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RT @thegrugq: @semibogan @riskybusiness @gonz0_ plus you can always reset to stock. persistence is a bitch when facing a secure boot chain.
RT @semibogan: @riskybusiness @thegrugq @gonz0_ theres a reason .cn phd's are owning android. It's easier to do. iOS is orders of magnitude more difficult.
RT @corelanc0d3r: Dear friends, if you feel alone/depressed/suicidal, please talk to someone. We may not have seen the signals & we care about you. RT
RT @alexstamos: If it's true that 177 Uber employees made and cancelled 5000+ Lyft rides, then that is a pretty big failure of Lyft's anomaly detection
RT @zeroday: Verizon is offering to sell my phone's browsing history, app usage, etc to 3rd parties.
RIP Robin Williams
RT @DerbyCon: DerbyCon call for papers ends on the 15th. Get them in!
RT @travisgoodspeed: Any new PoC||GTFO mirrors?
Black Hat Videos are up:
Small IoT Firms Get A Security Assist via @DarkReading
RT @BlackHatEvents: Just Released: #BHUSA Keynote by Dan Geer Click here to order the entire video set:
RT @ebellis: “@jeremiahg: w/o ‘Attack Intelligence,’ its hard to know if what theyre doing in AppSec works or if theyre the right things.” #RiskIO <-FTFY
RT @nickdepetrillo: The new FCC study into foreign/criminal use of IMSI catcher like technology on US soil is a long time coming.
RT @csoghoian: Surveillance companies (and law enforcement) don't like iPhones, prefer spying on Android devices.
Fingerping - handy for footprinting attack surface on web apps. paper: code: /via @0xcite
RT @dakami: If there's one thing I can say about #Defcon, it's this: The Kids Are All Right. You've done something right, @thedarktangent.
Measuring the IQ of your Threat Intelligence Feeds (#tiqtest) by @alexcpsec #informationsecurity via @SlideShare
RT @veorq: "APT in a World of Rising Interdependence," Dan Geer's invited address to the NSA (march 2014)
RT @todb: @Bugcrowd @CipherLaw <insert standard nitpick WRT "responsible" vs "reasonable"> #semantics #boringfight
RT @Bugcrowd: Helping keep researchers safe - Shoutouts to @CipherLaw @todb for their talk on disclosing an exploit responsibly.
“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” -bob dylan
RT @violetblue: My friend's custom #DEFCON shirt, "Say cyber one more time"
RT @WanderingGlitch: Watch your step because @MaliciousInput and @djmanilaice are about to drop some science
RT @WanderingGlitch: Watch your step because @MaliciousInput and @djmanilaice are about to drop some science
RT @tmanning: “@_defcon_: RT @Viss: san diego is gonna take home the badge hacking contest win <<Wow. Respect.” Cc @d0tslash
RT @joernchen: Next chance to attend the Ruby on Rails exploitation training: See you at @appsecusa =)
RT @dakami: BTW, I <3 Bug Bounties now, so @WhiteOps is offering $5K to the first to bypass Apple's Safari->AppStore block in iOS8 (beta).
RT @edskoudis: “@_paulmoreno: BlackHat is the new RSA, Defcon is the new BlackHat, B-Sides is the new Defcon. #defcon” < RSA the new Comdex?
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