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Software architect, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, .NET & Azure fan. Sci-fi, movies, books, humor, (Xbox-)games...
TROOPS - A Star Wars Fan Film -
TROOPS - A Star Wars Fan Film
RT @maryjofoley: MS also is open sourcing more of .NET and porting .NET to Linux and OS X (yep. it's happening!):
RT @NeowinFeed: Microsoft has a new free version of Visual Studio, now available for download
RT @scottgu: My keynote at #vsconnect developer event is about to begin. Big announcements for .NET + Visual Studio. Watch live:
Suomeen rakastunut nörtti yrittää saada maailman suurimman scifi-kokoontumisen Helsinkiin
Uutissirkus » Autoilija piti turvaväliä Turun moottoritiellä
RT @paul_irish: Google search now (finally) does timezone math. :D
RT @yletiede: Rosetta on irrottautunut ja laskeutuu kohti komeettaa
RT @DarthVaderAna: How do Jedi connect with old friends? Forcebook
RT @engadget: Nintendo wants to sell you an NFC figurine subscription
‘Interstellar's’ Jonah Nolan Developing ‘Foundation’ Series for HBO, WBTV (Exclusive) via @TheWrap
RT @Wil_Anderson: World's Worst Star Trek Spin-Off
RT @akipekka: Microsoft Band – tuottava ja liikuttava älyranneke #Sulava #Finnish
RT @espi_will: Couldn't find a cheese grater so I used a Mac Pro instead
RT @mikkotuomela: ‘Interstellar’ Gets An Unexpected Twitter Review From Neil deGrasse Tyson via @UPROXX
RT @marcwrogers: A punch-card Möbius strip - the original infinite loop.
Interstellar explained in one simple timeline [Warning: SPOILERS]
RT @EmrgencyKittens: Stray cat has some odd markings.
RT @msftnws: Explore The Halo Universe With The New Halo Starscope Website
RT @ironskyfilm: Holy moly! Iron Sky 2 trailer has 460k views in 2 days - help us get beyond 500k, share the link!
Interstellar (@ Finnkino Tennispalatsi in Helsinki, Southern Finland)
RT @XboxSuomi: Hyviä uutisia #XboxOne-käyttäjille! @yleareena saapuu Xbox One -peli- ja -viihdejärjestelmälle ensi vuonna. #YLE @Yleisradio
LEGO Westeros Has A Lot Of White Bricks (And A Peeing Tyrion)
RT @nevesytrof: Oh my god. This is how Jupiter shields the inner planets from the asteroid belt.
RT @Kotaku: Halo: The Master Chief Collection is more than just a nostalgia trip:
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