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Organizations Remain Under Siege and Vulnerable to SQL Injection
Must Read: A Penetration Tester's Guide to IPMI via @rapid7
RT @bgurley: Explicit reason for Florida gov't to support @Uber, 3 judges in Broward County arrested for DUI. Easy fix. @uber
Re: Facebook study… *Newsflash* If you give up your personal information, it’ll be used by those orgs... for better or worse.
Re: Facebook study - The thing is, in general you have no idea when / how / why that’s being done. More transparency please @facebook
Re: Facebook study… *Newsflash* If you give up your personal information, it’ll be used by those orbs... for better or worse.
RT @TheAlexKnapp: On the internet, nobody knows they're a guinea pig.
RT @kashhill: Facebook doesn't understand the fuss about emotionally manipulating users
Recommended Reading: Anatomy of a Rails Vulnerability (Traversal -> Shell) /cc @jjarmoc
RT @AbleLending: Today we launch @AbleLending, democratizing innovation + fueling fortune 5,000,000 – WSJ Weekend Interview today
TED Talk: Here's how we take back the Internet - Ed Snowden
5G Will Give Operators Massive Headaches - Bell Labs | Light Reading via @Light_Reading
Bugcrowd Announces Flex Bounty Program
Just add a smartphone: Google Cardboard headset revolutionises DIY virtual reality via @smh
RT @Square: Accept people everywhere.
RT @shewu19: next up: UberDivorce!
RT @DSchwartzberg: Confirmed acceptance to demo and rally support for ZitMo NoM at @BlackHatEvents USA 2014 #Arsenal #infosec
RT @duosec: Duo Security researchers uncover bypass of #PayPal’s two-factor authentication #2FA
this is the fastest forming meme in the world (cup)
RT @soaj1664ashar: We want to give 1K$ but so far no one is willing to take it :-D Challenge will close in 4 days ...
RT @kyleykim: The US has lost more than 400 of its drones since 9/11. @eschow maps them:
RT @BearsActHuman: Bears are very polite and will return waves from random humans.
Getting the US game play-by-play from @cyberdahl via txt. Go Team USA!!! #WorldCup2014
RT @curphey: While Docker is not game changing, it is very disruptive
Why Docker? Why Not Chef?
RT @Bugcrowd: This is, hands down, the most accurate no-BS slide on "why to run a #bugbounty". Probably ever. (via @woff_itsec)
Prime Music… So that just happened
Hacking: Worse than Maritime Piracy, Not as Bad as Counterfeiting via @WSJD
RT @antisnatchor: I've just published "An overview of the Browser Hacker's Handbook" on NibbleSec. Check it out, and buy it.
iBanking malware-as-a-service picks Android apart via @theregister
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