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RT @PBSMediaShift: DBW E-Book Bestsellers: Why are Big Publishers Dominating The List?, by @JDGSaid
RT @stubbornella: Learning to understand by stepping outside your comfort zone: by @polotek Fantastic, esp the bits about listening.
Tribute to Robin Williams at Bimbo's 365 in SF, where he performed many times over the years.
Dinner out in SF! 3-style lamb, saffron rice & squash (all good) at Sens.
SoundSlates, a new music service, helps you get your music heard above the noise.
Berlin bans Uber over "passenger safety concerns" # uber
Gigaom: Online video is driving the trend towards larger-screened smartphones, survey says
NY Times editorial: President Obama: No Internet Fast Lanes
RT @TheNextWeb: 3 steps to forming partnerships with influencers on Tumblr
Higher-End 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 to Get Sapphire Displays, Higher Price Tags
Choosing a system to manage your social media? Here are 5 platforms to check out:
Choosing a social media platform? Here are 5 systems to consider:
RT @sacca: "White gun activists can walk with assault rifles while unarmed black men are killed reaching for their wallets"
She was an amazing actress. MT @joshtpm: Lauren Bacall, Dead at 89 @TPM
RT @jamiedenbo: THANK YOU, @PFTompkins, for articulating why so many of us are grieving so hard for Robin Williams right now.
Twitter admits that as many as 23 million of its active users are actually bots
Fiverr’s budget creative marketplace is now easier to navigate – but does it undermine creatives?
Square Is At Risk Of Succumbing To One Of The Worst Fates In Silicon Valley: Mediocrity
Powerful Self-Portraits Reveal Artist's Descent Into Alzheimer's Disease
RT @johnmgannon: "​This Is How You Write a Content Strategy That Works"
Publishers Turn to the Crowd to Find the Next Best Seller.
RT @pennjillette: Through all the sadness we owe it to Robin to remember how funny he was. That matters
RT @xeni: Like cancer, depression/addiction aren't "enemies" we "battle." They're our cells, and ourselves. Compassion, honesty, ending stigma helps.
RT @gdmosher: Robin Williams’ comedy came not from the usual anger - killed'em tonight - but love and wonder, which is rare and amazing. So gentle he was.
RT @acarvin: Just when you think this summer can’t get any worse. #RIP #RobinWilliams
Hi @Scott_Allison, nice roundup of @500Startups' WMD, I did my own wrapup this morning: #500distro #500strong
What's hot in growth hacking? Check out takeaways from @500Startups conference: #500distro
Top takeaways from the growth hacking conference put on by 500 Startups: #growthhacking
RT @TheNextWeb: The 7 (mostly free) tools Product Hunt used to build its early-stage community
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