Jenna Bilotta
Protip: "like" something (in Reader) while in Konami mode (preferably in a WebKit browser, and by clicking on the heart icon). Thanks Devin!
Liking Protip 2: You can see all your likes at - Mihai Parparita
What is the difference between liking and starring? Are likes more public? - Benjamin Golub
@Benjamin Starring is either public or private, based on your settings. Sharing shares with your shared list. Liking is visible to everyone, so if you like a Gizmodo post and I also subscribe to Giz, I can see that even though our Google Reader accounts aren't connected. From the blog post: ""likes" are public, so anyone reading an item you've "liked" in Reader can see that you're a fan." - Roshan Vyas
That's super-cool. Also like Mihai's tip to see the feed of my likes. - Matt Cutts
Hmm… liking a thread on liking is far too close to likcest by my reckoning. - ianf ⌘
@Mihai, @Jenna -- definitely need to make the Likes page and feed more discoverable. I spent a while looking for it myself last night. - DeWitt Clinton
@Mihai -- Hmm, looks like the Likes feed is requiring auth? For example, is issuing a redirect to /ServiceLogin. - DeWitt Clinton
DeWitt, we haven't figured out if users are comfortable with all of their likes being aggregated like that, so for now only the owner can see their likes feed. - Mihai Parparita
Oh, makes sense. Though I'd make the case that since Likes are visible to everyone, the feed for them should be as well. I wanted to export them to FF, for example. - DeWitt Clinton
So there are stars, shares, and likes. Likes are differentiated from the other two by being public. They're a brand new interaction so you aren't changing things out from under anyone. Please don't require auth for the feed of the most public thing, when the sharing feed (less public) doesn't require auth. - Daniel Dulitz
I just wrote up a post about the ways in which you can export likes right now: - Mihai Parparita
Helpful post. I'd take issue with the claim all 3 are user-defined. Likes _are_ public; they go wherever the liked item does. As you say, redefining semantics is hard. So if you want a public interaction, and it appears from how you've defined likes as public that you do, now's your window of opportunity. :-) - Daniel Dulitz
Cool feature. I think of tags in GReader as labels, though, and I'm going to miss hitting "l" to tag an item like I could before this feature was added. - Nathan Selander
@Nathan Selander you can use 't' now. cool feature indeed. I'm anxious to see how it evolves "in the wild". - George Moga
@George Moga You could use 't' before. I'd just used 'l' because that's also the shortcut key in Gmail for labeling. My problem now is that I end up liking everything I'd intended to label/tag because 'l' is still in my muscle memory. - Nathan Selander
Where is this heart icon? - Tanath
@tanath enter the konami code in Reader (up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, b, a then hit enter. Once you see Ninjas in your sidebar, try liking something. It's just for fun. - Jenna Bilotta
I value screen real estate quite a lot in web applications and the newly introduced likes feature of Google Reader has taken valuable real-estate away. While you can hide the number of likes, I did want to see the number. So I moved it to the most logical place. Right next to the “Like link” using greasemonkey - Manu
Oh, I see - the heart shows up _after_ you like something in ninja mode. Thanks, Jenna. :) - Tanath
Has something changed for the like feed in the mean time, can it be accessed publicly now? I would like to import it in a Twitter account, but I don't want to give out my Google credentials to a third-party... - George Moga