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Jonathan Coulton
J.C. Hutchins
FINAL TALLY for today's celebration is live. Be proud. http://jchutchins.net/live2/ Night night, my friends.
Mark J Musante
Found whilst cleaning out some boxes in the basement. http://twitpic.com/70d2n
Found whilst cleaning out some boxes in the basement. http://twitpic.com/70d2n
J.C. Hutchins
Today, "Personal Effects: Dark Art" comes to bookstores. LIVEBLOGGING will commence soon. How about some content to wake you up first?
Rob Diana
you're like the morning digest :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Dobromir, several people have told me that before as well, and seeing the stats from Louis was eye-opening. - Rob Diana
I was pretty sure of that, I get the same treatment... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
what do you think is more effective rob : 1) subscribing to your google reader feed OR 2) subscribing to your friendfeed feed? - Kevin Pruett
Kevin, it depends on your purpose. If you want a source for news, subscribing to google reader is much more effective. If you like the stuff that I share, but the news is not overly important, then friendfeed is better. - Rob Diana
I know tube tops are in this summer, but I can't do it. Too much anxiety that a boobie bandit will do run by and yank it down. A "pull-by"?
You know, I have always wondered why women aren't ALWAYS afraid of that!!! hilarious. - Debo
is it ok to do that? - wowfreeze.blogspot.com
I agree with JA on this one: I've not seen one that looked really great on anyone. - FFing Enigma
+1 Starbuck, LOL! - Chris Charabaruk
Also, tubetops aren't all that attractive. They tend to look skanky at the best of times. If I were a girl, I'd avoid wearing them. - Chris Charabaruk
Hmm, 'tube tops', bandeau, strapless tops are pretty much the only type of casual top I own. Not once in 30 years have I had a boobie bandit problem. - Jess
Seems like people who wear them are always yanking them up as they start to droop. Who needs boobie bandits when they fall down on their own? - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
hehe boobie bandit - (jeff)isageek
Tube tops are made of pure titillation power. Why? Because they might droop down or the boobie bandit might appear. Even if they aren't flattering the figure and cover more skin than an equivalent properly secured top. OTOH, even though a sizable chunk of tube top viewers wish they could be the boobie bandit, there's a thing called self control that even impulsive folks have some... more... - Wirehead
( I don't have too strong of opinions in reality on the subject, I was just looking for an excuse to use terms like "boobie bandit" ) - Wirehead
LOL and if you wore sweats you could be "pantsed" so wear jeans with tight belt.. ;o) - David Gross
I could never wear one or even just a strappy top. I feel so exposed :( Wish I were free enough to wear them. :p - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Wow that has been the first time I used my imagination today!! Thank you felicia :) - Lokei Atikus™®
Chris Miller
Chris Miller
Celtx: Powerful Free App for Script Writing, Pre-Production, and Collaboration - http://www.43folders.com/2009...
Kris Johnson
Welcome to Parenthood: Want some candy? - http://kjtoo.com/2009...
Guy Kawasaki
Long-exposure photos. http://adjix.com/aq6p More about photography at http://photography.alltop.com/.
Free serialized audiobook debuts in print on NYT Best Seller list - http://www.podiobooks.com/blog...
Rob Diana
Now why would I want to be friends? - http://www.winextra.com/index...
Leo Laporte
I hope you enjoyed our holiday TWiT with Jonathan Coulton and John Hodgman. http://twit.tv/174
Loaded! Looking forward to listening to it tonight. - The Fat Oracle
I look forward to listening to this as soon as I can get my iPod and download my Podcasts, thanks, Leo - Seth Hoogeboom
Excellent holiday repartee! Great smiling material. Also thanks for you cable TV show in Australia "Call For Help" which I used to get here in Cooktown north Queensland a while ago. I now have your TWiT.TV as a google gadget on my desktop. You give us computer inepts great stuff. I have used a lot of infromation from your show to teach myself computing! I am now teaching my 73 year old mother and she is doing great. - Faye
Matt Dursin
Andrea Gideon
C. K. Sample III
Blu-ray / DVD hybrid discs to go on sale in Japan - http://www.obsessable.com/news...
Mona Nomura
Monopoly Repackaging is SEXY - http://www.andymangold.com/monopol...
Monopoly Repackaging is SEXY
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Classy! - Aaron Hood
Really really smooth looking. - Martha
It looks like a box of chocolates. If I had a Monopoly like this, I wouldn't flip it over when I lose. - Mona Nomura from IM
I'd still flip it over. but I'd feel terrible about it. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
What does this have to do with the iPhone Monopoly game? - Louis Gray
FANBOI! - Mona Nomura
does it have bailout cards now? - (jeff)isageek
I'm just glad to see real fake money there instead of that credit card nonsense. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
What does the board/map looks like? - Mathieu Ayel
J.C. Hutchins
I think Awesome courses throught @hotdogsladies' veins.
Sarah Crisman
"Never before in human history has it been so easy to annoy others." - http://hughmyrrh.com/
@jczorkmid Oh my god the internet is eating itself!
David Moore
Natalie Metzger
Jonathan Coulton
That title makes me think, "And then there's Maude... and then there's Maude!" Too odd? - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Robert Scoble
10 reasons why Twitter Direct Messages suck (and so do Facebook’s) - http://scobleizer.com/2008...
What I would like to see is an auto reply that directed the sender to your preferred method of communication. I also REALLY like what BlackBerry does on their OS where all Instant Messages and all emails (from up to 10 accounts) come to one in box so I don't have to jump from IM client to IM client. I hope BlackBerry greatly expands that concept to include Twitter and FaceBook. It's the only mobile OS that I've seen that consolidates messages in the default (ie not 3rd party) inbox. - Wayne Schulz
I agree with most of the reasons - but, sometimes I like when people make it short and to the point. if they had the ability to write more than 140 characters, they probably would have sent loooong, bothersome email instead. - Orli Yakuel
Actually, there is this great solution to the problem. I think it is called "e-mail". It is really fascinating stuff. I am not sure why people insist on DMs. - Rob Diana
Rob: most people are lazy and aren't willing to look for an email link if one isn't provided. - Robert Scoble
@Rob - posting your email address as-is on the internet is just inviting a ton of spam. It's hard enough dealing with my daily influx of mail as it is. - Lindsay
Lindsay: my email has been on my blog for eight years and I don't get that much spam. That's what Gmail is good at: blocking it. - Robert Scoble
I had commented on the blog directly, but why is it so hard for Twitter/FriendFeed/etc to provide an email user link? That seems like a simple solution to the problem. - Rob Diana
the way I see it, Twitter's DM isn't a replacement of email, altough Facebook's messaging might. - gabo
Maybe an option to accept or not DMs (account-wide) will do the work for all who like them or not imho :) - George Tziralis
I'm working on an extended profile on http://twitwall.com as a way to try to steer people towards communicating with me more efficiently. I'm always trying to figure out a way to do things the most productive way possible. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I think we found this weekend's bitchmeme! - Rob Diana
If Twitter added RSS to the direct messages page, you would be able to read them on your Google Reader and add tags over there the same way you do on gMail in order to priotize. Responding would require you to click to the Twitter page and respond, even with a longer text because you installed the Twitzer firefox plugin first that enables you to have longer twitter messages on Twitter.... more... - Bart Muskala - AdNerd Sr. from twhirl
If people were trying to use DMs as email to reach me... yeah I'd hate them too! I think all of your points are very valid ones. But as the feature is called 'direct message', which could also be 'instant message', it's for something quick that requires a response that is as equally short and sweet. I don't hate the feature. But in your shoes, I would hate how people are using it. - Wendy Peters from twhirl
DM's were not intended to replace email but its usage is currently very similar to it. - Jay
wow! when you put it like that, 'why DM sucks' makes sense. i have less that 100 DMs on TT so i've never had to consider the issue of scaling up to deal with 1000s of messages. - .LAG liked that
dm's for me are a hitelisted SMS that doesn't leak my phone number. Extremely useful. Scoble following the entire universe spoils the whitelist. Twitter dropping SMS support for DMs outside the US made this less useful, as getting DMs on my UK phone was very handy - Kevin Marks from twhirl
My wife and I often use Twitter DM's when she's at work. She doesn't always hear text messages to her cellphone, and she runs Tweetdeck on her desktop there in any case. More to the point, as Twitter is seamless between desktop and cellphone, it doesn't matter if she's in or out of the office. She also points out that she prefers Twitter when she's in the office to SMS, as it's easier to type on her PC keyboard. - Ian May
The solution seems simple to me... Twitter DM, Facebook Messages, LinkedIn messages, etc should be sent to my email.. I should be able to reply to the message from email and have the service treat it as a DM / Message. This way I can still treat it as I do my email while the sender can protect their email address. - Sean Reiser
What I don't get is why people respond to my public tweets with DMs, thus forcing a conversation that I WANTED public into being private. And 99% of the time this happens to me, it's not anything that needs to be private. I'd just respond back with an @ reply, but the public conversation is already broken. - Jandy
Sean, that is what I have been trying to say. I do not understand why it is such a problem. - Rob Diana
Rob: the problem is one of revenue, I'm sure. If facebook (for example) sent messages to my email and let me reply there, I wouldn't log into facebook, see their ads, etc. It's a standard Walled Garden problem driving traffic is more important then the service - Sean Reiser
Sean: I understand that, but if Facebook, etc. made the ability to respond via email something you had to opt-into (not the ability to be responded to in this way, mind, since the email will be transformed back into whatever service it originated from) with the understanding that the email notifications would have their ads in them I'd be fine with that. - Jason Penney
Glen: the issue is that you either can't read the whole message or you can't reply to them via email. Twitter would be the one I'd see difficulty responding to via email due to the 140 character limit. As a user of Basecamp, I've seen what happens with reply-by-email: 90% of the time, the signature gets added to the reply because reply-by-email parsers are pretty bad. - Mark Trapp
Wayne and Jannifer are on the right track. Has anyone come up with a process for managing what they do online yet? I'd love to read it. I would be in favor of an independent place where we could set our preferences for where replies and contacts are sent. By independent I mean Open Source with the data protected from Corporate or Government access other than to feed date IN and get limited data OUT. It would take someone with far more developed skills at privacy and security to know what would be required. - Gail Gardner
There is so much room for improvement in the way Twitter works. I look forward to seeing Jennifer's work in action and I believe that Internet Strategist and Wayne are putting up great thoughts and ideas. - Robert Miller
I prefer DMs to @s any day. I hate making my Twitter feed noisy for a response that is only intended for one person. - Tamar Weinberg
Now I know.. make it public the next time. - Jack
Rob Diana
Blog Community Widgets Need to Work Together - http://regulargeek.com/2008...
Thanks for this. I thought I was missing something obvious as far as what these actually do at this point. It seems I wasn't. - Jason Penney
Steve Hodson (Winextra.com) has a much better rant about the widgets not doing much. I wanted to focus on the fact that there are now a few of these that don't work together. - Rob Diana
Jonathan Coulton
Personal grooming at a new low - seriously considering professional shave and trim today. Maybe a "sports" mani-pedi. Bikini wax FOR SURE.
Kris Johnson
The Bacon Cheese Roll. So beautiful, it makes me weep high-cholesterol tears. - http://foodproof.com/photos...
Rob Diana
://URLFAN - Perhaps The Best Influence Index on The Web - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
C. K. Sample III
if you're wondering what to buy this black friday, make sure you see the Obsessable 2008 Holiday Gift Guide: http://www.obsessable.com/feature...
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