing he cares about is that *someone keeps moving his chair.* - Karim
@James What? Personally, I've found the changes in Vista to be welcome and very, very useful. Even with an older, crappier computer when I'm dealing with Vista itself I get things done quicker, and with less stress. (Well, there was one time that Vista caused me grief, but there's an exception to every rule.) - Chris Charabaruk
I've had two machines with Vista. The first is the machine i am posting this on. It ran horrid on the Vista it came with. Crashed like crazy. So I wiped it and put Ubuntu on it. It has ran perfect ever since. My current Vista machine is a laptop with 4GB of memory and a good processor. - MarkCarras
@James try comparing disk requirements in $ at the time of release instead of MB. You'll find that Vista takes much less $ of disk space to install than XP did when it shipped. - Andrej Kyselica
James, you might want to add this link to your WinSxS links: -- it explains that if Windows Explorer is telling you your WinSxS folder is 10 GB, it's actually only got about 400 MB. :-) If there's "bad code" it's because Windows Explorer doesn't understand NTFS hard links (which appear to be multiple copies of files, all taking up space, but are really just *pointers* to files). - Karim
There's some other stuff about the benefits of WinSxS and a reference to the vsp1cln.exe utility, and a breakdown of what takes up disk space on a Windows install. Basically you are trading off reliability (being able to arbitrarily install/uninstall things in any order), ease-of-use (not having to get your OS CD to install a font if you go to a Japanese web site), and having peripherals "just work" when you plug them in (1 GB of device drivers) for disk space, which probably isn't a bad tradeoff for most. - Karim
The post is about Windows 7 and how they're looking at the operating system footprint in the context of people using smaller (e.g. 16 GB) SSDs instead of larger conventional hard disks. - Karim
also, I think "complaining about the UI" per se *is* fair game, but it needs to be done in the context of usability (e.g. "this used to take less clicks") and performance (e.g. "this used to run faster"). just complaining you can't make it look like Windows 2000 seems anal-retentive. - Karim
Windows 7 is only a 'slight' improvement over Windows 95 + IE4. /s (I know, I know... entirely diff product lines.) - Dileepa Prabhakar
A lot of expert opinion in this conversation. However, I'm a super user but not that technical. If any software needs this type of explanation (most of which I don't understand) it is not for me. I want my computer to run fast, be reliable and simple to use. This is the biggest concern amongst consumers and technology. Too complicated. Offer software (as a service or on the client) that makes my computing experience great not worse. - B2B Specialist
@James Vista's memory management. Vista preloads alot of what it thinks you'll need into memory hence the more memory its takes up. And on current hardware with all the latest drivers, Vista runs perfectly. Heck, my Comapq Presario is 4 years old and runs Vista SP1 perfectly. - Roberto Bonini
On the UI, Vista is easier to use than XP (that search bar itneh start menu is the main reason). Control panel is more intutivive. The sidebar never did reach its full potential. But to ask for a reto-XP/2000 look is frightingly pessimistic. - Roberto Bonini
Windows 7 is a huge improvement over Vista, but only a slight improvement over XP. The 7 Beta shiny, alright, but it's still so-so. Some really nice features include the ability to 'pull' windows to resize ( like in linux ). This is great for multi-displays, like mine. Flip3D seems improved (faster) then Vistas. Google Chrome looks pretty nice with transparency. The control panel is even MORE obfuscated then Vistas' though, if that's even possible. - Will Higgins™
The 'sidebar' is gone, but gadgets are still around (Vista ones work). Display managment is good, icons look good, explorer is a bit different, like Vista's, but shiny. It's not simpler to use, but that's because we're all so used to XP/Linux. Vista/7 Beta is like a bastardization of what's come before. In this sense, it's a success. - Will Higgins™
I tested the Vista beta 2 when came out. It was horrible, to put it mildly. I imagine a beta 1 to be an even worse relflection of the final product. But Vista SP1 is now my favorite OS. So never judge an OS by its beta. - Roberto Bonini
I have a question: What exactly is Windows 7 SUPPOSED to be?? Can we at least try and agree on that? - Roberto Bonini
I was hoping there might be a "Windows 7: Netbook Edition" - Marcus Beagley
I use vista only in a virtual machine, to test some stuff. It is really RAM hungry. Maybe the grahpics is cooler that xp but it is not fit for older-than-three-years PC. Did not try Windows 7. I'd really like it if it were an internet OS, like gOS. - funkyboy from Posty
Don't know what Windows 7 is supposed to be, but if it runs on netbooks, I can see it being a good choice. Vista would NEVER work on a netbook, but knowing what I know, I think 7 might just work on a netbook. It's certainly not gOS. - Will Higgins™
I always smile when a beta, or even an alpha (in the case of Google chrome) gets slagged off. There is a reason they are designated alpha or beta. Anyway, as far as Vista goes, I have one machine here running Vista SP1, and it runs better than a comparable machine with XP SP3. I'm not a Microsoft fan either, I don't use any of their other products. - Ian May
comic : I think your spending to much time online - >:( -
comic : I think your spending to much time online - >:(
ha! it's all fun and games until you say LOL instead of actually LOLing..... - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
nice, slayerboy. - Sarah Peterman
Robert Scoble
Why Facebook Opted for Platform Growth Over Platform Monetization in 2008 -
Do you have tips for more articles on monetization of social media tools? I will publish a piece on Open Forum (AMEX) in a few days. - Martin Lindeskog
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I have it on good authority that @scobleizer was eating yogurt in Palo Alto today - and reports claim his health has "gone downhill." *wink*
Are you trying to harm Fast Company? - MiniMage
This looks like a threat towards both Scoble and Fast Company. Not impressed ;) - Michael Forian
Irresponsible megaphoning -- and you don't even check FF! ++MiniMage. - Mona Nomura
It is hand made yogurt. Very healthy! I had strawberries on top too! :-) - Robert Scoble
Question: how do you hand-make yogurt? :) Isn't it done with the stomping of the feet...? Or is that wine? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Strawberries too?? now that's very harmful, isn't it? :-) - Asfaq
But how do you feel, Robert? - MiniMage
MiniMage: I feel great, but @maryamie (my wife) is mad at me because I went to Fraiche and didn't bring her any. She read about this on Pirillo's Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Well I heard that his wife heard and now he'll be eating everything with a straw. Or something. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oops. Sorry 'bout that. Ah, the power of Facebook! - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
You just swish it around it your mouth for a bit and then spit it into the cup for the customer I think. :D - MarkCarras
Chris: How much is Mrs Scoble paying you? :-) - Marcus Beagley
Jon Galloway
Help we are loked in!!! -
Help we are loked in!!!
Are you guys okay? - Alan Le
Robert Scoble
How to define Twitter success, @IanMcNaughton asks. Each person's answer will be different. Me? Do I have conversations with smart people?
Conversations - being in western Kansas its the only way to find out what's going on in tech - Kevin Tunis
Success for me is when people share with others what I shared with them. - Chris Charabaruk
Kevin: I am familiar with Western Kansas and wonder how you get that statement? - Robert Miller
Well as far as tech goes there's not much going on here. For example how many people from western Kansas are on Friendfeed or Twitter. The last tweetup I went to was four hours away in Wichita Kansas. - Kevin Tunis
Kevin: Gotcha and agreed. - Robert Miller
How the person who conceived Twitter would answer you And the elegance of legitimacy from @Ed_Dale - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Meeting new people, making new friends and helping my company by exposing others to what we are doing. - Joe Brinkman
Spreading the good word and having great conversations that could lead to all kind of opportunities in the future. Learning new stuff by listening to rational individuals. Have an exchange in "matter & spirit" between traders. - Martin Lindeskog
I would say that twitter is for a quick interchange like those that happen in an elevator, while real, fully enjoyable conversations happen in FriendFeed :) - santiromero
Robert Scoble
@HomeBiss: defining smart people is like defining porn. I'll know it when I meet someone smart. They are interesting to talk to.
...except when they're lost in their own thoughts. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Different sorts of intelligence. "Smart" is way too general a term. - Phil Boiarski
Smart people are not always verbal. There are many Aspergers people that are very smart but have problems with conversations. - Araldia
I often chat with Robert, with my clothes on! - I swear. - directeur
how about defining "smart porn"? - Rob Schieber
Thats actually a "Quote" like a quote that should be in a book somewhere. "Defining smart people is like defining porn, you know it when you see it" sorry I paraphrased a little. - Cody Heitschmidt
Or, to rephrase, "I don't know smart, but I know what I like!" ;) - Phil Glockner
Strange I actually enjoy porn featuring smart people. Nerdgy. - Kevin Murray
Leo Laporte
I hope I make it to France some day. - No FB
I live just over the Channel - should go again (been once). - Roberto Bonini
Paris is nice, but these photos show that the real France to see is in the countryside - Keith Dishman
Yes, keith. thats what makes them sooo good to see. A reminder if you will. - Roberto Bonini
Amazing, love the stone streets. - Caleb Elston
Jeremiah Owyang
I can't tell if Scoble is kidding or not in this Tweet.
I think he's kiding - Roberto Bonini
Andy C I think the $500 is tax deductible ;) ( I'm kidding). - Roberto Bonini
Jokes that make people question your integrity -- bad idea. Extreme analogy. Doctor is giving you a flu shot and says he put poison in it. Just kidding! Pilot comes on the PA system, says his wife dumped him so he's going to fly the plane into a mountain. It's a joke it's a joke, lighten up. - Dave Winer
Dave: Who in their right mind would belive Scoble's tweet??? Ok, MAYBE a joke in bad taste given the economy right now. But not that belivable. - Roberto Bonini
RT request = retweet request? - Jemm
Scoble like to get conversations going and that tweet did just that. - Bob Gannon
Yeah the pilot was kidding too. - Dave Winer
I think he is totally serious... about the tweetuplift - Joe Brinkman
The fact that he posted it tells you he's thinking about it. - Dave Winer
Aaron B. Hockley
OpenID doubters should read this post by @factoryjoe:
The biggest problem I see with OpenID is its use of a URL as your identity. Chris' comments have some merit, especially the acceptance of OpenID by people who are non-technical (probably the majority of internet users). The concept is not bad, but the execution seems to have missed the mark. - John
Don't see why URL as identifier should be difficult. after all people routinely use telephone numbers to identify themselves - Mahesh CR
I use my email address as my identifier and most sites have no trouble converting it to a URL for me. Isn't it supposed to work like that? - Richard Soderberg
Think of the number of people who don't understand URLs today and instead use google, entering the URL into the search box instead of the address bar. - Mark Collier
Some defense for facebook. It says about facebook connect: "we already know the story". The fact is facebook is being the first to create a massively usable identity service, UNLIKE OpenID. So maybe facebook connect could mutate into an OpenID service provider in the future, who knows? In the meantime, they are the ones piling up money, the only ones seeming to UNDERSTAND the story as it unfolds. - Franco Piccolo
Jeff Atwood
30+ Great Adobe AIR Apps for Designers and Developers -
30+ Great Adobe AIR Apps for Designers and Developers
via @seobaby - 4shir
Is AIR gettting a hold on the creativity desktop apps space? It would make sense... - Jeduan Cornejo
Dave Winer
New blog post: Bootstrapping thumbnails for photo apps.
I really like this idea. Would be useful in so many places. - Joe Brinkman from feedalizr
It's done, and ready to go. Coding and docs took about 1 hour to do. :-) - Dave Winer
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