Here's why you need to start thinking about social UX for your new website, project or app: #GDACAF14
Great one-stop collection of tools to debunk online misinformation, from @CraigSilverman: #GDACAF14
Some of the tools getting a shoutout at new media conference #GDACAF14: @WhatsApp @Optimizely @Sysomos BlitzMetrics @Topsy @ScribbleLive
In a taxi in Lima where the radio is playing Paul Anka's "Having My Baby." Without irony.
Great news! Obama Urges F.C.C. to Adopt Strict Rules on Net Neutrality
Storify founder @burtherman talking about storytelling at #GDACAF14 in Lima, Peru just now.
I'm at Machu Picchu: elevation 7,972 feet, awesomeness unmeasurable. Hired a personal guide to get the lowdown.
A Peruvian breakfast (kind of) at Dazzle hotel in Lima. Now off to Cusco!
Flying this morning to Peru! Eager to see @lynghou @burtherman @cabralita @janinewarner @Rodrigos74 @tfrontado @flaviovargasg at #GDACAF14
At SFO, en route to Miami and then Lima, Peru. Just got waived through #TSAPre security line, nice! #GDACAF14
Check out these four startup blogs for tips on how to do business blogging right:
4 startup product blogs that can teach you a thing or two:
4 startup product blogs that can teach you a thing or two -
RT @PBSMediaShift: The Hows and Whys of Metadata for Authors, by @sarahannjuckes #BookShift
The Republicans have taken the Senate. Let the inevitable overreach and public backlash begin! @chucktodd @sullydish @SteveKornacki
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Scotland Rejects Independence From Britain in a Close Vote.
RT @kjhealy: Notice, Americans, that even with turnout approaching 90% the news is not full of stories of Scots waiting in line for hours to vote.
RT @craignewmark: Do you have what you need to vote? Make sure here: #CelebrateNVRD
RT @PhotosOfDublin: On a night when the Scots vote on independence, here's Dublin in 1949, the night Ireland became a republic. #indyref
RT @dkberman: The final Larry Ellison scorecard: Oracle stock is up 89,640% since he took the company public in March 1986.
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