The book industry is missing television's boat -
Stepping Up to a Better New Year -
Why are we taking the Ice Bucket Challenge? -
RT @tomwarren: Steve Ballmer now owns the LA Clippers. IT'S HAPPENING
Credibility, Quality, Integrity: the three concepts I want to hear more often from the media and marketers.
RT @stephanies: Don't fall for it so easily; @jonburg's advice on how to tell fact from fiction in social media
War sucks. Sometimes it's important to think about the bad so we can appreciate the good. Let's never forget to appreciate the good.
I've read enough about death in the past few weeks to commit myself wholeheartedly to living my life.
I'm suddenly seeing AirBNB everywhere.
RT @aloncarmel: You don't get fucking used to it.
I don't care what your nationality, race or religion. Making war while hiding behind a shield of children is a crime against humanity.
Infographics from brands skew reality. Inforgraphics from causes skew reality. Infographics rarely accurately portray reality.
Fair and balanced are not attributes that should define journalism. At times, one side is wrong. Information & integrity are more like it.
Simplicity doesn't happen by mistake and doesn't happen by committee.
Simplicity is much harder to deliver. That's what makes it great.
New Post: Telling fact from fiction on Twitter, Facebook etc.
Telling fact from fiction in social media -
Sirens at work. During a uni-lateral ceasefire. #StayClassy #Hamas
Three ways to follow along with Israel from home -
Mazal Tov @RavBurg on the new baby girl. That makes five in a row!
Today another preschool was hit by a rocket, and once again no one was harmed. Never doubt the power of your prayers and good deeds.
Hey @HilzFuld your photos of traffic while missiles inbound at Tel Aviv are in @TimesofIsrael
So I just carried my sleeping children into our safe room because of inbound rockets. That was surreal.
I am a Jew. I live in Bet Shemesh. And we will never stand by the murder of innocents, no matter who they are or where they are from.
RT @HilzFuld: Hey @aloncarmel @jonburg, TimeHop tells me this was one year ago today. Good times.
Great piece in CNBC by @jessicanaziri about Orthodox Jews in tech. Featuring @HilzFuld and yours truly.
My moral dilemma at Mashable #smdayjlm
I don't know how or what to think or feel. There are no words.
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