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Jonathon Colman

Jonathon Colman

For over 15 years, Jonathon Colman has helped people and organizations build, find, and use the best stuff on the Web.
Just got the new Twitter profile and yet I still have the same face.
IPv6 is the next Y2K.
Facebook Leads in Referred Revenue
I love the sound of my keyboard in the morning.
Walking #bestdogever with @mhuhta unless... MAYBE SHE'S WALKING US
Is everything not OK? No worries, this will make it better: (via @iheartejs)
The Marketing Stack: For Successful Client/Agency Marriages via @portentint
Everyone Deserves Great Design
Less text is so much harder than more.
Current status: CAFFEINATED!!11!!1!
So @mkfnch got me a coffee mug from the Facebook Seattle office. Know what that means? TIME FOR MOAR COFFEE.
Content strategy and content marketing walk into a bar… by @katiekeen
Why Follower Count is Bullshit by @mackfogelson, whom you should follow. :)
Why can't I type [Conjugate (some verb)] into Google and get back a table of conjugations?
Hey, you. Yeah, you. Stop procrastinating and go f*cking do it:
What is DITA? Why should you care? Yep, technical writers continue to lead us.
What keeps us creative and nimble is what helps us evolve: our diversity.
5 Months - the story of writing a book: Really looking forward to "Nicely Said" by @nicoleslaw and @katekiefer
From Frisbees to coffee, the amazing story of the AeroPress. via @priceonomics
Don't go viral, go HELPFUL: Love how @wilreynolds is leading SEOs toward #contentstrategy
"If it weren't for coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever." --David Letterman
Paging @redsesame @tubes @mdsimmonds this is relevant to your interests:
RT @ZacharyCohn: I wish traditional "non-tech" companies would pay me to yell at them "WHERE IS THE CALL TO ACTION ON YOUR WEBSITE"
RT @portentint: Chrome users oblivious to Heartbleed revocation tsunami Read the last paragraph and do it.
Excellent content design on this @nytimes feature: Every story should be this engaging.
Trying out @typify_io thanks to @oliverwaters. What do you think?
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