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patti digh
Breaking out my 800-pound, 3-speed 1969 ladies' Schwinn with the ladybug bell this week.
Better an 800-pound bicycle than an 800-pound gorilla I suppose. Much less messy. - Jeff De Cagna
Lee Aase
I just heard that Obama hasn't done a media availability for 6 weeks. Is that true? Can someone tell me when he did his last press conf?
Not true Lee...he had a press availability last week in Richmond before he went to visit his grandmother. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Thanks, Jeff. I had heard that and thought it couldn't be right, with the campaign in full swing. - Lee Aase
Dave Winer
Sarah Palin On SNL With Tina Fey, Weekend Update's Alaska Rap, Baldwin And Wahlberg (VIDEO) -
She wasn't funny...she barely spoke at all, which is pretty consistent with her press availability during the campaign. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
R. Ferguson
McCain camp prays for Palin wedding - Times Online -
"Inside John McCain’s campaign the expectation is growing that there will be a popularity boosting pre-election wedding in Alaska between Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, her schoolmate and father of her baby. “It would be fantastic,” said a McCain insider. “You would have every TV camera there. The entire country would be watching. It would shut down the race for a week.”" - R. Ferguson from Bookmarklet
Yes, there's nothing quite like a teen wedding to inspire the electorate. - dkb from Alert Thingy
This is the surest sign yet that the McCain-Palin campaign is desperate and flailing. No one can question the governor about her daughter's pregnancy, but John McCain can use a shotgun marriage to boost his electoral chances. It's shameful and disgraceful, and totally consistent with the campaign Senator McCain is running. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
I'll bet they will have the wedding on the afternoon of the Palin-Biden debate. That way everyone will forget how stupid the bride's mother is, and Biden will not be able to shame her with her stupidity. - Paul Denlinger
Just what America needs: More white trash... - Paul Denlinger
totally agree with Jeff. It is unbelievable that a PRESIDENTIAL campaign would go there. Shameful - R. Ferguson
yeah, that's a desperate (and cheap) move. - Cee Bee
Robert Scoble
One good thing if McCain gets elected, we'll have Tina Fey every Saturday Night. Damn she does a good impression of Palin:
last night's skit had me in stitches - Will DeLuca
Somehow, this thought doesn't make me feel better. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
I'd say the downside far outweighs the benefit. - Jeff P. Henderson
several of the lines from Tina Fey were actual direct Palin quotes from the Couric interview. *that* really cracked me up. - MikeAmundsen
More Tina Fey as Palin will actually become quite maddening as the humor turns to terror over the course of their four years. - Brad Williamson
+1 Jeff P. - mj
That will be the only good thing, and it's not enough. (Though Fey did rock as Palin.) - Steve Lowe
the funny part was that i'm pretty sure they didn't write the sketch, they just read the actual transcript. :-) "...has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants. That's gonna help. But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation..." mmm delicious republican word salad! :-D - Karim
Jeremiah Owyang
Debate Outcome: Let's hear your take: Did the candidates change your perspective on them? In the end, who had the upper hand? Be sure to say why.
Obama was clear in his pragmatic thinking, discussed clear plans and articulated a vision. He did not falter and rejected untrue remarks. McCain played the usual tired "war vet" card and defensively responded to Obama --without retorting. Although we've further to go, Obama won this battle --but not the war. - Jeremiah Owyang
McCain IS a tired war vet. It's the only card he can play. - Joe Buhler
I saw the last 30 minutes. As an outsider, I thought McCain was much stronger on national defence and ultimately carried the day. Which surprised me. I thought he had blown it big time this past week. - john conroy
Obama--and here's why: McCain's style of showing contempt and not even *looking* at Obama for 90 minutes last night indicates he wouldn't be the kind of leader willing to "reach across the aisle," as he so often claims. Instead, he'd follow the "my way or the highway" style that George W. Bush has used over the last 8 years. And look where that has brought us. Obama, in contrasted, demonstrated a much more thoughtful -- and dare I say gentlemanly approach -- one I think other world leaders would respect. - Bryan Person
Bryan -- if you're going to comment on body language and salutations, then Obama should have addressed his opponent as Senator McCain, not "John". Show some respect, especially if we want us to show it to him. - Jeremiah Owyang
@Jeremiah - he actually did address him as "Senator McCain" at the outset. If you think that using his first name (John) later in the debate is disrespectful, you are grasping at anything you can find to support McCain. - Dave Hodson
Obama didn't start saying John until Jim Lehrer told him to ask McCain questions directly. These are two people that have worked in the Senate together for four years, they are on a first name basis. - Kevin Bondelli
Kevin, I buy that. - Jeremiah Owyang
@Jeremiah Senator McCain's thinly-veiled contempt for Senator Obama was the greatest source of disrespect in the debate. He would not even look at Senator Obama. It is the least appealing part of Senator McCain's personality: the need to vilify those who disagree with him. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Jeff De Cagna: That's certainly what Chris Matthews said last night. It is interesting that most commentary here is about how the candidates "looked" or "appeared" and not on what they said. Obama might have looked better, but he did not make the sale. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Yes, another thing McCain would carry over from Bush "the need to vilify those who disagree" - Elisa Camahort Page
Oh, also meant to say: I hardly think Obama calling Jmac by his first name rises to JMac's constant level of disrespect/condescension with the "He just doesn't understand" refrain. I did think the VERY audible "Good job, John" a the end from Obama was amusingly condescending too, though. - Elisa Camahort Page
I hope there will be less vilification here on FF. Did anyone spend time in the Debate rooms last night? - Oldengrey (Jay)
Jay, I was in the debate room last night. It was remarkably civil, considering how many people were drinking ;-) - FFing Enigma
Agree w/ many that both candidates did better than expected [from my bias viewpoint, of course]. Not a game changer by any stretch both articulated good points, defended arguments, and failed to distinguish themselves in any significant way. Final takeaway added nothing to the conversation. - westendorp
Obama certainly won the first question, but McCain came back and told us how there are people in federal prison as a result of the deals he has busted even on the republican side of the isle. This makes McCain the true winner for me, as I want/need to see some bankers and congressmen go to federal prison for selling out this country for greed and affirmative action! Many of you are comparing the appearance of the candidates. - Mark Miller
I thought that was stretching it a bit for him to say that people were in jail because of him. He's a senator, not a federal prosecutor. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
No game changers, I agree, but it doesnt help that McCain pointed out he's been in washington since 1983 or 85. He supported Bush on a great deal. And he misstated a number of facts during the debate. I was unimpressed. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I think Obama came off as very arrogant, impatient, even angered by how he smirked, laughed, and signaled the mods to let him talk and even talking over Senator McCain at times. ( I thought it was going to become a screaming match at one point.) McCain did point out things Obama has done that Obama says he has not but look at the record it shows Obama sadly to be lying in most cases. I would love to see Henry Kissinger pipe up on Obama's comments about him in the debate. - Mark Miller
Kissinger's comments are in the public record and he did indeed say that we should be negotiating with Iran over their nuclear program. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And I think you are confusing confidence and calm under pressure with arrogance. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Just one more thing. How dare Obama stand on stage cameras rolling and tell Pakistan he is intending on attacking their country if he becomes president. Guess what first thing if he is elected Pakistan is going to do! You got it, fortify. Now if we do have to have conflict with Pakistan how many American lives did Obama just sacrifice with his mouth. - Mark Miller
Tina: I popped into the debate room before the debate and it seemed like plain old FF to me. So i just watched the debate. - Oldengrey (Jay)
I now dislike McCain even more then before and Obama proved to me that he has the right ideals about world affairs. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I truth, my opinion didn't change in the slightest. But I've been watching the campaign daily for close to a year now... I don't think that either of these guys can really surprise me with something I haven't seen before. They both displayed the (public) personalities that are already familiar to this politics junky. I think Obama won simply because he had to reassure people worried about his experience, and he did that. Plus the tie goes to the guy up in the polls. - Eric P
Cathryn Hrudicka
I can't seem to get on Twitter today—getting weird employee authorization required msg. & I'm not an employee. Anyone else getting this?
All of us are. Not sure what is going on. - Jennifer Leggio
I'm getting it too! - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Yep! I get the same thing... :-( - Betsy Weber
it's fine for me, how odd. - Iain Baker
Hi, Dave. Unfortunately, that work-around didn't work for me, couldn't get on the home page, either. I wonder how many people are affected by this. I'll watch my email for response from Get Satisfaction. I couldn't contact Twitter tech support from their site or read their status blog, needless to say. Grrr. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Maddie Grant
anyone use a decent Twitter autofollow app? vaguely thinking about this.
SocialToo looks like a good app. - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
I would suggest SocialToo as well, but I'm biased - let me know if it gives you any trouble. - Jesse Stay
Jeremiah Owyang
@russpage says "Experience is a lame argument. George Washington had no experience." Being first as a pioneer has it's benefits
You honestly think Sarah Palin is George Washington? - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Eight years as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and 20 years of military command duties before that is "no experience"? - Rob H.
I think he was talking about 'presidential experience' - Jeremiah Owyang
George Washington had more experience than you can shake a stick at! What stupid argumentation! He commanded a whole army..., - Joe Buhler
Presidential experience! Nobody has had that except a President that's being re-elected! - Joe Buhler
+1 Robert, +1 Joe - Hutch Carpenter
Maddie Grant
On Rte 4 south. Gun shop heaven around here. And live bait.
And liquor and groceries too! - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Ben Martin
uh-oh. he said "social networking" Levin #mmc - he's a doubther in social networking
Wow, there's a surprise... - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Jamie Notter
Client work getting in the way of writing.
But Twitter isn't...;>) - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Maddie Grant
@bkmcae wish I was there!
I missed - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
I missed Ben's tweet...what did he write? - Jeff De Cagna from Alert Thingy
Ben Martin
forgot to bring my cell phone today. 2nd time this week. senior moment???
A pre-senior moment! ...via AlertThingy - Jeff De Cagna
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