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RT @PBSMediaShift: Why are artists more likely to think about archiving than journalists? #EdShift
RT @OhMeadhbh: so this is cool. @kevin2kelly's Out of Control is available for reading online: #GeekCulture #ClassicBits
Facebook reports 1.28 billion monthly users, most on mobile, smashes revenue & profit expectations for the quarter:
Day 8 of my Help Ticket being held hostage at @AmbrosiaSW. No response at all. Is there no one on your support team?
Anyone know how to get rid of this damned arrow in Gmail? It's screwed up my email for weeks, it's not in Settings.
RT @JulesPolonetsky: .@jdlasica California is about 2 ban Storybird (& the like)in schools (no commercial uses allowed SB 1177)
Just got my spiffy wide-screen Twitter profile & uploaded one of my fave photos of the Traveling Geeks in Cambridge.
5 tips to optimize your new Twitter profile layout.
6.5m Twitter followers later, UberFacts takes its fascinating factoids to iPhone with a new app.
Mailbox for iOS Gets Auto-Swipe, Dropbox Integration.
Why crowdfunding doesn’t work for content.
5 signs that it may be time to ditch your CMS.
Google is testing a feature that lets Chrome users save, share and organize their favorite Web content.
In Aereo hearing, Supreme Court expresses concern for cloud computing – but doubt over tiny antennas.
Visual storytelling site Storybird adds longform option for the school-age set.
Facebook’s “Nearby Friends” must work against the historical failure of people discovery.
One Year and Seven Million Flipboard Magazines Later, Find One Just for You:
RT @craigpeters: Increase of service design, wearables, public interest, & big data means the next #disruption in mobile: Health Care. #Source14
David Leonhardt @DLeonhardt talks about why the NYT is creating The Upshot, a site to help folks navigate the news:
Sharing Economy startups balk at regulations created for a different era:
Who'll win the US Senate? NYTimes' modeling forecasts that Democrats have about a 51% chance of retaining a majority.
Stoked! @marshallk of @GetLittleBird will headline next Social Media Breakfast in Oakland, April 29. Sign up!:
RT @AliceMartin8: What the Smartest Content Marketers Have in Common (Infographic): More than 90 percent of companies are now us...
RT @philivey: "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."--Albert Einstein
RT @HarvardBiz: "Whether or not you care about Uber and Tesla, you should care about business innovation and disruption"
RT @VICE: Is America finally ready to abandon the electoral college and elect presidents by popular vote?
RT @PBSMediaShift: Launching a news publication online is easy; paying the bills, no so much. See how these groups are doing it:
Type in Provence, France, in Google Maps, or click thru on Wikipedia, and you're taken to La Provence in *Northern* France, not Provence.
User experience is the new differentiator. How will that affect the internet? #UX
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