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Software architect, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, .NET & Azure fan. Sci-fi, movies, books, humor, (Xbox-)games...
RT @io9: J.J. Abrams Reveals His Millennium Falcon, Calls Batmobile A Hunka Junk
Gold Lounge – Vca (Original Mix) -
RT @buckwoody: I'm watching my friend's Samsung phone while he steps out so technically I'm a Guardian of the Galaxy.
RT @WinObs: Xbox One SmartGlass, Nokia Camera Beta, and MetroMail for Windows Phone receive new improvements
RT @Stallion83: And here I thought my cat was spoiled to death.
I'd buy this for me (or for @Scifikarppi ;) "Doctor Who And Companions" #lego #legoideas
21 Things You Should Never Say To People Who Are Actually Gluten-Free via @buzzfeed
The Domestic Cat Genome Has Been Fully Sequenced, and It's Fascinating
Man Buys 23 Burger King Apple Pies to Spite a Small Child via @Eater
RT @esascience: LATEST! Stunning close up from @ESA_Rosetta of comet #67P shows boulders, craters & cliffs
All the amazing details inside the Guardians of the Galaxy ship
RT @ParamountUK: He told us he'd be back - @Schwarzenegger announces the new title for #Terminator:
RT @MikkoLmmz: Oliskohan tässä #Assembly gamedev-compon voittaja,
RT @RikerGoogling: does beard stroking improve thinking
RT @pernasoppa: Suomalaisen avioliiton lyhyt oppimäärä.
RT @SciencePx: Your weight on each planet
RT @nokiasuomi: Saammeko esitellä älypuhelintuoteperheemme uusimman tulokkaan: Lumia 530! #Lumia530
RT @SethGreen: Wow guys, #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy does not disappoint. Exceeding all my best hopes, @JamesGunn deserves a big round of applause. Bravo!
RT @TheRealBuzz: Did you know I took the first space selfie during Gemini 12 mission in 1966? BEST SELFIE EVER
RT @EmrgencyKittens: How is he even comfortable I don't get it!
RT @IGN: Is this the ultimate LEGO Batman set? A 1,868 piece Tumbler complete with Ledger's Joker:
RT @mashable: Flight MH17 victims targeted in Facebook and credit card scams
Testing Tweetium beta for Windows Phone 8.1
Faith In Humanity Lost. 15 Dumbest Patients Of All Time.
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