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Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard

Writer, journalist, gadabout. Writes fiction and non. Covers publishing, libraries, humanities for the Chronicle of Higher Ed. Blogs at
"Short on Space, Libraries Look to One Another for Solutions": I talked to some academic librarians and others about shared print-management strategies (or what to do with all those monographs).
CHE has a story up today about librarians and faculty status, BTW. Includes the UVa situation.
The Nine Lives (and Deaths) of the Short Story -
For those who follow the state(s) of the textbook/course-materials market, the Chronicle has a special report out today: "Turning the Page on Textbooks." My contribution is a look at how many students still prefer the "comfort" of print and how publishers are pursuing print-plus strategies....
I toured a paper mill today--a personal field trip I've been looking forward to. Way fun. My favorite part was the 1879 paper machine that still cranks out paper 24/7.
where were you? lots of paper mills in WI; it used to be pretty close to our top industry. - RepoRat
The Glatfelter mill in Spring Grove, PA--a two-hour drive from DC. - Jennifer Howard
"Storm Damage at NYU Libraries Offers Lessons for Disaster Planning in the Stacks": library preparedness in the era of supersize disasters. This link should be good for 5 days.
Laura McCann rules. - Meg VMeg
Thanks for posting this, Jen. - barbara fister
Glad to. I did a related blog post today on what Tulane's library director learned from Katrina. - Jennifer Howard
That's a great list of "lessons learned". I particularly like the idea of building consortial help and backup into your plan. - Regular Amanda
"No Easy Answer for Library Budgets": Lila Guterman of ACS's C&EN (she's formerly of CHE) on the recent unpleasantness and more.
My WaPo review of "The End of Men" ran on Sunday:
I had some lingering frustrations with "The End of Men" and the debate around it, so I wrote a blog post:
"The End of Men," or What Makes a Book Big? -
Things Journalists Do That Annoy Publicists -
Five Things I Wish Somebody Would Invent -
"Democracy": Swamp Creatures and Monuments -
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