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364 of the top 10,000 sites still vulnerable
RT @shirkdog: @jcran @singe Saw what I expected with nginx on this.
RT @FiloSottile: #Heartbleed Here comes the code for the tester: (others dropped before me)
RT @NetFreeUK: #Heartbleed #OpenSSL vuln tester code released by @FiloSottile, since exploits already out in wild:
"An update has been pushed to the Amazon Linux AMI repositories”
RT @nzkoz: If you run ELB’s for SSL termination, your ssl certs are done. Today gets better and better…
With "openssl version -a" you can see the built time (which should be today). #heartbleed
RT @eastdakota: @jcran @CloudFlare AFTER they disclosed it, we let our customers know they were already protected.
RT @matthew_d_green: I've been running around telling the policy wonks I know that OpenSSL should be considered 'critical infrastructure'. They think I'm nuts.
RT @ioerror: Yet another reason to ensure your TLS services have Forward Secrecy enabled: #openssl #ssl #tls
RT @Bugcrowd: RT @monkeywobble: please kick the Oakland DHCP server. those of us in the toll plaza are missing valuable ads
RT @dugsong: @duosec: Come see us @SOURCEConf Boston this week. @markstanislav & @quine present on #IoT and @BuildItSecurely
RT @EFF: HSTS is a security no-brainer. So why are so many sites leaving users open to man-in-the-middle attacks?
RT @jwgoerlich: At @stirtrek, @markstanislav is announcing for, among other things, bug bounties for Internet of Things with Bugcrowd. #IoT
RT @MikeCodesThings: @jcran If anyone still needs one, I can pass out the three that I have.
Out of invites for now!
RT @teh_gerg: w00t w00t.. got updated :)
Want an invite? 3 left, dm me!
Bug Bounty Hunters! We’re hiring for technical roles. DM or email if interested!
Facebook doled out $1.5M in bug bounty rewards in 2013 via @ZDNet, @rachelking
RT @timoreilly: Do read. RT @EllnMllr: Sunlight's Response to SCOTUS Ruling on McCutcheon v FEC
RT @johnedugan: RIP Frankie Knuckles.
accounting person just referred to bit coin as "system of the coin” :]
RT @schneierblog: The Continuing Public/Private Surveillance Partnership: If you've been reading the news recently, you might th...
RT @gynvael: I've published my writeup from Prezi bug bounty (TL;DR: integer overflow into XSS, et al): + some #DocumentingFailure
RT @darrellwhitelaw: wow. @dropbox DMCA takedown in personal folders . . . this is new to me.
RT @WeldPond: A “Kill Chain” Analysis of the 2013 Target Data Breach
never look a champagne bottle in the cork /cc @cyberdahl #practicaladviceforliving
lets face it, this is as close as we’re gonna get to a hoverboard
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