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Kevin J Hatton
Meet the Busy family
We will rip out all four of your endocrine systems - Andrew Dobrow
Jason Calacanis
Will Google Buy Twitter? A Fanboy's Forecast for 2009 -
What's wrong with Technorati? Still a pretty solid way to see other blogs in your niche if you ask me. Google-Twitter actually seems plausible. Something about that service probably screams Adsense to someone at Google. Look what G is doing to Feedburner. - beersage
Google already bought Jaiku. Seems to me Twitter is more like Upcoming, Delicious and Flickr. People powered Web 2.0 goodness. - Sam Pullara
Beersage, what Google is doing to Feedburner is adsensing it, which might make sense to Google, but it certainly does not make revenue sense to publishers. At least in my experience. - Julio Alonso
@Sam, and who bought Upcoming, Delicious and Flickr.... oh wait ;) - Dion Almaer
Any "inside" information from FriendFeed? Do they have connection with the old place, Google? I thought that Ev Williams's post on Blogger was interesting. - Martin Lindeskog
Dion has a point. Yahoo needs somthing to be proud about. Twitter seems to be the perfect company for Yahoo to buy. Closer integration between Twitter and Upcoming, Delicious and Flickr as well as the indirect MSFT connection..... - Roberto Bonini
Seems to me that Google buying Twitter means just getting their user DB, api endpoint, and domain name, because in all likelihood, they'd immediately toss about the implementation, and rearchitect. It might be worth it, if Google could kill off microblog/IM walled gardens, and get us back to federated open solutions, twitter being another huge walled garden. My personal opinion is, if blog RSS feeds and SMTP aren't centralized, why do we put up with centralized IM and microblog networks? - Ray Cromwell
True. Why buy trouble? But Yahoo does need some fresh blood, new thinking. it might work. - Roberto Bonini
The article this links to actually has much more interesting predictions than the Google/Twitter thing. - mike fabio from twhirl
@Bob, the irony is, in the good 'ol days prior to web browsers, we had federated discussion networks: Mailing lists/SMTP, USENET/NNTP, and IRC. There was no need to have 37 different logins, no need to check 37 different sites. You ran ELM/PINE/etc, RN/TRN, or an irc client, and stuff just worked. Nowadays everything is so much more balkanized. We should return to the days of designing federated protocols and resist walling and standardizing on website properties before the protocols are settled. - Ray Cromwell
@Ray I like where you're going with that idea. I have 60 passwords saved on diff. sites and would like to....reduce that. OpenID is a start but the tip of the iceberg. - beersage
@beersage, I agree. OpenID, OAuth, PortableContacts/OpenSocial, get us part of the way there. There's still the issue of routing/store-and-forward, referrals, and dealing with non-Web clients. For example, on the iPhone, it means a native app has to launch a web browser UI to grant access, this could be more problematic for set-top box devices like an Apple TV. - Ray Cromwell
Steve Isaacs
I'd rather be on Oahu in a blackout than anywhere else with full power.
How long would you like to be in a warm climate without refrigeration? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Hmm. Good point. - Steve Isaacs
but at least in a warm climate you won't freeze to death when the eletric heater goes bye-bye - Nathan Eckenrode
Red wine doesn't need refrigeration... - Jeff P. Henderson
Jason Calacanis
Will a dealer sell a car *below* their invoice price ever? If so, how do you get them to?
1. Walk in with wads of cash. 2. Tell dealer this is all you'll pay. 3. ???? 4. Profit! - Aaron Eaton
++Aaron - iTad
Yes new and used vehicle values are decreasing just like the real estate market. The lower the dealership sells the new vehicle and the more incentives (rebates) the manufacturer has to give the dealer and or the customer, the lower your used car trade in value goes. Enjoy the current automotive market. - Harry
I mentioned cash because it triggers a greater emotional response than a check, bank transfer, or credit card. A floor manager that sees cash is likely to give you deeper discounts. It also reduces the cost of sale by eliminating transaction fees and the like. - Aaron Eaton
Do plenty of research and point out when they have internal rebates from the car company. That can work sometimes. - Eric - Final Countdown
Jonathan Hardesty
Albino raccoon - Boing Boing -
Albino raccoon - Boing Boing
I want one of these as a pet. - Jonathan Hardesty from Bookmarklet
That thing is like a ghost. - Clay Newton
Jason Calacanis
Reading about the future of news (nice Mahalo mention):
Josh, people search for news - Jeff Hoard from twhirl
I dunno, I personally find Twitter difficult to follow during breaking news, millions of people saying the same thing in an echo chamber its hard to get a real feel for whats going on, especially if you followed the hashtag during the mumbai attacks. Mahalo, on that day, watched all available sources and built a page as the facts rolled out, I think there is a place on the internet for both styles. - Jeff Hoard from twhirl
doesn't 'Mahalo' mean 'trash can' in Hawaiian? - Morgan
Josh: you need to visit the 'high desert' area of los angeles county. there's some human powered trash up there! - Morgan
Santa's inbox
Hahaha...Awesome... - Matt
Jason Calacanis
Watching: Gandhi,Martin Luther King & Harvey Milk on CauseCast.Please consider retweeting: - human rights for all.
David Cohn
Holy crap - my idea to curb global warming on is in first place! Thanks for the headsup @levjoy
Steve Isaacs
Flight now 3 hours late. Hello airport bar! FAIL, I'd like to introduce you to WIN...
Jason Calacanis
@Legionnaire1211 OK,if you say this is important enough, I'll put it on the web:
Effective Tilt-Shift Photography -
Effective Tilt-Shift Photography
Effective Tilt-Shift Photography
Show all
Tilt-Shift photography is basically the use of of camera movements on small and medium size cameras. In many cases, it refers to tilting the lens relative to the image plane and using a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field. The result is a blurring of parts of the image for de-emphasis purposes and the possible effect of reducing huge objects to miniature models. - Jonathon from Bookmarklet
Nothing funnier than watching dumb bitches trying to Understand football
Jason Calacanis
very proud of our Mumbai coverage.human-powered search works VERY well for breaking news
Wow. Nice job. Ditto for the Walmart stampede page. - Rolf Schewe
Buy Nothing Day | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters -
Buy Nothing Day | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters
"Buy Nothing Day Confronts the Economic Meltdown Press release: “Now in its 17th year, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every November by environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in over 65 countries around the world…”" - Jonathon from Bookmarklet
Jason Calacanis
Amazing. Tech is changing the way we view the world wholesale (and it's probably just the beginning) - Charlie Anzman
Lon Harris
MahaloVideoGames YouTube Giveaway - Subscribe, Win a Free Game -
MahaloVideoGames YouTube Giveaway - Subscribe, Win a Free Game
Hilarious video announcing our intention to give away our old Mahalo video games...Some good ones being given away for free! GTAIV! Fable 2! - Lon Harris from twhirl
Andrew Dobrow
An idea like #be-a-magpie could destroy everything I love about Twitter.
Jason Calacanis
Orange you glad Jason Calacanis shares his Tesla Roadster? -
sweeeet! dugg! - Susan Beebe
AJ Batac
Alien-like Squid Filmed at Ultra-Deep Oil-Drilling Site -
They're here! We're doomed! :) - AJ Batac
Kind of like those things in the War of the Worlds movie. - Derrick
more like ID4 aliens Derrick -> look - AJ Batac
Awesome, my friends have arrived ! PARTAYYY - Mo Kargas
AJ, I think you're right. - Derrick
Fthagn! - iTad
Oil. Aliens. Hmm... Sounds like a good movie. :D - AJ Batac
AJ, yeah, it was called The Abyss. - Akiva
amazing. a mile and a half down. imagine what other kids of creatures exist living in that pitch black underwater world - Cee Bee
ha! never seen that movie akiva. :) - AJ Batac
That is awesome! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
WHOA - Mona Nomura
Mom? - Shey
Seriously, why do we always have to be waking up Cthulhu? - Victor Ganata
I think global warming got them out of hibernation. It's hunting time. - Carolyn Chan
You can tell the moral fabric of a society by how it treats its animals - ghandi. Just think about that. - Patricia
Aliens are in the sea chillin in Atlantis! - Rodfather
Derek van Vliet
Lon Harris
Amazing video of a meteor crashing near Edmonton.
Steve Isaacs
Official MontyPython Channel on YouTube. - This is the Way You Do it! -
Official MontyPython Channel on YouTube. - This is the Way You Do it!
Official MontyPython Channel on YouTube. - This is the Way You Do it!
Official MontyPython Channel on YouTube. - This is the Way You Do it!
Well done!!! - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
The introductory video is... brilliant - Michael W. May
bravo! can't they also monetize by adding pre- & post-roll commercials, since they own the content...? - Karim
They could. Which why i'm so pleased they haven't *grin* - Michael W. May from twhirl
David Cohn
Joe the Plumber is totally pissed right now.
Lon Harris
Friday the 13th Trailer, Scary Mary Poppins, Trick Or Treat, Zombies & More on TWIYT #20 -
Friday the 13th Trailer, Scary Mary Poppins, Trick Or Treat, Zombies & More on TWIYT #20
Of course, the moment was ruined when Obama abruptly carved his initials into the kid's face. But it was nice until then. - Darryl from Bookmarklet
Har ... har har. That's a great moment. :) The Obama Pound FTW. - ::Kristen::
terrorist fist jab!! - Cee Bee
Wassup? CHANGE. This video is great! - Danielle
That's awesomesauce! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
*cracks* *me* *up*! - MikeAmundsen
TRUEly Hysterical! - tehKenny
LMFAO!!! HAHAHA!!! and the ending is Awesome - Rahsheen
What Alex said times 10. - Robert Scoble
The amount of pure white hot awesome that this video is on so many levels boggles the mind. Huge applause. - Steve Isaacs
Great stuff!! - Jeff P. Henderson
this actually moved me. - robin k
MG Siegler
"Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law." Thomas Jefferson, 1764 -
"Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law." Thomas Jefferson, 1764
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