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RT @globalsurgeon: @OfficialOzzy Do u realize that in poor countries people die from a lack of simple surgery?! Follow @GlobalSurgWeek & support #GlobalSurgery
RT @Globalpas: New post via by R Riviello on surgical services from the field - #globalsurgery
RT @GlobalSurgWeek: Shortfalls in infrastructure, supplies, and procedures are common at districtlevel health facilities in developing countries. #globalsurgery
#GlobalSurgery is personal. Had my mum been in a LMIC, she would have died giving birth to me (obstructed labor) Support #GlobalSurgery Week
RT @globalsurgeon: Do you know someone alive today because of surgery? If so support #GlobalSurgery Week and follow @GlobalSurgWeek
RT @GlobalSurgWeek: More than 375,000 women die each year in childbirth, mostly because of a lack of surgical services to stop post-partum hem. #globalsurgery
RT @Opgivingback: More on the success of mosquito netting for hernia repair from Kingsnorth et al / Op Hernia at; #globalsurgery
RT @globalsurgeon: RT@otorhinolarydoc Tam, D. et al (2010), The role of surgical trainees in overseas surgical missions. ANZ J Surg 80: 305–306 #globalsurgery
RT @pozomarcos: RT @nethumanitaires: Tweets highlighting #GlobalSurgery based on articles from the American College of Surgeons,
RT @pozomarcos: RT @GlobalSurgWeek: The poorest 34.8% of the world’s population received only 3.5% of all surgery undertaken #globalsurgery @PIH @MSF_Press
RT @SolliesDLD: @globalsurgeon 53% of newly dx cancer in LMICs. Surgery can impact survival in some cancers. #globalsurgery
RT @GlobalSurgWeek: Mortality from general anesthesia is reported to be as high as 1 every 150 in parts of sub-Saharan Africa #globalsurgery
RT @globalsurgeon: RT @GlobalpasInjuries in 5-14yrs in LMICs kill more than HIV/TB/malaria combined, how not an MDG?: #globalsurgery
RT @otorhinolarydoc: An absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, in medicine and life.
RT @globalsurgeon: RT @GlobalSurgWeek: #GlobalSurgery Week will officially kick off at 12 am Nov 1 at the Int'l Date Line.
RT @GlobalSurgWeek: #GlobalSurgery Week 2010 is Nov 1-5: Look for tweets from the @Opgivingback article list.
RT @globalsurgeon: SOS Prez. Dr. Peter Kingham has won an ACS Surgical Volunteerism Award
personal upate aug 2010 – “where’s home?” -
RT @mrbrown: Today, I wrote on FB that a minister is full of shit & forgot to put air quotes to suggest metaphor. Hope I don't get arrested.
good stuff. wish i did. RT @meducate: I intentionally woke up at 05:06:07 08/09/10 just to say that I did...
great pictures from pakistan flood (via @MSF_uk)
#HMC featured on IBA news. good summary video. check it out!
#HMC featured on IBA news. good summary video. check it out!
Israeli haematologist was murdered by Hamas group after clinic where he treated Palestinian civilians #HMC
HS 25yo member of Hamas traced by IDF to Hebron sustained GSW to abdomen was treated at Hadassah Medical Center. D/c after 20days #HMC
Trauma surgeon Prof A. Rivkind MD FACS speaking about ethics in disaster stricken areas and under terror attacks #HMC
IDF C. Bartal: translation was difficult Creoli to French2 Hebrew at Haiti earthquake response #HMC further ref in NEJM
Dr Carmi Bartal head of internal medicine went to haiti as 1st response and speaking at #HMC NEJM reflective piece
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