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This guy's zotero-fed website is pretty slick:
He's using Simile/Exhibit. Easy-to-make faceted interfaces, or so I've been told, never having actually jumped in and tried to make one... - JffKrlsn
Query, anyone has gotten to LibGuides v2 to play with yet?
No :( - lris
Last I heard, it might be several months before our beta comes. - lris
No. Sort of a relief, as we're in the middle of a site redesign and not sure I'd have time to migrate. - JffKrlsn from Android
Nope. It does pretty much eliminate the problem of "are we going to upgrade in the middle of the semester?" - Rebecca Hedreen
We've got ours, but no one has had time to look at it yet. - Freeda B.
No, we asked for it but are still waiting. - kaijsa
What would it do for us again? #lazylibrarian - maʀtha
Yes, but like Freeda, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet - kristin buxton
Okay, so some libraries do have theirs already. That's what I wanted to know. Ours is going to be quite late too I suspect, since we are a relatively new account. The lack of a estimated rollout date makes it really hard to plan for us, hoping for Aug rollout... too optimistic? - aaron
We have it (we were one of their first customers and are also one of their biggest users as indicated by # of guides in system). We will be starting to plan our migration next week - either migrating in late March or mid-May is my thinking right now. Somewhat depends on how many policies we have to re-consider in light of new tech options. Is there something in particular that interests? - Lisa Hinchliffe
thanks Lisa nothing yet. just wanted to confirm if other libraries had it yet and there wasn't a delay. - aaron from BuddyFeed
I'm finally taking time today to play with our beta and I'm having trouble reimagining my guides with the new options even though I wanted them! If I convert my lit guide, I may post it here and let you all pick it apart. I'd be willing to do the same for others. Maybe I should start a new thread for that? - kaijsa
many betas are apparently built, there are 4643 instnaces of LibGuides (the most recent of which is Hookset School District (#4643) ... - awd
Our new website goes live one week from today. Does it suck? If you see anything horrid (aside from the popup survey request, which won't be there next week), please let me know...
I think it looks really nice, and didn't notice anything horrid in my clicking around. - Steele Lawman
Wordpress caching wreaked havoc with some of the special touches I added (e.g. serving different content to library "catalog-only" computers--not so easy when pages are cached and PHP is not read), but so far going mostly ok. Although, it meant I also needed to tweak our Libguides CSS, and it turns out it's much easier to mimic the design of an old drab website than a modern, fun one... - JffKrlsn
Stephen Francoeur
So proud of Mr.11yo: he just asked if he could get a subscription to Mad Magazine. #likefatherlikeson Wonder how it's changed since 1970s.
I heard Joe Raiola speak at a library thing a few years back. He was great, as were his recent examples from the mag. - laura x from iPhone
I was surprised when my kids started getting it how good it still is. - JffKrlsn from Android
Stephen Francoeur
Emily Singley, "Discovery systems – testing known item searching," usable libraries -
Pull quote: “This test, while cursory, does suggest that library discovery systems continue to have problems with known item searching. Our users come to these systems with expectations formed by Google: they expect to be able to search by author/title keyword, ISBN, and to be able to copy and paste formatted citations. And we are failing to meet those expectations.” - Stephen Francoeur
From what I understand, Primo's top relevancy marker is title (over subject), so when you do a search for, say, Libya, you'll see a lot of items titled "Libya" at the top of the relevance sort: - Zamms
So this result surprises me a little bit... May need to do some testing myself. - Zamms
I'm eager to try this out myself, too. This summer, there will be a CUNY-wide instance of Primo. Here at Baruch College, we've long had Summon but haven't had catalog records included as CUNY was unable to support that for us. Let's compare notes after we've done our own tests. - Stephen Francoeur
The post mentions unintentional Boolean in EDS, but there's a setting in EBSCOadmin to prevent that. - JffKrlsn from Android
Just got access to the new libguides/libapps.. anyone else playing with it?
Yes. But, mostly I have my grad assistants/interns looking at it in detail right now. They are creating a plan for migration and decisions we need to make. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I just got access last week, took a quick look and realized I have no time for it right now... - JffKrlsn
^^ this. I intend to look at it when I get back from ERL and when we finish updating the library's website. We are hoping to migrate over the summer and go live in the fall. - ~Courtney F
we just had a preso on it … we're hoping to have the ESSENTIAL guides migrated by June 30. G-d bless the woman who's getting that ready!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone here actively using the U of Arizona's "Guide on the Side" tutorials software? Wondering about how good it is. Thought I'd heard of some problems folks were having with it.
I saw some folks from U of Arizona present at ALA Annual on it last year and I liked what I saw. Enough to consider sharing my then thoughts on it with library management for possible implementation at the library...and then I moved away to a new job. I'd have to go back and look at it, but I don't think I heard any negative comments. Would be interested in hearing both pro and cons. - Derrick
I wonder about accessibility for folks with vision impairments. How well does it work with screen readers? - maʀtha
Looks like there's been some progress on accessibility: - JffKrlsn
We do need to do accessibility testing, but really like the platform and have been creating, testing, and assessing all year. Students really like GoTS - it is really interactive. - Jen
We tried an html5/swf-based style tutorial (which has accessibility isses, too) but which did not allow for quite the same free-flowing options. for example: or (now that i've bragged on my colleague for putting these together...) I think I really like Guide on the Side, too. - awd
You know what I like about it? Not have to update screen captures all the freaking time when interfaces change. - maʀtha
So, the more accessible version is the 1.0-beta3 release? I guess? - maʀtha
I host 2 of them now. It's a bit buggy, but it's pretty nice. (sysadminly speaking) - Blake
The main problem i have with guide on the side when testing is that our library homepages have links that *open in new windows* sigh. Not going to change that any time soon. - aaron
How many people here use LibGuides but refer to them as something else when communicating to students etc. Eg "Library guides", "Research guides" etc? We thinking of doing that.
As far as non-library folks are concerned, ours are either "research guides" or just "guides". - ~Courtney F
what do you put on your marketing materials? - aaron
We use library guides, but, honestly, it means nothing to the students - maʀtha
I wonder if research guides would be better? - maʀtha
The argument here against this is "research" sounds scary to Undergraduates. Personally I think this underestimates them, at least the ones here. - aaron
Research Guides for us. I like it in part because it helps me figure out what belongs there and what belongs on the website. - JffKrlsn from Android
Research guides here. - Joe - Systems Engineer
Research guides. - Meg VMeg
Research guides. We complicated it by having "subject research guides," "course research guides," and "general research guides," but yeah, no "libguides." - lris
Subject guides - Megan loves summer
Has anyone done user testing about this? - maʀtha
I did some card sorting and so on back in 2009. Was inconclusive. - aaron
Has anyone ever tried calling them "Assignment Guides"? - RepoRat
Collectively, we call them "Subject Resource Guides" but when people refer to individual guides they usually say a more precise type - course guide, subject guide, topic guide, assignment guide, etc. There are relatively few places we refer users to them in the collective because mostly we refer users to a specific one. - Lisa Hinchliffe
LibGuides is a brand that means something to librarians only. We've had research or course guides for much longer than Springshare has existed, and calling them by the brand name would mean nothing to users. - Holly's favorite Anna
^ what Anna said - ellbeecee
I surveyed more than 60 students, showing them what the pages looked like, asked them to pick which name fit best: research guides, subject guides, topic guides, or something else. Students overwhelmingly voted in favor of research guides. - Stephen Francoeur
We dropped subject/course/citation and just label them guides on the website. In classes, I often tell the students, "I made a guide for your class," or something. At other times, I point them to a specific research guide or give general advice to look for a subject guide. - kaijsa
the title on the website is "research and subject guides" --usually we use some variation of that. - Hedgehog
RR, if we used "assignment guides" here, student would expect it to include guides to any assignment they got in their classes. "Research" isn't perfect either (there are plenty of kinds of research that don't involve the library) but it's closer. - lris
gotcha, thanks. - RepoRat
Since "Discovery happens elsewhere", as Lorcan Dempsey so famously said, how do we make it easy for users who have discovered the perfect thing get it (or even find out if they CAN get it), even when getting it requires going through library authentication mechanisms that are on the opposite side of the internet from where they are.
of course, if this was easy, they wouldn't pay me so much *cough* - DJF
OPEN ACCESS, that's how. - RepoRat
Bookmarklet thing-y seems most likely to be helpful but getting it marketed and pushed out is of course challenge. We are not a shining example of getting this tool out to users... E.g., - Lisa Hinchliffe
RepoRat, yes, that is the answer moving forward. But that doesn't solve the problem for our licensed backfiles not for our ebook collections. - DJF from Android
Lisa, yes, we have an ezproxy bookmarklet that is also badly promoted. But that doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered. - DJF from Android
yeah, I know. best answer I got is "umlaut." - RepoRat
that ezproxy bookmarklet looks pretty sweet. we just moved to ezproxy this year and i didn't know about the bookmarklet. - Marie
i <3 libx ... but that's just me. - Christina Pikas
Bookmarklets are great except of course when you use multiple computers. - laura x
I think what we need to be thinking about is how we can work with our vendors so that when users randomly wind up their sites, they can log in directly somehow. JSTOR, for example, has thought of this, but I'm willing to bet money that if you did usability tests with students, they'd fail to figure out how to use JSTOR's system to see if their institution has access. But I think what... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I should have prefaced my comment by agreeing that users find a lot content by searching elsewhere online, often when they are not on our IP range and things can't magically appear to them in the way they do on campus. We can't start thinking about this problem soley as one of user education, marketing bookmarklets, etc. We have to think bigger. - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen, that's the dream of Shibboleth. Unfortunately, Shib is a huge complicated protocol that seems to require a lot of fiddling to configure correctly, if my local experience is anything to go by. - DJF
Yeah, that its complicated and requires a lot of fiddling is a shibboleth about Shibboleth from what I hear, too. I wonder if I should look into it more and decide if I should start advocating for it here at CUNY or just Baruch College where work. - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, limits to Bookmarklet. But, we should really at least promote what we have set up! Not a criticism of anyone but myself here. :) Putting this higher on my to-do list ... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I've been thinking about this because we've recently had a flurry of questions to MPOW's technical support email (which I oversee) about getting access to things where the person is including the link to the thing they want, so they obviously found it via Google (Scholar). - DJF from Android
Well Lisa, as you know promoting the proxy bookmarklet is one thing my place does right. But it's out of necessity, since we have to route all access via ezproxy even within campus and until recently we were not registered on Google Scholar library links. "Discovery happens elsewhere" is pretty old but I don't know about you guys, but my stats are showing, % of direct/referrer access to... more... - aaron
Another thing we have and don't promote enough is our locally developed "Journal and Articles Locator" - ... which also features a copy/paste my citation option - I'm not sure if we could add a function that would take a URL and try to parse the relevant data - I'll check with our developers... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, yes you guys have awesome stuff. Quite surprised you not promoting them. Still I wonder, perhaps our sessions end up focused on just "tools and tricks" rather than focusing on the real goals of IL. There is limited time after all, so something have to give. - aaron
Lots of ways to promote besides taking time in sessions. We suffer from being large - hard to have anything stand out, be consistent, etc. We're making good progress toward addressing this come fall tho so I have hope! - Lisa Hinchliffe
upthread, "But that [proxy bookmarklet] doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered" -- and this is why LibX is so great, right? linking from DOI, ISBN, etc., to your link resolver, which *always works and never fails* oh well... - JffKrlsn
I love libx. Except libx doesn't work in IE sigh.. That's why some librarians here dont want to promote it unlike the bookmarklet. And your remark on the link resolver is sarcasm of course. - aaron
I really like RR's solution. Simple and clean and no need to be affiliated with a dues-paying institution. - barbara fister
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone using the new Artemis platform from Gale to direct users to things like MLA Intl. Bibliography, Literature Resource Center, Literature Criticism Online, Twayne's Authors Series, LitFinder, etc.?
new Artemis platform? - ~Courtney F
OK, so maybe new to us because we're finally getting around to setting up links to it on our list of databases. - Stephen Francoeur
Artemis is basically a new billing package where you get everything in the sub-packages - and only get one master bill per year, instead of a bill for each added ebook. [eta: and a centralized index with better usability] - awd
and,yes, new... maybe 6 months old? - awd
Billing package? I only know about the whole new fancy interface (the one that finally upgrades from Infotrac/PowerSearch. - Stephen Francoeur
ah. all of our Gale stuff comes from the state, so I don't ever see the billing except for the individual ebooks we buy. I was not aware of a fancy new interface, either.... - ~Courtney F
Gale marketing efforts FTW...not. - Stephen Francoeur
well, since i don't have any decision making power on those, i wouldn't be their target :) - ~Courtney F
I don't have decision making power either but that doesn't stop Gale from emailing me product news. I must have signed up for the alerts a while ago. Artemis is nice but it's super confusing to have concurrent platforms running instead of just switching everyone over from the old one (Infotrac) to the new one (Artemis). - Stephen Francoeur
Huh. I don't know anything about Artemis. I will look into it. Thanks, Stephen! - Marie
I must be further along the Gartner hype cycle on this one. I'm already pulling out of the trough of disillusionment (I think). - Stephen Francoeur
So you likey -- or you no likey? - awd
S'okay. It's got a silly visual search tool that looks pretty but is mystifying. What I don't get is the dual platforms and a sense of where Gale is headed with all of this platform change. Is Infotrac going to be left to wither on the vine? - Stephen Francoeur
Gale has so many interfaces at the moment it brings tears to my eyes. Speaking of Gale, <threadjack>did you sign up for their "big news" webinar?</threadjack> - Jen
I just wish the open URL linking worked better with Gale products. - maʀtha
Haven't signed up for the webinar. I'll just wait for the tweets. Can't imagine it's much that's worth sitting through a webinar for. - Stephen Francoeur
Big News? did someone rescue them from bankruptcy? (or was that several years ago?) - awd
I bet EBSCO (or PQ) bought them - awd
I don't think EBSCO or ProQuest have bought Gale, but I'm wondering if they're just going to drop the Cengage part of their name and just BE Gale? Something like that? - Zamms
Maybe they are just going to shine the spotlight on Artemis and talk about retiring Infotrac. - Stephen Francoeur
One way or another, it will be about emerging from chapter 11. - JffKrlsn from Android
We have it running, but I haven't heard anything about it from the people who actually use it at my library. - Holly's favorite Anna
Anna, I see that you have Artemis Literary Sources listed but then the links to Literature Resource Center and other databases you can have on the Artemis platform go to the Infotrac platform. We're thinking of keeping the separate listings for all those Gale databases but have them all just point to the new Artemis platform. I'm not sure what approach makes the most sense, though. I... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I thought Artemis was separate from the In Context platform. It's supposed to be the primary and literary sources not everything, unless something's changed. Ours hasn't flipped to Artemis, but we have most of the collections that are supposed to be included. We have the In Contexts, and those switched over seamlessly for us. Our other Gale stuff like magazine collections is still on Infotrack--so we have three interfaces for Gale. Now I have to go ask about this. - kaijsa
You're correct, it's separate from In Context. It's only for the literature stuff. We actually use PowerSearch, because it was the only way EBSCO could figure out how to link from EDS to our GVRL content... so if we were to activate Artemis, we'd have 4 Gale interfaces. (In fact, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is still lurking somewhere--it didn't vanish when In Context came around--so really it would be 5.) - JffKrlsn
FWIW, the "big news" was that they're adding STEM monographs. Yawn (no offense meant to my comrades in STEM disciplines...any announcement about monographs being added to GVRL would be a yawner). - Stephen Francoeur
Here's a better summary of that Gale big announcement from a few days ago: - Stephen Francoeur
The vendor just described it as "an experience." - Marie
sitting in on an EBSCO training session - as a member of the Communication Board. Learning some good tricks about searching in EBSCO. Like …
the default proximity operator in EBSCO is n5 -- so if you type a phrase, it'll be like this: public n5 safety (where the word public is within 5 words, any direction, of the word safety). - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Check out unique help for the database(s) you are searching by clicking the help button at the top right of the screen -- and scroll down to the very bottom of the left-hand side to see … a link for individual search info for CMMC, Business Source Complete, Academic Search Complete, etc. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
you can change the sort order of the Subject search "show more" thingie by clicking on "Name" (instead of default) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Why is there a Subject: Thesaurus Terms AND a Subject terms limiter on the left of many results screens? Thesaurus is from the EBSCO controlled vocabulary. The subject term is for author-supplied keywords. If I understood it correctly. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I thought Subject terms was LC headings. - JffKrlsn from Android
the Communication Board? - maʀtha
Martha: yes. Jff, in this context, not exactly. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
what is it? - maʀtha
I'm not sure. I've been "on" it for ~2 years (or maybe 3) but this was my first actual meeting. I think it's their sounding board for communication-related databases (like audiology, linguistics, journalism, public relations, etc.) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
laura x
The Old Reader wants to start charging me money. What are my other RSS options these days?
I like Feedly... - ~Courtney F
I've been using the Digg Reader successfully for a while. - WebGoddess
I've been using Newsblur quite happily. - lris
I'm using Netvibes. It's ok. They've been around long enough that I don't think they'll disappear, start charging, etc. - JffKrlsn from Android
I use Feedly too - works great. - Christa
Newsblur has been working well for me, but I think I chose it specifically because it cost money. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I use feedly. I gave them money because I get a lot of value from it and they have been developing new things but the free was very useful. - Hedgehog from Android
Do I remember right that you're hosted with Blake? Maybe he could help you get TinyRSS set up on your site. - RepoRat
Feedly's been fine, even if it does make too easy to skip over most stories. (That's my problem, I think, not Feedly's.) - Walt Crawford
Another vote for Feedly. - Jason P
Been using Newsblur since Reader's announced demise. Has all the same features as google's reader did. I also am a paid subscriber as well as I want it to stick around. - Me
I use Fresh Milk Pro - Soup in a TARDIS
I went to (and paid for) Newsblur and like it very well. - ellbeecee
I tried TinyRSS, Feedspot, InoReader, CommaFeed, The Old Reader, Blogtrottr (RSS-to-email, which I still use for high-priority feeds), and several iOS apps, before settling on Digg. Digg has a decent web site, decent apps, and plenty of sharing options to get links out to other places. Business model is still mysterious, so I don't connect it to anything real-name (not that I would anyway). - Tinfoil 2.0
Who reads feeds anymore? Blogs are dead! Just kidding, I use feedly. - Marie
feedly for me, too - Rachel Walden
digg reader - kristin buxton
i like feedly. i'm one of the original handful who bought a lifetime on feedly because i want them to stick around. i tried fever (you have to self-host it) and it works kinda ok .. i quit the old reader because they were unreliable (and then they were going to shut down, and then not, and then ... ) and i don't have time for this nonsense. feedly works on every platform i use (and i use them all), and if i didn't like the feedly client there are others that will work with the feedly platform. - henry
i used netvibes for a while and it worked well ... and the price was right ... but there were a few ui quirks that annoyed me. - henry
As a front-end reader on Android devices I use, and really like, FeedR (it uses Feedly for syncing). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Oh, my morning email reminds me that i keep getting spammed by feedspot as well. If you'd like to try them - Hedgehog
I read feeds once or twice a month. Old Reader says I have too many subscriptions. I exported my opml file from there (bottom of the Settings page) and will decide later. :-/ - Amit Patel
Feedly is quite nice for Google Reader style access. Reliable and fast, even with many hundreds of subscriptions. - Todd Hoff
For Google Reader-style I tried CommaFeed, which was good but a bit slow to load, and have now settled on Inoreader, which is great. - Deborah Fitchett
I use Digg reader. It has a very clean interface and is easy to setup - JAson FLeming from Android
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone have Encore/Sierra? If so, can you tell me about their mobile app? I'm a little concerned that the page touting their mobile app mentions that they support the Palm Pre.
God I miss my Pre. - Meg VMeg
We don't have it but I've read up on it--it's not an app, it's a mobile website, so they can claim to support all sorts of devices. - JffKrlsn
OH. Like Palm. lulz. Thanks JffKrls. When you search their website, there are no results for AirPac. And clearly, the page I posted was probably meant to be deleted, long ago. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
We have it , "airpac for smartphones" is the name of the newer but still old one (the even older one called airpac which was around the time of palm and pocketpc) is the one that as mentioned already is a mobile website. A year or two ago there was this preannouncment of an app, but it never materialised. - aaron
We have the mobile catalog thingy. Works ok. - Joe - Systems Engineer
Here are the results for some stuff. - Joe - Systems Engineer
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of Russian able to help me with a PDF? Or tell me how to get text from PDF so I can use Google Translate?
you should be able to open the document, select the text within the pdf and copy it. Then paste into google translate. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Really? huh Okay - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I did not get the "paste" option in GT after I copied it. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Sometimes in Reader you need to use a menu Copy option rather than Ctrl-C. And sometimes there's no text behind the PDF and you can't copy it. - Walt Crawford
Pretty sure the latter is what's happening. So, I reiterate my request for assistance from someone who can kinda read Russian. Thanks! I am pretty sure it's a rejection letter for a position, but I'd like to give patron a bit more. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
You can try me - fister @ (Very rusty, though) - barbara fister
Courtney F got me an in-the-ballpark translation. Thank you, Special Agent! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I read Russian. karlsej @ - JffKrlsn
About to start drafting examples of "information literate assignments" for teaching resources page. Do you have any you're willing to share?
this has some we recommend to our faculty: - ~Courtney F
feel free to use anything from this workshop handout (a Word doc) - barbara fister
This handout (Word doc) was used in a faculty development workshop at MPOW recently: - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ those are awesome! - barbara fister
Catherine, those are fantastic! Thanks all! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Now to cull and shape. Cull and shape! A good, usable libguide tab will come from all this wonderful, it truly will! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We're working on something similar. I have various materials from workshops, but our instruction coordinator is working on a libguide, which will be much nicer. My eye is on this space, too! - kaijsa
I would like to copy several/all of the ones Catherine posted for our website, but I'm not sure how to give attribution... just say they are from Saint Mary's? although I'm not sure from what you said that they are actually from SM... - JffKrlsn
Hi JffKrlsn - the handout I linked above is mostly my own work (I think there's one in there that I cribbed from someplace else and incompletely cited) and you (or anybody else) are welcome to use, copy, transform, mutilate, or otherwise muck about with it however you want, with or without attribution. Good pedagogy wants to be free. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, terrific! This is an old thread, glad I was able to find it. Those assignments are great. - JffKrlsn
You can see how our instruction librarian referenced our handout at (the handout is at the bottom) - Rebecca Hedreen
Feel free to use any of this document that might be useful - - barbara fister
LSW: awd
Anyone have a basic primer on current social media options for non-profit groups?
Reasons why our why not have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Flickr, pinterest, etc? - awd from Android
I've been asked to deliver an overview on when to use what and things to think about to the local boy scout district this week Thursday - awd from Android
Have you seen this site? For some reason I am following them on Twitter... seems like there might be something there you can use. - JffKrlsn
I had not, Jeff - neat. Just found out that what was originally described is not indicative of questions that have been asked. - I'll start a new thread for the revision *sigh* - awd
Opinions on Library Juice Academy? Thinking about their UX courses.
I did that certificate program this past fall and I have to say I enjoyed most of the classes and I got a good bit out of it. They cover the basics well, with good assignments and provide feedback on assignments. While I probably could have learned some of what they taught through other methods, I don't think it would have stuck quite as well in my head or given me the hands on examples of thinking problems through that their assignments dd. They provide a good structure to help learn the concepts. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Thanks, that's very positive. Yeah, maybe I could learn it other ways, but would I actually do that? - JffKrlsn
interesting - Christina Pikas
I just sent an email to my rep about it and he didn't know anything -- just heard himself... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Like? For the plum people I guess - JAson FLeming from Android
just what is going on.... what can we expect from this acquisition? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I'll bet some vendors are also going after Impact Story, too. [Update 1/15/14 2:45pm EST. Impact Story most likely not a take-over target at this point. Hiding my source for now, unless the person comes forward.] - Joe - Systems Engineer
Oh good, maybe Plum Analytics will actually do anything now. - Meg VMeg
Impact story is or is trying to be a 503(c) or similar and they're funded with grant money instead of venture capital. Not the same thing. It would make sense to me if this allowed ebsco to put article analytics in their db for each article. That would be cool - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well very soon you going to hear how EDS's relevancy system is enhanced with Plum Analytics.... ? - aaron
They sure need to do something in that area. I've found cases where the first page of results for very general searches has multiple articles from some obscure, extremely low-quality journal, while perfectly good stuff is lurking several pages down. - JffKrlsn from Android
Playing with their competitor altmetrics explorer, I find most articles don't even have a altmetric score. Kinda like how discovery systems have cited counts from Wos and Scopus for relevancy ranking but does it really help that much? Anyway Primo Central recently added SNIP and SJR to their relevancy ranking which I thought was a bit odd, since those are journal level metrics, not sure... more... - aaron
I would prefer such a bias to a "neutrality" that results in multiple hits from the journal "Canadian Social Science" (which is, to paraphrase Linda Richmond, neither Canadian nor Social Science) on the first page of results. But yeah, if Plum has very little coverage, the best it could do would be to promote certain articles that it has noticed, which sounds a little arbitrary. Though perhaps still better than the status quo. - JffKrlsn
Friend putting together a Tumblr to support a school presentation and project. Wants to use a (c) image, perhaps for the 'ident.' What's the situation with permissions etc?
"Tumblr" and "copyright" don't make any sense together. - Steele Lawman
:) - Pete
droll Steve is drool - MoTO Moca Blend
More usefully, I think images are more difficult when it comes to fair use, as the entirety of the image is usually used and the use is rarely very transformative. If it's important to be fully above-board, it's probably better to find a cc-licensed image or get permission, or create something yourself. On the other hand, who's going to care? - Steele Lawman
I'm trying to do it right (AND PETE CALLED ME HIS FRIEND) ... anyway, if it's not too much of a bother, I'd like to do it the right way. The copyright is attributed to Gordon Parks, so I assume I'd contact his estate? - MoTO Moca Blend
and how would one go about finding a cc licensed image that illustrates segregation? btw, the image in question ---> - MoTO Moca Blend
I use to search for images that I can use, you just have to change it to cc licensed. or wikimedia commons - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'd contact the Gordon Parks Foundation Archive and inquire about "permissions": - Steele Lawman
Thanks, Steve! (and you too, Andrew!) - MoTO Moca Blend
No problem, friend. :) - Steele Lawman
Just submitted a request. If they say "no" I'm sure I can come up with something else. Parks was someone I greatly admired and this project is kind of dear to me. I'd rather go the high road with this. - MoTO Moca Blend
^ Like - Heleninstitches
I usually use for cc licensed images. One can also search google images for cc licensed stuff. or use - Joe - Systems Engineer
Let us know what happens, MoTO. - Steele Lawman
Other than Flickr I'd also check Wikimedia Commons, eg - Deborah Fitchett
And then if you use a cc-licensed image, you have to actually comply with the license, which is something it seems like a lot of people forget to do. - JffKrlsn
They declined. But they wished me well. Here's the gist of it: "Because of the nature of tumblr, there really is no way we can protect the image from being used by other parties for other purposes." Can't say I blame them. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
If anyone rus across a recommended, cc licensed image, let me know. I'm going to start looking tonight. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Aw, man. That's too bad. - Steele Lawman
These appear to be copyright-free: "The Library of Congress is unaware of any restrictions on the use of the images." - Steele Lawman
That's what everyone on tumblr says - DJF from Android
Steve, that's a GREAT find! Thanks!! - barbara fister
Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Are we the only ones for whom off campus LexisNexis is borked? They gave me a ticket number, so I assume no, but I'd love to talk to someone for whom it works...
Ours was down this morning, but is now back. Shiny new interface and all. - Jen
ours has the shiny new interface as well, it seemed to have a few problems behaving when i checked earlier, but was still mostly working - Sir Shuping is just sir
They were having a problem with WAM proxy but it got fixed today. - JffKrlsn from Android
it's ok at my off-campus home. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We seem to be still linking to the old one, though the new url works already. Side effect seems to be our openurl linking from Summon to lexisnexis is now broken. The iframe seems to be the issue. - aaron
uh oh, that reminds me I haven't checked our EDS links yet. - JffKrlsn from Android
Holly's favorite Anna
Anyone know of a library that purchased a web-scale discovery system and then abandoned it for reasons other than cost alone?
We went from WorldCat to Summon, did you mean like that? - Hedgehog from Android
I think I heard of a couple *switched* from Summon to Primo/EDS, but "abandoned" sounds like they decided none of them was any good and just went back to the catalogue. - aaron
What Aaron said. - Holly's favorite Anna
I think this is a fairly complex case, but it sort of fits: - JffKrlsn
We attempted implementation of WebFeat back when it existed. Cost not the reason for abandonment. Documented here: - Lisa Hinchliffe
MPOW did a federated search before I got here (the Endeavor one) and it was dropped because [horrible]. Then we did Webfeat and it was basically not used due to [horrible]. Then we did WorldCat Local as a one year pilot and let it drop because [everyone complained]. Now we are on EDS and will likely continue until the next big consortial RFP (2014-15?) when the cost will (again, and not my/our choice - that's how the state procurement office rolls) decide for us which Discovery Service is next. - awd
Lisa, that looks great, but I'm interested in this generation of discovery with tools like Summon/Primo/EDS. Federated search failed for most people, I think. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yes, but the issues are the kinds of things that are coming up with Primo for example... Search results that don't make sense. ;) - Lisa Hinchliffe
I'd be really interested to see some of those searches where the results make no sense. Would be useful given what we are currently involved in. - JffKrlsn
We have a pretty extensive "white paper" on our Primo implementation but it is not ready for sharing at this point. Examples though ... results for searches on a single term, e.g. Stonehenge, usually bring up really old things before new. We also have noticed many examples where putting in most of the keywords from an article title puts the article in the top few results. But, add an... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
For Summon cases, I feel the problem generally lies with the system having problems weighting between matches in full text vs metadata. So you get articles that have every search term in them, but aren't really what you want because the articles is really about something else even though the right words are there because the real critical search term is just a glancing hit. The way... more... - aaron
Lisa, did the vendor have anything to say about the phrase searching? I wonder if it looks for exact phrase first and then moves to proximity. "Pregnant twins" is pretty rare to find, at least in our discovery system. In any case, they should be able to explain this, right? I noticed your OPAC also gives older results for Stonehenge first, but maybe you meant articles. I know Primo uses... more... - JffKrlsn
Sometimes you may get stuff where it matches 2 sentences "......pregnant. Twins....." For Summon at least, I think that's where you get all the pregnant with twins matches. I don't really think the Stonehenge search in Lisa's Primo is really that horrible actually. I guess Lisa has a far higher expectation of discovery systems than I, I am looking for really WTH results so my standards... more... - aaron
The vendor said something like "oh, that's a problem we'll get back to you" (hopefully they do but who knows when). My expectation, BTW, is that they work the way the vendor claims they work. I'm not even moving on to assessing quality in my comments so far here (tho we have data on that as well and - in sum - for articles one is often better off in EBSCO Academic Search ... something... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
JffKrlsn - which of our many OPACs did you compare? (Yes, three is too many.) Regardless, though, the ones that bring up older stuff - I complain about that too. A discovery system being as good as an equally broken OPAC doesn't make me happy. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
I used "Library Catalog" (VuFind I guess)--but "Classic Catalog" also brought older results first. On students going to Academic Search, I wonder if it is a better experience of relevance--in my experience EBSCO is very hit-and-miss with relevance--than the fact that Primo needs to send them somewhere else for the full text, which from a UX perspective is always problematic. If they... more... - JffKrlsn
Hmmm... I thought one of those gave me newer things yesterday but apparently I must have been doing something different. Ah well. As I said though - as good/bad as OPAC results that aren't so great is a not happiness for me. Your hypothesize re full text could be a factor and is definitely worth considering. Though, in the cases I'm seeing - they aren't starting with EBSCO necessarily.... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
LSW: Jen
I just went crazy with pivot tables and IT FEELS SO GOOD!
Pivot tables are so much fun! - Galadriel C.
I just discovered them last week. Also: pivot charts! - JffKrlsn from Android
Meg VMeg
Hi there, what are your questions about my research guide? Just so you know, I do not link to outside content when it is suggested, without prompting, by those unaffiliated with the university. I consider this practice to be link farming ( and an irresponsible use of my web content. Best, Meg
*refreshes email over and over, dying to see what the questions are* - Meg VMeg
Here's what I sent to the last person/bot bugging me in that way ((The link is safe, you can click it): Please direct your inquiries to our alternative feedback submission site: Best of luck. - JffKrlsn
Links from .edu domains are especially valuable. Edit - for example, - Joe - Systems Engineer
I get this one all the time: "Hi Laura, I had sent you an email or two sometime ago about some of the resources on this page : I am wondering if you are the person responsible for maintaining it because I have some questions. If you are not the right contact, please forward me or let me know who I should contact. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you," (the link is safe to click, though the page is dead and was never owned by the library anyway) - ellbeecee
Seriously. I hate these email - maʀtha
I usually ignore them, unless I get a second one (granted, since they all blur together, I probably fall for the claim that it's a second one). I was just SO MAD today. FUCK YOU, BOTS. WHERE'S MY FLYING CAR. - Meg VMeg
i ignore them until they email my director and he responds and asks me to put the link somewhere. - ~Courtney F
Somebody needs some information literacy. - barbara fister
If you put the link in, but break it somehow, I wonder if they notice? - Meg VMeg
I love when they link to something I don't maintain but never got around to removing. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Catherine Pellegrino
Question for folks at academic libraries that are more heavily invested in e-reference platforms than we are (which would be most of them): so, you've got content in various vendor silos -- Oxford, Gale, Credo, etc. -- how do you search across all of them? More importantly, how does the user search across all of them?
Do you rely on a discovery layer for this? How well does that work for you? If you don't have a discovery layer, or your discovery layer doesn't/can't/won't index some e-reference titles at the article level (*cough*PrimoCentral*cough*) what do you do? Does your user have to search each platform individually? - Catherine Pellegrino
Summon indexes most (maybe all) of those at the article level. To search across them, you need to refine your search results to include the "Content Type" of just "Reference." Not at all intuitive. I imagine that it's the kind of search that only a librarian would think of, let alone pull off. http://baruch.summon.serialsso... - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen, if we could get to the point that you're at with Summon, we'd be delighted. Unfortunately, we're nowhere near there, so I'm wondering a) if what we're experiencing is common, b) if it's not, what we're doing wrong, and c) if it IS common, how anyone actually efficiently USES e-reference content and platforms. - Catherine Pellegrino
but even at the point where Stephen is with Summon … 1800 reference results about turtles? *I'd* rather go to Wikipedia! (no offense to Stephen, or to Summon). Which brings us back to Catherine's question … I don't know how best to use e-reference content. And as a former LiS reference prof, I *LOVE* reference books. but I'm stumped as to how to promote them in the new millennium. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We don't have a discovery layer at all. We do have all the books in the catalog (which can be limited to ebooks) and we put individual platform search widgets around, but it's not ideal. There was a product (which name I have misplaced) a few years ago that indexed the indexes of reference books, and you selected which ones you had, print or online, for searching. It sounded wonderful, but never got enough traction here for us to subscribe. - Rebecca Hedreen
Rebecca, that's Reference Universe - DJF from Android
Rebecca, that's about where we're at: I *think* we have title-level access to all the books on our e-reference platforms through the catalog, but that only goes so far. I can search the catalog for "religion" and discover that we have the Encyclopedia of Religion, which might have an entry for Advent, but I can't search the catalog for "Advent" to find entries on the topic across all... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks, DJF. That was it! Is anyone using it? Is it useful? - Rebecca Hedreen
we have reference universe but i've never heard anyone mention it nor have i seen a demo. i just tried advent and the results gave articles and index entries with the cover images....looks pretty cool? I tried turtle and i got 95 hits, one of the top ones was from the Encyclopedia of Creation Myths :) - Christina Pikas
We have Reference Universe. It's a very cool idea and nobody else does what they do, I think. However, the platform has some real problems. It can link to your catalog well, but for ereference they also link to the publisher site. There is no way to tell it to link to your vendor's site, though. So, if you have an ABC-CLIO book in GVRL, the link will go to the ABC-CLIO site and your... more... - JffKrlsn
Re Reference Universe: So, in order to efficiently and effectively access the content that we're paying for, because our discovery layer (that we're paying for) doesn't work for this purpose even though it's supposed to, we need to pay for another product (Reference Universe) that also doesn't work for this purpose even though it's supposed to? Sometimes I wonder how the library vendor business model actually works... - Catherine Pellegrino
That sounds about right to me. *headdesk* I too am a big supporter of online ref sources like that, and IME the resolution to ref resources is even worse than other types in discovery layers, because ref sources are sometimes indexed like an article, sometimes like a book, sometimes like a book chapter, so the poor link resolvers have no f-ing idea what to do with them. - Regular Amanda
Yeah, we have Reference Universe (and Summon). The index entries in RU results link directly to our vendor product. The publisher link is at the book level, but article level links for us go where they're supposed to. There are some problems with RU, but it has gotten better and I haven't seen people have problems linking to articles. - kaijsa
I wonder how you got that set up... The admin panel has no configuration options. - JffKrlsn
Oh, wait. I found one like that. Weird. - kaijsa
Do any of your proxy (ezproxy) the google scholar domain? I have questions.
We do, but I doubt I have any answers. - Meg VMeg
When you click on the title in google scholar entries, is that link proxied? - aaron
Yes. But, strangely, only if you manually add the proxy prefix to, and not if you just click through from our A-Z list (which is OpenURL). - Meg VMeg
We do not proxy GS, however SerSol (when we finally had the option) proxied the links when they uploaded our holdings - awd from Android
We do, and it... is for some things but not others. For most but not all of the things that the Finder@Lincoln link comes up as. Would the EZproxified GS results page be inserting the proxy bit into any link that matches our config file? - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah I think like most libraries, we have the link resolver - findit@xxxx (library link programme), that selectively shows the button based on the holdings we give. I never thought there was much point in proxing google scholar domain since one could manually change the setting in GS for library links, except now I am thinking of requesting it because of the upcoming Wos cited count... more... - aaron
The link resolver's clever like that, yes. But the proxying of outgoing links seems to be clever in a separate but functionally overlapping way. Not sure about MPOW, but at MfPOW the reason we proxied GS was so people could access it from library kiosks which only allowed access to the * domain. - Deborah Fitchett
So it's possible to proxy only articles we have access? Good to know. I know it's possible to proxy outgoing to selected domains, but didnt realise you could do it so it only does it for what we own. - aaron
We proxy GS. I believe the way it works is that domains found in the proxy table get proxied, and those that aren't do not. In addition, when you're proxied you are in the correct IP range, so the proper library links are preselected. - JffKrlsn
Oh yes, what Jeff said in his last sentence: that was our real reason and a big one. (D'oh. I have my head in Other <hysterical laughter> Stuff, is my excuse.) - Deborah Fitchett
ok. but that would be by domain right? you wouldn't necessarily have everything on say sage domain. or is this clever enough to proxy based on vol and issue like the link resolver? - aaron from BuddyFeed
The problem with proxying GS itself is the probable number of ezproxy error messages for domains not configured in ezproxy - yes there is a way to bypass this but this makes legitimate errors harder to troubleshoot - awd from Android
Here's a nice little project I've been meaning to do that sets up an alerting system in EZproxy so that every time a request goes through EZproxy for a resource that isn't configured for it you get an email message (and a note added to a log in Google Docs). - Stephen Francoeur
That's so nifty, Stephen! - Meg VMeg
Awesome, Francoeur! - Marie
thanks for all the answers. proxied and now testing. - aaron from BuddyFeed
For what it's worth, you can also embed your institutional id into Google Scholar searches for a similar effect: - copystar
Watching Springshare webinar on the new upcoming stuff!
Looks like fun, doesn't it? I want to go live (rhyme it with jive not with shiv) with it right now! - awd
Your site should be quite well customized? The migration over to the next generation will probably break quite a few stuff? - aaron
I look forward to the challenge ... and expect it should actually be pretty easy (it wasn't that hard to do the first time, just a little tedious with MPOW's html and scripting details) - awd
Watching one that's winding down right now... Most changes are good but overall I'm underwhelmed. - JffKrlsn
I didn't watch it. What did I miss? Biggest/bestest innovation is ... ? - barbara fister
Instead of tabs on top, you can have them on the left (and they look less tab like there, too). - Stephen Francoeur
I think the biggest/most welcome change is that boxes are no longer so restrictive--things that used to be a box are now just an element that you can put into a box. So, some links, some text, some more links, etc. Stephen, on tabs, these guys have a fix for tabbiness: I sort of thought Springshare might make something like this more doable from the control panel... - JffKrlsn
Will it be possible to have a page that isn't included as a tab in a guide? That would make me happy - Megan loves summer
Is there a setting we can activate that will prevent things like this from happening? - Catherine Pellegrino
lol - lris
omfg bbq!! re: guide that Catherine shared. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
please let's stop linking to that guide... the sheer number of omgwtfbbq linkage it gets is sending a confusing set of data to anyone who is evaluating on sheer numbers of external hits - awd
Good point, Aaron. Next time I'll link to a different one of that particular librarian's guides -- as they're all functionally equivalent. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
I missed the smile emoticon at the end of my comment -- maybe it would be better if everyone piled only onto that particular guide instead? (flip-flopping like a Cod out of water here) - awd
Heh. I'm just thinking that anyone with any sense, who's in charge of that LibGuides installation, and is seeing that that guide, or his guides in general, are getting a lot of hits, is not going to immediately leap to the conclusion "holy cats! People are really using these guides! Maybe he's onto some new usability voodoo that we haven't thought of before!" You know? - Catherine Pellegrino
Actually, there is a new feature that could help with such monstrosities: "Send (or submit, not sure) for Review", rather than publish immediately. So that the institution's Libguides admin could say "um..." Although I doubt that the person who created it would submit to any review. - JffKrlsn
I think the flipping tabs into left side navigation would not really help, either... - awd
I'm most looking forward to the all-in-one box, cuz I want to be able to mix things together, plus the ability to make a box span more than one column. - kaijsa
I wonder when it's running parallel in dec if I edit in libguides 1.0 will the new version update as well? - aaron from BuddyFeed
Good question! From how it was described, I think not? - awd
If I remember correctly, you have all your stuff copied over, and at that point you need to stop working on the old site, even if the new one is not ready to display yet. Awkward. - JffKrlsn
if that's the case, there's a strong reason to migrate over swiftly or we will end up with a mess of 2 different systems, - aaron from BuddyFeed
Stephen Francoeur
Kevin Smith nails question of why libraries should not pay extra $ to Harvard for HBR via EBSCO @ebsco @harvardbiz
Kevin Smith nails question of why libraries should not pay extra $ to Harvard for HBR via EBSCO @ebsco @harvardbiz
I do worry that shifting to a separate fee to HBR is going to create another have/have not situation on campuses where only business faculty will be allowed to assign and business students allowed to learn from these metals. That is a further degradation of access and at a minimum price should be reduced accordingly but really ... Let's not create yet another divide and more inequity in the world. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes, but when he says libraries need to demand a reduction in price from EBSCO to compensate for the loss of content/reduced functionality, he makes the mistake of supposing that database pricing has some meaningful relationship to changes in the product. We pay 3-5% more every year regardless of whether the product improves or declines, and regardless of how low inflation is. Plus, for most of these things there is no "list price" anyway. - JffKrlsn
LSW: awd
HBR and EBSCO shenanigans... "As of August 2013, some changes will be made to Harvard Business Review (HBR) article access for Business Source customers. This change will not affect institutions that have already purchased the expanded rights from Harvard Business Publishing."
Full text of email: "As of August 2013, some changes will be made to Harvard Business Review (HBR) article access for Business Source customers. This change will not affect institutions that have already purchased the expanded rights from Harvard Business Publishing. Further, customers buying a site license will not be impacted. As you are likely aware, full-text licensing agreements with publishers are subject to change in all databases, and EBSCO is committed to providing our customers with as much advance notice as possible on full-text content changes as often as we possibly can. With that said, we would like to inform you that as of August 1, 2013, all databases containing HBR will experience a change for 500 of the articles. These articles will become read-only, and will be clearly marked as such. For example, in Business Source Complete, there are currently 12,824 full-text articles from HBR, and 12,324 will continue to have the existing access functionality. If libraries wish... more... - awd
so, are they telling us which 500 articles? - ellbeecee
I love how they thank me for my understanding when I'm totally confused. Which 500 articles? "Read-only"? "Course rights?" - Rebecca Hedreen
Yeah. (our internal person just forwarded this to me as well). The "fuck you, HBR" part of me is assuming those 500 are articles they're republishing somehow (like this - ) and this is a DANGER WILL ROBINSON thing. - ellbeecee
what Rebecca said. what the heck does this mean?? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
(or will the 500 articles be a moving target based on what's popular at the time? Will they be the 500 most recent? This isn't telling us *anything* other than "there's changes a-comin'!") #grumpylaura - ellbeecee
I'm thinking their 500 most popular articles. - Joe - Systems Engineer
Yeah, I was surprised to read that my access to EBSCO content was something other than read-only! I think this has to do with direct linking to articles. - JffKrlsn from Android
how will this work technically? no links to the direct url? couldn't you reverse engineer a link? - Christina Pikas
They DO NOT LIKE faculty using their stuffs for electronic reserves. I'm sure they know the most popular articles and they will use magick to prevent us from linking to them without many extra dollars. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm assuming they mean: no linking, no downloading, no printing (and, by means of blocking those 3 things, no course reserves. unless you pay their special fees.). - Marianne
So, we will have to scan from the print to put into reserves? Can hbr stop that? Is there language in the print version that says what can and can't be fair use for reserve readings? - Joe - Systems Engineer
Yeah, if you own the print, that would be completely different. There aren't any licensing terms when you own something--just copyright law. (You really think they'll ban printing? Don't think I've seen that in EBSCO before.) - JffKrlsn
What Rebecca, Rudi said, "Read only" ??? - aaron
Instead of a direct permalink, I guess we're to create a search which brings back only the one true result (like we are supposed to do now) ... and enforcement is unrealistic at best. Anyway, they're gonzo imho. - awd
I read that in a meeting and went "what the hell?" I don't understand how this is enforceable at all. - ~Courtney F
I love this sentence so much: "As you are likely aware, full-text licensing agreements with publishers are subject to change in all databases, and EBSCO is committed to providing our customers with as much advance notice as possible on full-text content changes as often as we possibly can." - Meg VMeg
At a faculty meeting, got asked about ereserves for HBR articles..... immediately thought of this.... Told him will get back to him on this issue after checking with business librarians... - aaron
Ereserves for HBR would require special permissions from HBR directly. I'm still waiting for the quote on access to the articles. It is a static list, though - ~Courtney F
the list of articles is static, courtney? Interesting. That would make me really suspect it's tied to their repackaging articles as books initiatives of late - ellbeecee
So what's the bottom line here? What's changed exactly? Any further explanation from EBSCOhost about what we can now no longer do on this already restricted journal? - Stephen Francoeur
When I read the email a while back, I got the impression the list is of the articles most linked to and downloaded. I wish we'd drop our subscription because the terms of license make the materials next to worthless at a university. DO NOT USE THIS STUFF TO TEACH WITH. Okay, jerks. - kaijsa
Even if "ereserves" is just a link to ebsco platform from courseware? That's not allowed? I was told the 500 includes popular stuff such as on leadership... - aaron
Aaron, the way I read the restriction, yes. Even that would not be allowed. - ~Courtney F
They have always been weird about links in syllabi and course systems for years. Whether or not it's okay to recommend an HBR article to a student in a hushed whisper is still unclear. - barbara fister
Yup, LBC, I confirmed twice that it's a static list (I was kind of surprised). Stephen, according to the quote I got, the "extended rights" would "include the ability to print, save to a folder and include PDF’s of these articles in course work". I'm not sure who they think will be able to afford this, because I can assure you, the quote I received is well out of our reach. - ~Courtney F
sigh. Apparently our Acq dep't read the EBSCO letter, verified that we don't have the extended rights, and left it at that. Why does it take ME to push them towards finding out what the language means, and which titles are effected, and that we need to know which of the titles are heavily used here and which spend much time on course reserves???Those are pretty obvious questions right? I'm not some kind of savant, right? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudy, the ebsco license for HBR already disallowed reserves, IIRC, and I know they monitored for linking to articles from within a CMS because the business school at a former workplace got hit by that. - ellbeecee
Hmm. Then what's different now? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Right now I can save a personal copy, I can print a personal copy, I can email myself a personal copy of all the HBR articles. Come August, 500 of these (apparently a static list) will be unavailable for saving/printing/whatever that personal copy - I can still read the article on screen. At least that's how I'm interpreting the letter. - ellbeecee
On an unrelated note (ahem) that is totally disconnected from the content of the rest of this thread (ahem), I think libraries really need to make sure that students and faculty have mastered screen capture software, as it's essential for all sorts of scholarly work. - Stephen Francoeur
^^^ hee hee hee hee hee - Catherine Pellegrino
I agree, Stephen, and have had similar thoughts. That's an important skill in the digital world. - ellbeecee
huh. Yeah. there's gonna need ot be some explaining of that... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
in related news, has anyone heard of Harvard Business Review "open source" materials? A colleague just asked (bc her PR faculty are citing "open source links" as how they'd support a new class). I'm thinking NO FRICKING WAY, but am I missing something? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Open? HBR? I'm going with "no fricking way" too. - barbara fister
NFW all the way. They may be confusing HBR with the Harvard Business School's relatively new OA policy. - RepoRat
yeah, probably that. - ellbeecee
you guys rawk - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A CHE colleague of mine is looking into the HBR situation. Does anyone have a good contact at EBSCO? He's getting no response so far. - Jennifer Howard
no, but oh boy am I looking forward to that article! - RepoRat
Article's good, but who wrote that headline? The accuser is a prof, not a librarian. - RepoRat
Don't get me started on headlines. - Jennifer Howard
~Courtney F
Those of you using a Discovery service....what do you call it? i.e., how have you branded it? Thanks!
Summon, Library Search ( - Pete
We went with Central Search ( as the university likes to include "Central" in a lot of its branding AND it made sense. - Kirsten
OneSearch (Primo) - Megan loves summer
We're a bit confused. We don't have our catalog records in our instance of Summon, so on the search bar on the home page and all internal pages, it's labeled "Articles." But if you run a search, you'll see that we've branded it Bearcat Search (our sports mascot is the bearcat). That name is a holdover from when we used a federated search tool (360 Search); when we got Summon, we kept the Bearcat Search name. Someday, we'll have to sort this out... - Stephen Francoeur
OneSearch (it's EDS). Although many librarians spell it as two words. We briefly considered Metasearch (too obscure) and Smartsearch (overpromising). - JffKrlsn
We have Summon labeled as SuperSearch. I hate it. - kaijsa
We have Summon, and on the home page search box it's called "Everything @ UConn" However, in LibX it's called "Almost Everything @ UConn." - Galadriel C.
We have Summon which we call Summon. - Joe - Systems Engineer
We have Primo and it's called Search@UW - Jen
We have Primo Central, and for consistency of branding, we copied our partner library across the street and called it "OneSearch." - Catherine Pellegrino
Summon, and we call it, "SearchBox." - Derrick
MPOW calls Summon "LibrarySearch"; MfPOW called it "MultiSearch". ("Multi" was to attempt to make clear that it doesn't search *everything*, just *many* things.) - Deborah Fitchett
Primo we call Primo. Our local developed tool is EasySearch. If someone happens upon our WorldCat Local they will see it is called WorldCat Local. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Did this survey of 200+ libraries using Summon more than a year ago http://musingsaboutlibrariansh... . Slightly below 50% back then just kept "Summon" or variant. The most popular one besides that was "Onesearch" - aaron
EDS, called AskMax after the school mascot, Max C. Bear. I was tired of having everything be "BearSomething" - Jenica
"Books Articles and More" on the library homepage ( but it says "powered by summon" Inside just has UIC library brand on it, no specific name - Hedgehog
we call our EDS OneSearch+. The + is very important because it distinguishes the new discovery layer from our old federated search, called OneSearch. I can't even drum up any snark about this. - Marie
WorldCat Local or Classic Catalogue (Aleph). (we got tired of naming things...) - jambina
Ours is called FindMore - not a fan of this. - aaron
Oh, about a year ago I had a GA look at what other places called Primo. I will see if I can find the list...l - Lisa Hinchliffe
Primo - we call it MultiSearch: http://macquarie-primo.hosted.... - Fiona Jones
Summon but card sorts and focus groups are proving no one knows what that means so we will likely be changing it - weelibrarian from iPhone
Summon, we call it OneSearch - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Summon with a locally developed intermediary results page -- called Search All - Kathy
I tried to get us to name ours "LazySearch" but that was the third option shot down. The first two were rediculouser :) - awd
Oh that's good, but on the other hand isn't just another way for a discovery service to disappoint in comparison w/Google? Still I'd love to see it branded with some graphics - JffKrlsn
Stephen Francoeur
Time to dump the @TimeBridge service I use for displaying my personal calendar so students/faculty can make appts with me. Alternatives?
i'm using Schedule Once - ~Courtney F (integrates with google calendar) - JffKrlsn from iPod
Thanks! Will look into them. - Stephen Francoeur
Jeff, I just set up the service and tested it. After selecting a meeting time, I got a page that seems to have spam in the code. Check out this screenshot: - Stephen Francoeur
Try setting up a meeting with me and tell me if you don't see this spam: - Stephen Francoeur
yup, spam. - ~Courtney F
No, but I have adblocker running - - ellbeecee
Reported the spam issue to Will use Schedule Once in the meanwhile (and maybe from this point forward). - Stephen Francoeur
Ouch! Nasty screenshot--I haven't encountered that before. I just booked something with you (sorry I can't actually make it though) and used an incognito window so that my adblocker wouldn't be active. I didn't see what you saw. I'm not going to vouch for that company's security but I like the feature set and GCal integration. I'll need to check out schedule once. - JffKrlsn
There's also an appointment scheduler built right into Google Calendar. You can block off certain times you're available and make that public; then, people can click on those openings and submit the appointment. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Sorry, Mr. Noodle, but GCal discontinued that feature last year :( - ~Courtney F
I also tried using the MeetMe thing, but the email confirmations were confusing and I had several students who had issues with it setting appointments in the *very* wrong time zone (like 9pm my time, 3pm on their calendar - ~Courtney F
Courtney, I've got my Google Calendar connected to Schedule Once now, but view that meeting requesters see on the web doesn't block off my already booked time slots. I can't seem to find a way to enable that and have been getting meeting requests for times that are already booked in my Google Calendar. Did I miss a setting option somewhere? - Stephen Francoeur
hrm...let me look at my settings and see. It looks like in the Setup, there's a section called "Calendars". There are two options there - bookings and busy times. are they both set to the correct calendar? - ~Courtney F
Yes, I think so. I'll double check. - Stephen Francoeur
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