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Louis Gray
BREAKING: Apparently, that earlier shaking was not actually an earthquake. It was Twitter's servers falling over.
Once again! - Jeff Hurt
Tech news watchers should recognize the BREAKING. :) - Louis Gray
Oh, snap! - Herb Hernandez
Hahah - Andrew
BREAKING: Twitter - Kevin Fox
with the focus on OAuth and them planning on turning off basic auth - they are probably shifting servers from web to api - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
*bonk* - Susan Beebe
Jonathan Blundell
Brian Solis
Brian Solis
Rafe Needleman
So freaking sick of Twitter outages. Plus, the Twitter Status blog ( doesn't reliably report on, you know, status.
Give them a minute or two! - Liz
It's been more then 10 - joebrooks
this forces everybody to have backup messaging systems like FF, FB & Google Reader & fragments conversations... - Pat Kitano
Rafe, I've never seen them have error 503 responses,as if their servers are all gone. - Imran Anwar
Twitter has conditioned us to expect nearly real-time updates, so we expect same from their status blog. Man, what's going to happen when we experience the first Google Wave fail? - Kevin Sablan
i was just wondering - how many friendfeed threads over the life of ff are people saying twitter is down - i bet that's what kept ff value high :) - Allen Stern
Google Wave shouldn't fail - it's supposed to be federated - not a centralized service. - joebrooks
Speaking of FF - they need to moe the comment link to the bottom of the comments. So annoying UI - joebrooks
CNet has a an article about cloud based services failing more often than they should be. Twitter could be the poster child for that. Joebrooks, they did. - Eric - Final Countdown
Eric - only when you expand the thread though - joebrooks
@Allen You're probably right! - Rafe Needleman
Twitter is back :) - joebrooks
Yep, same here. just takes ages to load. - Roberto Bonini
twitter is back - yay - now i can resume telling people what i ate for lunch, where i am right now and other useless crap that no one really cares about! - Allen Stern
Maybe a new opportunity for CNet - breaking outages in cloud computing! "The Internet forecast for today is further DDoS outages at Twitter...." - Kevin Krewell
Easy answer. FriendFeed. - Ron Kroetz
Steffan Antonas
The subtle and sacred Ka-ra-te of the Whuffie Ninja! A quick read by @chrisbrogan "Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty"
Arleen Boyd
I am SOOO tired of Twitter having issues! I wish more of my friends there were here on FriendFeed!!!
You need to start telling them about FF, I like the format as well, because you can follow the conversation. - David Cole
Hello! - Chris
depends on how much longer FF sticks around for... - Kim
Chris subscribed to ya! Mahalo! David - I DO! I tell them at least once a day to join me here for a more in depth conversation. I even stopped one conversation cold this morning and told him it belonged here not on Twitter. - Arleen Boyd
Kim - sadly it is a concern. I just see FB messing up FF in the future... and people don't want to keep jumping networks. - Arleen Boyd
I so agree! Tired of Twitter Twissues! - Jeff Hurt
FriendFeed is a MUCH better communication arena, but it's just not as "catchy". Very little customization. - Nick Armstrong
My Twitter is running soooo slowly. - Jason Pollock
I'm here :o) - Kimberle Kelly
Sadly, no need to tell anyone about FF anymore - We've been sold out :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Jason! Chrome says Twitter... that link is BROKEN! LOL! - Arleen Boyd
Jeff, Nick, Kimberly... Twitter's twashy twerrible architecture will be the death of it! - Arleen Boyd
This IS getting kind of old! - Stephen Kruiser
Jennifer sadly I agree... but there must be something we can do! - Arleen Boyd
So what could we do @Arleen? - Jeff Hurt
Okay let's go get everybody HERE where we can have real discussions... then we can plan our Long Term strategy for Citizen Journalism! They won't do away with this FF for at least a few months! - Arleen Boyd
All ideas for saving a FF like community (or if we must plan a mass migration) post HERE! - Arleen Boyd
yeah FF is cool, hope it doesn't change now that FB bought it, hope it gets better...not sure why twitter keeps going down,but FF seems more reliable&works w/twhirl, FB doesn't - Patty from twhirl
At least we have each other here... @ least 4 the time being on FF... How're you, Arleen? - CarolAnnB
Oh Me 2. I feel like I'm to loud for the small room. LOL - Carol Rambo
...maybe Twitter's just gotten too big to be supported by just one company? imagine if all telecom service was run by just AT&T. Twitter needs legitimate competition, so that it's millions of users (and growing) don't constantly get inconenienced by inevitable systems problems, hacker attacks, etc. - .LAG liked that
I believe it will be a bi difficult to get everyone over here...Worth a shot though. We ARE going to need to make a change since it seems that Twitter is impotent in running a dependable service. - Alonis
This has been bugging me today too, Arleen. Of course the last time it wasn't an issue with them so much as it was an outside attack upon their servers. - Harold Paxton
Patty, CarolAnn, Carol, Lag, Alonis... we have a finite (and unknown) amount of time to DO something. FF has a simple reliable platform that works well for connection and discussion. But, w/ FB it will eventually be integrated and get cumbersome like FB is! So... we need something else ya? What do you really want/need most in a network community? These guys only care about real time search and how much $$$ they get for that. - Arleen Boyd
Twitter is working again.... - Claudia Rahanmetan
Hey twitter is working fine now check out :) - cheth
Yay! Now to reload tweetdeck. - Harold Paxton
Mahalo Arleen, yes I do believe we need a better platform, this is why I do jump in with both feet on some of the app's. I'm always looking. I do have a lot of tech's that I follow as do you. I'm interested, if you find better, you will let us know, right? LOL - Carol Rambo
FF seems like the best alternative right now to twitter,as long as it doesn't change,not sure what else is out there similar to twitter - Patty from twhirl
I hang my head in shame as I bounced over to Twitter the minute it was up... problem is: though I ADORE and value the awesome conversations with you here... there are others I don't want to ignore on Twitter... so split... damn FB for buying FF! - Arleen Boyd
Okay, I'm kind of feeling like a Yo-Yo with twitter today. - Harold Paxton
Why Harold! Are you a Twitter Yo-Yo or a Twitter Ho?? *giggle* - Arleen Boyd
LOL Thanks a lot, Arleen! I think I may be both!! Looks like Twitter is working on the web side of things for me. but the tweetdeck is problematic. - Harold Paxton
Robert I found with the grouping ability and the discussion threads - there's no need for much in the way of user apps here. It's so simple clean and USABLE! Do use the grouping features both for "friends" and "Groups" and have fun with real discussions you can follow! Harold, TweetDeck doesn't work w/ my follower count. I tweet via the Web! - Arleen Boyd
Thanks for the advice to, Robert, Arleen. That's helpful for me too! - Harold Paxton
Do you have any groups you recommend? - Harold Paxton
Harold, I'm in te Hawaii group of course to see my local Ohana! And with the BlackBerry group cause I have one, and with Backlink free and Audiophile... but those are just my personal interests. I also like tech stuff but am in many on Facebook. I organized my friends here in groups depending on what they talk about most. - Arleen Boyd
Okay. Thanks, Arleen. I appreciate the info :-) - Harold Paxton
So Robert is asking people if they're leaving FF. Without a plan guys we got same 'ol same 'ol... so WHAT is important to you?? - Arleen Boyd
Roger that Arleen, signed up 15 minutes ago as "backup." I echo your sentiments exactly. - Paul Roberts
FF more important to me as aggregator of my other content but as Twitter has issues I'm liking the communication interface I think twitter still be my primary - WarLord
Welcome to FriendFeed Roger! - Arleen Boyd
Yes, I intend to periodically post a tweet that says, "FEED ME!" - Ted S
I LOVE Ted's tweet! Works! I didn't know I wasn't subscribed to you and now I am! - Arleen Boyd
you are not alone in that... - Dan
I am a member but haven't really used this too much. Does it work like Twitter? - Beverly Monical
Beverly, yes, but with threads and no whales. - Marco Neves
Yeah, FriendFeed is so much faster in posting, too. I love it. Let's start the next wave in social media! Twitter has jumped the shark. :) - LisaGemini
Louis Gray
5 Helpful Resources In Reaction to the Facebook/FriendFeed Deal
7 STAGES OF GRIEF Through the Process and Back to Life - Louis Gray
So, you've been dumped: - Louis Gray
What is the best way to get drunk fast? - Louis Gray
Facebook for Dummies: - Louis Gray
Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? - Louis Gray
ROFL! Again, nicely done! - Jim #teamFFrank
And what do Matthew and Sarah think about this mess? I can only imagine how distraught they must be. :) - Yolanda
Yolanda, I guarantee they won't get through the day without tears. (Just like every other day) - Louis Gray
I love it. - Andrew
Haha...Awesome...and very refreshing. Glad Louis is bringing us his emotional take on today's events because I'm already sick of all the business analysis. Longtime users that have grown to love the service I'm sure don't particularly care about that right now. - Mark Krynsky
That's exactly what I was thinking! - Anne Bouey
fantastic :) - Kim
Shéa Bennett
Twitter, Please, I’m Begging You… Give Us A Way To Backup Our Data -
Christian Fea
Active listening on the social web. It’s overrated. Brian Solis.
Ryan Stanley
5 Helpful Resources to help you cope with the Facebook/FriendFeed deal -
Mike Fruchter
10 Tips to Build Trust with Social Media -
"Talk about what you do on a daily basis. When I say you.. it means you are writing and communicating stories that happen to you on a daily basis." - storytelling - Meryn Stol
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