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Scotland Rejects Independence From Britain in a Close Vote.
RT @kjhealy: Notice, Americans, that even with turnout approaching 90% the news is not full of stories of Scots waiting in line for hours to vote.
RT @craignewmark: Do you have what you need to vote? Make sure here: #CelebrateNVRD
RT @PhotosOfDublin: On a night when the Scots vote on independence, here's Dublin in 1949, the night Ireland became a republic. #indyref
RT @dkberman: The final Larry Ellison scorecard: Oracle stock is up 89,640% since he took the company public in March 1986.
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RT @PBSMediaShift: DBW E-Book Bestsellers: Why are Big Publishers Dominating The List?, by @JDGSaid
RT @stubbornella: Learning to understand by stepping outside your comfort zone: by @polotek Fantastic, esp the bits about listening.
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Tribute to Robin Williams at Bimbo's 365 in SF, where he performed many times over the years.
Dinner out in SF! 3-style lamb, saffron rice & squash (all good) at Sens.
SoundSlates, a new music service, helps you get your music heard above the noise.
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Berlin bans Uber over "passenger safety concerns" # uber
Gigaom: Online video is driving the trend towards larger-screened smartphones, survey says
NY Times editorial: President Obama: No Internet Fast Lanes
RT @TheNextWeb: 3 steps to forming partnerships with influencers on Tumblr
Higher-End 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 to Get Sapphire Displays, Higher Price Tags
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Choosing a social media platform? Here are 5 systems to consider:
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