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Major shout-out to Aaron and his work with NUS on discovery in this meeting I'm in. "One of our aspirational models" for working with discovery. :)
Thanks, wasn't all me. My colleagues did the work too. See my next blog post - aaron
Mr. The Jason Fleming
I want to make an animated gif for the library. What is the best way to go about doing this?
Do you use Photoshop, Gimp, or something else - Mr. The Jason Fleming
GIMP is good at making animated GIFs if you are creating the image; if you need to convert video to GIF, that's a different story. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
For converting video to GIF, I (on a Mac) use Streamclip to save to a bazillion images and then use GIMP to make those images into a GIF. - Deborah Fitchett
Galadriel C.
Hi Folks! Do you happen to know of other "free the e-books" initiatives like Project Gutenberg (, Knowledge Unlatched (, and Unglue.It (
Plus some folks use the usual suspect crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter or Indiegogo or Patreon or whatever. - RepoRat
Thanks RR! - Galadriel C.
np, they were just the ones I happened to have bookmarked. - RepoRat
Thanks Jen! - Galadriel C.
Librivox for audiobooks, in case it's relevant: - Lily
The Internet Archive has an interesting project of scanning books that then become available to lending libraries under a one-user basis. To join, you send a book to scan. It's only available to member libraries but it's an interesting copyright/first sale challenge. - barbara fister
Also some born-OA projects like Ubiquity Press book - - and Open Library of the Humanities etc etc. - barbara fister
Thank you, thank - you all are awesome! - Galadriel C.
Stephen Francoeur
Not my library, but I like the search box @ Columbia U because it suggests search scopes as you type. #LibUX
Not my library, but I like the search box @ Columbia U because it suggests search scopes as you type. #LibUX
Aaron the Librarian
Learned something new-to-me today: Newsbank apparently has a freely available index of thier newspapers The results provide a direct link for users to buy the article for $2.95 ... but hey, it's a free indexing service
I will be test teaching the indexing to some history students with the loud repeated "don't buy the article, check the library newspaper collection list and either use oour copy or put in an ILL request" - Aaron the Librarian
btw, one fun fact about newsbank, is that if you search the * it will work as a truncation symbol. UNLESS it's in quotes, in which case it won't work. So electronic cig* works but "electronic cig*" does not. (well, it does, but you only get the phrase "electronic cig") - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
in our collection, "electronic cig*" = 4 articles; without quotes it's 47,679. (of course, there are false positives in there, because of no proximity operator. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
If you have EDS, Newsbank indexing is available in there too. I couldn't get OpenURL linking from it to work, though, because the metadata is weird. - JffKrlsn
Stephen Francoeur
Veronica Arellano Douglas, "What First Year Students Discovered With EDS," More Questions Than Answers -
Pull quote: “It’s interesting to note the kinds of topics that came out searching in this tool that I don’t think would have been brought out by only focusing on the catalog or on a specific database.” - Stephen Francoeur
that is really good, thank you for posting it - RepoRat
Dear film makers everywhere. No, I do not want to buy your new documentary.
^^ME NEITHER - maʀtha
Reading this right after cleaning out my inbox was lolz. - kaijsa
Also, "Dear film askers, we already own your documentary. Stoppit." - ~Courtney F
But you might need another copy of this journey to planet earth! - Joe
I've deleted three such email this morning. Happy Monday! - maʀtha
Stephen Francoeur
Journals, articles, and databases: Guiding users through the e-resource maze via @instapaper
Journals, articles, and databases: Guiding users through the e-resource maze via @instapaper
It's Here! The NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Library Edition | The New Media Consortium -
Do you find this useful? - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
Not really. Usually, I like the NMC reports. This one is striking a very meh note for me. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I was part of the panel that essentially voted on the various technologies and where they ended up in the various rankings. The downside to this kind of averaging out of multiple opinions is that if you're living this stuff every day, nothing that comes out in the report is particularly surprising. I believe a couple of other LSWers were also involved. - John Dupuis
John, maybe that's it? That there's not much "breaking news" but it's much the stuff I work in hear.about fairly regularly. I will shift my feeling to "validated"!! (I think also, I have a general meh response to a lot of "libraries in aggregate' reports, probably for the same reasons) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I usually find the Horizon Report useful as a tool for opening conversations, rather than as breaking news. I've had this one open for a couple of days, but haven't had time to look at it yet. Glad to see something focusing on libraries, though! - kaijsa
I also found this to be a little lacking in "breaking news". It's tough to brand your report as "identifying emerging technologies", because then you have to identify emerging technologies, when I think now we're rather in a period of wide adoption of emerging tech that's been around for quite some time. I thought the challenges section was nicely done, and each trend had a good... more... - Regular Amanda
Was in the NMC panel too. I guess If you are the type that keeps your ears and eyes open by reading twitter,blog,LSW, mailing lists aka the typical LSWer - I would expect you won't find anything news breaking given that this is in our domain area. It's the same thing when attending some conferences, I suppose - where you may find some attendees going "wow, this is so amazing" and you are internally going "meh" because you read about it already. - aaron
I will be adding this to my librarybox - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫ from Android
Thinking about this more, Kaijsa's point is a good one: these are good overviews that can be used to start good conversations. I feel like maybe I was overly negative yesterday. - Regular Amanda from Android
Stephen Francoeur
Summer Instruction Camp: LibGuides for Student Learning via @instapaper
Summer Instruction Camp: LibGuides for Student Learning via @instapaper
~Courtney F
does anyone have guidelines at their library for what should and should not be a LibGuide? We have a library website that is outside of our LibGuides instance, and I'd like to come up with guidelines for what should be a page on that site and what should be a LibGuide. Thanks!
Pull everything into LibGuides and wrap LG with the university's branding code? - Aaron the Librarian
not really possible. We have to have a presence within the university CMS. - ~Courtney F
This is what we have: "The creation and use of LibGuides is primarily intended for online pages that provide information/resources for a specific subject (e.g., American Literature); tools (e.g. RefWorks); specific resources (e.g. Using ERIC) or processes (e.g. Citing Sources); or are intended for use by a defined discipline, user group, course or instructor." - Meg VMeg
hmm....that's helpful, Meg, thanks! - ~Courtney F
We deliberately moved most of our pages into LibGuides during a period of less than adequate web support. Now things are better and we're contemplating moving them back out for greater design control. It's all going to be about your needs and circumstances. Good luck! - Rebecca Hedreen
Stephen Francoeur
Nearly done making Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody serve as textbk for course I'm teaching this spring. @cshirky
Nearly done making Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody serve as textbk for course I'm teaching this spring. @cshirky
I really dig the assignments - maʀtha
I'm hoping to get Clay Shirky's attention somehow, thus the tweet. - Stephen Francoeur
How many credits is this class? - maʀtha
are you going to keep the wiki after the conclusion of this class? Or would you have a future cohort create their own wiki from scratch? - maʀtha
The next time I teach the class, we'll use a different book and make a new wiki. - Stephen Francoeur
You should bring out the original Coase as well; and maybe some Benkler. - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
Last time I taught the class, we used Eli Pariser's The Filter Bubble. Whatever book I use has to be pretty accessible. I think the next time I teach the class, I'm going to focus on copyright, innovation, where ideas come from, what is creativity, etc. There are a ton of books we could use for that (something by Lawrence Lessig, Steven Johnson, Lewis Hyde, Wiliam Patry). - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
My reactions to the EBSCO announcement that it will "share" records with other discovery services.
From the page about partnership terms: "c.) The discovery result record that comes from a database must also identify that source database in the full record, and include any copyright statements as required by the content provider." My reaction: So records in Summon that came from an EBSCO database have to mention the database name? Not cool. - Stephen Francoeur
From the page listing databases whose records will be shared: My reaction: Where is CINAHL? - Stephen Francoeur
From the main announcement page: "III. The only EBSCO research databases that are not yet included in the above policy are those resources that are built upon and subscribed to primarily for their subject indexing. EBSCO believes very strongly in the need for precision in search – a need that becomes even more paramount within discovery... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Indeed re CINAHL - maʀtha
“We’ll share but sometimes we won’t.” - A lesson learned from Harvard Business Review, perhaps? - Zamms
We will share to the point that it makes us look good, but only up to that point. - Joe
EBSCO and EDS has always been database centric, so mentioning the database name is not surprising, in fact many librarians would like that - Summon 2.0 lists things like Scopus, Web of Science, PILOT etc anyway now, those count as databases I think? The one thing that may be problematic is the demand not to merge records from EDS into other records. And yes CINAHL is glaringly missing... - aaron
The other thing they're saying: sometimes we work hard at subject indexing, and sometimes we don't. (This doesn't surprise me--they generally treat CINAHL differently from their other databases.) - JffKrlsn
What is really ironic, though, in demanding that the source database be recognized: recently EBSCO stopped listing the database in EDS records not only when the source is one of the "foundation" EDS indexes, but also when the source is one of the Academic Search databases. (There was much protest against this on the EDS listserv.) So it is critical that other discovery services credit Academic Search, but not critical for EBSCO to do so... - JffKrlsn
Fascinating.. Does this mean you can't filter by source to that? Any reason given why? - aaron
Correct, can't filter to the base indexes, or to Academic Search Premier/Complete, or, strangely, to Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection. Yes, they gave a reason. I'll quote instead of paraphrasing: "With regard to Academic Search, because EDS is essentially the largest "multidisciplinary index" in the world (which includes the full text of Academic Search for subscribing... more... - JffKrlsn
Hmm. Kinda makes sense to me. But seems too much trouble to bother to remove on purpose. I havent used EDS much, so I am not sure how useful filtering by source database really is. - aaron
I posted something saying it seemed odd that they were saying Academic Search is replaced by EDS when they make such a big deal about their high-quality metadata, but much of the metadata in EDS is not under EBSCO's control... In some ways I agree, there's logic in it, and I generally recommend EDS over Academic Search Complete. - JffKrlsn
Today, on a somewhat related topic: "Asked whether Ebsco favors its own content in the results generated by its search tool, Sam Brooks, executive vice president for sales and marketing, dismissed the idea as "competitor-driven propaganda." He added, "There’s no truth to that whatsoever." Bias toward a content provider, he says, "would be commercial suicide for any discovery vendor." - See more at:" - maʀtha
Ex Libris has now offered a statement. Here's a snippet from the email from Shlomi Kringel (VP Discovery and Delivery Solutions) I found on the SFX mailing list today: "While we welcome the new EBSCO approach to sharing and collaboration and look forward to a real change, we are concerned by the fact that EBSCO only selectively complies with the above industry standards and that only... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Latest T&F news seems very interesting.
interesting in a good way. " TFL gives users who have full access to one article the ability to read other Taylor & Francis articles referenced by it for free." :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"Good" as in "for a publisher with high prices determined to limit access, it's a start." Closer it will get, say, Walt Crawford to being able to read T&F articles: Well, you can't have everything. - Walt Crawford
well, yes to what Walt says. Baby steps. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephen Francoeur
RT @mkgold: "Thinking About Authority and Academic Databases" - a new post by the @beyondcitation #dhpraxis team #digitalgc
Stephen Francoeur
Love this presentation on A/B/n testing of library web pages. Rare that slides alone so informative. #libraries #ux
Stephen Francoeur
I got ___. Which ___ are you? Take the quiz. #enoughalready
STOP THE MADNESS - Steele Lawman
But how else can I satisfy my narcissist need to determine the many small ways in which I am superior? - Ken Morley
Meeting with a prof about his first library instruction session led to discussion of what the need actually is, led to him brainstorming about including me as a lab component for the research methods class they are designing for the major. W00t w00t baby!
did that start with your inviting him for coffee? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Awesome! great opportunity. We have been doing this with political science - lab described here: - barbara fister
Love it! - Jen
Actually, it started with my syllabus blurb, and then he invited me to coffee! It's the magic tool! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Awesome Barbara, thank you! I'll admit Research Methods isn't my preference for this kind of thing -- I've always wanted to do a lab component for the first research class in the major, walking them through the variety of research opportunities when they have a topic in hand -- but I'll take it! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
About to start drafting examples of "information literate assignments" for teaching resources page. Do you have any you're willing to share?
this has some we recommend to our faculty: - ~Courtney F
feel free to use anything from this workshop handout (a Word doc) - barbara fister
This handout (Word doc) was used in a faculty development workshop at MPOW recently: - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ those are awesome! - barbara fister
Catherine, those are fantastic! Thanks all! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Now to cull and shape. Cull and shape! A good, usable libguide tab will come from all this wonderful, it truly will! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We're working on something similar. I have various materials from workshops, but our instruction coordinator is working on a libguide, which will be much nicer. My eye is on this space, too! - kaijsa
I would like to copy several/all of the ones Catherine posted for our website, but I'm not sure how to give attribution... just say they are from Saint Mary's? although I'm not sure from what you said that they are actually from SM... - JffKrlsn
Hi JffKrlsn - the handout I linked above is mostly my own work (I think there's one in there that I cribbed from someplace else and incompletely cited) and you (or anybody else) are welcome to use, copy, transform, mutilate, or otherwise muck about with it however you want, with or without attribution. Good pedagogy wants to be free. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, terrific! This is an old thread, glad I was able to find it. Those assignments are great. - JffKrlsn
You can see how our instruction librarian referenced our handout at (the handout is at the bottom) - Rebecca Hedreen
Feel free to use any of this document that might be useful - - barbara fister
Megan loves summer
Y'all may have already seen this, but just in case: "The British Library Puts 1,000,000 Images into the Public Domain, Making Them Free to Reuse & Remix"
Fantastic stuff! - Laura Norvig from iPhone
The other day, MCCPOW (my community college place of work), instead of closing at 10pm, closed at midnight. There were pancakes in the common area down the hall from the library starting at 10.
We do something similar, but only hand out cookies. Pancakes win! - kaijsa
My University provide a complete hot breakfast at midnight: pancakes, eggs, bacon, the whole thing. - DJF
I didn't look to see what all they offered. They called it Pancake Breakfast. - bentley
In which Judge Chin says "f*** you, Authors Guild, have some fair use."
Very readable, too. I could see giving this to students as a fair use reading. - Rebecca Hedreen
"The fair use analysis set forth above with respect to Google Books applies here as well to the libraries' use of their scans, and if there is no liability for copyright infringement on the libraries' part, there can be no liability on Google's part." BOOM - Aaron the Librarian
SO ORDERED. *gavel drops* Dang, that was a satisfying read. - RepoRat
"For the reasons set forth above, plaintiffs' motion for partial summary judgment is denied and Google's motion for summary judgment is granted. Judgment will be entered in favor of Google dismissing the Complaint." - Aaron the Librarian
I had a new slide in my GBooks lecture this fall entitled "Hathi pwns Author's Guild." Just added another new one entitled "Google pwns Author's Guild." - RepoRat
Just filed a story about it. Glad to have such a readable opinion to work with. - Jennifer Howard
Story's up, and a good story it is. - RepoRat
The story was locked, but this might be a free 24 hour version? Oh, and thanks Jennifer for the nice coverage. - Joe
Deborah Fitchett
If anyone happens to know of any recent Summon vs Primo comparisons that'd be fantastic. Also my lit search is making me ponder the pros/cons of convincing Google to sell libraries API access to Scholar so we could roll our own discover layer.
good luck with that - DJF
Someone told me (informally) that one of the reasons Google was allowed to index publishers' holdings was the condition that it would *not* make such information available as an API or sold to libraries, or perhaps it was both conditions.... - copystar
I heard that from the google scholar lead directly, yup. Some publishers imposed that restriction re apis. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
In retrospect unsurprising. Sigh. I understand A&I databases holding on for all they're worth; but full-text databases *should* be giving away at least the bibliographic data: it makes the full-text they sell more popular hence more sellable, and if we could create, say, an open source discovery layer with decent content then maybe we'd have more money to buy that full-text with. - Deborah Fitchett
That's okay, I've been hearing noise about scholar possibly going away and subsumed into regular Google - Aaron the Librarian from Android
stfu - Meg VMeg
I didn't say I liked it - just that I'm hearing it - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I'm mostly only hearing speculative "What if" fears, I haven't heard any noise based on anything even *slightly* more substantial yet. - Deborah Fitchett
We compared em all and there was no real difference between them and a cross search of ebscohost. We still tried to go with summon so we could have better faceting and it failed our tests. Rochkind wrote up the first in code4lib j - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Part of this paper deals with the choice between summon and primo - lris
Awesome, thank you! - Deborah Fitchett
There was a ustream from Charleston today (Thursday) that mentioned this very thing. I think Jenica tweeted a screenshot of that slide too - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Thanks for the links! We are in the very beginningest of talks to think about other-than-Summon, this is helpful stuff. (anecdotally, even without faceting, I still prefer Google Scholar over Summon for finding things both for myself and for almost every student who comes to the research desk. It's not as pretty, or information-full, but it just works better.) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Relevancy magic by google. - aaron
web of knowledge + Google scholar tie up? - guess will be around a while? - aaron from YouFeed
I'm working on a guide to reading and using sources in writing. Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!
Looks great! I'll look at again tomorrow more closely. - Stephen Francoeur
that looks awesome! I can look again tomorrow as well, but I don't see anything that I'd change - Sir Shuping is just sir
I should have suspected you'd be up to something like this. I was just at a statewide meeting of secondary, college, and university faculty teaching literature and we focused on close reading. Of course, I decided to work on upping my game on guides. Once I have a chance to look at this, I may just link to you. :) - kaijsa
Link, borrow, whatever you like. :) - lris
Massive thanks to Steve (for writing a box and suggesting many resources) and to Marianne (for editing the whole and suggesting one of the pages). - lris
Iris, you're amazing. And omg, you have the AzTech link in there, I am so thrilled! - Lily
This is great. Expect a "so-and-so is using your guide as a template" email shortly! - Rebecca Hedreen
Very seriously awesome, Iris - maʀtha
Waif, Wife, and especially I can benefit from this. Great job, Iris. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Could I, uh, appropriate, er, reuse with credit, the Use what you have to find more box? - maʀtha
also the bridge box? - maʀtha
Oh, nevermind, I see you have given permission above. Thank you. - maʀtha
Yep, use/reuse/whatever. :) - lris
Holy wow. I will be reading and thinking about this deeply in the next few days/weeks/months. Expect the Saint Mary's College Critical Thinking Seminar program to be all the hell over this, my friend. - Catherine Pellegrino
~Courtney F
we just released Summon (we're calling it OneSearch) and I just got email from the President of the University!!! (he likes it!)
Is that the 2.0 version or 1.0? - aaron
we are still on 1.0 and i'm not clear on when our 2.0 roll out will be. - ~Courtney F
Student Data is the New Oil: MOOCs, Metaphor, and Money
? - Katie
(hit send too soon!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
So what data are students creating? What data are schools and software companies gathering? Traditionally, we've thought about "student data" in terms of what’s on the transcript — that is, demographics, major, and final course grades. Student data includes test scores. Individual assignments. Attendance. Add to that perhaps, behavior and disciplinary records. "This will go down on your permanent record!" as many of us have been informed. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
But schools and their administrative and instructional technologies track so much more these days: library check-outs. Gym visits. Inter-mural sports participation. Cafeteria and bookstore purchases. Minutes from student meetings. Times in and out of the dormitory. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Much of this data exists in software silos that are disconnected. But more and more, companies are starting to push for the aggregation of student data into analytics tools that can be sold in turn back to the school. Learning management system log-ins and duration of their LMS sessions. Blog and forum comment history. Internet usage while on campus. Emails sent and received on via university email accounts. The pages students read in digital textbooks. The passages they highlight - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
There's more too, that gray area of students' computer usage, via software that isn't necessarily administered by the school: students’ search engine history. Their social media profiles. Time spent on Facebook while in class. Videos watched on Coursera or Khan Academy or Udacity, along with if and where they paused the videos. Exercises completed on any of these platforms. Their Wikipedia visits. Their downloads. Their uploads. Their levels on Grand Theft Auto V. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
All their keystrokes and mouse clicks, logged. Those last items are, along with biometric data, how Coursera says it plans to confirm students’ identities for its "signature track" MOOCs, that is those courses from which students can pay for an official certificate. These are also the data that Coursera says will give it incredible insights into course design. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Very much wow! - Katie
iknowright??? scary stuff! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
laura x
Wiley: QR Codes Kill Kittens: How to Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Your Business into the Ground - Scott Stratten, Alison Kramer -
Wiley: QR Codes Kill Kittens: How to Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Your Business into the Ground - Scott Stratten, Alison Kramer
This exists. You're welcome. - laura x from Bookmarklet
ok that is awesome. - Sir Shuping is just sir
the video is awesome... - Christina Pikas
Our Criminologists are using QR codes. The students aren't... enthusiastic. I said to the lead tutor 'I could have told you QR codes are bullshit' - Pete
the book is on ebl... i needed that laugh :) - Christina Pikas
This was part of the swag for the conference I attended last week (where the author, Scott Stratten, did an amazing keynote speech - seriously, it was like watching Lewis Black speak geek). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
The table of contents alone justifies the existence of this book! - Grumpator
Fantastic. - Meg VMeg
laura x
I am having way too much fun clicking around on this thing. - laura x from Bookmarklet
So what are you all doing for OA week?
SLIS's academic-library student group is trying to reprise last year's panel discussion. I have politely declined to be on it. By coincidence, I am scheduled to discuss the OSTP Memo at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on Monday of OA Week. - RepoRat
I'm thinking about a series of blog posts/videos, maybe a webinar, and a brown bagger. (Trying to balance local with national.) - kendrak
Only slightly OT: Maybe OA week would be a good time to discuss Escalating Definitions of Open? (Since I'm seeing some today...) - Walt Crawford
We're doing a wikipeda edit-a-thon. Not exactly OA, but related. Plus I hope it draws more student interest. - Freeda B.
nothing. :) - aaron from BuddyFeed
Setting my librarians free. They have great easy plans and I don't remember what they are. :) - Jenica
It's fall break here. (Not that we've ever done anything in the past, but we really won't do anything this year.) EDIT: wait, I was wrong! Last year we announced a lecture at Big Research Library Across The Street: - Catherine Pellegrino
We have Victoria Stodden coming to speak on open data and code - should be great! - Sarah from FreshFeed
I have a "web exhibit" that I advertise every year: - Rebecca Hedreen
it's midterms, as usual, so we're changing things up this shear and just doing basic promotion in October, and then making February "open" month. open access, open data, open source, etc. hackathon, panels, Wikipedia fun thing, some other stuff... - jambina
We're organizing a Death of Evidence mock funeral in the atrium of our Scott Library. There will be eulogies from York profs & staff for muzzled scientists, Library & Archives Canada and the long form census. I should have a draft web page up by the end of the week. Yes, it will be recorded & live-streamed. (Books vs. Blog debate last year: - John Dupuis
Wow - maʀtha
John wins. (wow!) - Catherine Pellegrino
Holy cats, Dupuis! - Marie
John FTW! That is awesome. You've called the news outlets, right? - RepoRat
Mock funeral awesomeness! We are hosting an edit-a-thon, plus organizing a series around town for OA Week, but... no mock funerals. - Regular Amanda
Yes, holy cats. This one will be hard to top next year, but at least I won't be chair of the Schol Comm Committee then. I am this year so I'm dealing with all the logistical stuff for this. For example, it seems we will be able to borrow a coffin and other props from the Theatre department. And yes, we have a Communications Officer for the Libraries and she is *on* this. - John Dupuis
John - i'll leave stream it here. send me details as you have them, por favor.) - jambina
Absolutely. I'm meeting with the media tech people at noon to work out the details. BTW, the idea wasn't in any way only mine but really developed as a committee. It's a really great group, best committee ever. I think my main contribution over the last couple of years is to get people planning OA week in the spring rather than the September meeting. - John Dupuis
So excited - I just got off the phone with the coordinator of our new grad student writing centers. We're going to do some brown bags IN the writing centers talking about OA and ETDs. Our grad students have been getting pretty active in OA lately (the grad student govt joined R2RC this past spring), so I've been targeting them lately. We typically have low-zero turnout for events held in the library so I'm excited to get into other campus space! - Grumpator
Lisa Hinchliffe
Intersection of info lit/instruction and user experience... Your best sources? Need to make case there is one. But, if you believe there isn't tell me why....
it's so self-evident I can't break it apart. I'll ponder. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Here's one that Clive Thompson sent to me over twitter (squee!) : There is a difference between competence and the feeling of competence: Inept and satisfied, redux: - copystar
It does seem self evident, but google scholar is not making the connection obvious for me. How has someone else not already made that connection? Deb Kolah who does UX at Rice University may know of some specific IL connections. - Joe
She had a poster paper in 2010 at SLA was the top reference for my google search, but it was about portals like pageflakes, a little dated now. If you contact her, say hi for me. She is the chair of the UX caucus of SLA. - Joe
The T. Scott P. paper seems ok. - Joe
Since Kent Anderson likes what T. Scott says and writes about, it gives me a little pause, - Joe
Erm, would some of the ethnography lit demonstrate a connection? - barbara fister
And library anxiety stuff? - barbara fister
Great ideas - keep them coming ... I need to counter an argument - well, at least make it complex - that if students LIKE something it is BEST for their learning and thus what the Library should do. But, ultimately I think students LIKE to get good grades, get jobs at graduation, etc. - asking them to figure out which library search environment will be best for getting sources in order... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I've noticed one point where UX and IL collide and I like to call it 'UX versus the Teachable Moment' That being said, we obviously can't base our work on purely what students 'like' more. One of my fave IL talks was about the importance of cognitive dissonance. Questioning our own assumptions is not something that we generally 'like' to do - but it's hard to grow our perspectives otherwise - copystar
Thanks. I have no problem at all with improving tools, etc. so I can stop spending all my time teaching students how to get around the system to do what they want. We should give them the most modern, functional, kicking it info environments we can. And then we should challenge them ... To think hard, find the best stuff, etc. In order to meet the expectations that faculty have for... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Nothing smart to contribute, except to say I loved the idea of "inept but satisfied users" , does that describe many users of web scale discovery services? There's a bit of speculation in , where they find that users are generally indifferent between the different discovery products during their "preference tests". The author wonders if users... more... - aaron
Now I'm thinking about how the goals of UX may in some ways seem designed to steer people away from threshold concepts. Only I don't think that's the case. Frustration with broken tools and stupid work that we have to do to work around systems that don't work well may actually postpone the real challenges that offer real intellectual and emotional growth. It may keep everything on the... more... - barbara fister
I too think that UX and IL are on the same side. Both groups, for example, have interest in evidence based practice while recognizing that research cannot be reduced to a set of simple mechanics. - copystar
These are so helpful. I am realizing the person I am struggling with may not be as familiar with UX as they insist they are. I really like the idea that we should dhave tools that work so the focus doesn't have to be on the tools! - Lisa Hinchliffe
I keep coming back to this thread and thinking about it more. Echoing Barbara's comments, maybe information behavior research might be related here--research that looks at processes people go through to find info and why they make certain choices. If the UX is bad, that affects how people act and think, which in turn affects the knowledge they build about the process. I've probably just... more... - Megan loves summer
"Information seeking" is another subject that might also be in the intersection of info lit and UX. - Joe
1. I read the relationship between the 2 as "instruction can help us figure out what's not working in the UX." For instance: patron looking at OpenURL screen with no results thought she had to look up isbn to do an isbn search in catalog (instead of just clicking link, which prepopulates isbn) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
2. Patrons need to work around even the simple things we think we've fixed - i.e., we implemented bento box search in our main search ( so that books are on right & articles on left (from Summon). And we are hearing that users are working around that interface to get right to the catalog -- ignoring what we thought would be the benefit of the bento box approach. fwiw. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
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