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Jonathon Colman

Jonathon Colman

For over 15 years, Jonathon Colman has helped people and organizations build, find, and use the best stuff on the Web.
Just learned about @CoffeeConEvent—how come none of you told me?!
A Comprehensive Reading List for and by Designers
I just pre-ordered @inkblurt's book on designing context for UX and SO CAN YOU! (via @resmini)
The most amazing thing I've ever seen at Facebook (via @chrisblizzard):
Current status: over-caffeinated!
22 ways to be a better writer by @StephenKing: YOU WON'T BELIEVE #16. :)
OK #CMWorld folks—that's it for today. Check out those "RESOURCES" tweets for more info. See you in Cleveland!
RESOURCE: How to pitch events for speaking engagements by @martyweintraub at @aimclear: #CMWorld
RESOURCE: Improv and public speaking tips from @lisabmarshall: #CMWorld
RESOURCE: Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds (@presentationzen): #CMWorld
RESOURCE: Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott @Berkun: #CMWorld
RESOURCE: Speaker Camp by @russu and @samanthastarmer (my former boss at @REI!): #CMWorld
RESOURCE: by Zach @Holman is a great collection of resources #CMWorld
RT @CMIContent: We'll spend the last 10 minutes asking @jcolman questions on speakers & content marketing. Ask your questions now! #CMWorld
A8: I’ve seen great speakers who don’t know/care to market themselves. Makes me sad because I want them to speak more. #CMWorld
A8: That means there’s a niche market that savvy speakers (like YOU!) can capture. #CMWorld
A7: I've watched hundreds of people speak. I've picked up tips from ALL of them. Stand-up comics are the best. #CMWorld
A7: PRO-Tip for speakers: develop your own authentic style. Watch other speakers to get ideas #CMWorld
A7: But no one can copy my presentation delivery—it’s too authentically me. #CMWorld
A7: If folks copy my style or ideas, great—I’m geeked to have influenced them. #CMWorld
A7: I’m not worried about folks copying my presentation design or tactics—in fact, I *want* them to! #CMWorld
A7: All of my presentations on SlideShare are available not just for viewing, but for DOWNLOAD. Anyone can grab them. #CMWorld
A7: Don't hold anything back. Give people what they want. #CMWorld
A7: The whole point of speaking (not to mention content marketing) is to educate, inform, and inspire. #CMWorld
A7: I wouldn’t worry about that—just GIVE IT AWAY. Or “Let it Go”, if you will. #frozen #CMWorld
A6: Being present online/offline during an event is a promise I make to organizers to give them additional value. #CMWorld
A6: When I do a talk, it’s about giving attendees a great experience. That doesn’t end after the talk. #CMWorld
A6: PRO-Tip: Have the humility to know that you’re not perfect. Anything you build can be improved. #CMWorld
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