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Extending Cybersecurity Breach Notice Requirements to Intelligence Community Contractors
RT @pentestify: Russian government has put up a bounty on Tor de-anonymization
RT @TheColonial: Want to see how you should handle yourself when RD turns shitty? by @justinsteven
“Bug bounty programs are the future of webapp security,” Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO of Sophos. < congrats @crowdcurity!
RT @dcuthbert: Quick 20 min stalking exercise to see how ISIS are using social media, and what their followers look like
RT @daveshackleford: Nice effort, @jcran and team - the @Bugcrowd disclosure policy framework:
RT @Bugcrowd: Want to improve the security of your application? Check out @bugcrowd's Open Source Responsible Disclosure Framework
Docker security with SELinux... "Stop assuming that Docker and the Linux kernel protect you from malware."
BBC News - African firm is selling pepper-spray bullet firing drones
RT @hdmoore: RT @briankrebs: Exclusive...Banks: Card Breach at Goodwill Industries Goodwill Industries says it's working with feds
RT @treyford: Skipping Cybersecurity in M&A Due Diligence This will change rapidly.
RT @ChrisJohnRiley: [SuggestedReading] Stealing unencrypted SSH-agent keys from memory
Active Directory Vuln Disclosure: attacker able to change a victims password w out being logged -
This is super-handy for attacking windows environments:
RT @tomwparker: @jcran Yeah. Honestly half of the stuff listed looks like GCHQ college intern / summer projects :)
GURKAS SWORD: Beaconed MS Office docs to elicite (sp.) a target’s IP address #attribution #JTRIG #gchq
JTRIG seems kinda underfunded compared to TAO. “CHANGLING: Ability to spoof any email address and send email under that identify” ohnoes?
GCHQ’s JTRIG is to the UK what the NSA's TAO was to the US:
♫ Right Off – Miles Davis #NowPlaying
"I always thought of my career as a series of projects, not jobs. Projects... things to be invented ..."
RT @iblametom: $10,000 Is On Offer For Anyone Who Can Hack A Tesla Car @Forbes
RT @SteveD3: UPDATED: FireEye investigating recent vulnerability disclosures <- New information added.
RT @mubix: RT @net__ninja: Arbitrary File Disclosure in Roundcube v0.8.5 and 0.9-RC, latest version:
RT @erickoester: Data + Drugs = obvious policy changes. Thanks Colorado. Interesting to see what happens next.
RT @JanneFI: How Is Securing Itself and Its Users With Open Source #Bugcrowd
RT @_defcon_: Wondering who's talking about what when at #defcon 22? The schedule is now LIVE.
RT @hdmoore: Project Sonar is alive and well (and expanding!):
RT @liamosaur: is an instant messager that leaves no trace. Project by @riskybusiness @hdmoore @rich0H and @thegrugq. AKA the Infosec A-Team
RT @Immunityinc: New to CANVAS this month: MOSDEF x64!
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