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RT @the_intercept: The Intercept one of only three news sites w/ encryption by default to protect your privacy:
RT @DarkOperator: Biggest ever Tor raid sees 16 arrested
RT @pmarca: Key to "Internet of things", or "things on the Internet": "Just let me control the damned thing from my iPhone."
RT @pmarca: @semil Just put it on the Internet :-).
RT @Dinosn: A kernel driver to practice writing exploits against
Title II is the key to net neutrality—so what is it? #Politics via @dailydot
RT @thegrugq: ProTip: Don’t use 4square to checkin to the location you admin your darkweb drug marketplace
RT @mattblaze: Wait, the (alleged) SilkRoad2 operator registered the server under HIS OWN NAME?
what’s your best estimate on how many lines of executable code connected to the internet?
RT @arstechnica: Android L will have device encryption on by default by @RonAmadeo
Security is a state of mind, but an iptables -P INPUT DROP helps
Net neutrality: who's really getting value out of broadband investments?
Wyden pushes email, location privacy reforms | TheHill
RT @uberdata: In 2010 it was just SF. Now, more than 43% of the US population can use @Uber to request a ride. #UberData
RT @eciramella: “@elonmusk: Model S drivetrain warranty increased to infinite miles, applies retroactively …” wow
Privacy in the courtroom - Yahoo scans, analyzes & stores emails, & users are responsible to warn nonsubscribers
How safe is your quantified self? Tracking, monitoring, and wearable tech | Symantec Connect
Fitness Trackers are Changing Online Privacy -- and It's Time to Pay Attention
RT @WeldPond: Network injection appliances are actively targeting YouTube & Microsoft’s Live to install surveillance implants
Adobe fixed Rosetta Flash today via @mikispag
RT @cyberdahl: Best #SharkWeek quote yet: "And the foot washed ashore 2 days later. He just expelled it. He could have at least eaten my foot." @jcran
RT @WeldPond: The Black Hat 2014 videos are now online
"@caseyjohnellis: OH: oh hey guess what, every website ever is vulnerable to clickjacking @jcran" #bountylife
RT @runasand: If you're looking for a way to get involved with @SecureDrop, try out this guide and report any issues you find:
RT @Viss: @pipes its madness, obviously :D - Results from our internet-wide vnc scan from defcon over the weekend (cc @paulm @ErrataRob)
RT @irongeek_adc: Download links for @BSidesLV & @WiFi_Village now available at the bottom of & respectively
RT @todb: Credentials are the new exploits. Read up on @Metasploit 4.10 here:
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