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Really though, @KimDotcom vs @kimjungil deathmatch - who wins?? /cc @bannedit0 @mrbarrett
These characters @bannedit @mrbarrett
RT @todb: NoScript, No Problems: Exploiting CSRF without javascript: #Metasploit @joevennix
RT @inemation: Current state of ruby on rails community. //cc @adman65 @avdi @andrzejkrzywda @_solnic_
RT @indiecom: @BrandonPrry #crowdsourcing is the new outsourcing. #yolo
RT @csoandy: Heartbleed update: we didn’t protect CRT values. (Thanks, @_dvorak_, for the heads up.)
RT @davidmarcus: Graphene: the material that could change devices and unleash creativity
RT @jack_daniel: The #BeaCon live stream is at while bandwidth lasts. Damned hacker kids will probably screw with it.
RT @0xabad1dea: Cloudflare challenge was solved. Secret key was extracted by two different parties. Kind of a big deal 🔓🔑
RT @runasand: Great @CloudFlare post on the likelihood of getting private SSL keys using #heartbleed:
RT @eastdakota: Here's the @CloudFlare team reviewing @indutny's attack.
Re: Open Letter to Internet Users and Businesses: Help Us Test OpenSSL and Make the Internet Safer -
"@Dollarampersand - Great question! We salute Neel's donation, and realize that the Internet bug bounty exists, but the donation itself provides evidence that the IBB is just too small to incentivize deep and qualified research. We're not seeing evidence that researchers are working on this full-time (or even part-time without the support of an organization). The IBB is also sponsored by an exclusive group of organizations and we believe anyone should have the ability to contribute to the safety of the internet. By crowdfunding a bounty on OpenSSL, we're aiming to provide reward amounts large enough to pay for qualified researchers' skills, and improve the assurance of OpenSSL more quickly." - jcran
RT @Bugcrowd: Open Letter to Internet Users and Businesses: Help Us Test OpenSSL and Make the Internet Safer [Bugcrowd Blog]
RT @TheColonial: Sweet insight into the potential risk of #heartbleed from a really interesting persepective by @justinsteven #readit
How do you fix two-thirds of the web in secret? via @verge
Heh @TwitPic still vulnerable #heartbleed
RT @lotusebhat: @caseyjohnellis: With many eyes and the right incentives all bugs are shallow - Linus' law amended #srcbos @Bugcrowd (cc @jcran)
RT @simonroses: “@moyix: Fun with #heartbleed :)” < awesome!!!
RT @_FireFart_: #heartbleed metasploit module hit master: thanks @ the metasploit guys for adopting it!
Dropping like flies. 323/10000 #heartbleed
Anyone checking for certificate changes vs @rapid7 repository?
RT @1njected: @neelmehta @tqbf We can extract the private key successfully on FreeBSD after restarting apache and making the first request with
RT @ioerror: Awesome to hear that @neelmehta donated his $15,000 #OpenSSL #heartbleed bounty to support the encryption tools campaign at @FreedomofPress.
364 of the top 10,000 sites still vulnerable
RT @shirkdog: @jcran @singe Saw what I expected with nginx on this.
RT @FiloSottile: #Heartbleed Here comes the code for the tester: (others dropped before me)
RT @NetFreeUK: #Heartbleed #OpenSSL vuln tester code released by @FiloSottile, since exploits already out in wild:
"An update has been pushed to the Amazon Linux AMI repositories”
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